Report: Madonna Becomes A Billionaire

Published: Wednesday 27th Mar 2013 by David


Let’s keep it real.

When it comes to building and sustaining a loyal fan base, very few have done it half as well as Madonna.

Now, in reaping the rewards that come with being an iconic, organic inspirational entertainer, she has now reportedly reached billionaire status, after profit from her latest tour sent her total earnings over the 1 billion dollar mark.

Full story below…

After bringing in $305,158,363, her ‘MDNA Tour’ stands as the highest grossing tour of 2012, and also lifted her combined earnings from the 700 million figure to the 1 billion dollar spot…and beyond.

For, the aforementioned 3 million dollars comes hand in hand with a further  $75 million generated from merchandise sales and the  $10 million she earned from the tour’s  TV and DVD rights, cementing her status as one of the highest earning entertainers of all time.

The best part about this?

Well, as an artist whose success lies in the heart of her craft, her earnings are undoubtedly generated by fans who truly trust, respect and admire her undying brand.

Kind of epic, considering the fact of her number of her contemporaries ‘back in the day’ are unable to boast of the same loyalty today…and even more epic, when one realizes that unlike these contemporaries she is just influential today as she was ‘back then’- birthing three generations of starlets all hoping to emulate her infallible reign as the Queen of Pop.


Your thoughts? 

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  1. riqueen March 27, 2013

    Who lied to you???????????????????

  2. cici Slaaaaays March 27, 2013

    yaaaaaaaas gurl….Mariah better catch up kiii

    • DOSSOME March 27, 2013


      • TheTruth Will Set You Free March 27, 2013

        AHH!!! DEAD!

    • Common Sense March 27, 2013

      The biggest money making has always been in touring and Mimi has never been a touring artist. She’ll be fine with her album catalog though don’t you worry.

  3. DOSSOME March 27, 2013

    BOW DOWN B******….your faves better stick to buying twitter followers,grammys,youtube views,songwriting credits while this b**** makes money she doesn’t even need

  4. Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013

    Sam really loves me, now please wish happy birthday to Mimi, the Lambs f****** deserve it.

    Plays: Donna Summer – “She Works Hard For The Money”.

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY March 27, 2013

      Thank you for being so wonderful to the lambily. I never really liked the Madonna Stans , but you are such a ‘sweetheart’. You and your fave rocks.

      • Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013


    • big lol March 28, 2013

      it is rare to find a fan of madonna take care of lambs. I love both et I thank you for showing that there are intelligent fans. Many others on this quote should follow your example. thanx

  5. Taeys March 27, 2013

    Yassss show Janet you can get your own heavy coins not spread your legs and having white men grab your b****** and becoming a concubine to Arab s**** traders to get billions!!! Yassss!!! Madonna the legit Queen of pop. Yasssssss Janet somewhere in the desert getting a train ran on her by Assan Al terror bint bomb clan.

    • Mark111 March 27, 2013

      “not spread your legs and having white men grab your b******” umm, Madonna was the w**** of the 80’s and 90’s. Let’s not be a hypocrite.

    • Edgy_Timeless March 27, 2013

      Lmao wow, I’m a Janet stan but sometimes you groupies kills me.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 27, 2013

      ??? Chile please!! That s**** pussyhole dont even close up anymore!! FOH!! S** with that ooooooooooooold s*** b**** is like throwin a hot dog down the hallway of a university…JUST OPEN chile!!

  6. Mark111 March 27, 2013

    I been dissing this old hag for years and now… now I’m gonna take a seat. #Sat

  7. ,. March 27, 2013

    Madonna the original don dada,the legendary raining queens.

  8. JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 27, 2013

    THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whereas she may have never had the supreme vocal talent of Mariah, Whitney, Celine, Tina, Patti, Judy Garland, Barbra, Diana, Donnaand Aretha etc… She is one of the best Pop performers in music history and for that alone, she sits alongside them!!!


    • Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013

      You better bow down b****!…..glad you like Judy too.

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) March 27, 2013

        B**** please…

        Judy Garland, Doris Day, Ginger Rogers, Julie Andrews, Dusty Springfield, Liza Minnelli, Patsy Cline and Barbra Streisand are the WHITE vocal queens!!!


        And yes, I have bowed down. 🙂 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013


      • Mark111 March 27, 2013

        “Judy Garland, Doris Day, Ginger Rogers, Julie Andrews, Dusty Springfield, Liza Minnelli, Patsy Cline”

        Did you just give us the direction to WHOsville? I only know Barbra by name, can’t name a single song.

  9. QUEEN MINAJ March 27, 2013


    • SLAYRIAH CAREY March 27, 2013

      But Nicki, working with a legend won’t make you a legend though. Sit down and try again.

