New Video: JoJo – ‘Andre’

Published: Thursday 21st Mar 2013 by Sam

Pint-sized powerhouse JoJo is not letting politics slow her hustle and has today unwrapped the video for ‘Andre’.

The popular cut is lifted from free set ‘Agape’, which arrived last December to critical acclaim.

Peep the video after the jump…

We’re loving this…are you?

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  1. MATT101 March 21, 2013

    love me some JoJo ….im feelin this

    looking forward for more

    • Tamara March 22, 2013

      Yes! This is a good song from Miss. Jojo

  2. OMG (Avril, Celine,Beyonce) March 21, 2013

    Love her 🙂 IDKY ppl like rita ora get big promotion and her album hasnt sold nothing. pfft

  3. Syaheeran March 21, 2013


  4. Navy Sailor!!! March 21, 2013

    Why the f*** is she no longer mainstream! 🙁 I miss seeing her on my TV screen and hearing her on the radio! F*** her label!!!

    • Music Soul Harmony March 21, 2013

      Being out of the mainstream light will give her a chance to make sophisticated music and not some label owned bubblegum crap. I really loved her 1st two albums though.

  5. the real xoxo March 21, 2013

    I like it!

  6. NT March 21, 2013

    I LOVE JOJO and this is a nice video

  7. YM March 21, 2013

    Nice! Whatever happened to the “Demonstrate” video though???

    • dajomo April 7, 2013

      Demonstrate video has been completed to my knowledge. Considering that the song Demonstrate itself is owned by her label Blackground, It will not be released until they have funding for the project. She’s stuck.

  8. Sharnell March 21, 2013

    Is she still managed by Vincent Herbert (Tamar’s husband)?

  9. Music Soul Harmony March 21, 2013

    I like that the video went with the song. It didn’t need a lady gaga or beyonce budget video to do that either! Very cute and appropriate. I’m really feeling indepedant artists these days! I hope Jojo and Nelly furtado never stop doing music. “Big Hoops” was such an underrated song.

  10. JAM March 21, 2013


  11. tits mcgee March 21, 2013

    this is tight! great job jojo! #lovesit!

  12. eric March 21, 2013

    PERFECT look for her! She looks more down to earth and more approachable than when she had the darker image.

  13. monstarebel March 21, 2013

    i used to be a hater but ive been listening to her music lately & she’s pretty dope… love the song & video hope her career starts going in the right direction…

    • OMG (Avril, Celine,Beyonce) March 21, 2013

      WOW i like you more now… 🙂

    • @psychostoner_ aka @091094 aka lana del rey victim March 21, 2013

      I bet youre like 14 because if you had any for knowledge about good music you would know she was the ish back in the day, you didn’t know that so you must be young or or not gay

  14. antertain March 21, 2013

    What is a shame is that she probably had to call in some favors and fund this herself cus you know her label Blackground did f*** all..

    Nice video JoJo and keep that hustle alive.
    Please lord have someone buy her out that deal she’s on.

    Still listen to the Agape ep/mixtape

    • Kathy March 21, 2013

      You’re right, she pays everything out of her pocket, pr, promotion, videos etc…

  15. B4REAL02 March 21, 2013

    Luvin’ JoJo……Luv this video. Saw Leah LaBelle did a cameo in there likin her too

  16. Lana Bell March 21, 2013

    Yaaassss! She did that! I love this song. Her vocals (as usual) are on point. Love her…I’m rooting for her and I hope her and other talented artists get their shine and recognition. I sense a change is coming!

  17. Teflon Boy March 21, 2013

    Loved this song from the jump, hot and a great message. Left to her own devices Jojo always delivers great quality music. In fact, her least well accepted offerings are usually the result of label interference i.e. the reason her independently released mixtapes are always way better than her label funded output. When will ‘suits’ who don’t know a thing about real music stop interfering with their acts artistry.

  18. lilkunta March 21, 2013

    wait, WHEN was agape released?
    i thought she sued adn was released from blackground.
    she needs to be @ teh forefront bc she is so talented.
    whre is neyo, he has a label right ?

  19. lilkunta March 21, 2013

    ok just listened to andre. it is ok. not great. maybe it will grow on me.

  20. Drew March 21, 2013

    This wasn’t the music video i was expecting for ‘Andre’, but I do like the song though. JoJo looks really pretty especially the scenes where she’s next to the graffiti wall. I used to not like JoJo because i thought she was very stuck up & rude after watching her perform ‘Get Out’ & her interview afterwards On Air with Ryan Seacrest tv series. Good thing she don’t act like that no more.

  21. dajomo April 7, 2013

    JoJo is hands down one of my favorite artists. I’ve followed her since the debut. Through the years she’s developed so much, and is zeroing in on her craft. I think its absolute b******* what’s happened all these years with her label. To be such truly talented artist and not be allowed to release her work has to be maddening. But with that said, she proves to carve her way without her label. I’m anticipating a jump similar to Drakes success happening for her with each of her mixtape efforts. The legal drama’s will make this somewhat of a sticky situation, but I have the strongest feeling she’ll come out fighting. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t listen to or sing one of her songs. She’s the one. FREE JOJO.

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