Ciara Announces ‘One Woman Army’ Release Date / Praises Future & Questions Rihanna

Published: Saturday 6th Apr 2013 by David

Guess who’s dropping this summer?!

That’s right, weeks after her new single ‘Body Party’ debuted with a sweet 18,000 units sold first week, ‘Overdose’ darling Ciara has confirmed the release date for her new album, ‘One Woman Army‘ (cue Praise dance).

Confirming the date with the ever hilarious ‘Q Deezy‘, her interview with the radio staple also saw her speak openly on her feelings toward toward ‘Love Song‘ vocalist Future and question a number of unprovoked jabs aimed her way by ‘No Love Allowed’ singer(?) Rihanna.

Watch below…

‘One Woman Army’ drops June 4th!

Your thoughts?

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  1. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. April 6, 2013


    Her new album will go double aluminum & Body Party will be triple copper

    • JanetXone April 6, 2013

      I hope she proves you wrong but I’m scared she won’t. She needs to promote so hard that we get sick of seeing her cos that’s the only way we’ll know her people are trying for her. If we have to ask where she is next month we’ll know whether it’ll flop or not.

      • Lana Del Slay April 6, 2013

        Isn’t TAGG out the same day?

      • mob: fine china…”U forced my hand” April 6, 2013

        Beyond that she needs MATERIAL WORTH PROMOTING! 0_o

      • YES April 8, 2013

        i love ciara but there is NOOOOOOOOO consistency with her or her team.

        I was amped for body party but we’ve been waiting, what….3 weeks for the video?

        Any interest has been lost.

        I dunno. I want her to be so successful, but its like time and time again the sameeee things happen. I think people do root for her to win, but she (when i say she, i mean her team) dont make it easy. Huge popular success doesnt just ‘happen’.

        Im not even here for big sales, i just enjoy her music, but its just like….release it with no fanfare like frank ocean did and just see how it goes. Giving a release date is like waving a red flag at a bull….the bull being people that love to hate her.

      • YES April 8, 2013

        ^having said that she has a record label to please so i guess they told her to rock up and give the release date.

        She seems pretty chill and openly said she had to ask who they were going to see….

    • Keegan Parker April 6, 2013

      Lets live in reality now I am going to tell you what will happen.The album will take more than a year to reach gold status(500,000).It will debut with maybe 29,000 copies sold and if I am being generous and a promotional push may help I will up that to 60,000.She will release single after single that will generate luke warm heat.The album will disappear.

      I like Ciara but her marketing just like Keisha Cole is off.The person we first loved..street..urban has truly changed.When you are marketed as that and you aren’t anymore where do you go???The team she has around her hasn’t made transistion seamlessly.

      • bRANDON dULIN April 7, 2013

        A person once told me to have confidence only in the presence of the LAW of attraction, otherwise you will lose the chromosome love and gain the substance qualm. does that make sense? yaup. – bmd.

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      She will sell 22k in the first week, and by 2016 she’ll sell 275k.

    • come on. do it right. :D April 6, 2013

      aluminum? copper? isn’t that still too much? what about…




    • lexi April 6, 2013

      yeah I agree, she is not doing any promotion and the fact that she keeps talking about the Rihanna beef really shows she can’t really stand with just her music alone.

      • MB92 April 6, 2013

        I CAN TELL FROM THE COMMENTS THAT MOST OF YOU HAVE’NT EVEN WATCHED THE INTERVIEW!!! But Yet you’re making comments as if Ciara came for rihanna. Ciara Was asked a question and answered it honestly… SIMPLE AS THAT!

    • mob: fine china…”U forced my hand” April 6, 2013

      LOL….DAMN you ppl can be so cruel!!….not “double aluminum & triple copper”….DAMN! 🙂

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      The bish stay giving shine to Future and Rihanna in her interviewss just like she did with 50 Cents. Trust and believe that Future go drop her in love ass when this album officially flops. She seems more concerned with him and Rihanna than actually promoting her album. Ciara sis, the next interview please just talk about your album and yourself booboo… I cant root for stupid!

