Watch: Mariah Carey Drops By ‘Live! With Kelly & Michael’, Drops News On New Album Due Date

‘Make It Happen’ hitmaker Mariah Carey was found making her promo rounds this morning to discuss her family life, give dibs on new music, and discuss ‘Almost Home’ – her single from Disney’s ‘Oz:  Great & Powerful’ soundtrack.

As fans await news on its David LaChapelle-directed visual, Carey took time from the ‘American Idol’ bench to chop it up with ‘Live! With Kelly & Michael’ and, as ever, the singer left a string of memorable quotes in her wake.

See what she had to say below:

May 2013

According to the singer’s official website, her new album – which features collaborations from The Dream, Rodney Jerkins, & Hitboy – is due May 2013.

Thanks to MariahDaily:


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  1. COF March 1, 2013

    Mariah gurl love your personality and all.. but no matter how much you ask the interviewers to say that you are the biggest selling female artist of all time, it’ll never be legit or true.
    Madonna IS the best selling female artist of all time. We ALL know it, so now stop.

    • ThéLourson March 1, 2013

      Hmm… You should tell Billboard.

      • COF March 1, 2013

        Oh PLEASE Billboard never said Mariah was
        She’ll probably be outsold by Celine Dion in no time

    • JOHNVIDAL March 2, 2013

      Mariah doesn´t ask. Labels manage those things. And they do it with Celine Dion too. And obviously with Madonna. Are you mad she is one of the 4 most successful women in music history? Stay pressed

  2. BABY T March 1, 2013

    Sorry but this album is going to FLOP because it won’t have longetivity.

  3. BAD BYTCH March 1, 2013


  4. MinajStan March 1, 2013

    Hasbeen grandma. She better hope AI keeps her for the long haul because her hit having days are DONE!!!


      LOL.. but Nicki has been in the business for well over three years now and the basic b**** still can’t get a #1 single.

      • FAF March 1, 2013

        Still can’t ? But You said ONLY 3 yrs, you just read yourself F***…..

      • FAF March 1, 2013

        I’ll take a 7x platinum single over a #1 single, Girral 🙂

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (SUPERIOR DIVA) March 2, 2013

        @F** B**** please, three years is more than enough time to get at least three #1 singles. and who will remember this “7x platinum” single 20 years from now?

        Face it b****, Nicki is just the flavor of the moment. she will never earn the respect and see as much success as Mariah has. So kindly remain seated.

  5. Janet March 1, 2013

    The 3 lames that just posted are uneducated to the max mariah new song is dong well she ain’t going nowhere u nicki stands are so lame mad well stay mad her career will last way longer than nicks done

    • FAF March 1, 2013

      Where was your punctuation? Nicki’s done & sold more with her new single than maria’s last 3… so sit, h** _/

      • FAF March 1, 2013


      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ March 1, 2013

        Key word singles 😆

        Yes, Rihanna, Katy, Nicki, Flo Rida, Ke$ha, etc have all sold more singles than Mariah, go figure she has always been an album seller more than a singles seller. 😆

        Cling on to that Starships sales though 😆 it IS the only thing going right for your fave commercially.

      • FAF March 2, 2013

        Super Bass?
        Moment For Life?
        Turn Me On?
        Beauty and a Beat?
        Girl on Fire?

        You tried , though…

  6. AdeleAdkins- Oscar Winner!! When will ur fav??? NEVER!! March 1, 2013

    She actually looks good in this interview! Very natural! Love it! The guy tried it tho! Saying how she wrote 17 of her 18 #1’s! Yall see mariah’s face when he said it? LOOOOL!! Mariah can be so shady!! hehehe!

  7. S****** Blonde March 1, 2013

    Rare how Kelly says Mariah is the best selling female artist of all times since she is a huge Madonna fan, i wonder when 200 million became more than 300.


      Ok… Let’s not

      • S****** Blonde March 1, 2013

        Did i say something that wasn’t true?, i’m not shading Mariah, you can dislike my comment tho.

      • SLAYRIAH CARY (SUPERIOR DIVA) March 1, 2013

        I know tha you’re not shading Mariah. evryone knows that Madonna sold more records than Mimi and all the other females but I’ve gotten use to the interviewers saying that she is the highest seller but the stats prove otherwise so it’s somewhat pointless to go there. but that’s just me though….

