Justin Timberlake Dominates British Radio With 114 Million Impressions

Published: Thursday 21st Mar 2013 by David

In what may come as shocking blow to some of his closest competitors, first week sales of Justin Timberlake’s new album ‘The 20/20 Experience’ are set to kiss the 1 million units worldwide mark next.

This, dwarfing sales highs attained by the likes of Drake, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Usher.

However, with his current reign in the US has taken center stage as far press coverage goes, his British run has found itself cast in its shadow. Well…that was until today.

Find out how UK radio has served as a driving force for Justin’s meteoric comeback below…

Between Thursday March 14th and and Wednesday March 20th, the ‘My Love’ mastermind has seen his latest singles ‘Suit & Tie’ and ‘Mirrors’ enjoy a combined total of 6,187 spins on UK radio- resulting in a mind blowing 114 million radio impressions.

Impressions, calculated by the number of times a song has been spun by radio and the combined audience size while it was being played.

Placing at him atop the nation’s Airplay Chart, the British public’s infatuation with his new material has seen him score more spins with ‘Mirrors‘ than any other single in the market this week, transcending genre lines with heavy rotation on Urban’s ‘Choice Fm’ and the Pop heavy Capital London where ‘Suit’ which is currently their third highest played cut.

As it stands, ’20/20′ sits pretty atop iTunes UK and is set to follow suit on the overall chart this Sunday, while ‘Mirrors’ hold the #2 on the singles tally, 28 spots above ‘Suit’ which recently hit Platinum status in the US with sales of 1,464,000 units.



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  1. james March 21, 2013

    a ‘white male’ singing pop…great..radio support mirrors if a black atists did this it would be considered too ‘rnb’ for maibstream radio and thus there.album would never have done well…Call me a hater but I dont think juatin has done anything original this album

  2. Nostalgia1989 March 21, 2013

    People can deny it all they like, Justin is dope but the only reason he gets this much support is because he’s white. If you believe he’s doing so well because of what his music sounds like you are truly naive. It’s not his fault that the industry has a fetish for white soul but people need to remember that when they diss other r&b singers.

    S*** is all political.

  3. BitchyBey March 21, 2013

    On one hand I want to be mad because I know he wouldn’t get this much love if he was black , latin, arab or asian but on the other hand I have to give him props.

    Beyonce better get her act together and take notes.

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      HOW black male singers come out with quality music and videos like JT? How many then look fly in Tom Ford? How many of them even know who Tom Ford is?

  4. EasyBreezyBeautiful March 21, 2013

    This is just like when Eminem used to get played on A/C and other Rappers wouldn’t.

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      Em and JT have talent and most black do not. ALL black men talk about bad yellow bone this, Red bone that…and you wonder why the stay rotting in FLOP HELL?

      F*** EM!

      • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

        Oh, and black male videos are crap. ALL it is a video in club or studio with ” skrippers” EM AND JT make CORE, Quality videos with substance THAT IS WHY THEY SELL.

      • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ March 21, 2013

        I don’t think this is an appropriate conversation for you. You seem a bit out of your league.

        If you believe “ALL black men talk about bad yellow bone this, Red bone that…and black male videos are crap. ALL it is a video in club or studio with ” skrippers,” then THIS is a clear indicator that you should get out more. Explore your horizons a bit.

      • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

        Yes black men all talk about yellow bone this or redbone skripper that: Kanye, Trey, Rick ross, Chris Brown etc. Only Frank Ocean does not but he is F** and sings about men ( eww )

        Admit Em, Bruno and JT own black male asses

      • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

        I know all about black men. I am Bi racial and from LA.

      • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ March 21, 2013

        Since you are bi-racial and live in L.A. I MUST concede that you know ALL about black men.

        It’s comedy at least. lol! Your astute knowledge on “black men” gives me a clearer picture of your Beyoncé rants below. They irrationally mirror each other.

        Carry on.

      • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

        What was trey songz last single? cheesey love making song

        Usher? a cheesey dance song

        C Brown played out Dance track

        Neyo – played out dance track and all n***** sound and look the same. They all wear the same s***.

        2 chiainz. Trindad james, Juicj J all black rappers cannot TOUCH EM.

      • Eye Candy March 21, 2013

        B****, sit yo’ half-caste ass down!
        Eminem, a white boy that raps about killing his mom & his ex wife is the best rapper?
        Have you listened to any CONSCIOUS RAPPERS to make that judgement? Have a seat. Yo’ momma should’ve swallowed.

    • mk March 22, 2013


  5. Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ March 21, 2013

    Let’s make sure everyone knows what this means. In order for radio stations to play 2 songs, 7 days, 6187 times does not mean that you have created masterpiece songs that everyone can’t get enough of. It means that your record company has dug DEEP in their pockets to ensure that these songs are played.

