New Song: Ashanti – ‘Never Should Have’

Published: Monday 25th Mar 2013 by Rashad


Despite serially delay, R&B diva Ashanti is pressing forward with new material from her forthcoming LP ‘BraveHeart’.

Indeed, the ‘Aww Baby’ beauty may be enjoying a run on Lifetime’s hit series ‘Army Wives’, but that hasn’t taken her sights from battling for Billboard’s top spot.  The latest single she’s launched for fan approval is ‘Never Should Have’.

But, should ‘Never Should Have’ never have seen the light of day?  Or is the drum-filled pop-anthem just what the songbird needs to soar on charts again?  You tell us:

Let’s begin by first commending Ashanti for stepping out of her comfort zone.  Taking the pop route many-an-R&B diehard before her has taken, at least ‘Never Should Have’ does offer some semblance of rhythmic stylings and hopefully won’t earn the singer too many “traitor” remarks from listeners.

With that stated, even still, the tune is so drenched in “Kelly Clarkson” or “Leona Lewis” leftover that it doesn’t lend Miss Douglas many favors in the “distinction” department.  This, in conjunction with the instrumental’s overpowering drums, seem to drown out the singer’s voice at times instead of complementing it. Yes, despite it having some lyrical qualitative edge, it does run the risk of sonically blending in with the generic wash of today’s pop poo poo platters.

We do hope for the best, but while we applaud what she was going for, something about ‘Never Should Have’ is just…missing.

Buy it here on Itunes!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Malik March 25, 2013

    I like this. Not that bad of song! Good lyrics.

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) March 26, 2013

      Ashanti goooowrl u NEVER SHOULD HAVE!! #failhoney

  2. Mother Mariah March 25, 2013

    Not a bad song. She sounds pretty good. Falls kinda flat though…

  3. EXPOSING FLOPS March 25, 2013

    Ashantytown is a a flop. This song is a flop. Her album will be a flop.

    The Queen Bey is going to slay this flop b****’s entire career when her album comes out!

    • Missy March 25, 2013

      This whole stan war betweens artist gots to stop!, Stop comparing these black artist to each othe and support them!. Ashanti is a lyrical artist with good music. We need to support good music. Rather her career is dead or she a flop. I think EVERY SINGLE R&B artist that comes out in this era with music is going to flop! and have a dead career. Usher use to sell millions! Came out n flopped. Monica and Brandy came out and flopped. MAriah came out and flopped. ANY R&B artist comes out now gone FLOP!. Thats why we dont hear too many of them making music and if they do make music, they gone make music that they not KNOWN to MAKE.

  4. Missy March 25, 2013

    Ashanti COngrats! Im a NEW fan of yours and i lOVEEEE this song!! <3

  5. Wow! March 25, 2013

    I love this song!! Very different for Ashanti and she pulls it off without “selling” out.

    I can’t wait until her album drops.

  6. BraveHeart March 25, 2013

    @thatgrapejuice yall always trying to throw shade stfu the song is a SMASH billboards or not the song is GREAT and relatable lyrics, vocals, & production. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 26, 2013

      production coulda been better. Her vocals sound a little try-hard too.

    • Music Soul Harmony March 26, 2013

      production and vocals coulda been better. Her singing sounds a little try-hard.

  7. ShatonsLyric March 25, 2013

    Listen this song is perfection!!! And there’s not much pop influence as you ass holes making it seem.

  8. blue March 25, 2013

    never should have recorded this song
    should be the title

    • Missy March 25, 2013

      Why the negative comment? Its good LYRICAL music, not many songs out today has that.

  9. Missy March 25, 2013

    I think EVERYBODY should just support good LYRICAL music. And STOP this whole STAN WAR crap. thats what REALLY KILLING the music INDUSTRY. Im supporting ANY artist that puts out good music. Rihanna, Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Ashanti etc. Im not Bashing any artist thats making music or trying to make a comeback.

  10. FAF March 25, 2013

    This will FLOP like a bat out of hell poor dat

  11. Loso March 25, 2013

    She is a lyrical beast! We need more of this in this industry! Song with substance and meaning! Love this! Fuq the haterz

  12. SHA March 25, 2013

    Just bought it on iTunes!!! pls buy it guys SUPPORT!!!! sidenote is this abt Nelly???