      • S****** Blonde March 1, 2013

        I usually don’t watch her interviews, i didn’t know they introduces her like that, it’s okay though, she is one of the best selling musician in music history.

    • ??? March 1, 2013

      Biggest selling means albums AND singles. Madonna has sold more albums but Mariah’s single sales bring her to larger combined sales than Madonna.

      • S****** Blonde March 1, 2013

        MMM…no…Madonna has sold more singles too, Madonna is one of the artists who has sold more singles ww, right there with MJ, Elvis and The Beatles, she has also more #1 singles than any other artist ww.

    • SentFromUpAbove March 2, 2013

      Has Mariah outsold Madonna in the US? Maybe that’s what they are referring to. But isn’t that Barbra Streisand? meh i don’t know!

    • JOHNVIDAL March 2, 2013

      Celine Dion is always introduced that way too


    Mariah looks fabulous, can’t wait to see her on jimmy fallon.

  9. irateninja March 1, 2013

    Madonna – 300 Million sold
    Mariah Carey – 200 Million+ sold
    Celine Dion – 200 Million+ sold

    Celine is my queen 😀

    Mariah Looks Great!!!!!

  10. FAF March 1, 2013

    So wait… If Madonna sold more why do people say Mariah did? Do they mean records as in singles included?

    • irateninja March 1, 2013

      One time Ellen called Celine the best selling female artist. Maybe they don’t check? but all 3 surpass every other female by more then 100 Mil. (Even Queen Janet 🙁 )


      either way, both Madonna and Mariah have reached sales that Nicki will never see.

      • AdeleAdkins- Oscar Winner!! When will ur fav??? NEVER!! March 2, 2013



    mimi is coming back!

  12. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ March 1, 2013

    Every Mariah Carey interview has “the best selling artist….” introduction. They do it for Celine as well. Get over it, obviously Madonna has sold more.

    She looks great, has been looking great for a while now.

  13. jason March 1, 2013

    Celine CANNOT ever be called the best selling female artists of all time! Thats ridiculous.

    Its between Mariah and Madonna and we probably will never know. So move on!

  14. Andy March 1, 2013



    Look it up.

  15. March 2, 2013

    I hope this new era goes well for her. Mariah is a more familiar face to look to for stability in this sea of newbie acts who have emerged over the past five years.

  16. FanOfMusic March 2, 2013

    I hate when people compare Madonna and Mariah. They r both legends so who cares who sold more??

    I tell u what, Beyonce, Rihanna, Adelle, Taylor Swift, and none of these current singers are NEVER doin it. thats 4 sure!!

    • jason March 2, 2013

      I can handle those comparisons but its the Nicki Minaj arguments that run my blood…LIKE WTF? MINAJ?

  17. Dossome March 2, 2013

    Overall madonna sold more records than mariah..thing is,i think they are basing their facts on soundscan (which began tracking numbers in 1991,when madonna was 8yrs in the game)…if it’s according to soundscan,then its true mariah is the bestselling female recording artist..whatever the case,those 2 are legends

  18. mc the place to be! March 2, 2013

    Madonna sold more but had a longer time to sell it mariah sold 130 million by the time the 90s ended she may not be the best but she certainly is the fastest and another thing she has the most #1s by a solo artist period and spent more weeks at number one than any other artist in the history of recorded music if you think people didn’t buy those you are sadly mistaken!I love Madonna but her stans need to sit. Like mariah hasnt broken or made any record her net worth is outrageous she’s just now getting endorsements. She made her money solely off of her music….anyway Mimi making me wait 2 more months:(

    • AdeleAdkins- Oscar Winner!! When will ur fav??? NEVER!! March 2, 2013

      Ohh!! Gurrl u better preach!!

  19. Todd March 2, 2013

    Whats goin on? Stop the M VS M talk, its old and boring ! Mariah looks HOT lately,she looked great at Fallon as well ! Wor Mimi,WORK!

  20. JOHNVIDAL March 2, 2013

    Omg She looks GORGEOUS
    I can feel the album is near, she has this special attitude on interviews when music is about to come. True diva-great

  21. Theman March 2, 2013

    Madonna’s sales are inflated. MC has sold over two hundred and twenty mil records.

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