The Predictions Are In: Justin Timberlake’s ‘The 20/20 Experience’ Set To Sell…

Published: Wednesday 20th Mar 2013 by Sam

As one of the most anticipated (and hyped) releases of the year, all eyes are naturally on the commercial performance of Justin Timberlake‘s third studio album ‘The 20/20 Experience’.

And with the announcement of a sequel made yesterday, there’s even more debate as to what the performance of this project will have on the next.

Well, wonder no more. For, the first sales estimates for the ‘Suit & Tie’ led set have been reported. What are you waiting for? Find out what they are after the jump….

According to Hits Daily Double, one-day sales of ’20/20′ see it on course to boast first week US numbers of…

750,000 – 800,000


While clever marketing has been employed to amazing effect with the promotion for this campaign, we must give kudos to JT himself. For, beyond the smoke and mirrors, the masses seem to be enjoying the actual music too – which is the kind of qualities any project looking to enjoy lengthy success could hope for. Do we expect mega-selling singles? No. However, as relayed in our album review, Justin serves up an unapologetically cohesive ‘Experience’ that seems more concerned with being a sonically solid body of work. Something its sales confirm it has achieved.

Your thoughts?

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  1. . : : h 2 o : : . March 20, 2013

    OK . . . Wish him all the best

  2. king z March 20, 2013

    Well damn!

  3. the real xoxo March 20, 2013

    great for r&b.

    • ZANIA March 20, 2013

      How is that great for R & B, do you really think the other R &B artist will sell like him. Beyonce tried to do adult music last year and her album didn’t do the numbers like all her previous albums, now she back to put out teeny bob music. There are plenty of adult R & B artist who made great albums over the past three years, like Jill Scott, Ledsi, Kem and they will be lucky if they sold 100,000 copies.

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b**** March 20, 2013

        OMG B**** JUST SHUT THE F*** UP!! @ZANIA

      • mob March 20, 2013

        OMG THANK YOU!!

        REAL R&B artists can never compete with the so called WHITE BLUE-EYED SOUL acts like Timberfake and Adele! They can walk in two worlds R&B &Pop. Black artists are not allowed to wonder in both worlds…you have Bey & Rih and maybe a few others but that’s it. The POWERS THAT BE dictate and control who gets what exposure!

      • mob March 20, 2013


        Why b/c Zania is speaking the truth?

    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 20, 2013

      “Great for R&B”? Justin Timberlake?

      How is this “Great for R&B” in any way, shape or form? Please explain Dude. I’m confused…

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b**** March 20, 2013

        it’s an rnb cd

    • Jay March 20, 2013

      I agree, the album is a true R&B gem a mix of classic and contemporary, throwback Prince and MJ vibes I love it.

    • Floridaevans March 20, 2013

      Nah….I wouldn’t say this is good for R & B at all. This is good for Justin. His sells will have ZERO affect on the sales of R & B in general. Remember, the mainstream ONLY wants to hear JUSTIN do pop n B: fact.

      Ledisi, Bilal, Kem, Erykah, Lalah Hathaway, etc…will continue to release AMAZING work & it will continue to be ignored.

      • mob March 20, 2013


    • AXG March 20, 2013

      This is great for R&B. The only way we will get R&B back to mainstream radio and success, is if major pop artists take part in its return. When all your artists are playing or making R&B records you have no choice but to play R&B records. There were solid offering from R&B last year and this year (Miguel, Brandy, Frank Ocean, etc), but those artist are already considered R&B artist and won’t pack a punch on radio. People want to talk about a “flop” 4 was but what that album did was huge as it was an R&B record. The fact that it did the numbers it did without a breakout “pop” single is a testament to B’s brand and the quality of the music. She had “Best Thing I Ever had” and “Love on Top” charting on the Billboard Hot 100 that’s huge because those were not pop records. When all your major “pop” acts are doing R&B you have no choice but to start playing R&B. Justin’s album is following in the suite of Bey’s. They are both trying to change and provide a shift in music and there are very few artists with the ability to help make that happen. With numbers like JT and B putting up, hopefully more artist will be inspired to transition outta the dance music craze and radio will become diversified again like the glory that was the 90s. Eventually major artists will move toward R&B when they can see it generates a profit and radio spins, and already established R&B acts will have a shot at mainstream glory again.