      • QUEEN MINAJ March 27, 2013


    • Beyhoe is officially DONE March 27, 2013

      To bad you’ll never be one 🙁

      • QUEEN MINAJ March 27, 2013

        lol and beyonce is?
        4 sold 1 mill copies in the US.
        she is already supposed to be a established artist :/

      • Beyhoe is officially DONE March 27, 2013

        You are REALLY SLOW im not a bey stain dumbass

    • quetta March 27, 2013

      And 4 got a grammy whereas rr didn’t even get a nod! #tryagain

      • FAF March 27, 2013

        Dont matter her first album went plat in 30 days and had 3 noms. . #try again F***

      • quetta March 28, 2013

        1. I’m not a f**. That’s an insult to me being thar I don’t care too much about them and last time I checked we were talking about her second flop album. The one that didn’t even hit gold but shipped a million shipments to hit plat. D*** bye!

      • FAF March 28, 2013

        Dont’ matter its still platinum, D***!

  10. King B>Rihanna March 27, 2013

    all that money and the old hag still can’t buy an ounce of talent besides song-writing.

    JJ forever.

    • Beyhoe is officially DONE March 27, 2013

      your fave does the same

    • Common Sense March 27, 2013

      If JJ stands for Janet Jackson, I hope your kidding because Janet can’t sing for s***.

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 27, 2013

        But she sings and perform 1000x’s better than that oooooooold b****! And lets just b honest…the only reason that funky ooooooooooold antique is a billionair is bcus she didnt the satonic performance on the superbowl honey. THATS THE TRUTH B******!! #JJFOREVER

  11. ShadeNOShade March 27, 2013


  12. Taeys March 27, 2013

    Yassss! Show Janet what hard work gets you. She aint have to marry no Arab s**** trader and become his 17th concubine and live in the over crowded 10×13 harem of his dessert palace Yassss! Now Janet somewhere in the dessert gettin a train ran on her by the Assan al terror bint bomb clan! Yassss Madonna!!!!

    • Mother Mariah March 27, 2013


    • MC March 27, 2013

      Janet doesn’t need a coin from anyone. Janet is the LAST person you’d tell what hard work is.

      You’re completely ignorant to assume that her husband would do that to her just because of his heritage and religion, racism at its finest.

      Its not like domestic abuse isn’t greater in Western nations or anything 🙄 Disgusting, no consideration who you might offend. 🙄

      If you’re an American, this is why people look down on y’all (or should I say us since I live here too?). NO consideration of the world outside of your bubble-wrapped city. Step outside and take the time to get to know other’s cultures and religion.

      Terrorism =/= Islam
      Terrorism =/= Being an Arab

      Just because people from that religion did awful things and used religion to justify their wrongful actions does’t mean the rest should pay for it. SMH

      • Taeys March 27, 2013

        It’s called trolling! You super saver ho! I’m being shady cuz I can and ethnic jokes are the funniest. Janet will be gettin plowed in the Assan al terror bint Bomb jihad family harem and you will #DEAL

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 27, 2013

        @TAEYS b**** YO b**** gets plowed by men, women, dog goats, trees, telephone poles, cars, ships, winds, planets…yo b**** is the definition of a s*** knickin W****!! I said what the f*** i said and aint a B**** gon f*** with me either!! She is THE illuminati queen honey! F*** thinkn its rhi or bey

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 28, 2013

        now , b**** , i’m done , i’m all yours 🙂

        thank god there are still some people who can use their brain and not follow stereotypes blindly.

  13. MC March 27, 2013

    Adopt me Queen. 😥

    Get that coin though. A true bad b****.

    Not only was she able to compete with her peers in the 80s (Cyndi, Paula, Tina, Janet, Whitney, etc) but she was able to compete with artists in the 90s (Celine, Mariah, Janet, Whitney, etc) and compete with artists in the 00s (Britney Spears, Beyonce, etc), AND NOW SHE IS STILL COMPETING WITH THIS 10s generation (Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc) AND STILL WIN.

    Who else but the queen slay for decades? The one and only bad b****, the TRUE definition of a bad b****.

    • Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013

      I adore your comment, for real.

    • Mother Mariah March 27, 2013


      And Happy Birthday to Queen Mimi<3<3<3

      • MC March 27, 2013

        YES! ♥


        I’m glad, I meant it. No female (even my queens Janet, Celine, Mariah, Whitney, Tina, Kylie, etc) can come close to touching her.

        I don’t believe her impact is rivaled by any female artist.

      • Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013

        You said it all.