    • Ilijah Johnson March 26, 2013

      OK, i’m going to buy it ♬♬♬

  13. mik bailey March 25, 2013

    She sounds lovely. Wish her well.

  14. Slick Rick March 25, 2013

    I can’t stand this site anymore… If it ain’t beyonce or rihanna pushing out the same BASIC s*** everyone else then its gonna struggle to get on the charts… this is quality music but TGJ wants to ride what is hot out right now… Ashanti never has once complained about not being on the charts … but she has talked about quality music and taking her time… But if beyonce was to record this this post would be full of praise and wonder… Ashanti has creditably to fully write solely on her records not just a word or two … I love this song and glad she put it out

    • FAF March 25, 2013

      You are mad because Ashanti could never compete with Ciara

      • Slick Rick March 25, 2013

        Who hell brought up Ciara??? I see you trying to compare but nope you fell short … go to bed

      • Lisa March 25, 2013

        Its not about competition!, Why you keep comparing?? Im not saying you gotta like Ashanti but Why compare? Its GOOD music, CIara put out a good LYRICAL song called “Body Part” and “Sorry” and i bought all three songs!!

      • FAF March 25, 2013

        You two are obviously trolls hating on Ciara’s success. I am done. Grow up.

      • Navy Sailor!!! March 25, 2013

        Both of those b****** are flops, so what are you saying luv??

    • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) March 26, 2013

      Not my name & not my avatar.. Nice try 😉

  15. Lisa March 25, 2013

    Yeah I agree with “MISSY”. The beyonce fan thats coming on here shading another BLACK Artist is NOT COOL. Beyonce fans, the beyhive, including I, keep going around attacking other artist. Im DONE!, no more with me. Im not an Beyhive anymore. Im a NEW Ashanti Fan!. When beyhive stop going around hating and be more humble and supportive like BEYONCE then ill join them again but until then. Im an Ashant Fan!, I NEVER use to like ashanti but songs like this is GIVING Me a reason into liking her. #NewFAn

    • FAF March 25, 2013

      Lmao what a joke

      • Lisa March 25, 2013

        How im a joke? I SWEAR us (beyhive) was going around bashing EVERY artist that came out. Like c’mon that s*** gets OLD!!. Im not doing that anymore. Im supporting Ashanti ONLY if she Continue to put out good LYRICAL music.

    • Ciara2013 one woman army March 25, 2013


    • Hive March 25, 2013

      You were never a beyonce fan u trashy b****

      • Lisa March 25, 2013

        WHAT! lmmfao yeah you dont know me thats why so imma let this comment go. #Smh “Im not a beyonce fan!
        lmmfao is like telling me not to eat or shower. #CLownSIt

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 26, 2013

      i hear you , i used to go hard for bey but their attitude is just OFF.

      • Tash March 26, 2013

        If you genuinely liked Beyoncé you wouldn’t use her fans as a reason to stop liking her. Cut the b******* honey.

    • BEYHIVE March 26, 2013

      well f*** you mudda f*****! now #bowdown

  16. Ciara2013 one woman army March 25, 2013

    Oh shes still trying

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 25, 2013

      Kiiii says the Ciara stan

    • Nick March 25, 2013

      CIara still trying???? lmmfao! But no shade i like ciara and all but for an CIARA FAN to be shading any other artist is FOWL!, cuz CIara still trying as well!!

    • Monstarebel March 25, 2013

      Sweat, Sorry, Got Me Good,Body Party?? All FLOPS.. Oh C-error stays trying…

    • H*** March 26, 2013

      LMFAO! at a fkn C-ERROR stan trying to hate rofllll how did basic flop instict do again? 40k fw? 70k ytd? and her new single gettin no radio play? b**** have a couple of seats lmfao

  17. Hive March 25, 2013

    Cute song but it will flop because its Ashanti kiiiii the amount of fans she has couldn’t even fill yup a yellow short bus….

    • Lisa March 25, 2013

      Ashanti is an R&B artist, when was the last time ANY R&B artist sold albums like back in the day??? NONE!! Of course the album gone flop cuz its R&B n everybody know R&B era is dead and gone!. And When she first came out 32,000+ people hated her but she managed to sell 503,000 albums first week. S

  18. Navy Sailor!!! March 25, 2013

    Ashanti pack your s*** and return to Flopsville. You are not wanted here sis.