    I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It’s GREAT when a record company backs an artist in this way. They’re supposed to. However, once again, we also get a chance to see who is & who is NOT getting support from RCA.

  6. BrunoMartian March 21, 2013

    Good for him! He’s so original. NOTHING like Robin Thicke at all.

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      No. He i better than Robin thick is looks, dance, voice and STYLE/.

  7. BarbzRUs March 21, 2013

    My husband stay winning.

  8. NaviKissKiss March 21, 2013

    Beyonce is finna read this and get hella paranoid.

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      Submitted by the_hot_chick on Mon, 03/18/2013 – 2:41pm.
      Beyonce’s recent music (from her last album, and apparently this upcoming one) sounds like s*** because she’s alienated most of the songwriters and producers out there, and they won’t give her their best work anymore.
      Beyonce doesn’t write or produce songs. She’s notorious for strong-arming songwriters/producers into sharing their credits/royalties with her. This happens a lot in the industry. What makes beyonce worst than any other entertainer who does this is that beyonce (rather than keeping her mouth shut and collecting the royalty checks) will do interviews and lie/brag that she conceived of/created the song all alone. It’s bad enough to give up major portions of your royalties to some celebrity who did no work on the song. It’s even worse to have that celeb publicly pretend that you weren’t even involved in creating the song you wrote/produced.
      The songwriters/producers just got tired of her. They’ll still work with her/sell her their music to her (a sell is a sell; a job is a job), but they save their best work for other people. Why give beyonce the best song you ever wrote, take a pittance in royalties, and have her lie about the credits in interviews? Instead, you can give bey some s*** song you didn’t think that you’d ever sell to anyone, and if her fan base makes it a hit, that’s gravy. If not…you didn’t think you’d ever sell the song anyway. You can save your best work for someone with the sense not to try and screw you over.
      The best part is beyonce can’t figure out this is happening. She is incapable of distinguishing between good work and s***.


      • mk March 22, 2013


  9. FentySoSnatched March 21, 2013

    Beyonce honey, you better be coming with some out of this world slayage because everyone else is slaying right now except you.

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      BEYONCE AND GAGA Were MEANT TO DROP in march. But they all got scared of Rih and have been pushing there s*** back from then on.

      BEYONCE WILL NOT SLAY THE UK LIKE THIS. OR THE US a for that matter. Her time has come and gone

      • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

        BEYONCE was meant to drop in March ( and gaga ) THEY HAVE been hiding from Rih ever since.

      • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

        Beyonce will never slay the UK OR USA LIKE THIS. SHE CANNOT EVEN GET POP AIRPLAY IN THE USA.

  10. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 21, 2013

    I would sincerely like to believe that this is all just a factor of “Good Music”, “Superb Promotion” and “Excellent Hyper-Marketing” because J.T’s sound is so “Unique and Different”.

    NO. He is talented but I, even as a White man, refuse to dismiss the rampant color barriers in music industry politics. The major label marketing and promotion machine behind “Black-washed” White artists that record black music is always ready, willing and eager to spring into action.


    I am truly sick of it and J.T for that matter.

    Congrats nevertheless.

  11. ARTPOPPINIT March 21, 2013

    Gaga is coming for that ass.

    • TaylorWins March 21, 2013

      Keep dreaming. Taylor screws her in the bed and Taylor screws her on the charts.

    • Perry Power March 21, 2013

      Lmao next joke please

  12. opd2 March 21, 2013

    well this just bring up the term again,money talks and b-llsh!t walks,not saying it,s a bad song but you all get what i am saying.

  13. HoneyBee March 21, 2013

    Let’s call a spade a spade. Justin Timberlake is a don but his skin tone is his biggest asset. Beyonce has to work ten times harder to get this much play after the work she’s put in and now we have flop c*** b****** like Rihanna thinking they’re on top because her label slides checks to all the big stations.

    When Beyonce comes back she’s gonna show you how to do it with REAL music and nothing else. She doesn’t have to sell s** to get attention.

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      YEAH RIGHT. That is what you said with 2 and what happened there.

      • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

        with 4 Beyonce has been trying to make a comeback for nearly 3 years and she keeps failing everytime

  14. Settle4U March 21, 2013

    Rihanna stans stay talking s*** but the truth is that she is the queen of payola. That’s why she has so many number one singles but only one number album. Until her label can afford to make radio play all 12 or 13 songs her ass will stay losing to Taylor and B.
    Anyway, good for JT. Team real music.

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      NUMBER 1 ? HER ALBUMS GO NUMBER 1 IN OTHER CUNTRIES. THE same countries beyonce would do anything to get a hit in. Besides her LP are all platinum in the USA. ALL 8. MOTS is gold. Very like Usher last LP

      HEE HEE

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      You going on about number 1 albums, but labels care about gold and platinum and RIH HAS 7 AMERICAN GOLD AND PLATINUM LP IN THE USA AT 24. KILL YO YOURSELF.