    • RoyalKev March 27, 2013

      Whitney Houston — Bodyguard –45ww
      Celine Dion — Falling Into You — 32ww
      Mariah Carey — Music Box — 32ww
      Celine Dion — Let’s Talk About Love — 31ww
      Mariah Carey — Day Dream — 25ww
      Janet — Janet — Rhythm Nation — 20ww
      Celine Dion — The Colour of My Love — 20ww
      **** Madonna — Ray Of Light –20ww
      Toni Braxton — Secrets — 15ww
      Mariah Carey — Mariah Carey — 15ww
      Janet — (89/90) RN — 14ww
      Whitney Houston — I’m Your Baby Tonight –13ww
      Whitney Houston — My Love Is Your Love –13ww
      Celine Dion — These Are Special Times — 12ww
      Mariah Carey — Butterfly — 12ww
      Janet — Velvet Rope — 10ww
      Toni Braxton — 10ww

      ****Madonna — Bedtime Stories — 6ww
      ****Madonna — Erotica — 5ww


      Britney Spears — O…IDIA — 25ww
      Britney Spears — Britney — 15ww
      **** Madonna — Music — 15ww (TOTALLY INFLATED)
      Pink Missundaztood — 16ww
      Christina Aguilera — Stripped — 12ww
      Mariah Carey — TEOM — 12ww
      Beyonce — DIL — 11ww
      Britney — In The Zone — 10ww
      Beyonce — I…AM — 8ww
      Jlo — Jlo — 7ww
      Beyonce — BDay — 7ww
      Jlo — On The 6 — 7ww
      Rihanna — GGGB — 7ww

      ****Madonna — American Life — 5ww
      ****Madonna — Hard Candy — 4ww


      Adele –21 — 25ww
      Riihanna Loud — 5.7ww
      Katy Perry — TD — 5.5ww
      Rihanna TTT — 4.5ww
      Beyonce 4 — 2.8ww

      ****Madonna — MDNA — 1.6ww

      Madonna “A true bad b****”.

      • Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013

        You always say Madonna’s sales are inflated, how the hell is Music has sales inflated, Hard candy has sold more that 6 million copies ww, 3 million were sold in 2008 only and MDNA has sold 2 million copies ww, you seems to be mad at her succesful career, it’s not her fault that Janet sales are not updated. Music sold 15 million copies ww and you didn’t mention the Immaculate Collection who sold more than 30 million copies ww.

      • EIEIO March 27, 2013

        Uh-oh. RoyalKev is feeling a bit defensive, because Madonna is a BILLIONAIRE, via her own bank account…while Janet had to get married so that she could audition to be part of the next season of Real Housewives.

        The FACT is that Madonna has outsold and outacclaimed Janet by leaps and bounds. Janet has spent her entire career in Madonna and/or Michael’s shadows, and even at this late stage it’s STILL that way.

      • EIEIO March 27, 2013

        …and the kicker is that Janet was actually out first and had the last name advantage. Not only has Madonna (debut album – 1983) sold like 200 million more records than Janet (debut album – 1982), but Madonna’s networth is now 1 billion….while Janet’s is…get this…$150 million!

        ROFLMAO! It’s okay. Janet married that billionaire afterall. I hope she has a meticulous game plan to hold on to him and his money. If he decides to leave her, ouch! Meanwhile Madonna’s billion don’t belong to no one else BUT her!

        Madonna = QUEEN OF POP!

    • RoyalKev March 27, 2013

      You always say Madonna’s sales are inflated …
      They are.

      Hard candy has sold more that 6 million copies ww…
      Just No!

      Music sold 15 million copies ww …
      Lies! … and propaganda!

      you didn’t mention the Immaculate Collection who sold more than 30 million copies ww…

      Right! It’s a greatest hits album, like other successful G.H. packages such as:

      Whitney’s The Greatest Hits
      Janet’s Design of a Decade
      Mariah’s #1’s

      I know I sound harsh, but I just can’t with the stuff they constantly feed us when it comes to her. If it’s true, it’s not a problem for me though!
      … Btw, 80’s Madonna was lethal, she totally slayed! Her first 3 albums are so listenable now! Oh, that’s my positive comment for the night! Congrats on her new Billionaire status! 🙂

      • ADC143 March 27, 2013

        Prove it. You sound like a bitter stan of a rival artist who career stats and overall status aren’t as impressive as Madonna’s. If you’re going to make these assertions, back them up or be dismissed because just your typing out a naysay isn’t compelling.

