The Final Numbers Are In: Justin Timberlake’s ’20/20 Experience’ Sold…

Published: Tuesday 26th Mar 2013 by Sam

Ample hype has seen Justin Timberlake‘s star glow even brighter in recent weeks.

Indeed, a stellar promotional campaign was installed to mobilize ‘The 20/20 Experience’ – his first album in seven years.

Naturally, then, all eyes are on what numbers the ‘Suit & Tie’ led set was able to shift in its premiere week. Well, wonder no more. The final figures are in. Was Justin able to sustain his incredible momentum? The answer awaits below…

According to Billboard, JT’s ‘Experience’ is confirmed to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 this weeks with sales of….



It’s official: ‘The 20/20 Experience’ is a chart blockbuster.

Incredible by most counts, the album’s sales are especially impressive when considering that the LP isn’t being mobilized by obvious radio hits.

It of course goes without saying that the project’s performance will spark debate about just how much of the numbers are due to marketing hype vs organic interest. Yet, such argument -as insightful as it is- will be somewhat inconsequential. Because, whichever way it’s diced or sliced, Justin is slaying – and in a major way.

Echoing earlier sentiments, it will be super interesting to see what this means for his competition (see: Usher, Chris Brown, and the like). It also makes one wonder if JT will be able to sustain interest for the album’s upcoming sequel. For now, though, we can’t but congratulate JT and his PR team for a job well done.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Oh really March 26, 2013

    -_^ Thanks to mainstream media aka (White media)

  2. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 26, 2013

    it’s 960, 000 @TGJ but awww, that’s cute!!!

    However, who was it who said that Justin was going to “destroy” Usher’s 1 Million + first week sales?

    Nobody? Oh okay…

    It was sweet of his team to try though. They must be SEETHING at their mouthes as we speak.

    The true ‘Prince of Pop’ remains unbothered. 🙂

    • JER March 26, 2013

      This is 2013, not 2004. Usher’s last 2 albums scanned dust so lie in it

      • CICCONE March 26, 2013

        Your comment holds no warrant or weight… You may now disappear!!!!!!!

      • Mark111 March 26, 2013

        And MJ did his numbers in the 80’s, doesn’t make it non epic.

    • CICCONE March 26, 2013




      • KIng13 March 26, 2013

        A record held is a record held. Usher’s Confessions hit diamond and JT’s didn’t. That’s it. Both albums are incredible, but just because it’s not 2004 doesn’t JT’s album is better.

      • irene46 March 26, 2013

        the ability to sell records now cannot really be compared to how it was in the late nineties and early 2000’s. many artists sold in greater volumes back then. selling nearly a million in a week is phenomenal now a days.

    • El Santo March 27, 2013

      His album “No Strings Attached” with N’Sync sold 2.420.000. BEST DEBUT EVER… so…

      • El Santo March 27, 2013

        And we are talkin about the first week ONLY.

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 27, 2013


        But I wasn’t talking about “N’Sync”… There success as a GROUP is insignificant to the success Justin Timberlake has had as a solo artist in comparison to Usher.


      • El Santo March 27, 2013

        They had that big success beacuse of JT. But we are talkin just about a debut. I think the important thing is how much it will sell.

  3. Xxx March 26, 2013

    Good for him!

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 26, 2013

      Good goin JT

    • Ilijah Johnson March 26, 2013

      Congratulations JT

  4. Aquarius March 26, 2013

    Well done Justin, but watch this post become about Beyonce and Rihanna lol.

  5. Navi March 26, 2013

    960 sam, stop the inflation.

  6. Anne March 26, 2013

    Good for him! Maybe R&B can make a comeback in general if artists of his caliber keep contributing to the genre.

  7. Omari March 26, 2013

    Well I should hope so to, the amount of hype predictions and promo he got.

  8. Natss March 26, 2013

    Hahahah but Usher did 1 mill before!

  9. RoyalKev March 26, 2013


    March 21, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    I’m going to call it now, Justin will get a diamond certified album! This album will supposedly do near a million (first week) and end with 20 million ww. Don’t think that this won’t happen! It doesn’t matter what the actual numbers are! Just saying …

    I’ll add one last thing, by the end of this era, 20/20′s numbers combined with the 2nd album’s (coming before the close of this year) will have JT at a total 100 Million records
    *Waiting to see it all unfold by December 2014*

    • Steph March 26, 2013

      How the hell Justin Timberlake sell 100 million records! His first album sold 10 million at the most, second album sold 15 million at the most and this album will sell 7 million at most. That does not even come close to 100 million! He damn sure ant sell no 50 million singles! But his entire career when you add Nsync Yes he sold 100 million records

      • RoyalKev March 26, 2013

        I’m being sarcastic! … It’ll happen, I don’t expect anything to make logical sense when it comes to JT. Most people’s stats these days are very confusing.