      • ZANIA March 20, 2013

        Justin and Beyonce album was garbage wasn’t good R & B. Justin and Beyonce sold off their names only. Justin is white and they love him and Beyonce songs last year were garbarge, even half of her fans didn’t like her songs. Beyonce will not sell not even half of what Justin will sell. Usher,Alicia Keys, CB, Miguel, Frank Ocean all charted on the Hot 100 top 30 with an R & B song, not their pop song, so what are you talking about Beyonce or Justin didn’t bring nothing back. White folks are not going to listen to Jill Scott, Brandy, Monica, Fantasia, Kem, because of Justin Timberlake, delusional. If that was the case Miguel had the biggest real R & B song last year with Adorn and he performed it at the Grammys, did it help his album or single sell like Justin no it didn’t. He only sold around 300,000.

      • AXG March 20, 2013

        Zania, what is considered “good” R&B is subjective, as what is “garbage.” I personally think that Justin’s album is okay, but the fact that it’s being billed as an urban/R&B record and his songs which are not dance music are being played on radio makes a case for R&B. The fact that they “sold” off their names is exactly the point that I am making. Their names and careers are what allowed them to get spins at radio, and to continue to sell after huge first week sales.

        The artists you bring up did chart, but I am referring to this as a cohesive movement in which they music takes a giant shift and R&B becomes a mainstay on radio not just a song or two that peaks at the bottom 30.

        I am not calling him the savior of R&B and saying that white folks are gonna listen to all these artists because of him. I am making the point that he has the clout because of his start power, much like B, and Usher to help shift the current trend in music, much like a dynamic producer can. “Adorn” was out for a long ass time before the grammy’s, and if you don’t think the grammy’s helped spark interest you are wrong. He enjoyed massive one week-sales for a song that had already been out for a quite a while. The point is Miguel have widely known way before the grammys, but wasn’t because of radio airplay. Like I said if major artists keep making R&B records that connect, radio will eventually have no choice to play them.

      • ZANIA March 20, 2013

        Usher first single are always R & B and it didn’t sell like Justin song Suit and Tie. Usher song Climax was nominate for a Grammy. Justin sold because he is white point blank.

      • mob March 20, 2013

        HOW SAD! It takes a WHITE PERSON to sell R&B music to the masses! Timberfake is just using this genre o re-enter the music industry after a 7 yr hiatus! The success of Adele has shown white acts a blueprint or shall I say a BLACKPRINT that will garne them the spotlight and attention they desire……HOW SAD FOR R&B ARTISTS!

      • Mary Mary Why You Buggin’ March 20, 2013

        Justin Timberlake and Eminem have similar fan bases.

        If you ask a JT fan in the general public to name 5 R & B artists, they couldn’t.
        If you ask an Eminem fan in the general public to name 5 rappers (excluding Jay-Z and Kanye), they couldn’t.

        In R & B, if you want to call Justin R & B (I wouldn’t), they will only buy his album. Same with Eminem.

  4. BubblePopElectric March 20, 2013

    I grew up listening to this man & he is STILL slaying the industry! Bravo Justin!

  5. Me Damnit!! March 20, 2013

    Not surprised. It was very well promoted, hyped to death & he hasn’t released a new album in almost 7 years. His fans MISSED him. JT has a solid fan base & he hasn’t had any big messy scandals to alter his image. He’s a mainstream darling so he was bound to do well.

    Still think the album is boring as hell & over hyped but congrats to JT anyways.

  6. KD March 20, 2013

    His promo game was on point. Congrats to him.

  7. cake like lady gaga March 20, 2013

    HDD is reaching for the stars, honey boo, CHILE!!!!

    Its not that great of an album. It will sell 150k and HDD will just have to deal…

    The reach though, I can’t!!!!!!

    _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

    • Pusha Love Gworl March 20, 2013

      yea right b**** don’t be mad cause gaga had to discount her album to 99cent to sell a million first week without the 99cent sales all she sold was 600 k awwwwz

  8. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 20, 2013

    Overwhelming sales for an, overall, underwhelming album…

    GO FIGURE!!!

    Nonetheless, congrats ‘Usher’, I MEAN, J.T. You did promte it well.


    • SIERRA March 20, 2013


  9. Fifi March 20, 2013

    I heard the album. I wouldn’t but it for .01. Boring and lame.

  10. remix March 20, 2013

    Slayage. This is a successful comeback!!!
    Haters are gonna be so sad.

  11. My Forehead Tho March 20, 2013

    Hopefully his next album will be better. This album sold on pure hype and nothing else, really.

