‘Started From The Bottom’: Elijah Blake Makes Digital Gains Ahead Of Debut Album

Singer/Songwriter…mega seller?

The above may be a question the folks over at Roc Nation will be asking themselves of Elijah Blake today, after he extended his lead as R&B’s fastest rising newbie with a remix to Drake‘s smash hit single, ‘Started From The Bottom’.

Find out why his stock as an entertainer is set to sky rocket below…


After being released on Friday 15th March, Blake’s remix to the cut pulled in a total of 5,870 plays within its first 24 hours of release- all of which were generated via his official SoundCloud page.

Indeed, in what gives sheds a clear light on how much interest there truly is around his buzz, these ‘Plays’ mark the latest digital high for the ‘XOX’ vocalist, after his ‘Bijoux 22’ EP secured 20,000 downloads in its first day of release and a further 16,000 by the end of its launch week.

All of this, giving some indication as to why he is reportedly been billed  a ‘priority act’ by Roc Nation‘s Jay Brown and Def Jam‘s NO ID and Joie Manda.

With 27,809 of these downloads generated from Marcus Frasier‘s ‘Dat Piff’, this EP has now been certified Bronze while the EP’s combined YouTube views sit pretty at the 99,641 mark.

With so many discovering the vocalist’s music via word of mouth and social networking mediums, one can only imagine how lucrative he’s set to become once his promotional train really kicks off .

Until then…

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  1. Cole March 17, 2013

    Congrats E.B

    S** on Black Legs!

    That’s all.

  2. GAslickmouf March 17, 2013

    He prolly started as a bottom but I bet his top stroke but all the queens to sleep. Them lips them eyse that body, yes yes and yes!

    • Peace March 17, 2013

      Not everyone is a man chasing w**** like you.

      You strike me as the kind of trade worshipping queen who will do anything to bed the kind of dude that would beat your ass to death for looking at him funny.

      The fact that you equate success with s** shows how limited your mind is and how far you WON’T go in life. SOME people achieve their dreams on the merit of the spirit and work ethic, NOT how many inches can fit in their mouth or wherever else feels good at the time.

    • TheMiseducation March 17, 2013

      @Gaslickmouf How filthy you are! Is s** the only thing you know how to talk about?

  3. Nostalgia1989 March 17, 2013

    Very happy for this fella.

  4. OVORyan March 17, 2013

    We already established that everyone here wants to sleep with him so can we please just keep it about the music.

  5. BeyWhoUWanna March 17, 2013

    I feel guilty every time i look at him lustfully, but I can’t help myself. The lips, the skin, the body. The thing i like about him is that his music is good and he feels like a real artist whose only about the music but the s** appeal….my body has been ready.

  6. TaylorWins March 17, 2013

    I think Alison will like him. Get that mocha peen sis!

    • FentySoSnatched March 17, 2013

      Rita already had him though.

      • PrincessTweedy March 17, 2013

        She did?

  7. MCThePlaceToBe March 17, 2013

    Interesting. I like Frank and enjoy how well he’s done so I’d be more than happy if we had more R&B boys doing just as well. I played his Drake remix after you put it up her e and I liked it but not as much as his own music.

  8. BOO THANG March 17, 2013

    he’s cute, i can’t stand half of these f****** gay f*** who comment on here, they think every cute successful black is gay. bunch of f****** queens.

  9. WomanToWoman March 17, 2013

    My morals slip every time I see him. If Key wasn’t married I’d be down for her to bang him. Just sayin.

  10. BOO THANG March 17, 2013

    he’s cute, i can’t stand half of these f****** gay f*** who comment on here, they think every cute successful black is gay. bunch of f****** queens.

    • BrandNuStarz March 17, 2013

      Please don’t paint us all with the same brush. I come here because I like how the writers write and the general kii kii but I can’t stand these b****** who think every black man with a few zeros to his name likes d*** and ass.

    • BitchyBey March 17, 2013

      I agree with you but anyone behind the scenes knows that a lot of the cats dabble in both ponds.
      That doesn’t mean they’re gay or even bi but EVERYONE whose ever worked behind the scenes long enough knows that a lot of the cats in the industry are NOT exclusively straight.

      • KMilkshake March 17, 2013

        The reason people assume every R&B boy likes other boys is because it is true. You don’t want even to know some of the stories make up artists and interns can tell you about the things they’ve seen in studios and vip rooms.

    • KellyKDL March 17, 2013

      @Boo Thang I feel what you’re saying but can you blame people for being suspicious. Not that its anyone business, but many guys in the music business do hit for both sides of the game. Would you have believed Frank liked other guys before he told us? No, if someone told you he liked other men you’d say they were a liar.

      • BOO THANG March 17, 2013

        Generally speaking not the music industry alone, any regular Joe whose well educated and happen to be successful is gay?!… thats what we come to believe anyway within the black community. It baffles me how our own kind equate ones sexual orientation with their social achievements which is pretty pathetic and ignorant!

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  12. Kate Middleton March 17, 2013


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