Watch: Rita Ora Rocks ‘Radioactive’ On Australia’s ‘Sunrise’

Published: Friday 1st Mar 2013 by David

She’s fun, fierce, fearless and talented and yesterday saw Rita Ora flaunt all those traits when she performed live on Australia‘s ‘Sunrise‘.

Solidifying the fact that her live vocals are always more impressive than those worked in the studio, the Pop ambassador hit the show’s stage for an upbeat performance of the Sia penned smash, ‘Radioactive’.

Breathing new life into its lyrics and production with her infectious energy, her set on the morning show comes as she continues work on her debut US album, set to take off later on in the year.

Peep the star at her best below…


After loving everything her British debut had to offer, we can’t wait to hear how the last year has shaped Rita’s ear and voice.

Boasting a feminine rasp that would work well on cuts like Katy Perry‘s ‘Circle The Drain‘ and Sheila E‘s ‘Glamorous’ , here’s hoping the likes of Dr.Luke and Max Martin have been called in to help Ora craft a collection of ‘vocal’ driven hits, to ensure she nabs that Billboard #1 she’s so deserving of.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nika March 1, 2013

    The girl can sing but she so plain and BORING!!!! *yawn

    • Rita Is Queen March 1, 2013

      ^^^^^^^^^^ HATER THE QUEEN SLAYED THAT S***

  2. beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

    She will not make it sam. iT IS OVER. Radioactive was released in America on Tuesday and it is not on the American itunes chart. Meanwhile rihanna has love song, stay, diamonds and pour it up on the charts- How we do, RIP AND NOW RADIOACTIVE HAVE ALL NOW FLOPPED ( not charted ) in the USA. By the time Rih was on her 3rd single in from her debut she was a well known RNB pop singer in the USA. This does not exist in my county. She has just dropped ORA album in France, it is not charting on itunes. Rih’s debut album placed in the top 40 with promotion. If someone white fails with this amount of promo, they are JUST NOT GONNA MAKE IT END. OF.

    • ANON March 2, 2013

      How We Do and RIP both charted in America…and there’s absolutely no US promo around #Radioactive in the US. She probably doesn’t even know it’s on Itunes.

  3. j March 1, 2013



    • Rita Is Queen March 1, 2013

      B**** please ORA is epic n will be remembered for years to come you f****** pressed h**

  4. beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013


    Jade ewen that mixed race girl whi looks better and sings better than rita whora. Said Rita sleeps around based on what she knows. Not, the ROB K thing. I read what she rtold Rita’s ” wifey ” Model Cara Delvigne. She said ” I know what I know abiut Rita Ora; we went to the same school and have the same management ”

    Not to mention. Jay Z kicked out the dark skin founder of the sugababes to hire mixed Jade, when Suagbabes signed to Def Jam in the USA. Jade is the music industry and she knows rita whora is a w****. This is no secret. You are the only one who keeps clinging onto the fallacy that she will make it and she is a virgin. She is known industry p**** and flop. You have to accept that. More people will start calling her out, as rita seems to make a lot of enemies and she will still get dropped.

    Why will she get dropped? HWD, RIP, Radioactive and ORA have all failed to chart in the USA despite insane promotion. Then Radioactive and shine ya light did not make top 10 in the UK and her album had to scrape platinum.

    SHE WILL BE DROPPED AND The closest she get to rihanna is wearing her clothing line.

    • ANON March 2, 2013

      “Shine Ya Light” was top 10.

      Get your facts straight.

  5. Holy Hive March 1, 2013

    Who is this reject?

  6. JER March 1, 2013

    is she still trying it with this song?

  7. Minaj March 1, 2013

    This is her best single yet its flopping all over smh

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

      Such a waste. The amount of people who could of Smashed with Radioactive. And I do not even mean Rihanna.

  8. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

    Rihanna: Pon de reaply 2 millon sold in the USA PEAKED AT NUMBER 2 global top 3

    If it is loving that you want. USA peak 36. UK peak Number 11.

    Music of the sun – Gold in the USA. Gold in Canada and Gold in the UK. 1.5 WW.

    Rita Whora. How we do USA peak 62

    RIP failed to chart in the USA

    Radioactive failed to chart in USA

    ORA was not cancelled in the USA-

    Total global album sales 300k UK platinum.

    This is the girl that is meant to end Rih’s career? Rita whora could not even s*** down a 17 year old Rih let alone rih at 25, who is now the queen of pop. Why is beyonce rocking with this dirty w**** flop?

    NOW OF HER SINGLES CHART IN THE USA AND HER DEBUT ALBUM GOT CANCELLED IN THE USA? WHAT kind of failure is this? Sia wrote radioactive? Bet she wished she gave that song to Rihanna.

    • XtinaaLovee March 1, 2013

      b**** its to early for this s***

  9. XtinaaLovee March 1, 2013

    Thought this song would have become a hit but it hasn’t even charted in the US smh people really dont care for this chick here in the states

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

      YUP-. Beyonce and jay NEED to wake up can drop this girl. She will never be on rih’s level or shut any career down.

      Also, Radioactive flopped in the UK too. Did not even make the top 10 in the UK.

      • XtinaaLovee March 1, 2013

        Smh wow this girl is all hype radioactive is actually a good song can’t believe it even flopped in the uk aswell omg….

