New Song: Will.I.Am – ‘That Power (Ft Justin Bieber)’

Justin Bieber lends his ever improving vocals to Will.I.Am‘s new single ‘That Power‘, pulled from the latter’s April 2013 release, ‘#willpower‘.

Recorded in the city of London, the overproduced number samples the Daft Punk classic ‘Harder‘ and arrives weeks after Will watched his Britney Spears led ‘Scream & Shout’ dominate charts across the globe, spearheading the campaign for her own forthcoming album.

Good times with JB and the ‘Black Eyed Pea’ below!


Your thoughts?

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  1. COLE March 15, 2013

    An Electronic MESS.

    BYE >>>

    • yes March 15, 2013

      im not here for justin bieber music. end.

  2. Eye Candy March 15, 2013

    This nicca is so desperate for a hit that he decided to collaborate with Justine Bieber. Can he get a hit on his own without collaborating with 1648053904 different people.
    Either was this is wack. It sounds like every other song on the radio &Justine sounds like a female.
    This is why I don’t listen to the radio anymore.

    • Eye Candy March 15, 2013


    • krys March 15, 2013

      Stop to tell “justine” he’s not a girl! are you jalouse cause all the girl are crazy about him! & you , you are single with yor cat & yor bottle of alcohol!

  3. #Hive #Navy #Barb March 15, 2013

    This dude is SO generic now its sad he used to make some good songs with meaning know he’s tired & ran his course

  4. J March 15, 2013

    this is horrible. Scream and Shout was a massive hit, but this is just a mess.

  5. GaGa For GaGa March 15, 2013 is trash…. he’s seems so desperate for a hit…

  6. NICK March 15, 2013

    didnt hear the song, it wa taken down, BUT I have always loved everything WILL I AM does, so I am sure it is a fun song-

  7. RIOWNALLYALLHOES March 15, 2013

    we’re still in the dance music stage.The song sound like trash *yawns* NEXT!

    • FAF March 15, 2013

      Doesnt Rihanna make dance music too, though?

      • Riqueen March 15, 2013

        Not recently her music on her last cd was PREDOMINANTLY urban.

      • Riqueen March 15, 2013

        there is only 1 dance song on the cd which was recorded EARLY LAST YEAR.

  8. Remey March 16, 2013

    Will needs to stop. This music is so generic. It’s nothing as good as his previous material. He’s only using artist to generate buzz because he knows he can’t do it alone. At least Britney gave him the much needed buzz he yearned. But now…. this is sad.

  9. Sebastian April 11, 2014

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