Winning: Pink Album Certified Double Platinum

Published: Wednesday 13th Mar 2013 by Sam

Is there any stopping Pink? Really.

Fresh from nabbing a Platinum certification for latest LP ‘The Truth About Love’, the Pop rebel has been awarded a double-Platinum plaque for its predecessor.

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The RIAA have announced the star’s five-year old LP ‘Funhouse’ as the latest recipient of the x2 Platinum honour after selling 2 million copies since hitting stores on October 28th 2008.

An amazing feat in itself, the achievement brings the 33 year old’s total album certifications to more than 13 million units sold, spanning seven albums, during her 13 year career.


In an era where single sales and Youtube views are being pushed to inflate the importance of certain acts, Pink is proving that she is a force on both the album and single charts. Indeed, while racking up achievements such as those outlined above, she is smashing on both the US and UK iTunes singles tally with ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ – the latest release to be lifted from her current album ‘The Truth About Love’.

Pink is a multi-format monster and we’re loving it. In an era on smoke and mirrors, it’s great to see true talent still prevailing.

Your thoughts?

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  1. COLE March 13, 2013

    Wait a minute Samantha…

    You’re posting on an album that is “five years old”?


    Anyway, congrats Pink!

  2. Hive March 13, 2013

    Omg i thought it was for the new album…. next

  3. King B>Rihanna March 13, 2013

    yes! I love alot of the songs on the album.
    I love this chick like really alot…she right up there with beyonce.
    But she still can’t top Misunderstood which is a classic record.

  4. OMG ( Avril, Celine, Beyonce) March 13, 2013

    Regardless of a album that was five years ago its still music….and ya’ll get mad when sam posting about beyonce in a mall or rihanna smoking crack or ciara doing bathroom tours.

    • CiCi Slaaaaays March 13, 2013

      b**** leave ciara tf outta this before you get DRAGGED you s***** b****

      • MELISSA March 13, 2013

        Ciara has a double platinum album, though..

        Avril NEVER coming off the shelf! 😆 She better sell that cheap ass clothing line & date a different man every week 😆

      • OMG ( Avril, Celine, Beyonce) March 13, 2013

        LMAO when ciara can get 2 diamond albums come back to me. :))) Who is melissa?

      • OMG ( Avril, Celine, Beyonce) March 13, 2013

        Let go album:
        RIAA: 6× Platinum
        ARIA: 7× Platinum
        AUT: 2× Platinum
        CRIA: Diamond
        FIMI: Diamond
        BVMI: 3× Gold
        SWI: Platinum
        BPI: 5× Platinum
        RIAJ: Million

        WW: 17,000,000
        USA: 6,788,000
        UK: 1,711,088
        JPN: 799,000

        Under My Skin Album:

        RIAA: 3× Platinum[11]
        ARIA: Platinum[12]
        AUT: Platinum[13]
        CRIA: 5× Platinum[14]
        FIMI: 3× Platinum[15]
        BVMI: Gold[16]
        SWI: Platinum[17]
        BPI: 2× Platinum[18]
        RIAJ: Million[19]

        WW: 10,000,000[26]
        US: 3,108,000[21]
        JPN: 924,000[27]

        The Best Damn Thing:

        RIAA: Platinum[11]
        ARIA: 2× Platinum[12]
        AUT: Platinum[13]
        CRIA: 2× Platinum[14]
        FIMI: 2× Platinum[15]
        BVMI: Gold[16]
        SWI: Platinum[17]
        BPI: Platinum[18]
        RIAJ: Million[19]

        WW: 6,000,000[26]
        USA: 1,654,000[21]
        JPN: 848,000[29]
        UK: 452,672[30]

        Goodbye lullaby (underperformed but still better than ciara’s albums):

        WW: 1,300,000[33]
        USA: 277,000[21]
        JPN: 368,000

        Need I say more???

      • CiCi Slaaaaays March 13, 2013

        b**** avril is a f****** nobody shes an ugly white flop w****….

        when will she slay a stage like ciara you pressed beach whale

        &beyonce is a damn hasbeen her music is tired shes being over shadowed by nicki Minaj these days kiiiiii

      • MELISSA March 13, 2013

        I’m not seeing a diamond certification @OMG

        thats a US started phenomenon u talking like she sold 10mil copies in the US, thats not the same standard in France or wherever the f*** that Diamond certification from ‘Let go’ came from… Keep it moving, ugly

      • MELISSA March 13, 2013

        And Goodbye lullaby didn’t outsell s***! Ciara “FLOP” album that sold 37k first week has now sold over 200k, Fantasy ride has now sold over 300k > 277k “Goodbye FLOP”

  5. TrucieB March 13, 2013

    Yes Mam!!!! Congrats to her.

  6. CiCi Slaaaaays March 13, 2013

    Ain’t nobody checking for a trailer trash emo popstar wanna be named avril nexxt

    • OMG ( Avril, Celine, Beyonce) March 13, 2013

      Aint nobody checking for Bathroom tours ROFL

      • MELISSA March 13, 2013

        ^maybe she should do one

        her only relevance is dating that n**** from Nickelback ROFL

      • MELISSA March 13, 2013

        Oh I forgot the n**** from SUM41
        and Brody Jenner 😆
        that h** stay getting tats of n***** names SMH !

      • 37K……lol March 13, 2013

        Melissa =FAF a nicki & ciara stan… shes such a lame

  7. cake like lady gaga March 13, 2013

    I love every song on this album, so I’m happy for her

  8. Taylor Is A H**(Truth Cannon) March 13, 2013

    the best female entertainer in the last fifteen years.

  9. Alex March 13, 2013

    Sorry, I do not like the girl at all for all the negative hate she throws at Beyonce. Envy is so ugly.

  10. HoneychildPlease March 13, 2013

    You dumb f**** they talking about the recent album going 2 x platinum Smh…They just so happen to mention her older album to, to shine light on her accomplishments…stay pressed, stay you! that is it

    • 37K……lol March 13, 2013

      no you a dumb b**** why don’t you re read it faggit

  11. eric March 13, 2013

    Stupid she didn’t get the Grammy, but it shows more promise that she’s able to do as well as she is and be an established figure without the help of a lousy trophy.

  12. Theman March 13, 2013

    She’s amazing..

  13. JOHNVIDAL March 13, 2013

    For some reson I don´t like her. Please don´t bash me, it´s just a question of personal taste. I know she´s talented. But her music and voice are not too special to me

  14. Ci-Error Time March 13, 2013

    A basic flop that’s me…. 37k all day f**** with it…. get my 3rd lead single off one t***** army flop party help me outsell Kelly Rowland..

  15. Rihyonce March 13, 2013

    These Ciara stans REALLY be trying it like O-M-G. Lmao.

  16. Suicide Blonde March 13, 2013

    Badass b****…love her, Blondes Rocks.

  17. STERLING INFINITY (baby girl!) March 13, 2013

    I am a big p!nk fan, she deserves this her albums are consistent!

  18. Mik Bailey March 14, 2013

    She has more talent in her pinky than most artists in their whole body

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