  12. Pusha Love Gworl March 20, 2013

    Yaaaaaaaaas!!! Gaga wish she could do that without discounting albums to 99cent

    Justin im so proud i love u so much daddy

    • JOHNVIDAL March 20, 2013

      Really? Gaga sold around 700,00 full price. I don´t see much diffence. You kids always doing the most. She also had a huge #1 single, Justin didn´t. And I don´t think Justin will sell more than the 2 million copies Born this Way sold in the USA. Just saying
      (not to mention worldwide sales, Justin will surely sell less than Gaga)

      • mr.m March 20, 2013

        STFU H**!
        BOTH CACA and FAGTIN sold on HYPE ALONE!!
        Their albums are SH!T
        FAGTIN is still >>>>>>>> CACA
        Her jokes are over .. RIP

        #TRUTH #FACT #DEAL

  13. TheTruth Will Set You Free March 20, 2013

    I did not expect that! Well damn…

    Kudos Mofo 🙂

  14. ERIN March 20, 2013


    • irene46 March 20, 2013

      justin’s music and performances are as much r & b as some of the many black artists you label as r & b. there are some white artists that are r & b just as there are a lot of black artists who are pop. r & b is a music style; not a skin color!

      • Jcrewedup March 20, 2013

        I agree with you that there are some white artists who make R & B music: Teena Marie (brilliant ), Jon B., Joss Stone, Average White Band & Amy Winehouse, among others.

        Justin: That’s pop’n b. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that. I enjoy Justin’s work but I see a distinct difference b/t him and those I’ve mentioned.

    • mob March 20, 2013


      But I’m noticing a pattern with the media labeling him as R&B. Therefore, he will be winning all the R&B awards this music award season….just watch and see!!

  15. KDreamer(Miguel Hit It) March 20, 2013

    The power of payola.

    • irene46 March 20, 2013

      payola may help but alone can’t generate these kind of numbers. he does have a huge fan base and has never been attacked by an onslaught of negative media negativity.

  16. cake like lady gaga March 20, 2013

    Y U MAD??? This is nothing but construction noise and a white boy trying to be Usher. Now take a seat from above and sit your stank ass down.

    • irene46 March 20, 2013

      justin’s not being usher, as most of these singer dancers, he’s being mj!

    • La Perra March 20, 2013


    • mob March 20, 2013

      Try the EVOLUTION OF ROBIN THICKE! Now that CD encapsulated the Blue-Eyed Soul experience. It was well done on all fronts!

      • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare March 20, 2013

        Brilliant album.

  17. NAVY NICK March 20, 2013

    WOW I CANT EVEN HATE! WOW! it is sad tho, Miguel, Ledisi, even Robin Thicke: good AMAZING real R&B can’t sell like this- WTF?! (his promo was on point), BUT seriously….WOW!

  18. Pusha Love Gworl March 20, 2013

    The gworls are mad cause gaga katy nicki rihanna & beyonce could never do those numbers 1st week kiiii f****** kiiiiii

    • JOHNVIDAL March 20, 2013

      Gaga and Beyonce have done those type of number at some point (more or less)

  19. mc the place to be! March 20, 2013

    My forehead child bye! The critics liked it its really not a bad record its kind of refreshing if ya ask me. Congrats Justin! Y’all don’t know good music when its right in your face smh

  20. JUSTIN SUCKS! March 20, 2013

    Justin SUCKS!

  21. RoyalKev March 20, 2013

    Good for him! JT does have tremendous talent. I hated S&T, but I thought the album was pretty solid with my first listen. Since then, I just can’t find my way back to that album … When I really like something I play it to death until it’s released. I loved Justified (Senorita, Rock Your Body, Nothin’ Else) and FS/LS (My Love, S*** Back, I think She Knows, etc) but this album just doesn’t speak to me. He’s getting the sales and at the end of the day (in 2013) that’s all that seems to matter!

  22. MRS CARTER LOVER March 20, 2013


  23. Pusha Love Gworl March 20, 2013

    Usher Looking For Myself 128k

    Chris Brown Fortune 135k

    Trey Songz Chapter 5 135k

    Ne-Yo R.E.D 66k

    Justin Bieber Believe 521k

    Bruno Mars Unorthodox 192k

    These dudes can’t touch Justin Timberlake hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Missy March 20, 2013

      he’s slaying the competition

    • JOHNVIDAL March 20, 2013

      Well Usher released several albums while Justin was at home. If Justin had released as many albums as him, he wouldn´t be selling these big first week in 2013. He created a big hype (which is good, I´m not hating)

    • mob March 20, 2013

      B*tch please! We all know why the white by is all of a sudden trying to make black music. the POWERS THAT BE have given him clearence to pull an Adele. Adele at least produced a quality CD whereas 20/20E is pure bullsh*t and a waste of time in comparison to her CD or even his past work. I’d take anyone of the others listed over this fool. We there CDs I have at least enjoyed regadless of how much they sold in this r acist ass political structured MUSIC-MEDIA MONOPOLY!

  24. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 20, 2013

    Also, I may be White but I’m not stupid. I know how unfair society is at times.