    • RoyalKev March 27, 2013

      @ EIEIO

      Call it what you want to, I just like to see some justice. I don’t feed into everyone’s hype! … If you actually believe Janet’s net worth is still at 150M after 15 years, then my friend a rebuttal from me is pointless. All I’ll suggest for you to do is check her credentials. She has music sales, tours, movies, books, endorsements, film production deals and more. I love how how you speak of her last name advantage after all we’re all eagerly awaiting those new albums from Randy, Tito, Rebbie, La Toya, Jackie, Marlon , etc … Haven’t they all sold 100 million albums, earned 6#1 albums, own the record for the most billboard wins (33), earned 10 #1 Hot 100 hits and have #1’s in multiple genres(Pop, R&B, Rock, Rap, Dance) … Right, everyone’s so blessed to be a Jackson in that family!

    • RoyalKev March 27, 2013

      @ ADC143

      Wait … Did you just read my less than compelling essay? You’re obviously just making all the sense in the world right now, aren’t you? You want me to prove that the Madonna inflation is real? Just observe and keep your eyes open, it won’t be the last time it happens… If she’s at 350 million records ww right now and at 500M in the next few years (while continuing to release a string of flop albums) than we can both apply some common sense. I didn’t make copies of all the fakery prior to this occasion, my apologies. Maybe you can organize a field trip over to Warner Bros. for us all to see receipts.

      • ADC143 March 27, 2013

        Blah, blah, blah. In other words, you couldn’t prove it. Just as I thought. Yes, I wanted you to prove her inflation. What are you basing your theories on and why should anyone believe you (as green with envy as you seem) just because you said it? Back it up or be quiet. Everything you’ve said so far was just a bunch of rambling double speak and conjecture from an obviously bitter, envious stan of one of Madonna’s peer/rivals.

        This has just been a sucky week for you, hasn’t it?

        First almost 10 yrs after the SB, Justin sells nearly a million copies of his album in one week and reestablishes himself as one of, if not THE, biggest names in music, while Janet’s record sales over this decade have been so terrible that she damn near got run out of the music industry and looks to be in retirement. Now Madonna, who always cast a long shadow over her, is making headlines for becoming music’s FIRST and ONLY billionaire, while Janet’s earnings are, well, less!

        Guess I’d be salty too. -shrugs-

    • RoyalKev March 28, 2013


      I love how everything comes down to me being a Janet stan, which has nothing to do with my argument being valid. Your way of dismissing what I’m saying is quite typical of someone with the stan war mentality. I speak when I want to make a point, I don’t regularly join the dramas between bickering stans here. Plus, Janet’s not the the type of artist that I’d feel insecure about.

      JT’s hype was way bigger in comparison to the average artist making his brand of music. #Fact … Also if you had the awareness and routinely followed most diva’s stats you would too find it odd how Madonna, Celine, Mariah (and plausibly) Whitney are in that 200 million sold albums bracket, yet Madge is the only one that has an 350M records total. Mariah has the most #1 singles and she’s not in the lead when it comes to combined totals???… Just think! You’re no judge or jury and I’m not on trial, so I’m not carrying any burden of proof. Anyone can take it or leave it, we have our own minds. What I’ve stated about the different decades and Madonna’s sales is true. Your painting me green with envy doesn’t change that or discount the questions that I’ve raised, K!

      • Talk That S*** March 28, 2013

        All this really means is Janet Jackson is 150 million+ richer then Madonna. lol

  14. RITANATION March 27, 2013

    TGJ please do something with these damn ads!!!!! I’m on my ipad 4 please!!!! I can’t stand them damn ads!!!!! Anyway Madonna congrats;) you are on top of these other b****** lol I wonder what lady gaga is doing right now? Probably trying to figure out another gimmick to make her a millionaire. Rihanna somewhere getting her ass beat by Chris again smh. Beyonce just being mad disrespectful to others. Yea Madonna you #1 right now

  15. Cream March 27, 2013

    Granny goodness unlike janet who ain’t been the same since jermain Durpi left her ass in the words of Beyonce, I grew up upper class so people think we are like the Jackson’s but I did not have parents using me (:

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 27, 2013

      Arent u near death YET b****!?

  16. real’s on me March 27, 2013

    billionaire? wow. 😆 you know this is fake. right? 3rd rule.

    but hey… she still got more money than she can spend. why don’t those mofo give some to those who need. and not be the greedy ones for their own.

  17. Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013

    My favorite part of this great read:

    (As an artist whose success lies in the heart of her craft, her earnings are undoubtedly generated by fans who truly trust, respect and admire her undying brand”.)

    Because that’s the way i feel about her, respect, admiration, i trust her, I’ve never underestimated her, she loves her fans in the same way ww love her, in her own way, we are not victims, we are strong people and that’s is our only mistake, This is the biggest flaw of Madonna: never acted like a victim, she is not someone who causes pity in people, she is not intimidated by anything or anyone.