      • MB92 April 6, 2013

        If the title of this post didn’t mention rihanna’s name you wouldn’t know she even spoke of rihanna… “stupid is as stupid does”

    • trina April 6, 2013


  2. Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 6, 2013

    *side eye*
    Why did she reveal the date when we all know she’s gonna push it back yet again?

    • TurntUp4Cici April 6, 2013

      Why does Rihanna wear panties when she’s only gonna take them off as soon as she gets to the club?

      • Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 6, 2013

        The world may never know hun but the shade gives me life.

      • TurntUp4Cici April 6, 2013

        Kiii love you too b****.

      • Dev April 6, 2013

        That must be the comment/reply of the year so far

    • Todd April 6, 2013

      Why does Rihanna wear panties when she’s only gonna take them off as soon as she gets to the club?


  3. BeyWhoUWanna April 6, 2013

    Yes Cici, shade that no p**** wall having w****.

    • RoyalNavi April 6, 2013

      Mad that she’s got a better body than the Fraud hun?

      • BeyWhoUWanna April 6, 2013

        Mad that R**** is the Discount Queen?

      • RoyalNavi April 6, 2013

        No b****, I’m mad that Thiefyonce hasn’t had a number one since before Obama became president. You mad?

      • bedia123 April 6, 2013

        No.1 ALBUM b****? she did! hahahaha…. Just cause your fave got hers SEVEN YEARS later after 6 Albums, doesn’t mean my FAVE has the same struggle… 😀

      • Jas April 6, 2013

        LMFAO At the Navy stan shading Beyonce’s #1 albums….It took Rihanna almost a damn decade just to get one hahahahaha *dead*.

  4. OWA JUNE 4TH April 6, 2013

    QUEEN! YASSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUNE 4TH!

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      Queen of WHAT??? The Dairy Queen?

  5. TaylorWins April 6, 2013

    If Ciara doesn’t know that she needs to do whatever she needs to do to slay I give up on her.
    Release Overdose, cut a radio check, go to all the major talk shows and forget about trying to make BP happen. When your fans are asking for a single how does it make sense to ignore them?

    • Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 6, 2013

      “Overdose” could’ve been a big hit if she released it.
      Ciara is not at the point where she can release anything and expect her music to sell off of her name alone.
      She needs to get back to where her career was a few yrs ago first, then surpass that.
      I like BP though. Not interested in everything else I’ve heard so I don’t think I’ll be buying but I wish her the best.

  6. Sleazy April 6, 2013

    Bout damn time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shade that goat sounding heffer! I think Ciara was just like I showed this c*** nothing but love and then her and her follow druggy/drug mule friend wesley I mean melissa be throwing that shade! OWA

    • the best dancer April 7, 2013

      i hope Ciara don’t wait until the last minute to promote the album… she still hasnt done performances of BP.

      Glad she is on radio… now go do SOME SHOWS to promote ur music CiCi…. Come to Texas.

  7. Arie April 6, 2013

    Cici is just trying to get some attention, non of those comments were unprovoked.They don’t like each other that’s it. I am glad to know she is finally releasing her album thou I won’t be buying because I am not a fan, I look foward to seeing her music videos because she is a pretty girl and I love to watch her dancing.

  8. OverDoseOnSorry April 6, 2013

    Homegirl better have some tricks up her sleeves this time around because she really can’t afford another flop. Would it kill her to do interviews with Pop stations?!

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      I think she trying to but they dont want her.

      • mob: fine china…”U forced my hand” April 6, 2013

        Yeah, this new age radio format that fits the agenda of the “powers tha be’s” new “MUSIC-MEDIA INDUSTRY MONOPOLY” is very polorizing. There are only a handful of black acts who will be allowed to crossover…..Bey, JZ, Rih, Nic, Beezy, Weezy, Drake, and a few others. Without Ciara being photographed with KIM KARDASHIAN evey other day, she has no value to thoe POP WORLD, I hate to say!!