    J.T isn’t bringing back ‘R&B’ or any form of urban music of the sort.

    If this album were released by a Black artist, or any other Ethnic artist for that matter, mainstream audiences and radio would’ve paid it DUST. In my opinion, Frank Ocean, Miguel, Elle Varner, Beyonce, Brandy… should be seeing these sales. What is it about their music that is any different to Adele & J.T’s music – besides there skin colour?

    That’s why Usher went “Pop” – the music industry, historically speaking, has always been that way. A Black artist can’t achieve mainstream/commercial status if their music is “TOO BLACK”, so they have to water it down. But when it’s a White artist – their hailed as the “Greatest thing ever” and promoted/marketed to oblivion MOST of the time.

    Agree or Disagree at your own accord.

    • SIERRA March 20, 2013

      No I know you went and PREACHED boo……..

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      You are preaching to deaf ears lol. This discussion pops up in almost every JT post. The gurls don’t care but I agree with you!!!

    • Floridaevans March 20, 2013


      Like @ Navy Sailor said though, they are NOT trying to hear this on TGJ. Comes up on every Justin post.

      They believe it’s ALL about Justin’s “hard work” and “talent.”

    • STONY March 20, 2013

      it’s really sad to tell this but your comment is 100% right jared this is the world we live in even when i compare 4 to 21 it’s obvious that the record of beyonce is better but if a white girl would have realease 4 she would have sold millions and millions of albums.

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! March 20, 2013

        No beyonvces 4 doesnt have “someone like you on it”… one of the all time great songs.

    • RoyalKev March 20, 2013

      Not 1 lie told here. It’s sad that these obstacles exist for black artists. It’s a shame that black artists don’t get the artistic credit they deserve when they craft something that changes music. It’s too often that the next white artists following that trend do twice the numbers for work that isn’t half as good as underrated artists. It works the opposite way as well. Blacks have to walk the straight and narrow otherwise their penalized (Beyonce, Janet, Whitney , MJ) while white artists are often given a pass or even ignored when they step out of line (Madonna’s enough of a mention for all the cases). I hate complaining because people are quick to accuse you of using the race card, but unfortunately this is true.

  25. Jay Jay March 20, 2013

    Rihanna and Bey can never sell that much the first week

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      AND B****? Just like Justin will never sell over 10 million in the US (solo) like USHER!!! Shut yo SUPER PRESSED ass up!!!

      • B. Hill March 20, 2013

        Usher himself can’t even do that again. F*** 10 years ago. It’s about what you can sell NOW and Usher can only barely go Gold now.

      • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

        Yes it was 8 years ago…AND? But he still did it! y’all JT stans CANNOT shade usher until JT gets a SOLO diamond plaque on his mother f****** wall! DEAL B****!

  26. Jay Jay March 20, 2013

    Rihanna and Bey can never sell this much the first week

  27. Olly Murs Stan March 20, 2013

    Congrats are in order. Beyonce tried to go all RnB with 4 but flopped hopelessly. Rihanna tried the same with Rated R but flopped hopelessly.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      GURL WHY ARE YOU SOOOO PRESSED? Rated R was nottttt R&B it was dark/edgy pop hunn. It wasn’t as successful as her other albums (except MOTS) but it still went platinum and sold 3.5 million WW!! I would haaardly call that a FLOP ugly!!

  28. Jessie March 20, 2013

    When will “King Bey” do those numbers????

  29. Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

    Y’all dumb diddly um queens are so worried about what Bey & Rih are selling. Did Justified or FSLS get diamond certifications? No? Oh. Confessions did!

  30. Jayla March 20, 2013

    Of course all the fem gays on this site have negativity to spew, go figure, miserable souls

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      You don’t like it…..LEAVE!!! You big burly dumb ass butch d***! No one put a gun to your cornrowed Cleo from set if off head and made you come here!!!

      • Missy March 20, 2013

        stfu f** rihanna will never sell that much hes already bout to outsell unapologetic in just one week hahahahaha

      • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

        B**** eat a shriveled up d***! Rihanna is the biggest popstar in the world right now you fat orb d***!!! She remains unbothered as UNA conquers the WORLD!!! STAAAAYYY PRESSED MARY

  31. Missy March 20, 2013

    JT outselling alll your favs so your mad n trying to make every excuse on why he’s selling so well stay pressed

  32. Danielle March 20, 2013

    Rihanna the so called ‘biggest popstar in the world’ couldnt even do half with that bubblegum pop lead single bwahahaha! Love JT happy for him <3

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      DUSTY D*** like I said Rihanna remains UNBOTHERED while you sit on here eating a Twinkie and throwing shade! STAY MAD HAMHOCK

      • Danielle March 20, 2013

        Looks like ur the only one who mad since you responded! Im only laughin at how much yall big her up.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      DOOFUS D*** don’t worry about us!!! it goes to show how PRESSED you really are. This post has nothing to do with Rihanna but you eased her into it like the other PRESSED p******. *throws tomatoes* BYEEE DA BRAT D***

      • Danielle March 20, 2013


  33. kool k March 20, 2013

    I agree %! You spoke the truth.

