New Video: Bruno Mars – ‘When I Was Your Man’

Published: Tuesday 5th Feb 2013 by Sam

Bruno Mars’ ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ has been enjoying the sweet sound of success since hitting stores last December – thanks largely to its lead single ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’.

Eager cement his sophomore success narrative, the crooner unveiled the video for the project’s latest offering ‘When I Was Your Man’.

The timing for the clip’s release couldn’t be anymore apt given the buzz surrounding his performance with Rihanna and Sting at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

Get a taste of what the singer-songwriter will be serving up at music’s biggest calendar night after the jump…

Somewhat reminiscent of its predecessor, the simple yet effective clip compliments this release while establishing a visual mould for the project’s video offerings. Put simply, Mars has adopted a concept and committed to it – something too few artists of today can boast of.

We like it, do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. King B>Rihanna February 5, 2013

    I want to ride his f****** d*** so bad.

    • Andy February 5, 2013

      Really? What kind of nasty comment is that? Who writes that?

      Um………………………………. O.K!!!

      • urban chick February 6, 2013

        she wanted a d*** to ride personally he gives me gay tees

    • Touché February 5, 2013


    • Eye Candy February 5, 2013

      Gurl, throw some cold water on yourself or get a “toy”.
      Get it together.

      • Monstarebel February 5, 2013


    • SlayDeleAdkins February 6, 2013

      Gurrl, Ur not the only one!…..

  2. Music Soul Harmony February 5, 2013

    Bruno is really cute and after watching SNL, I really think he is well rounded but I just don’t see the hype about his music! His voice is just bland to me.

    • Touché February 5, 2013

      I get what you mean. I mean I like his style and all but his voice and the type of music he chooses doesn’t always work.

  3. NOBITCHASSNESS February 5, 2013



  4. Touché February 5, 2013

    I love his style.

  5. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

    I love the album, I love this song, I love his style, I love this video, and I love Bruno.

    This guy is refreshing. I like the simplicity of this song and video. His first album though >>>>> but the highs on this album are better.

  6. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

    He’s kinda like the male Alicia minus ya know……..well…….yeah. The piano just reminded me of her…..

    • King B>Rihanna February 5, 2013


      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        I’m sorry 🙁 It wasn’t done on purpose. A lot happened in the last couple of weeks. So sorry, don’t take it personally, you know I like you ♥

  7. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013


    Any news on when Beyonce new single is coming out? Dont u dare say it coming at the Brits. There is o way she will drop it at the Brits and skip over the UK. She is presenting at the Brits, as she is teh Grammy’s. This single is not coming out this year it?

  8. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop February 5, 2013

    LOL LOL who saw that Email, Beyonce publicist emailed to Buzz feed, begging to take down fat ugly pictures of beyonce. LOL LOL never knew insecure beyonce sits on the web and looks at all teh BS said about her. LOL LOL. Beyonce, if you are reading this blog, YOU are done! Rih has replaced your in all ways.


  9. MISHKA February 5, 2013

    Simple but effective. Bruno is so refreshing and talented.

    How the Grammys missed out the chance to pair him with Miguel instead of Rihanna… Who does the thinking over there?

  10. My Forehead Tho February 5, 2013

    Rihanna should stick to what she’s good at- making hit singles.

    She should leave the performing to somebody that can….

  11. Eye Candy February 5, 2013

    Bruno Mars is so tired. When will he stop ripping off JT? He is not goodlooking nor sauve.
    The only songs I like from him are “Grenade”, “Talking to the Moon”, & “Liquor Store Blues”. Other than that, he is really blah.

  12. savonn February 5, 2013

    love this song. and boy has VOCALS.

  13. Monstarebel February 5, 2013

    His hair looked a mess

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

      Jealous b****. You wish >>>>>

      • Monstarebel February 5, 2013

        Lol never jealous boo….I love Bruno I just couldn’t deal with that hair

  14. dee February 6, 2013

    I love this song but I was hoping that “Treasure” would have been the second released single.

  15. JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2013

    Being honest this is one of my least favorite songs on the album. It doesn´t matter anyway. Great artist and entertainer. The album is great and I´m glad he´s having success with his second one too

    ps: Mariah Carey´s new single is debuting on 19th February. I´ve read she has recorded a song for the upcoming blockbuster Oz (a precuel to the classicc movie) which comes in March. I don´t know if the single is that song or not but I´m excited
    Man I just love talent 🙂

    • Any Questions? February 7, 2013

      Mariah is washed out. When will anyone retire. I don’t see surgeons, architects, lawyers after 40 years of service still trying to gleam in the spotlight. Allow your legacy to speak– her voice has rusted out, her heels have gotten shorter and her seat is nice and warm for many years on American suicidal.

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