  9. Sleazy April 6, 2013

    Body party is top 40 on urban well almost top 30 on urban radio in just a week!!!!!!!!!!!! Audience impressions are increasing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its yet to be sent rhythmic and to top it all! She didn’t do s*** yet lol its top 40 r&b/hipHop songs…. Girl you better promote and give us that Next POP smash

    • MB92 April 6, 2013

      She didn’t care to talk about rihanna…. the interviewer asked the questions and she brushed them off

    • MB92 April 6, 2013

      Shhhh Im pretty sure the haters wouldn’t want to know that Body Party is doing good….

  10. gf April 6, 2013

    this n**** interviewing is corny as fuckkkkkk…. next

    • IDK April 6, 2013

      right, wack ass. smh.

  11. Liberation April 6, 2013

    Ciara just doesn’t have it anymore unfortunately. It’s sad that her career peaked so quickly. I wonder why people lost interest in her so fast?

    • Teflon Boy April 7, 2013

      I think it boils down purely to that fact that she has no real discernible talent when it comes to singing.., this isn’t shade either it is just fact. She can perform her b*** off but does not have much beyond heavy breathing and that unfortunately is only permisable if you’re a Jackson, a Smith or from any other rich dynasty (i.e. a successful group) where the public interest was already cemented and goes deeper than your music. People shade Rihanna’s voice but she CAN sing enough to entertain her audience’s ear. Ciara’s music unfortunately is ALL about the producer.., and we’re now in an era where producers and songwriters are more sought after than actual recording artists.

  12. Love on top April 6, 2013

    I’m dying at ciara face when they mention R**** lmao

    • LOL!! April 6, 2013


  13. HausMuthaAdele April 6, 2013

    Ciara honey, you have to know that you are not in a space where you can release whatever you want. PUT OVERDOSE OUT NOW.

  14. JT>>>>JC>>>>JB April 6, 2013

    This girl could be so big if she put more effort in.

  15. Gone, Gone, Gone April 6, 2013

    Turn up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be getting One Woman Army! As much as rihanna stans hate on ciara she still better than their fav! Remember you and your cocky fav can brag now but you karma is a h** watch out

    • FentySoSnatched April 6, 2013

      @ us though.

      • Rock April 6, 2013

        I really don’t like rihanna I never did I feel like she just a manufactured artist her “Bad girl” attitude is so fake I don’t see rihanna the ARTIST I see rihanna the puppet who got abused *shrugs*

    • Robyn Fenty (The STD infected goat) April 6, 2013

      Karma is the ultimate bish.
      They need to watch it. The bigger you are the harder you fall.

      • NaviKissKiss April 6, 2013

        If karma is a b**** then Rihanna must have been a saint in another life cos she’s SLAYING!

      • Liberation April 6, 2013

        No shade, but is that why Ciara fell so hard?

    • LOL!! April 6, 2013


  16. N**** April 6, 2013

    Hows she lookin for attention when theyre the ones who asked her..?

  17. King B>Rihanna April 6, 2013

    so i guess i have to buy the album to hear “Overdose”.

  18. Electric chapel April 6, 2013

    The tone of ciara voice sounds beautiful rihanna fans tryna shade their fav can’t even speak english! If you put out overdose girl I’m all yours BP dope tho but I’m a Pop girl

  19. N**** April 6, 2013

    Ahh ciara clearly said she dont give a f*** but these haters do. Damn yall got ciara name saved in yo favorites and s***. Get ya life.!

    I loved how open she was in this interview and the other one she did that same day, ive been waiting for this ciara to come back ayeee! One woman army june 4th CHYEAH! S/o to her haters for keepin her relevant swearing shes not.

  20. only the truth April 6, 2013

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who saw that shirt she was wearing ??? Really ciara really ? Smh people will do anything.

    • OVOForever April 6, 2013

      If it’s what you think it is that’s between her and God. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole but loses his soul? Nothing but lots of money and sleepless nights.

  21. AQueenLikeBey April 6, 2013

    If she releases and PROMOTES OD and does everything Riwhore did to promote Loud I promise to buy TEN copies of album and share my receipts on here.

    • LOL!! April 6, 2013


  22. JJFan1814 April 6, 2013

    I’m rooting for Ci this era, I always do…But since I loved Sorry, Got Me Good, & Body Party I’m definately for sure gonna buy the album.