    • MC March 27, 2013

      “she is not intimidated by anything or anyone”

      Except for Prince, the rightful Queen Pop.

      He has more hits than Madonna has kids, you know? I just love that shade he threw at her 😆

      Mariah better hid her wig, she’s about to be scalped by Prince for his shading abilities.

      • Taeys March 27, 2013

        Just like Nicki scalped Mariah’s relevance sis?

      • MC March 27, 2013

        Yeah! Kinda like that minus the clown productions. 🙄

        Great analogy 🙄


      she is not intimidated by anything or anyone.

      hmmmm. Not trying to start anything as i do congratulate madonna on her constant slayage but it does seem as if she WAS actually intimidated by QUEEN WHITNEY. watch

      • Suicide Blonde March 27, 2013

        Love this, Whitney was Whitney tho.

      • Taeys March 27, 2013

        Who is afraid of emaciated crack addicts sis? And Zombie aren’t real so Madonna has nothing to fear chile…


      @MC Let’s pay ZERO attention to the haters (barbz) today. It’s a very celebratory mood daahling. anyways, it would be nice if one of my lamb pals could deliver some Angel

  18. Lovebird March 27, 2013

    And the audacity a certain fraudulent b**** has telling people to bow down….I cannot.

    Anyway Madge is the true Queen and this cements her status as the Queen of Pop. She’s simply winning.

    • Yolo March 27, 2013

      Why is Beyonce always on your mind though?

      • RoyalKev March 27, 2013

        How many times are people going to keep quoting Bey’s Bow Down? … The very song that these same people can’t stand!

  19. Mother Mariah March 27, 2013

    Everyone you named is a millionaire sweetheart. What are you rambling about?

  20. DOSSOME March 27, 2013

    HEY HEY,Madonna is the no.1 b**** in the game but nobody’s gonna attempt throwing shade at Janet,the greatest female performer of the last doesn’t take a minute to get your lazy asses to youtube (like all your faves do) to be awed by the energy Janet brought on stage that til date,your faves still can’t still replicate..

    1.Velvet Rope
    2.Ray Of Light
    3.Private Dancer
    5.What’s the 411
    6.Falling Into you
    7.My love is your love
    8.Believe (cher)
    9.Hardcore (lil kim)
    11.Miseducation of lauryn hill
    12.Rhythm Nation
    13.The Emancipation of mimi
    14.Full Moon (brandy)
    16.Come on over
    19.Diary of alicia keys
    21.Back to Black
    23.True Blue
    24.Secrets (toni)



      Out of those 25 albums that you listed, the ones that i like are: Butterfly, The emancipation of Mimi, and Daydream.

    • Taeys March 27, 2013

      Janet is the only one who willingly entered into polagymous marriage tho sis. She prolly somewhere in Arabian peninsula now getting female circumcision done. The real T is she using the same surgeon who did her entire families rhinoplasty. They say you should use a trusted surgeon to remove those pesky vulvas and other unclean female bits to better appease the dessert gods.

      • Common Sense March 27, 2013

        Stop trying so hard, it’s embarrassing. Wannabe trolls are funny for the wrong reasons.

    • Fran March 27, 2013

      Um the last statement was not necessary. You OPINION is not that valued.

    • RoyalKev March 27, 2013

      I’d love your music library! 🙂
      Some of my favs: Butterfly, 411, Bodyguard, MEOLH, Rhythm Nation, Full Moon, Control, Janet, Diary of A.K., Day Dream, Secrets! … Too many to type! Great List!!!

  21. Yolo March 27, 2013

    Boss B****!

  22. LaurieBlue. March 27, 2013

    Yasss B****!! U betta get dem coins gworl!! #RespectHerHustle.

  23. DANIEL T March 27, 2013

    Stupid b****!! Lol. I say this because I’m jealous!!

  24. Cream March 27, 2013

    Mariah fans how many producers Mariah slept with??? Let me help y’all out mark sudack, damion Damzzio and lets not for get jermaine Dupri who she f*** for years so let’s keep Beyonce name out y’all mouths

    • Common Sense March 27, 2013

      Really? Why are you bringing up Mariah in a thread about Madonna to defend Beyonce!? Desperate b**** have a seat.

  25. MDNA2013 March 27, 2013

    When will Promiscuousriah.


      You just really had to try it huh?
      Don’t worry about Mimi. she’s not a billionaire but the woman still got A LOT of money.

  26. HoneychildPlease March 27, 2013

    Well janet will be a billionaire as soon as she divorces..