  34. DIGGER BEY March 20, 2013

    Yessss Justin! Luv the album! And lmao @ b****** trying to go n on THE QUEEN! She will remain UNBOTHERED with her 118 million records sold >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>!

  35. HoneychildPlease March 20, 2013

    LMFAOooo * waits for beyonce to drop an album* this album to me really aint it though, but congrats to him i guess…I don’t know how he is moving all those copies off of this one, but he really doing that..Congrats j.t

  36. B. Hill March 20, 2013

    In your f****** faces haters. Y’all talked BIG s*** about JT, and now he’s the one’s laughing while his album sells nearly a million copies in its first week.

    And #DEAD at people bringing up Usher to try and put JT in his place. At least JT kept it real and came out with an R&B (yes, I said R&B) album. Usher is a f****** sell out, pop wannabe. He threw his fans under the bus to try and appeal to the Katy Perry crowd with dance/pop s***. There isn’t a single EDM thumpa-thumpa track on 20/20. Justin didn’t pander and made the same kind music he did in the mid 2000s. Usher traded in his Confessions sound to become the lost member of LMFAO and flopped.

    Let this be a lesson. Ship jumpers are phony and always fail.

    • ZANIA March 20, 2013

      But Usher biggest R & B songs from his last two album which were better than JT, didn’t really sell, so that is why he released his pop songs. People hate to admit that the only reason JT is selling is because he is white. There are 30 real R & B songs out over the past year alone that is way better than Suit and tie, which was terrible song. Miguel-Adorn was better than all of Jt songs on his new album. It has nothing to do with the Black artist not doing R & B music, because all of them are doing R & B music on their albums it just don’t sell.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      NO HONEY JT STANS KEEP SHADING USHER!!! It DOES matter because Justin does NOT have a solo DIAMOND plaque on his wall! Yup Usher sold out but SO WHAT confessions still sold OVER TEN MILLION COPIES in the US of f****** A!! I am no usher stan but facts are facts boo!!!

  37. MISHKA March 20, 2013

    Congrats to JT, really I mean it.

    Although we all know Mainstream skin + blue eyes + great production = massive sales…

    Although JT’s album follows ‘4”s footsteps: no garbage pop, back to basis with soul, r’n’b, funky pop…

    Although the gentleman style and the white-and-black videos are very reminiscent of Neyo ‘s “Year of the Gentleman Era”…

    We CAN’T knock the hustle, JT came ready. Plus, he really loves our music, what more can I say. Rock on.

  38. MISHKA March 20, 2013

    This is a very personal request but I neeeeed a remix of ‘Mirrors’ with JC Chasez and Kanye West.

    I need that in my life, thanks management.

  39. Note March 20, 2013

    The stans/fans of the big females are too f****** divided and bothered about the comp. More people come together with artists like Justin because there aint endless stan wars goin on under his name. Not saying thats the only reason but its a big factor.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      CHILE the pressed dykes and queens BROUGHT the big females into the equation!!! Ain’t nobody bring Beyonce or Rihanna up until they tried to throw shade!!!!

  40. Slayor Swift March 20, 2013

    I wonder if Beyonce will do numbers that big with her next era…..hmmmmm doubt it..

  41. Slayor Swift March 20, 2013

    Ciara wont even sell 5% of that with one woman army

  42. Jewell March 20, 2013

    Damn he about to slayyyy unapologetic already b****! She done went on a mini tour and everythang and still couldnt see them numbers the SHADE.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      NO DYKELL the shade is you are PRESSED! Rihanna has 5(almost 6) platinum albums in a ROW. ALL SEVEN of her albums went platinum WW. She is an INTERNATIONAL popstar and she should be getting a pat on her back for being a black chick doing her f****** THING ALL AROUND THE WORLD. soooooo STAY PRESSED PATTYCAKE and btw desperation doesn’t look good on you!!!

  43. Yeah I Said It March 20, 2013

    Why the f*** are people worrying about Beyonce and Rihanna? Chile congratulate Justin and move on swiftly. I cant at how them two stay on peoples minds all the damn time!