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

        In the UK she went on the Biggest UK tv show, Graham Norton ( UK david letterman ) to perfrom Radioactive. Not to mention she went to EVERY UK RADIO station for for interviews the week radioactive was released and it peaked at 18 before crashing out the chart. It just shocking how someone can fail so badly with all that promotion.

      • Iembracemymixedheritage March 1, 2013

        Where are her 1m twitter followers why aren’t they buying her single

  10. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

    Why does Rita work with all the big ames like Sia and the Stargate and fail to chart with their music? I do not believe any songwriter or producer wants to work with Rita whora. She cannot even get their songs on itunes, how would a songgwriter make money, if the music flops? AT least with Rih, songwriters are sure to make money. Rih cannot FAIL, she knows nothing but slatying. It is unheard of, for Rih’s song not to chart on itunes.

  11. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013


    Radioactive peaked at 18 in the UK. It was released in the USA on Tuesday and it is not on the 200 chart on USA itunes. SHE IS FLOP WHO WILL BE DROPPED 100% IF you do not know how the music industry works.

  12. Rita Is Queen March 1, 2013

    Omg!!!!!!! The queen just slayed my f****** life her vocals give me chills like forreals this song is amazing shes so gorgeous the hood hive n niggger navy are just jealous because rita is on her way to major success..

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

      Hood hive? Beyonce HUBBY ( A N***** ) IS THE ONE WHO SIGNE RITA ? I am not shocked though. Rita, herself looks like she would s*** all over a black person in heartbeat. She is just being nice to blacks becauser they are her bosses, but deep down she thinks beyonce is n*****. When Jay drops her, her real feelings for blacks will come out.

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

        Sam why did you block my n***** word, but allow Rita slays to use the word?

    • Denise March 1, 2013

      What gave you chills is that you couldn’t afford your heating bill.

  13. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

    She even tried to copy Rihanna’s victoria secrets runway show, but her Etam show was cheap and tacky and worthy of the flop she is.

    LOL LOL Rih has been sending warning shots to her on twitter.

    Stay in yo lane. F*** yo lane. What lane. Phuck around and get disrespected.

    LOL LOL FLOP rita whora who cannot chart cannot reply. Rih knows her w**** business and she is about to expose this trick with not hits.

    • Rita Is Queen March 1, 2013

      You are so f****** pressed like who tf is Rihanna? like seriously no one cares about that b**** she wont be remembered for anything besides getting her ass beat n running back to her abuser kiiii

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

        And rita whora will not be remembered. PREIOD!

      • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

        I love reading Rita ora nation twitter. The meltdown she had when Radioactive flopped in the USA AND UK. The pain in her tweets about why rita is failing. Rita Ora nation even wants Rita whora to leave ROC and sign with DEF JAM.LOL LOL THE IRONY. I love seeing rita whora flop and make a fool of herself in front of beyonce and rihanna.

      • Iembracemymixedheritage March 1, 2013

        And Rita Ora will be remembered as sleeping with 200 men

      • Riqueen March 2, 2013

        Oh shut up b**** we all know the damn truth rita whora is a flop as b**** and ri is qeen

  14. Mother Mariah March 1, 2013

    Wasn’t she supposed to end Rihanna’s career? What a bum.

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

      No. She was meant to END RIH’S career as effect of FEB 24th 2012-. That is why Rih had to black ball her career pull the life support machine of her ass.

  15. Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013


    Radioactive flopped in the UK; not make the top 10. LOL LOL LOL It is failing to chart in the USA itunes too. LOL LOL That rihanna reign SHUT RITA WHORA CAREER DOWN……… and any other b**** that tries to test the queen will never see the charts again.

    THIS IS WARNING! ANY B**** that tries to f*** with Rih will get there CAREER BLACKBALLED. Rita whora has been blackballed in the USA by riH . Ciara got dropped after she came at RIH. Beyonce does not get pop American airplay anymore, after she was cold towars RIH. ANY B****, that shades rig will get blackballed in the USA. SO BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    stay in yo lane

    F*** yo lane

    What lane

    F*** around and get embarrassed

  16. Lovebird (Beyonce’s Weave) March 1, 2013

    Samantha stays trying it with this b****. They’ll be no US release, that s*** will only be released in the UK. Also I thought this b**** was on tour, to my knowledge she’s only done one show so far. FLOP FLOP FLOP FLOP.

    • Beyonce superbowl ratings flop March 1, 2013

      No. she was never on tour. She was playing 5 or 6 smalls shows around tHE UK. Her management even had to give away tickets days before it started. HER SECOND ALBUM WILL NOT COME OUT IN THE USA. Have you seen where she is recording the second album?

      IN A BEDROOM STUDIO! That is right: she is recording her second LP in a an room with mike in it. LOL LOL what a come down. I thought people done that when they are making demo’s! This, after, radioactive was filmed in 4 hours with cheap director. LOL LOL LOL They have no money to waste on this flop. This would explain why the out RADIOactive on USA itunes with no promo – once again, she had burned up all of Sony’s dollars on flopping. They are not gonna waste money promoting her in the USA – I do not think it will come out in the USA, only the UK, but guess what ? She will flop in the UK with second album. Second albums usually flop and her reputation in the UK has been tarnished. Her debut UK LP flopped, 40k 1st week and scrapping platinum. She got lucky to trade of Rih and come of that Hot right now collabo. The rih name will not help her – in fact, it has hurt her.

      I still stand by what I say. SHE WILL BE DROPPED FROM ROC AND SONY. YOU WILL SEE.

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