    • Taeys March 27, 2013

      She not escaping that harem chile. Her ass prolly got sold somewhere in Kazakstan. Then Arabs don’t play with their concubines. She aint leaving that marriage without several stones being launched with fervor into the back of her cranium chile…

      • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 28, 2013

        Your mother sucks black c***

  27. KELLY March 27, 2013

    Beyonce’s name is their mouth Because she will be the next popstar and entertainer to become a billionaire. It’s between her and Gaga(if her touring power continues)

    You can do it Bey!

  28. . : : h 2 o : : . March 27, 2013


    Now come on, Beyonce next!


  29. MC March 27, 2013


    My list completely changes but the top two or so are always the same. (Only females though)

    1. Ray of Light
    2. The Velvet Rope
    3. Butterfly
    4. Erotica
    5. The Emancipation Of Mimi
    6. JJ’s RN 1814
    7. Private Dancer
    8. Da Real World
    9. The Heat
    10. CrazySexyCool
    11. janet.
    12. Daydream
    13. Rhythm of Love
    14. Back to Black
    15. The Idler Wheel
    16. Post
    17. Jagged Little Pill
    18. Bedtime Stories
    19. Control
    20. Homogenious
    21. The Bodyguard
    22. Let’s Talk About Love
    23. My Love is Your Love
    24. Missundaztood
    25. Songs in A Minor
    26. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
    27. Supa Dupa Fly
    28. Hardcore
    29. Body Language
    30. She’s So Unusual (I know, I know but still)

    • MC March 27, 2013

      My mistake!!

      I mean to say:

      20. Homogenic by Bjork nor Homogenious 😆

    • LOUIS March 27, 2013

      Ugh. I see u on A–T–R–L. Do u have a life? A few peeps were telling host a blog award ceremony – choosing the best commenters etc.? LMFAO. Do u have a life though… Truly. Who does that s***?

      Anyway, what S*** musical taste.

      No Rock, Folk, Country, Classical, Soul, Funk etc.

      You even forgot ‘Tina Turner’!!!

      I wouldnt expect f****** to know good music anyway other than their ‘Pop/Diva’ s***.


      • LOUIS March 27, 2013

        *A few peeps were telling me*

      • MC March 27, 2013

        Thanks honey ♥

        And yes, I have a life, you’re my life. 😉

      • Common Sense March 27, 2013

        Anyone who lists the genre of country music probably doesn’t have any good music taste either so calm down.

      • LOUIS March 27, 2013

        You’re welcome f*****!!!

  30. MISHKA March 27, 2013

    Congrats to Madge.

    Now let’s be real. She makes most of her money on her lyp_sinc galore tours though. Her white and gay fans just don’t give a d*mn.

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL March 28, 2013

      Euuuh Please Keep It Real And Cute!
      1) Madonna Better Artist Than Beyonce,
      2) Madonna Better Performer,
      3) Madonna Smarter Businesswoman And The Best:
      4) Madonna Musical Catalog Is UNCOMPARABLE To Beyonce’s Cause Is Just Superior In Every F****** Way!

      Now, You And Beyonce Can Bow Down To Your Majesty llol!!!

  31. Music Soul Harmony March 27, 2013

    Lovebird, and beyonce will remain winning and you will remain
    Seething. U r so pressed. Hilarious.

  32. XtinaaLovee March 27, 2013

    Yay Madonna & f*** Mariahs bday

  33. @psychostoner_ aka @091094 aka lana del rey victim March 27, 2013

    wow well done madge, I did not see this coming, madonna is officially a billionair, wow

  34. quetta March 27, 2013

    Cute pic you can tell A LOT of work went into it. Anywho, congrats.

  35. truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 27, 2013

    Girl that old bag looks like the muppet Madaam. Ewww

  36. ZIGGY STARDUST March 27, 2013

    I have to give Madonna her props. This woman has been in the business since 1983! For 30 years she’s been doing her thing. Hell, some of the people leaving comments on this post probably weren’t even born yet! That lets you know right there that this woman has staying power that has lasted for 3 decades now, and she’s still going strong! As MC mentioned earlier in this post, she’s been up against artists in the 80’s, the 90’s the 00’s, etc. Even some of the artists she’s been up against aren’t even at the top of their game anymore like she still is! I grew up on Madonna. So, to see her go from decade to decade, is amazing. She deserves it. Congratulations, Madonna!

  37. FAF March 27, 2013

    Congrats Madge! Gotta give kudos & props chile these b****** are mad sam not acknowledging their faves bdays & s*** .. When does he ever do posts on it? Beyonce nor Nicki got a bday shoutout ! BYE !

  38. FAF March 27, 2013

    And dead @ y’all making these album lists and leaving off confessions of a dancefloor? (Madonna) Blackout & In the Zone (britney)

  39. Always March 27, 2013

    Queen of Pop. There is none higher.