  44. Gaga For GaGa March 20, 2013

    Beyonce claims shes the KING so when will she do numbers like that…

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      GIRL BYE GO EAT THE MEAT OFF OF GAGA’S DRESS. At least BEY didn’t sell her album for $0.15 like your FAV!!!

  45. Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

    Once AGAIN rih&bey have CONQUERED a post that has absolutely NOTHING to do with them!!! SMH SOOOOOO PRESSED!

  46. Lovebird March 20, 2013

    Wowza that’s amazing. Good for him.

  47. Aishaaguilerakeystesfaye March 20, 2013

    I have the album, I preordered it on ITunes. It’s really a good album, congrats JT. I guess ur dans REALLY missed u.

  48. Suicide Blonde March 20, 2013

    USHER fans calm down those are just sales, 750,000 – 800,000 copies, lol.

  49. Aishaaguilerakeystesfaye March 20, 2013

    Everyone’s always complaining about only white folks selling over blocks, that’s because blacks don’t support their artists! They’re too involved in their personal lives or envying them to buy their albums. None of Taylor’s fans cared that she’d been with several guys, they only cared about the music, which is why she went platinum in a week. Black folks were too involved in Alicia’s personal life, and refused to support her, as a result her album didn’t sell well. Hell, I’m not a B fan but I’ve got all her albums, I like her songs. Sure, I don’t see the hype about her- for me she’s an average singer and performer, but I’ll give her her props- she’s among the few who can both sing and dance nowadays. And when Blacks DO decide to support one of their own, it always turns out to be a basic one. How in the HELL can wackass 2 Chainz sell as much as Kendrick Lamar or sell more than the uberly talented Nas? Hell, even I did my part and bought those two albums. Sure, JT isn’t RnB, but he offered a solid album, almost in the same vein as Aguilera’s B2B. Don’t hate on the man just because he’s succeeding in an area where everyone, including Whites, supported him while Blacks couldn’t even support their own. You can’t tell me that there are only 100 000 Blacks in the US, let alone in the world. Smh at all the hatred.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 20, 2013

      UMMMM Alicia flopped because she is tired and screechy! And 2 chainz did NOT sell more than Kendrick! Rappers get more promo than R&B singers anyway! 2 chainz was a popular mixtape artist before he became mainstream! Their(rappers) audience is waaaay different than Alicia, Miguel, Usher etc!!!!!

    • MsThing485 March 20, 2013

      Stop acting like black artists haven’t had huge selling albums. Alicia has had her large opening weeks too. The issue isn’t black people being unwilling to buy/support music. When MJB had her record breaking first week with THE BREAKTHROUGH, who do you suppose were the primary buyers? White folks? Doubtful. Same thing when Usher and Lil Wayne did their million plus.

      When black artists like R. Kelly, Ginuwine and OutKast were going multi-platinum just 5-10 years ago, who do you think were the principal buyers?

      Alicia’s latest album is her worse, and “Girl on Fire” is easily the worse song she’s ever released as a single. She lost fans with that one because frankly it isn’t as good. If people care more about her personal life than her latest music, it’s because her latest music is subpar compare to her previous work.

      It isn’t an issue of black people not supporting artists. We have and we do. The real issue here is promotion and label/radio/media support. The media has decided what they are going to push and support, and black artists have been pushed to the back burner by the machine because most of them aren’t in line with it. As a result their albums don’t get the promotion that they need to sell, or the radio support for public awareness and as a result they underperform. To say that black folks don’t support their artists is condescending, cavalier, insulting and a lie. History says otherwise.

      • BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare March 20, 2013

        “To say that black folks don’t support their artists is condescending, cavalier, insulting and a lie. History says otherwise.”

        Thank you! I get SO SICK of reading this crap! Black people ABSOLUTELY support black artists. All you have to do is compare label/radio/media budgets of record companies per artist and it will be clear as day.

        Fact: R & B music has been pushed to the back burner. Period. Yet, we have people like @AISHAAGUILERAKEYSTESFAYE who honestly believe (bless their naive heart) that it’s because “black people are not supporting black artists.”


    • Jcrewedup March 20, 2013

      I don’t think anyone is “hating” on Justin. People are simply making observations about the music industry that, regardless if you don’t want to believe it or not, are true.

      I’m enjoying Justin’s album but that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand how race & music has functioned historically as well as today. This has nothing to do with black people “not supporting their own.” It’s much more complicated than that.

      In terms of AK, whom I also enjoy, she made a poor album. The most interesting song on that album is “FIre Me Wake.” And yes, I did BUY that album. Just like I BOUGHT Brandy, Miguel, & Frank….they all made better albums than AK yet all sold less……hmmmmm.

