Must See: Elijah Blake Continues Work On Debut Album / Shares Details With Korean Media

Published: Tuesday 26th Mar 2013 by David

 Without a doubt, the success Elijah Blake‘s debut EP ‘Bijoux 22’ has everyone in the know very excited about his debut album.

Billed by some fans as a more Hip Hop driven alternative to Frank Ocean, his brand of understated R&B has seen him swerve into a lane currently occupied by Drake, The Weeknd and ‘I Want You’ sensation Luke James.

Believe us when we say we’d put  good money on him being R&B’s leading beau by this time next year. So, until that happens, watch him dish on what fans can expect from the Jay Z backed release with Joombas TV below!

With his combined download figures growing thicker by the day, it’s safe to say the music buying public is safely aboard Blake’s creative ship.

Giving a strong indication of how he will fare commercially once Def Jam and Roc Nation put his promo wheels in motion, the organic response to his material serves as a lesson many an aspiring act could learn from.

A response, that proves that people will always respond to what moves them and simply ignore what doesn’t. The kind of response, that has seen his ‘Started From The Bottom’ remix generate a sweet 10,772  plays in ten days and ‘Bijoux’ score 36,000 streams and downloads in its launch week.

Will these stats translate into ‘paid for’ sales?

Weigh in below…

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  1. Suicide Blonde March 26, 2013

    Who is this guy?…why don’t you post about famous people, Madonna is now a BILLIONAIRE, that’s sad and good news depends on how you feel about her, lol.

    • DOSSOME March 26, 2013


      $65O,000,000 max.

      • Suicide Blonde March 26, 2013

        I posted the page but Sam blocked my comment…..the page is called “Oh Not They didn’t!”

      • DOSSOME March 26, 2013

        I just read the article + the gaga shade…i’ll wait for forbes to confirm it,i have doubts considering she never made made this much off STICKY AND SWEET TOUR,her highest grossing tour btw

      • Suicide Blonde March 26, 2013

        It’s not all about the tour + if you wait for forbes, they hate her.

        Madonna made $75 million in tour merchandise sales while on the road. This has always been a huge moneymaker for Madonna, selling t-shirt and an array of Madonna themed goodies.

        According to the fashion and beauty trade Women’s Wear Daily; Madonna made $60 million in sales from her new perfume, Truth or Dare.

        Investments in COCO WATER are said to have earned her millions, as well as launching a new gym chain called HARD CANDY

        Madonna made $10 million from her recent deal with Smirnoff. The company has been hyping her tour with TV spots and has just released a special “Madonna” edition bottle of their vodka.

        The Queen of Pop will also pull in around $10 million in TV rights and DVD sales from her tour.

        Plus, retail experts estimate Madonna will earn $10 million in 2013 from her “Material Girl” clothing line, shoe line and upcoming Macy’s lingerie line.

      • DOSSOME March 26, 2013

        Oop….my bad,see comment below

  2. Tash March 26, 2013

    This is not a must see f**!

  3. Lana Del Slay March 26, 2013

    I love him.

  4. DOSSOME March 26, 2013


    • NaviKissKiss March 26, 2013

      Stop lying. Your ass wouldn’t have clicked the link if you didn’t.

      • DOSSOME March 26, 2013

        I honestly don’t know him..this site speaks highly of him so i got curious enough to click on his post but generally,i am yet to hear his music…i don’t know him as a musician tho i’ve seen his name feature prominently here

  5. WYLA (BrandNuStar) March 26, 2013

    I put my boyfriend onto this guy and he deadass started stanning.

    • OVORyan March 26, 2013

      Everyone says that but I don’t hear it.

  6. DOSSOME March 26, 2013

    but these figures don’t add up to $300,000,000…don’t get me wrong,she’s doing waaaaay better than EVERY other popstar but normally before these figures get factored to her networth,taxes,cost of production,insurance and personnel have to be included as well….i don’t know,i may be wrong

  7. MarinaWantsTheD March 26, 2013

    I didn’t know he wrote K Pop too, I might use him if he can perform good cos I liked that Vicky song.

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