    • NT March 26, 2013

      JT : 17 Million WW solo … and with NSYNC’s 55
      he’s at about 72 million.

  10. C.J. March 26, 2013

    I actually really enjoy the album. It’s not on the same level of FutureSex/LoveSounds, but it’s still a very good album.

  11. peaker March 26, 2013

    great for a first week. we’ll see him next week. 😉

  12. Stfu March 26, 2013

    Sales so sick got haters acting dramatic, that’s alright..

  13. JER March 26, 2013

    Congratulations! Yal faves take a year to sell a million copies SMH. Hopefully he can end up selling 1.5 million because there will be a huge drop next week. Probably even an 85% drop

  14. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2013

    CONGRATS JT! Its Official! 20/20 has sold more n the first week than u know who struggling album. That’s been out for 5 months lmao. JT SLAYED THE S*** out of an album numbers and its been out since November lmfao. And she is suppose to b an queen lmao. #That Reign Just Went Down lmao

    • KING RIH March 26, 2013

      I knew some s**** ass w**** was gonna bring King Rih into this. B**** 20/20 experience shits critically on any bleachonce album. Bey cant sell like this so…….

      try harder next time

      • . March 27, 2013

        Beyonce has gone gold first week, while rihanna can’t even scrape 300K.
        DIL-Gold 2 Weeks
        B’Day- Gold in 1 Week
        IASF- Gold In 2 Weeks
        4-Gold in 2 Weeks.

        Una-Gold In 5 Months . Lolol

    • xxx March 27, 2013

      and it sold nearly as much as 4 which is out since what? 2 years?

  15. Mother Monster March 26, 2013

    looks like someone missed the million mark kiiiiiii

    But when will Beyonce Rihanna & Nicki do numbers like this? oh i know NEVER!!!!! ahahahahahahahaha

    • dezi March 27, 2013

      Why you bringing up black women? When will katy perry, keisha and iggy azalea – ouch!

  16. whatever March 26, 2013

    Sad day for black artists….Even if a black artist bleached their skin and was gay they couldn’t sell this much.

    Im so disappointed. An average album is now in the history books, call me a hater

    • Kris March 26, 2013

      I agree! If this wouldv’e been a black artists it wouldn’t have sold. Very disappointing. Not knocking JT’s hustle or talent, just saying how the industry is.

    • eric March 26, 2013

      Rotfl!! Very true!

  17. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2013

    ^^^^^^ But when will ur fav and those other h*** do this 118 MILLION SOLD WITH 4 ALBUMS >>>>>>>>>>>>>. #KING B

    • Mother Monster March 26, 2013

      where u trying to address me c***?

  18. Cream March 26, 2013

    Plays love in the club part 2 Beyonce>>>>>> JT

  19. Lovebird March 26, 2013

    Congrats JT.

  20. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2013

    YES SLOW ASS H** @ Mother Monstar.

  21. DIGGER BEY March 26, 2013

    # Plays Until The End Of Time feat. KING B >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> rehab

  22. Lewie March 26, 2013

    Honestly its because he is white. I don’t normally use the race card but when white people do RnB and soul. They sell. There are plenty of Black people with bangin albums but do not sell. SMH.

  23. BubblePopElectrid March 26, 2013

    Congrats to JT!
    I’m not here for the 2004 Usher comparisons…
    Let’s not pretend like that the musical climate hasn’t drastically changed since nearly a decade ago when he was able to achieve that feat. And let’s also not pretend like N’sync wasn’t shifting 2.5 + 1.8 million records (first week) during that same early 2000’s era under Justin’s pen and production skills.

    But this isn’t a stan war… This is about blockbuster albums like this preserving the recording industry in the wake of illegal downloads and dwindling sales. When JT does well, it causes a ripple effect that serves as a way for labels to multiply their bottom lines to be able to invest their funds into both new and less successful acts, alike. Which is ultimately great for the music business especially if some of your faves could use an extra push.

  24. MC March 26, 2013

    Congrats to JT and his team.

  25. speechless March 26, 2013

    LOL at people comparing a new album to a 10 year old album. Justin just killed Usher AND Chris’ careers in 1 week. Race doesnt matter,the music does. Some of yall just made that he sold that much knowing your fav cant and never will.

    • Mark111 March 26, 2013

      Hahaha, but my “fave” did, and kept it up for 10 weeks, let see JT do the same now. And I like JT, I just hate Stans.