    • boopboop March 22, 2013

      rih with her ONE #1 album has done better than some ppl who have #1 albums and fail to go gold after a yr!

  15. Perry Power March 21, 2013

    The race card is sooo tired now. Everyone wants credit his success to the color of his skin. Maybe it’s because he makes great music. Ke$ha is white and black rappers are pulling numbers double of what her album is doing. Bruno Mars is successful and he isn’t white. Usher has more success than JT and he isn’t white.

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      Black men have always been jealous of JT cos he is good looking, Alist, Talented, Sells, s** appeal and style, plus ( and this is the real reason ) HE GETS THE CLASSY A LIST WHITE WOMEN that n****’s cannot EVER GET NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY HAVE. Black men only get the trash white ” wimmenz ” that white women kick to the gutter like Kim K , and Kendra, or they get nannny to take all their money.

      They never get those TOP A list white women in movies.

    • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ March 21, 2013

      I really wish people would stop saying that someone is pulling the “race card” everytime someone makes an observation about the ways in which race is operating in different contexts. Telling the truth is the best way of dealing with reality, not pretending these things are not happening when they are.

      Just because I’m able to observe how race plays a factor in how an artist’s work is received doesn’t mean that I can’t like the artist. I like Justin. I like this album. But I also see what’s really going on.

      & how exactly does a black rapper having more success than Ke$sha, of all people, disprove anything that is being said about Justin. Logically, that simply doesn’t make any sense.

  16. biz is numbered March 21, 2013

    okay. uk radio played it alot. so what?!? good. 😆

  17. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare March 21, 2013

    The marketing campaign for this album has been absolutely flawless. It’s a blueprint tbh.

    1. Grammy performance
    2. Brit Awards performance
    3 Concert in Los Angeles
    4. SNL performance
    5. Exclusive target deal
    6. A week long residency on Jimmy Fallon.
    7. RCA paid to have “Suit and Tie” & “Mirrors” played 6,187 times in only 7 days in the UK.
    8. No idea how much money went into US Radio production but you know it was a lot.
    9. Exclusive pre-listen on i-tunes.

    You couple this money and power with the fact that Justin is doing a form of black music that the general public only wants from white artists these days & voila, you have 1,000,000 units sold WW in week #1.

    I like the album. Been really enjoying it. But folks, this is not simply about Justin “being talented” and “working hard.”


    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      AND RCA used payola of S and T in the USA, not to mention he had a UK gig. Then he works with Tom Ford, David Finch and other talent video directors.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ March 21, 2013

      I agree 100% I’m happy for him he REALLY worked hard with his promo.

  18. DOSSOME March 21, 2013

    RCA was saving the budget to promote JT..Artists like Xtina,Alicia Keys,Brandy,R.Kelly etc get little to no label backing at all and immeadiately JT announces comeback,he’s booked on almost all big avenues to promote his craft then y’all say “black people don’t support their own anymore” when our black artists underperform…we the masses have little influence on what plays on radio

    • beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

      AND EPIC are saving the promo BUDGET FOR Avril lavigne, that is why CIARA HAS 4 FLOP SONGS IN A ROW.

  19. beyonce set to retire at the end of last tour March 21, 2013

    Rih does not even need this to sell. HA. Pour it up remix is not number 85, it has jumped nearly 20 places in less than an hour.


  20. My Forehead Tho March 21, 2013

    I hate to echo all the other comments, but his skin color is his biggest contributer to these album sales. Same with Adele, Eminem and even Vanilla Ice. Believe it or not, Eminem and Vanilla Ice both have the highest-selling rap albums of all times. With the latter also having the fastest selling rap album of all times. Granted, Eminem, Adele and JT are all extremely talented. However, with out the immediate advantage that their skin color offer, they would likely be pushing Nas, Jill Scott, and Usher #’s- lets be honest.

    Congrats to Justin though. Although his album was borin as s***, he’s talented and deserves this success.

  21. NICK March 21, 2013

    MY FOREHEAD THO (a mess name), BUT YES I agree with u 1000000% & who is this Beyonce set to retire person? please go somwhere with all your hate, LORD JESUS ITS A FIRE!!!

  22. TheTruth Will Set You Free March 21, 2013


    Yeah…I am sure you know everything there is to know about black men. You have obviously met every single black man on the face of this planet and interacted with them in a personal manner. You have read enough to make a broad ass generalization about a people. You have experienced life enough to make perpetuate pathology and stereotypes. Kudos to you for your vast amount of experience and knowledge, I am sure being bi-racial and from LA give you such a global insight.

    Cough Cough I am being sarcastic.
    Cough Cough Please shut the f*** up.