  19. Wesley March 25, 2013

    Yesssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! man I love this song, Ashanti I love you princess your writing skills is Krazy this is wat I call real music!!!

  20. Hive March 25, 2013

    Beyonce Rihanna & Nicki are the only BLACK FEMALES that MATTER!!! #DEEEAL

    • Andre March 25, 2013

      Not really!, Rihanna is the Reigning QUEEN of this era!, Beyonce trying to comeback and is flopping hard! and NIcki STOPPED making music because people wasnt giving into her gimmick and music anymore. Peep the clothes change and i hear she coming out with an album with nothing but RAP.

      • @@@.. March 25, 2013

        How can she be flopping when she hasn’t even released anything? dumbass

      • Tash March 26, 2013

        B**** Beyoncé can sell a tour WITHOUT new music, tell me that aint saying something.

  21. Kate Middleton March 25, 2013

    she is better than FRAUDyonce.

    • DON’T_START_NO_SHIT March 26, 2013

      Did you get picked on in school???.. Is your self esteem low???.. Because you sure like to HATE on the popular girl!!!.. And we all know QUEEN GISELLE KNOWLES-CARTER reign supreme!!!!

    • LaurieBlue. March 26, 2013

      Your life must be miserable! Awww Poor Dat!

  22. iamdiego March 25, 2013

    damn what a difference 10 yrs can make. your hot… 10 yrs later cant figure out how you floated above so many acts for so long at one point. I hope she realizes that this record label is a bad idea and she she ruining her rep with the bad music and constant push back of this album. scrap it start from new STOP WRITING YOUR SONGS pay hot producers get a major record deal and start from the bottom. the cover look great though.

  23. Monstarebel March 25, 2013

    The song sounds really familiar but i actually like it…. hopefully you can make a comeback dahling xoxoxo

  24. Monstarebel March 25, 2013

    Omg this song kinda reminds me of Gwen Stefanis Cool the way she sings the verses

  25. christinastheerealtalent March 25, 2013

    It’s f****** sad how all of the artists who were really popular and in high demand when I was a teenager are the ones struggling to make a comeback.

    • XtinaRebirth March 26, 2013

      That’s how it is, unfortunately… the real TALENT always gets overlooked now! Too many teenie-bopper fans and not enough real lovers of music… lovers of the art…

  26. BEY IS THE QUEEN March 25, 2013

    The shade of it all is that Blue Ivy Carter has had more hits on Billboard in the last four years than FLOPshanti has. We don’t even need Beyonce to snatch this whack b****’s dollar store lacefront wig when Blue Ivy can do it with her little hands.

    This irrelevant b**** better bow down to Blue Ivy’s mama!

    • Rachel March 25, 2013

      Let me asked this WHAT history has BEYONCE made beside winning 17-grammys???????? And im talking about history thats going down in “World Record Book” because last time i checked. RIhanna is in that book. Ashanti is in that book. Beyonce daughter is in that book? *looks for beyonce name* Beyonce is NOT in that book. Beyonce is ONLY known for her DANCING and SIGNING at the same time.

      • Tash March 26, 2013

        You don’t have to be in a world record book as confirmation of you success and achievements, sit down.

  27. XtinaaLovee March 25, 2013

    Grapejuice you are such haters if it was BEYONCE yall would scream classic amazing blah etc… the song is great she’s a real artist she can actually write her own songs to bad beyfraud can’t

    • @@@.. March 25, 2013

      To bad your fav is a fat, overrated flop, who’s bitchy attitude has cost her career…Stay pressed b****

    • Eye Candy March 26, 2013

      And if it was Beyonce, I’m sure your ass would’ve called this song wack.

  28. XtinaaLovee March 25, 2013

    Ashanti the real deal…..

  29. JoeJOe89 March 25, 2013

    I like it good look for ashanti

  30. @@@.. March 25, 2013

    This song is not great. Matter of fact it sounds like a throwaway from a decade ago. She sounds better than normal and that’s about it!
    You all love to bring beyonce into every comment board…you’re worse than TGJ

  31. HOWYOULIKEIT March 25, 2013

    I dont know an artist who doesnt want to be successful. So for those who say ashanti never complained not being ont the charts.
    She’s independent now, so she needs those $ more than ever. I want her to win like she was used to in 2002 but i’m sorry. this song isnt going anywhere. Bring more music

  32. Mark111 March 25, 2013

    I was just watching some of her videos the other night, she got some CLASSICS! I wasn’t much of a fan back then, guess I was young and dumb, or you had more competition back then, or I was still grieving Aaliyah’s death and felt wrong liking another artist too fast. But she’s a great write (that actually WRITES her songs) and has a great voice (that grown since 2001).