  26. wtg March 26, 2013

    yay!pusher love girl and let the groove get in is my songs!and please stop comparing him to usher -_-.. what did ushers last cd do?o ok.i loved it but black folk said it wasnt r&b enough.we are too critical and not open minded enough of our music sometimes..justin is lucky enough to get the white AND black audience hence these numbers..dont think usher will get this far 1st week again…only other artist i can see doing this is beyonce..hopefully her cd is better than that single thats out now ._.

  27. I WANNA SEE THE RECEIPTS! March 26, 2013

    *side eye* Sumthin bout these #’s just don’t sound right to me. ESPECIALLY after the so-call “predictions” kept increasing. How many copies did his label buy and how much “fuzzy math” was used to arrive at these #’s? Yes I know he has a fanbase who was waiting 6 or 7 years for new music, but I have a hard time believing THAT many people bought his album first week. Call me a hater if you want but I got a feeling that the TPTB would see to it that this “savior” of R&B as JT supposedly called himself backstage at the Grammys would have #’s to convince the GP of his “Great White Hope” music persona.

    • eric March 26, 2013


  28. christinastheerealtalent March 26, 2013

    I have a feeling that sales will drop dramatically next week. Generally, for albums that push numbers like that during a non holiday (except for Easter Sunday) period, experience a huge drop in the 2nd week. Look at Born this Way.

    • Mark111 March 26, 2013

      I’ll say under 200K, but hell, I was wrong with the first week, he may do 400K next week.

  29. Suicide Blonde March 26, 2013

    My husband and I are going to celebrate this with a trip to the Bahamas, i’m so proud of him, no Pizza deal, no 99 cents deal. FULL PRICE…now…..Vogue M************!.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 27, 2013

      Breaks out and falls flat back on back and kicks leg up…voguing!!

  30. Mark111 March 26, 2013

    Congrats, I said it’ll ne around 300 to 400K, but he doubled that. Well done, you’ll think Justin Bieber would do these numbers, just shows that twitter followers doesn’t mean s***, cause they damn sure ain’t buying your s***. And the lil s*** thinks he’s the next MJ?! This has nothing to do with Usher, that battle was last decade and both showed that they’re both Kings of their genre, but clearly neither are the King of Pop, maybe Urban Pop/R&B and BlueEye Soul/Pop, but not POP.

  31. mc the place to be! March 26, 2013

    Forget this race s*** stop blaming Justin and get mad at the industry he didn’t ask to be his race! Anyway all I know is is that I’ve been playing let this groove in and blue ocean floor out ever since I got the CD last week so bravo Justin!

    • Mark111 March 26, 2013

      Right? Race has nothing to do with it cause look at most of artist on the pop chart and they’re not doing these numbers. JT has a large fan base and a large age range, I’m sure from 8 to 40, so that’s why. And although he been gone in the music world, but he did SNL, movies (movies wasn’t really his thing, cause most of them flopped) and hosted a few events, so he was never really gone. I haven’t bought the album… yet. I’m waiting for the songs to come to ME. So much hype, yet I only heard two songs and one LIVE song. But sometime it takes me a while to get around to an album, I just now bought Bruno Mars’ album and it’s great and that came out late last year. So only time will tell.

  32. NT March 26, 2013

    Why are people trying to Compare Usher’s 2004 1million+ First week to Justin’s 960.000+ First week. We all know that Justin Timberlake and his group boast 2 albums that had a million + first week and one of those sold over 2 million….

    • JOHNVIDAL March 27, 2013

      That was a group of teens who sold based on stupid teen fan girls. Even Justin himself as an adult probably don´t want anything to do with that. It´s like the sales Taylor Swift has now. Music lovers don´t take that seriously
      As good as he is now he can´t say he entered the music industry wowing audiences with quality despite being a teen or 20 years old person, like Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston or Adele can say. Sorry. Even Usher didn´t have to do that.
      Just talk about Justin Timberlake, the artist he is now: his first week sales are awesome with the 3 albums he´s made, but in the long run he hasn´t even surpassed 10 million worldwide, not once, and he has not sold over 5 million in the USA either, not once

  33. Nile March 27, 2013

    I have a feeling this album is going to do the same thing Gaga’s last album did. Sell a bunch the first couple of weeks and then disappear from the charts. Hes been gone too long, and the white audience isnt that into RNB.

  34. cake like lady gaga March 27, 2013

    The white media went in hard with this promotion, they kept revising these numbers to hype his LP. But I think this is also another trick by JT and his team. If FRAUDyonce can buy grammys, why cant JT’s PR team buy these fake numbers?


  35. the real xoxo March 27, 2013

    Well done JT. THAT is how you drop an album – no months of overhyping, no gimmicks, no publicity stunts just music.
    The album was decent.

  36. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 27, 2013

    Usher has a strange career.

    According to Billboard magazine, he was the second biggest artist of the ’00s (Eminem was No. 1). He sold records by the busload (more than 15 million copies of three albums in the U.S.) and made seven trips to No. 1 on the Hot 100 between 2000 and 2009.