  23. mc the place to be! March 21, 2013

    Here we go with the race card Adele Justin and eminem are all talented so I don’t get the whole turn off I don’t get it Bruno Jennifer lopez and even that Asian dude psy gets success hell mariah too and their not white and black people we really gotta buy records again if not then s*** the people you wanna do well disappear sorry

  24. mc the place to be! March 21, 2013

    And don’t forget my fellow black people Lionel Richie and Darius Tucker are country artist who are very successful and the white people supports them face it urban genres don’t support each other if you don’t have a faithful fanbase you better venture in another genre

  25. NT March 21, 2013

    Justin is very deserving of his success , people can not win nowadays . If your successful then there’s always a ” people are only buying this because ….” and if your not then your a flop , but Justin Timberlake deserves all of his success

  26. Eye Candy March 21, 2013

    Why is it that you people praise that fat lard ass, humpty dumpty hippo Adele, while bringing up race when it comes to JT? Stop being hypocrites.
    Thanks for those of you that DID call out Adele’s cellulite ridden ass though.

  27. DOSSOME March 21, 2013

    this race issue will only be solved by a total revolution…as racist as this may sound,black artists should quit their stingy record labels,come together and recreate MOTOWN..I literally can’t at artists like Fantasia,elle varner,mya,brandy,monica,ciara,jill scott,john legend and kelly struggling to achieve mainstream relevance while usher,neyo and nicki forced to “sell-out” for radio airplay just because these labels prefer to promote gaga,katy,kesha,the 2 justins and britney

  28. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 21, 2013

    I completely agree @DOSSOME

    Being White, I may never, and probably will never, feel or experience the societal burdens that are placed upon those who are Black or of any other ethnic minority descent but I’m human, an honest one at that, so I am able to empathize with the sentiments… Especially when those sentiments stem from something that are, and is, unfair.

    Everybody thinks that we are PRO-gressing when in actual fact, I feel as if our country is DI-gressing in terms of discriminatory issues, especially those of which are institutionalized. ala. Hollywood, the film, theatre, television and music industry.

    Everybody should be given EQUAL opportunity. I’m tired of seeing the same “TOKEN” Black or Ethnic person here and there and, instead, be flooded with your a-typical ‘Blue-Eyed/Brown-Eyed/Blonde-Brunette’ type White man or woman. I mean, how many roles are they going to give to Halle Berry? At the age of 41? Are there no other Black actresses in Hollywood? – Viola Davis whom, in my opinion, can act circles around her.

    It’s ridiculous.

    • NOSTALGIA1989 March 21, 2013

      You should be an activist. You make some amazing points…

      I 100% CONCUR MAN!!!

    • boopboop March 22, 2013

      zoe saldana has replaced halle as the token blk actress

  29. DeuceCAJ March 21, 2013

    I can name a dozen or more white artists who’ve released albums over the past year and failed miserably. Adele and JT could have flopped like Nelly Furtado, No Doubt, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kesha or Christina Aguilera. They didn’t because their teams put together a smart, comprehensive, well thought out and air-tight promotional plan together. Don’t blame them for being competent. And don’t play the race card, because they have efficient business people in their camps who know how to get the job done.

    Let’s keep it real…most black artists have s***** management and cheap/2nd rate teams who don’t know what the hell they’re doing half the time or have limited industry pull. They may record a decent album, but don’t have a real plan of how they should promote it. They just put it out and hope that the earth will bless them with success.

    Instead of getting mad and trying to put that all on race, how about holding these artists accountable for not having their ducks lined up right. If Brandy, Usher, Neyo, Jill Scott or Jennifer Hudson had Justin’s management, they would be doing better. But are they willing to PAY what Justin probably does to keep an A+ team in his corner? Nope. They would rather have their no industry clout having (but cheaply priced) moms/dads/cousins/spouses try to run their careers for them and so they flop.

  30. Eye Candy March 21, 2013

    People need to say blacks need to support their artists.
    Blacks in the U.S. only account for 14% of the population while the white population is at 72%.
    Black Brits in the UK only account for about 3% of the population while the white population is close to 80%. It would seem logical that of course white artists would tend to do better in these countries.
    Secondly, there are only so much of us that visits music blogs. The everyday person doesn’t run to music blogs. The only way they know who’s releasing new music is strictly based on what they hear on the radio and right now RnB is being put on the back burner. If other blacks don’t know that their black artists are even releasing music to begin with, then how can they support them?
    This has nothing to do with supporting CD’s. In my opinion, it has more to do with the rules of the Billboard & other music charts. If it bothers y’all that much then you need to do something about it.

  31. Jackieyonce March 22, 2013

    Lady Gaga >>>> Justin T
    Justin T>> Rihanna
    You b****** will deal

    • JOHNVIDAL March 22, 2013

      Anybody is better than Rihanna

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