  33. Mark111 March 25, 2013

    This has to be an old pic btw, I didn’t know she has that body like in 2002. But the song is good, I hope it does well.

    • Bow Down March 26, 2013

      of course its old have u seen her pics lately her tummy not even flat kiii

  34. nick March 26, 2013

    this is cute!!!! i like!!!!

  35. _yezir March 26, 2013

    I’m so proud of her for never giving up and putting out quality music. I will definitely support.

  36. navi March 26, 2013

    flop ass h** just like beyonce kii

  37. Queen Cici March 26, 2013

    FLOP! This flop is still trying. Gurl, get outta here, Beyonce imitated and ended your career a decade ago.

    • Andre March 26, 2013

      Beyonce DID NOT end Ashanti’s Career. Beyonce debut album as a solo artist came out and went to number 1. Ashanti Second solo album came out a MONTH after beyonce debut album and sold MORE!! and STAYED at number 1!!. Beyonce didnt end Ashanti;s career. Murder Inc was a reason for ending her career and for the music to change over to POP Music is another reason what ended ALLLLLL R&B artist music career.

      • H*** March 26, 2013


    • Bow Down March 26, 2013

      beyonce endded cici career aswell

      • beystan March 26, 2013

        Lies. All lies

      • Kai2dashawn March 26, 2013

        And the funny thing is bey is getting by Rihanna I’m mean when the last time bey had a top ten hit on the hot 100 umm I think 09 I mean it almost 5 years later still no hit

  38. Bow Down March 26, 2013

    shes so 2002 give it gurl nobody checking for u f****** ugly w**** bag

    bow down b**** ass ashtantiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  39. Rita Ora Fan March 26, 2013

    Fradulonce could NEVER write anything remotely as good as this. Where is Bow Down on Itunes? LMFAO. Sorry B**** u can be all angry and scream as much as u want, aint nobody bowing down for u. Hahaha!

    • Bow Down March 26, 2013

      rita will never be anything never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Kai2dashawn March 26, 2013

    Ashanti sung the hell out of this song I see real R&B is coming back real strong this year

    • Bow Down March 26, 2013

      she cant sing

      • Kai2dashawn March 26, 2013

        Please she sound great maybe bee should have released a better song instead of being slayed by queen Rihanna

  41. Richard March 26, 2013

    Lmao shouldnt NOBODY take these comments serious cuz it aint nothing but one or two people changing they names and commenting stanning for other artist and such. Cuz clearly you can respond once under one name and change ur name and comment again million of times. lmmfao! SMFH the thirst!. But with that being said. I Love ashanti, I love this song! #ImOut!!

    • Bow Down March 26, 2013

      are you doing the same lisa??????

  42. The Truth March 26, 2013

    Ashanti, this is a very nice song. Nicely recorded and nicely produced. The lyrics make sense and the content is real. If someone doesn’t feel this it’s because they haven’t truly lived nor loved. #damnheartbreak! It’s not groundbreaking but I like the way you kept it in the pocket.

  43. H*** March 26, 2013


  44. credits March 26, 2013

    Ashanti sounds like a demo singer on this song, maybe because i am not used to hearing her on something like this. If she wrote it…maybe she should have pitched it to someone like else. The vocals are good but not enough power for song with stubborn and demanding lyrics in the chorus. “never should have, never should have.” she sings it like a weak argument.

  45. King13 March 26, 2013

    I wanted to like it. Lyrically it’s great and Ashanti’s voice is great. Plus she’s s*** as hell on that cover!!! But there was just something missing.

    And to the person who brought up Ciara…please never come back to this site! Shouldn’t you be busy purchasing your ticket to the bathroom tour?!

    • XtinaRebirth March 26, 2013

      LMAO not the “Bathroom Tour” I can’t!

      • JER March 26, 2013

        That’s not funny, An Intimate Evening With C-error is selling out bathrooms across the Atlanta projects! Yer just mad I have a front row seat for my tour date while yer sitting on that cold tile grrrl!!!

