Watch: The Saturdays Perform On ‘Wendy Williams’

Published: Monday 11th Mar 2013 by Sam

They  have 99 problems, but babies ain’t one!

The Saturdays, including pregnant member Rochelle Wiseman, stopped by The Wendy Williams Show today to promote US debut ‘What About Us‘.

How did the Brit-Pop belles fare? Find out after the jump…

While it’s great to have the group’s glue Rochelle there and active despite being with child, that sadly is where the “good” starts and stops. By no means renown for their collective vocals, the harmonies here were shamefully shocking. You know, that brand of cringe that makes you wince. How, after so long together and on such an important stage they manage to sound like a pack of wolves howling at the moon is mind-boggling.

Still, we have a bottomless pocket of love for the ladies and feel that for all their imperfections they still have specs of potential. For their sake, though, they need to tap into it pronto if this “breaking the US” reality show storyline is to become anything more than that.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Fake Fat Phoney Hive March 11, 2013


    • yes March 12, 2013

      i used to be a fan but they iritate me bc they come across as lazy and not dedicated.

      Why should I support a group who treat perfomances/videos/reality shows like a dull 9-5 that they would rather be elsewhere.

      They earn a lot of money and do a job thousands would kill for….Girls aloud are equal in talent but they seem to really LOVE what they do…..and are therefore much more successful.

  2. HoneychildPlease March 11, 2013

    *looks at thee right side* DA F***…well get that money no matter what i guess

  3. Riqueen March 11, 2013

    There called the Saturdays but why do they remind me of Monday?

    • JER March 12, 2013


  4. Faith March 12, 2013

    No aura no charisma no chemistry this group does nothing for me

  5. aeaeasd March 12, 2013

    WHO is paying america to book these morons on their show?

    • Tika March 12, 2013

      My guess is Wendy has run out of guests too book. They’re so random to be there.

  6. cocobutta March 12, 2013

    OOOOOOOHHHHHH that is not the Saturdays I know.
    You always get some sharp notes here and there but my real question is why make songs that don’t show off the groups strongest vocalist.

    Vanessa usually has such a strong and rich tone but that is not on this at all. To much restraint. Rochelle wasn’t on her vocal game at all for her standards.

    The others cough cough at those harmonies
    (Sealed with a sideeye & a smile)

    Just to show off Vanessa & Rochelle i’ll reminisce on this one.

  7. NOBITCHASSNESS March 12, 2013

    Good job for them! They are a great UK Girl Band.

  8. FAF March 12, 2013

    I dont understand why they’re still shaky & nervous after what? 5 years??!

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