    Yet for all his chart success, for his massive sales, he’s never quite managed to become as much of a superstar as his peers like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Beyoncé or Eminem. Even back when he was a hit-making teen, he was never quite idol material, inciting the sort of fan frenzy created by his 16-year-old protege Justin Bieber?

    I think it has to do with his image, as in, he’s never had much of one. This was apparent while watching him mentor the contestants last week on American Idol. Timberlake, Spears, Beyoncé and Eminem, all of whom have cumulative albums sales comparable to Usher’s, would have seemed like much bigger gets for the show, and the Idol wannabees didn’t seem as starstruck as they should have been by someone who’s done so well commercially.

    Part of the problem is that Usher comes across as being almost too nice, too normal. There’s a little bit of cockiness in the mix, but he doesn’t have the natural star swagger of a Justin Timberlake or an Eminem. When he’s in the room (and I’ve been in the room with him on several occasions), all eyes don’t gravitate towards him. Despite his obvious physical appeal, he blends into the crowd. Can you imagine a room inhabited by, say, Lady Gaga in which she wasn’t the center of attention?

  37. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 27, 2013

    Well congrats JT, but we all know what these numbers are about….that album is average at best.

  38. yoya_Sschur March 27, 2013

    though im not totally convinced with this album, congratulations justin!!!! it is very difficult nowadays to sell these numbers so congratulations!

  39. beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 27, 2013

    No Gay Marraige
    No lip synching
    No superbowl flop
    No docu
    No Oprah
    No offensive ghetto ” buzz ” singles
    No parading the baby Craig mack for photo ops.
    No diss songs to Rih or the competition

    JUST pure uncut RAW talent. Well down JT for your Million selling album. Cant wait for part 2.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 27, 2013

      You forgot!

      No nude photos
      No pics of drug abuse
      No mention of past/FAILED relationships
      No blowing off his high school fans
      No struggling performances
      No weak vocals
      No stories of physical abuse controversy
      No volgar twitter rants

      Just PURE talent

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 27, 2013

        But the thing is, Rih is not trying to make some grand Comeback in 2013 that was meant to snatch wigs. Rih just drops her album. Back in Jan some ( not me) thought 20 / 20 era would be Beyonce’s NO one even KNEW JT was making a comeback.

        Every thought by March BEYONCE would have the game on lock, some even thought Feb ( superbowl) NOPE, beyonce is nowhere to be found, no dates of any singles or albums and those ” buzz ” singles have, well, lost their buzz. OOOPS

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 27, 2013

        But the thing is, Rih is not trying to make some grand Comeback in 2013 that was meant to snatch wigs. Rih just drops her album. Back in Jan some ( not me) thought 20 / 20 era would be Beyonce’s NO one even KNEW JT was making a comeback.

        Every thought by March BEYONCE would have the game on lock, some even thought Feb ( superbowl) NOPE, beyonce is nowhere to be found, no dates of any singles or albums and those ” buzz ” singles have, well, lost their buzz. OOOPS

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 27, 2013

        Comeback or not, thats no excuse for ANY of the above listed….

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 27, 2013

        And why are you so concerned about Beyonce anyway? You’re under her power and don’t even know it with the amount of time and attention you giver her!! Hell, I can read your comments to get the latest info on her that I didn’t even know yet! LOL. I don’t know sh*t about Rihanna’s endeavors unless it’s posted on TGJ. And Rihanna’s not trying to snatch wigs??? Does “Hard” ring any bells? Plus you state how Rihanna snatched everyones fav’s wig almost daily. _/ please do yourself a favor and sit.

      • beyonce is touring to pay back $50 mil to pepsi after blowing IT! March 27, 2013

        I under the power of GOD ALONE and so is beyonce. Youa re under the power of Rih, all u so is stalk her every move.

        Hard was NOT EVEN WRITTEN BY RIH. HA HA HA HA H**!

    • Lolz March 27, 2013

      Lol @ Enough Onika, read her! Shes so deluded and Beyonce obsessed its worrying.

  40. Music Soul Harmony March 27, 2013

    Umm good for him. Ain’t no one jumping up and down
    Screaming about this album tho. *plays MJ’s thriller album with
    not one bad song*

  41. 118MILLION ALBUMS SOLD MY ASS!!! March 27, 2013


    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) March 27, 2013

      this is a Justin post, in case you have problems reading…

  42. Bey Fan March 27, 2013

    I really like the album…. its a little “Robin Thick” to me, but a good album none the less

  43. Darren March 27, 2013

    considering me and the rest of the world downloaded 20/20 via torrent before it even came out, those numbers are absolutely jaw dropping.

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