      • THEPINKPRINT (FAF) March 26, 2013

        But Ciara bathroom tour will sell out before Rihoes 😆


  46. Kai2dashawn March 26, 2013

    Updated not even an hour and is climbing up on the R&B iTunes Charts I smell hit

  47. IM A FREE B*TCH March 26, 2013

    LOVE IT! will buy it on itunes for sure!

    this song is so much better than that whack ass Bow Down and yet TGJ shades this smh

  48. ZIGGY STARDUST March 26, 2013

    I actually like it. I like that she’s not over singing it and trying too hard. Beautiful production, nice lyrics and she kept it simple. Kudos, Ashanti!

  49. XtinaRebirth March 26, 2013

    I like it! It’s a pretty nice song… she’s taking a different route on this one. Does it make her a sellout? NO. This is her first time going the “POP” route. It could be a hit… but that would require lots of promo and stellar performances. You can’t please everybody! Ashanti still out here grinding… still singing her heart out…real songs/emotions/lyrics. Love her! Hope for the best!

  50. JER March 26, 2013

    Ashanti…. honeT. It’s a decade late and $10,000 worth of autotune short.

    Anyone else getting Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna T’s and thinking to themselves “if this was Rihanna it would smash” like other mediocre songs, however it won’t do anything. Brand Ashanti is dust. Never shoulda have turned down that 360 deal grrrl

  51. Eye Candy March 26, 2013

    This s*** will flop harder than a fish outta water.
    People need to stop getting defensive when we say this will flop because IT WILL.
    Ashanti’s fat ass has been irrelevant since 2004. If she wasn’t so busy sucking Nelly’s d*ck she probably could’ve made a comeback.
    Stick with the acting boo, you will bever be able to regain your music career.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 26, 2013

      WOW , so f*****’ wow.

  52. cocobutta March 26, 2013

    I came on thinking I wouldn’t like the song BUT I actually think her voice tone suits a song like this. She came across strong and dthe cover vered with her long ass note near end.

    Props on this one but not buying it on iTunes as I already have Leona’s CD (no shade just heard that sound a lot).

    Looking great on the cover 🙂

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 26, 2013

      MTE! esp the “leona lewis” part , i had to double-ceck if this is not leona’s song.

  53. Mother Monster March 26, 2013

    Ummmmm no thanks

  54. Mother Monster March 26, 2013

    Rihanna&Beyonce>>>>>>>> EVERY OTHER BLACK FEMALE IN THE GAME

  55. Mother Monster March 26, 2013

    Maybe I would like the song if Beyonce was singing it….

  56. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 26, 2013

    after a second thought , i think she’s doing the right thing this era , she just waits till a “certain train wreck” unfold and then she gonna release her material….

    i have never paid attention to her “maybe since only U” but i think i need to give her a chance, she seems nice and REAL.

  57. jlove March 26, 2013

    very nice ashanti

  58. Tash March 26, 2013

    Its ok, nothing that memorable but a good look so far nonetheless.

  59. michella c** March 26, 2013


  60. michella c** March 26, 2013


    You were all that I wanted
    I fell in love with all of your heart and your soul
    From that morning couldn’t imagine
    You went from hurting me you’re mistreated in your love
    I should have loved

    Rivers of tear drops
    This short pains in my heart
    This was the way that you loved
    You never should have loved me

    You never should have loved me
    You never should have touched me
    You never should have
    Never should have told me you loved me and you would never leave me.
    ‘Cause everything that you would do
    It made me fall in love with you
    Until your love and your man my mistake
    Now I can’t take you back if I want it too……

  61. Randy March 26, 2013

    I have never seen so much ridiculous hate on an artist before. It’s one thing to critique the song, but 80% of the negative responses are making everything personal against Ashanti rather then talking about the material itself. I love this track, she sounds amazing, it’s a step away from the woman you love, which I wasn’t a huge fan of. This is the direction I want Ashanti to get back to… Classic Ashanti.

    People, stop hating – beyonce is beyonce and Ashanti is Ashanti. I doubt either give any f**** about the other.

  62. Casual March 26, 2013

    I really like Ashanti’s polished vocal here, especially when she shows the softer part of her voice. This song is catchy and has the potential to be a hit with some big promotion behind it. It’s not that special song that will explode on its own, but it’s definitely got potential.

  63. Kai2dashawn March 26, 2013

    Currently number 27 on R&B iTunes Charts and she is still climbing so stop hating and start congratulating good artist.