    • zania March 20, 2013

      I actually agree, with you. All my comments above about JT sold because he is white is true and I am not hating on him, I love all his movies, just stating a fact. But one thing I have to agree with you Black folks do not support their artist unless you are really popular. Like the urban community act like they can’t support, Beyonce, Rihanna, Keri, Keyshia at the same time. They act like they can only support one of them. There are more Beyonce vs Rihanna which I think hurts their sales, because their fans are always competing and don’t want neither to outdo the other. Now I really don’t like none of Beyonce latest songs or her singing style but I do like her earlier work, single ladies and I bought it because I liked it. But now days the urban fans are divided and they down load the artist singles for free that they don’t stan for and support only the most popular Artist.

  50. yoya_Sschur March 20, 2013

    this proves that with excellent promotion and good material (not his best), artists can still sell albums…

  51. Bow Down B****** March 20, 2013

    JT has always been a solid and soulful artist. I wish him all the best…and ANYONE COMING FOR KING BEYSUS BETTER HAVE SEVERAL SEATS

    • Tara March 20, 2013

      You can’t be a soulful artist when you have no soul. He’s a fake

  52. JOHNVIDAL March 20, 2013

    This is good for music industry and for him. So congrats I guess. I finally listened to the album, I think it´s great, not a masterpiece by any means.
    It´s unfair anyway, there are several releases from last year that deserved these kind of numbers, or at least big numbers, if not that huge. Miguel´s album is better, as any reasonable critic defends, with short songs and keeping it “simple” he made a better and more innovative album than Justin Timberlake (not to mention how better his voice is). This is just an example. It´s all about hype and media darlings. Well, not everything, cos Rihanna gets this kind of promo and attention and she can´t seel albums huge way even if her life depended on it. So congrats to Justin, a talented and nice person having success. I just wish more artists could be given this opportunity. Just what I thought about Adele´s slayage. Congrats to her and I was so happy, real talent, but people and labels please wake up and support more than 1 or 2 artists per year… 🙂

    • Suicide Blonde March 20, 2013

      You contradict yourself……first, he’s talented. it¡s better him to have this sales than no talented singers then…….It´s unfair cuz there are several releases from last year that deserved these kind of numbers, or at least big numbers, if not that huge.


      • JOHNVIDAL March 20, 2013

        Love ya 🙂
        I don´t contradict myself, that´s usually you
        I said he is talented and deserve success, and also that I want more artists to get this kind of treatment. Where´s the contradiction?
        Which songs do u prefer on the album? I think Pusher love girl, Let the groove get in and a couple more I still don´t remember the name lol The last one on the album is just… nothing. Sorry

      • Suicide Blonde March 20, 2013

        The last one on the album is just….nothing. Sorry

        Coming from a Usher fan, btw, i think usher music is generic, you know like the likes of songs you don’t like of J.Lo, on topic, i love the whole album.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 21, 2013

        I´m not a Usher fan hun

  53. Music Soul Harmony March 20, 2013

    The album still kinda boring tho but good for him.
    But as we all know mediocrity sells these days! Only one that has
    surpassed that is Adele cuz she actually made a solid album
    With substance! Plz don’t call Justin r&b. It’s POP music
    With r&b influences. BIG difference.

  54. laytee March 20, 2013

    i honestly don’t wanna get into the whole black/white thing because it’s tired. i don’t wanna beat a dead horse. i love justin’s album. not more than future s**/love sounds, but its solid. when it comes to justin, he was very smart. he took a break from music, invested in other things (like myspace), had a budding acting career, stints on SNL wrote & produced for other artists….he basically built his empire. so when he did return to music, his budget was pretty much unlimited. he could easily afford to promote like hell. he debuted his single, what, last month? and he’s been in every magazine, been advertised on every website, performed damn near everywhere…all in the matter of a months time. it would’ve been CATASTROPHIC if 20/20 didn’t sell atleast 500k in the first week.

    our beloved R&B artists unfortunately cannot afford to do the same (with the exception of beyonce….i would say rihanna, but shes pop). the majority of them don’t have enough clout to put themselves out there like that. i mourned for one of my favorite artists (brandy), because “two eleven” was such an awesome album. she deserves to be gold by now. but thats an entirely different discussion lol. people will NOT buy your album if you don’t promote it. you have to get people excited. and unfortunately, rnb no longer excites the big machine, so you rarely hear it on the radio………ugh i have so much to say, but whatever.

    congrats to justin. it was well deserved. great music, and he worked his ass off. much luv. 🙂

  55. Lovebird March 20, 2013

    I wonder why the JT fans are shading usher when we all know Usher inspired and slayed JTs career all through 00s. L4M which is better than 20/20 trash is the only Usher album that hasn’t gone platinum. Until JT sees a diamond certified plaque, he’ll forever remains a lessor to Usher.