  40. Lovebird March 27, 2013

    So I’m browsing around iTunes in Africa and this is what I found out.

    **iTunes Albums**


    #18 LOUD
    #25 Unapologetic
    #107 Talk That Talk

    South Africa

    #29 Unapologetic


    #8 Unapologetic
    #80 Talk That Talk


    #5 Unapologetic

    **iTunes Singles**


    #3 Diamonds
    #12 Stay
    #83 We found love

    South Africa

    #3 Stay
    #34 Diamonds


    #9 Stay
    #35 Pour it up
    #45 Diamonds
    #68 Nobody’s business
    #78 Looovvveee song


    #1 Stay
    #8 Diamonds
    #72 Pour it up

    Oh I thought those Africans were saying Beyonce is huge in Africa and Rihanna is not known, judging from those iTunes tally, this seems otherwise Because Beyonce is not on any of those charts (in the Top 100).

    Samantha, Rihanna is slaying your fave in your own backyard (Port Harcourt), I cannot. Even the Africans prefer Rihanna to Beyonce, the struggle is real.

    By the way, I chose Nigeria, SA, Kenya and Egypt because those are the biggest economies in terms of Real GDP in those regional areas (SA, in Southern Africa, Kenya in Eastern Africa, Nigeria in West Africa and Egypt in North Africa).

    • ADC143 March 27, 2013

      You haven’t been banned yet? I’ma have to send Sam an email about you and your b******* trolling. Several others have been put on suspension already, you need to be next.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 28, 2013

      Rihanna owns iTunes Egypt tho , other b****** can’t even try , i’m yet to see Beyonce in the top 5 despite the fact she came here in 2009.

  41. mc the place to be! March 27, 2013

    I always loved Madonna just Cuz mariah my fave doesn’t doesn’t mean I don’t same goes for xtina but I’m happy Madonna reached that mark she’s been here for so long and I hope she’s here much longer

  42. yoya_Sschur March 27, 2013

    just gotta say… madonna is truly THE QUEEN OF POP !!! her entire catalogue is awesome and timeless!! congratulations to madge… no one can grab her number 1 spot…

  43. FireIce March 28, 2013

    All I need is $1000 of that…

  44. JER March 28, 2013

    GET MONEY OLD B****!!!!!! DAMNNNN Queen of Pop

  45. Caliban March 28, 2013

    Madonna should have been the one who recorded “Bow Down.”

  46. Realist March 28, 2013

    I can’t think of anyone less deserving….Let’s see…When she croaks over one day, how much of that billion will go with her?…In John Crawford’s voice…”NOT A CENT”…All that scheming, sluting and horrible treatment of others will go with her though…I don’t understand greed…All they care about is money and fame and being the best…You need to worrying about your soul and being there for other while you are here on this Earth…GOD is not gonna care about how much money you made while you were here, but how you treated others and what good you did…I’m sorry but I think she’s a horrible person

    • Mafalo March 28, 2013

      You sound very bitter. When you keel over and die, God is probably going to be even less impressed by your bitterness on earth than her money. I guess it takes a horrible person to spot one. Feel sorry for you.

  47. My2Centz March 28, 2013

    Further solidification that Madonna is indeed the real ‘Queen of Pop.’

  48. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 28, 2013

    she’s the REAL QUEEN OF POP , rightfully i will put MARIAH after her because let’s face it , QUEEN of POP is not an easy title to give.

    all of this high level of slayage and she didn’t release a song like “BOW DOWN” , that what real Queens Do.

    you gotta give it to 90’s divas man , they are the s*** 😀

    • Mwah March 28, 2013

      Can you Rihanna fans ever keep Beyonce name outta your mouth? Like, you are worse than her fans. You talk about Beyonce more than Rihanna damn.