  64. C##chie Poppin on a Handstand March 26, 2013

    Some of ya’ll are so used to that bubble gum forget about it in a couple of weeks manufactoredbRihanna and other crap pop mess you don’t recognize music. Lyrics. Go Ashanti i love this. Sick of catchy beats and lyrics that just repeat the same thing over and over. That is not music, but this is.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 26, 2013

      Ok James/Lisa/Missy. #phuckyolyrics take your super salty f** ass back to Ashanti’s message board!

  65. eric March 26, 2013

    The verse melody sounds VERY similar to Mariah’s “Open Arms”.

  66. C##chie Poppin on a Handstand March 26, 2013

    Rihanna stans hursh up. Cause Rihanna could never…..trick is currently boring the f#ck out of fans across the globe. Who cares about how many SINGLES she selling? She will never be a true artis. Just goes to show this generations knows nothing about real music. Just want scandals. Yall just throwing music in the trash. Just a bunch of hype. Bith is trash.

    • Navy Sailor!!! March 26, 2013

      Awwwww dirty f**…..why so upset? Is it because your fave is irrelevant with a capital “I”??? POOR DAT 🙁

  67. Chic March 26, 2013

    Yall(grape) are so shady smh, its not as pop as you guys are making it out to be. This song is a hit, the charts are going to eat this up as long as she has the proper marketing behind it. “Pop” or not, Im rooting for her to win.

    • eric March 26, 2013

      This is one time that I completely agree with Grape. People who aren’t very familiar with Leona Lewis will get excited about this song and feel like Ashanti is being more original. It’s just not true.

  68. lola March 26, 2013

    LOL at how people are now starting to support Ashanti because this song sounds very pop with an R&B mix! This b**** is a flop and needs to sit down.

  69. treatomic March 26, 2013

    I love this Ashanti! So Different. This may be just what she needed!!! That Grape Juice, your review was way off IMO. I almost didn’t listen to it based on your review, glad I did!!!

  70. KEY March 26, 2013

    I’m not really an Ashanti fan, but I have always supported her. WHAT IM WONDERING IS…..Why is TGJ giving negative feedback to a song with QUALITY lyrics and QUALITY instruments. This sounds different for Ashanti, but it’s obviously a good song. Now, I’m not coming for you all’s fav, but….Why didn’t they give Beyonce the negative feedback she obviously deserved? When on the topic of Beyonces music they don’t have anything to say. Bow Down/I Been On was pure s***. TGJ are a bunch of bit**es.

  71. HoneychildPlease March 26, 2013

    I love it..It’s pretty nice, with real substance

  72. MyPenIzFresh March 26, 2013

    I really like this track. I think Ashanti was smart to go this route, especially with her run on this show. She is reaching new demographics.. and I think it’s wise to have your music reflect that. I just hope we don’t lose the ‘Rain On Me’ ‘The Way That I Love You’ Ashanti

  73. Music Soul Harmony March 26, 2013

    Key, I completely agree with you. ON the otherhand, not sure about the song yet. It’s okay. Gotta give it a few more listens.

  74. riqueen March 26, 2013

    never should of released this garbage.

  75. DatDude March 26, 2013

    This is what I’m talking about see I became a fan since The Woman You Love which didn’t do so well on the charts but this right here is a Charts hit I really cnt wait for her album to release she always surprises me… I love how she stepping out of her element…

  76. Chris March 26, 2013

    The verses sound just like Mariah Carey and Boys II Men’s “One Sweet Day”

  77. a March 26, 2013

    Hatres Haters Haters Good Job Ashanti Im from Houson Texas Always been A fan BLESSINGS BLESSINGS Nothing BUt BLESSINGS Your way

  78. CaptainSaveAhoe March 27, 2013

    The only thing Never Should have about this song is I NEVER SHOULD HAVE bought it on itunes. I like Ashanto dont get me wrong but she has “Ugly Girl with pretty girl confidence” when it comes to her voice. She tries to hit notes she CANT and SHOULDNT.

    • Just me April 3, 2013

      Your comment was baseless & flat out wrong ok.

      She is a pretty girl with a pretty voice….and a humble attitude. The song is very nice and WILL do well.
      Even the haters know this.
      Look at all of these folks responding…..just like YOU.
      Go Ashanti!!!!!

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