    Why do you think JT went into hiding for 7 years? It’s because Usher dragged that over greesed blonde hair to hell and back. JT had to even jack Robin Thicke’s swag with this rubbish album he released. Don’t come for Usher, Usher can end JT for good if he wanted, he has a trump card called Justin Bieber, all you JT fans better STFU and know your place. Usher > JT anyday.

    • DeuceCAJS March 20, 2013

      Usher’s album has been out for almost a year and hasn’t sold 500k. Frankly that’s embarrassing for someone of his caliber and who has had as much success as he did. He should always be able to go at least platinum. He let himself get upstaged by penis-loving FRANK OCEAN of all people. LOL 20/20 has already outsold L4M. You’re in no position to be telling anyone to STFU. Usher fell off – bad and became a 30-something teenage wannebe and tried to use Bieber to appeal to 12 year olds and failed. I don’t care that he had a diamond album damn near a decade ago. His receipts are awful today. Clinging to past glory is what a has-been does.

      Furthermore JT never got dragged by Usher and didn’t go into “hiding”. LOL JT never left the media during his musical hiatus. JT’s been doing other things, like building other business ventures and working on his acting resume, which is something Usher TRIED to do and never succeeded. Seems to me like some Usher fans are bitter because JT just got away with something Usher couldn’t today. JT put out an ol’ school “2005” urban-pop album and slayed with music everybody was saying was dead! Usher put out electopop music that followed every pop trend of the moment and still flopped.

      Yeah at his peak Usher was bigger, but he proved that the “bigger” they are the “harder” they fall and Usher fell off BAD! For the rest of their careers JT will probably be the one with the upper hand sales and media wise. “Looking for himself” indeed.

  56. musik_lover March 20, 2013

    This is why a hiatus will pay off…Take a long ass break and come back with good music that people have been longing to hear. The key to JT’s hype is that he has had two very good albums prior to 20/20 with long breaks in between each album. The demand just to hear JT’s falsetto on a musical track or an entire album. So if these numbers are anything to go by then its well deserved. The album sonically is a good body of work and a gem to add to your JT collection.

    • IDK March 21, 2013

      Too bad other artist can’t do that. Its plenty of good examples of people taking long breaks and (trying) to come back out but FAILED at it. It could work but the outcome could make or break em. I just think his case is totally different.

  57. IDK March 21, 2013

    Happy for him!! I like both his new sons out a lot!

    • IDK March 21, 2013


  58. Jared March 21, 2013

    Future s** love sounds did go daimond and he does this so effortlessly his voice is great every song he has nothing has to be skipped…..stop hatin he made timbaland his Quincy with no techno beats he did the kind of music he loves not what is hot rite now he didn’t just usher his way thru 20/20 is an experience

  59. Jared March 21, 2013

    Miguel and Justin and trey are what’s up and Chris brown is gonna finally surprise us with his new s*** this year get with the program good music is made regardless of if your black or white or purple….

  60. WTH! March 21, 2013

    This has got to be a scam. I just don’t see how an album with only 10 tracks sell that many copies in one week. He has mostly white fans who really don’t support R&B, and black people aren’t buying this boring, basic, s*** that this man has put together, so how the hell is this even possible! Ain’t nobody hatin on this dude, were just keeping it real!

    • danny b March 22, 2013

      First of all, the album is 10 tracks but every song has two parts to so essentially youre getting almost 2 songs per track thus almost 20 songs so have seat number one. Second, this isnt a color thing. Even if most of his fans are white, theyre still going to buy his album regardless if its r&b, pop, rock, country, folklore, etc. Its JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE so he will sell off his name if all else fails. Third only Justin Bieber Yo Gabba Gabba listeners would think this album is boring. It might not be your cup of tea but its far from boring. So if you ask me, you are just hating, keep it real is nowhere in your repertoire maam.There I gave you 3 seats to sit in. Choose all of them.

  61. danny b March 22, 2013

    I wish b****** would usin the “white card” for his success. Robin Thicke does pure ass R&B Soul music, way more urban than JT and yet has never sold these kinds of numbers in his whole career. He only has one platinum album. So please. Stop putting JT in this “white boy doing black music” box. Music knows NO color. This is the same treatment Whitney Houston went through when he first came on the scene. B****** were saying she was a black girl making white music. Great music is great music no matter who the artist is. And Justin is also a pop phenom and has been since he burst on the scene with NSYNC. So everyone needs to stop making excuses whenever someone gets a little success, you start to sound like Keyshia Cole….a bitter b****.

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