  23. BrandNuStar April 6, 2013

    If we don’t get an O.d video before the album comes out we’ll know she flopped. White b****** will love that song 2bh.

  24. king z April 6, 2013

    “is that what you want? why do you want that?”

    i swear to you that sounds like something Whitney would’ve said! that was sooo funny to me for some reason.

    but yo ciara – lose the illuminati t-shirt boo

  25. Galang April 6, 2013

    Kiiiii at everyone stanning for Overdose.

  26. IDK April 6, 2013

    He a shady interviewer. smh Anyways, goodluck CICI!

  27. Miami April 6, 2013

    she wack as F***

  28. MarinaWantsTheD April 6, 2013

    I can’t be the only Marina stan on here.

    • TaylorWins April 6, 2013

      Don’t worry sis, I was the second Taylor rep to use TGJ but I can tell they’re growing and gaining more stans so you won’t be alone for too long.

  29. Rih and Ci April 6, 2013

    Excuse me But I love Ciara and rihanna I obviously loved ci before But I love the 2 of them so stop saying rihnna fans say SOME I understand some can be hateful but please I love both so don’t attack all the fans

  30. HOTSTUFF April 6, 2013

    lemme break it down to you CiCi, you’re gonna FLOP, HANG IT UP.

    • BrandNuStar April 6, 2013

      But the way Rihanna’s v***** is set up though.

      • Lana Del Slay April 6, 2013


      • BeyWhoUWanna April 6, 2013

        Stretched out.

      • CSquadTurntUp April 6, 2013


      • HOTSTUFF April 6, 2013

        and what about OverFLOP for C-error ?

      • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

        But the way Brandy’s album sales are set up though.

      • LOL!! April 6, 2013


  31. NΛVI April 6, 2013

    where is overdose and living it up?? riri and cici need to squash this stupid beef cause i have love for both of them… i already forgot what they mad about, so petty.

  32. Stans Make Me LOL April 6, 2013

    Wheres the video for Body Party? Her team are SLACK. There are too many gaps in her promo, news about the album came out ages ago we should have been given at least 2 singles by now and a damn music video with her whinning up her little waste. Phuck these radio interviews talking bout Future ‘n’ dem…. get a consistent marketing plan because she has the looks and enough talent to make it big.
    Pissing me OFFF! lol

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      Do not blame her team. The rihson why CiERROR has so many gaps in her promo is that she isn’t generating money for her promos. Think about it if you have an artist that flops rihpeatedly would you infuse more cash or would you ERR on the side of caution. All these singles were to help loosen cash flow so that the investors would see that they are not taking a hugh risk but the artist has failed to deliver and so her team’s hand is tied. Look at Bey and Rih, in Bey’s case all she needs is a 4 sec snippet and people go wild. Rihanna’s Pour IT Up sales is amazing and there has been no video. UNA is almost at 3 milli WW. Who will invest in CiERROR for promo ?she will have to look BEYond music and go open up a dance studio because her Z sqaud is not large enough!

  33. HOTSTUFF April 6, 2013

    and Bitchhhhhhhhh what’s that attitude when talking about the QUEEN ? sit your flop ass down.

    • Beyheaven April 6, 2013

      The QUEEN is Beyonce! Ciara loves the Queen and R**** is messy ass B**** who likes to internet thug! How can you go from a Beat Up B**** to a Bad B****? R**** is joke.

      • LOL!! April 6, 2013


      • Ballsy April 6, 2013

        Rihanna is QUEEN! We all know that. Goes without saying! Crown has been snatched and they acting like they dont even know it lol!

      • COKEWHORE April 6, 2013

        Rihanna is nobody queen, Last I check Beyonce was the Queen.

      • Ballsy April 6, 2013

        No Rihanna is… There I said it because it is just so.

      • Jas April 6, 2013

        No, Beyonce is the Queen. I have yet to hear anyone else refer to Rihanna as the Queen besides her fans. I have however, heard various t.v. personalities, radio show host, magazines, Good Morning America, and plenty of other sources refer to Beyonce as such. So no Rihanna is not.

      • Ballsy April 7, 2013

        Nope Rihanna is and I dont need a paragraph to say it!