  49. JOHNVIDAL March 28, 2013

    Congrats! But this means she has earned 1 billion during her whole career or what? If that´s the case I don´t think she has a billion dollars now, you know people spend money on mansions and all that 🙂
    Anyway, of course Madonna is the Queen of Pop, who else would be? There are catalogues compable to hers, but hers is the only pure pop one. Only possible competition would be Kylie Minogue, Britney or if anything Janet. And yes Madonna is bigger than them
    Congrats. It´s amazing. Only one thing: stop acting as if she is dominating the world and really competing with artists from each decade, cos the only thing she´s slaying now is touring (and it has not come effortlessly, she had to change her body and nutricism for life cos she knew she was not going to be able to keep the attention if she´s not able to make yoga and show body-controversy). Her last time selling really well was in 2005. Her slaying nowadays is the Bon Jovi or Elton John kind of slayage: touring. Cos musically she is not doing it right now either, her last album was really bad
    Don´t judge me, I´m not trying to bash her at all. Probably some of you will reply to me saying “Whitney is dead”,”Mariah has not touring power” etc. And I know it and it´s not about that. It´s about me replying to some things a few people tried to over exaggerate on this post. And also yes I agree with the comments saying some of Madonna sales are more inflated than usual (more than other artists sales I mean). True greats catalogues always sell, but there´s no way this woman is selling as much as Michael Jackson´s catalogue recently, and especially there´s no way this woman is selling like 10 million albums per year if we take into account her last new big seller was Confessions in 2005. Catalogues don´t sell that much unless you die or something. You can sell some thousands per year, I know Mariah and Celine do it even if they don´t release new material, but not millions from old albums. Just no. Not even with the promo that is the constant touring

    • Suicide Blonde March 28, 2013

      As far as i know, all of her albums are listed with the same quantity since it’s release, all of them, (including those from the 80’s, 90’s) her last great album in sales was Confessions and is listed at 12 million, (the same as 2005-2006), Hard Candy is listed at 4 million copies (the same as (2008-2007), her album sales has been the same for ages, where is the inflation, her 300 million records sold hasn’t been updated in ages and you complained, where are the sales inflation, laughs at that guy who said Music didn’t sold 15 million copies, i don’t know why y’all always has something negative to say about this woman, the only thing she´s slaying now is touring, Bon Jovi and Elton wish they could have a tour like Madonna, all of them, U2 toured for almost 2 years, same for The Rolling Stones, it takes her 88 shows to have those numbers and she could surpass the 1 billion if she had added more dates but she didn’t care to breack these stupids records, she is a single mother, she needs to care of them, there’s always a BUT when it comes to acknowledged her success, it’s like she didn’t deserve it, guess what she works hard for that, i could care less if you think she has no talent but tu put in doubt her sales and her success is too much, about MJ, he didn’t sales that much no even after his death, Elvis is still untouchable when it comes to that, who the hell has telling you that Madonna moves 10 million per year of her albums cuz i’m the biggest fan and that’s the stupid thing ever, i remember all her album sales since the late 90’s and those are exactly the same sales they have today so where is the inflation, where are those millions she sells per year with her music, and another thing Madonna has always been athletic, look at The Blond Ambition tour, her arms were as masculine as they are today, about MDNA i love that album, if you don’t think songs such as Gang Bang, Masterpiece, Falling Free and I’m Addicted are not the bomb then you’re just a hater, her arms were as masculine as they are today, she hasn’t done a bad album yet, the closest thing was Hard Candy and still has great songs in it and sound even better live. Stop complaining and BOW DOWN to the richest musician.

      • JOHNVIDAL March 29, 2013

        B**** please. U2 or Bruce Springsteen can do Madonna type of tour and more. Madonna wouldn´t sell out the stadiums those two can here in Spain for example time after time. The big difference is Madonna is a little bit obsessed with money, way more than most artists, and her tickets are ridiculously expensive, while Bruce Springsteen is more of a normal person if you know what I mean…
        Barbra Streisand is not a tour force by any means, but the few time she decided to do some shows she earns big way cos the tickets are too expensive
        Just wanted to say that. Love ya

  50. PRINCE MACHIAVEL March 28, 2013

    “and even more epic, when one realizes that unlike these contemporaries she is just influential today as she was ‘back then’- birthing three generations of starlets all hoping to emulate her infallible reign as the Queen of Pop.”

    Amen To This And Long To The Ultimate Queen Of Pop, Great Job Your Majesty!!!!!!!

  51. B Lamont March 28, 2013

    This story actually doesn’t add up. Whether Madge was worth $700 Billion to begin with, I’m not sure but I can say for certain that just because her tour grossed $305 million dollars doesn’t make her a billionaire when you add the two figures. That $350 million is a gross amount. You have to subtract everything that was paid out to make the tour happen (dancers, production, flights, hotels, background singers, band, etc). She didn’t get to keep the entire amount for herself. And with the expensive cost of her show, I’m sure it wasn’t just a $5 million cost for the show to go around the world. Sam and company should know better. This was just a way to get ppl to view the site and comment and it worked.

    • B Lamont March 28, 2013

      Correction: That $305 million*

  52. Bey Fan March 28, 2013

    Ppl just cant stop comparing artist…. lawd.

    And the haters reference Bow Down more than the Hive. SMH

    Congrats to ole Madge. Im not sure that math adds up, but she is force. And has been for since the 80’s.

  53. ARTPOP March 28, 2013


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