  34. Mother Mariah April 6, 2013

    Oh Ciara……Her career has pretty much dwindled down to nothing. Sad.

  35. CallMeCici April 6, 2013

    Ci would be ok if her people read the comments in this thread, yall’ve been saying what we have since last year.

  36. BLonDiE April 6, 2013

    I’ll give it to Ciara. She is PERSISTENT. She has flopped over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over but she has yet to give up!

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over ……. And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over ……. And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over ……. And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over ……. And Over And Over

      • HALF AMAZIN April 6, 2013

        #DEATH….I cant

  37. cake like lady gaga April 6, 2013

    “No Love Allowed singer(?)” @Sam this constant Rihanna shade is getting boring. Really I’m bored of it now.. Try something else sis -________-

  38. RG2 April 6, 2013


  39. jesse April 6, 2013

    Kiiii at: rihanna is watching right now. Do u have anything to say to her?? Ciara: not at all.
    Also @brandnustar..

  40. Jade April 6, 2013

    Rihanna is a b****. Point blank period.

  41. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 6, 2013

    did “sorry” get certified Gold yet ?

    • HOTSTUFF April 6, 2013

      Gold ? you’re reaching boo, did it get certified PLASTIC yet ?*

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 6, 2013

        where are her C-Squad then ?!!!! 😆

  42. Dev April 6, 2013

    I appreciate Ciara’s hustle, but this is the kinda radio station she needs not to be going on.
    This host is a old fool

  43. MiMi Carey April 6, 2013

    She’s so boring

  44. mob: fine china…”U forced my hand” April 6, 2013

    I have a bad feeling this CD is going to flop harder than her last! I enjoyed SORRY & the dance video (can’t recall the name of the song tho) she produced a few months back but that’s about it! I’m going to need Cici to run to the studio with Jazzy Pha A.S.A.P.! She is in desperate need of a MY GOODIES, 2 STEP, RIDE, ACT LIKE BOY etc. Time is running out…..tick tock C!!

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      she too busy under Future sucking out his fart. When is this girl gonna learn that sometimes you have to put the men aside and focus on your business Idk. I tell you what she hasnt been with dude for a minute and she already giving him free press. When she flops again he go drop her a** and then she go learn!

  45. LOL!! April 6, 2013


  46. Big D*** Playa April 6, 2013

    Vote Ciara For President In 2016.
    So she can expel the conganese “king” Beyonce from Africa

  47. jesse April 6, 2013

    Rlly going to be a cold day in hell when this girl is going to catch a break. Y get mad at her for ANSWERING the QUESTIONS asked???? Uhhh. N what did she say was mean or disrespectful?? Smmfh no talent mfs should bePUNCHED in _/ _£/ _/. If ur fav has talent please dnt respond. Kiiii

  48. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lmao @ The Hoeianna stans. Ciara may b an flop but at least during her peak. She’s had an multiplatinum album here n the States. Goodies = 3x! Hoeianna has never and never will bahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhah

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 6, 2013

      her PEAK ?!! what peak ?!!! she never was in the base , so how can she be at any peak ?!

      she’s a LOCAL FLOP , deal, and the fact she still stuck in the goodies era and think it’s still hot and sells tells volumes about her smartness.

      you need to worry about your fav’s next flop TBH, and she looks like mufasa from “lion king” in your avi btw 😆

  49. mob: fine china…”U forced my hand” April 6, 2013

    I’m not really sure why it as necessary to mention Rihanna’s name in this interview or even allow the DJ to lead you into a response? Ciara just stay focused on you boo boo and stop speaking on Rihanna! If I’m not mistaken your TV interview a yr or so back is what caused this mess btw you two. Keep it moving Cici….looking good by the way!

    **pssss…..I just don’t trust Future’s motives… many baby’s mamas does he have?….geez 🙁

  50. Hey EJay April 6, 2013

    Cici started flopping when she challenged Beyonce, same thing will happen with Rihanna. And please fool yourself not by thinking rihanna is Queen when she announced her diamonds tour last yea and yet tickets still haven’t be totally sold and when B last released an album 2011 and sold out in less than ten minutes. Besides Queen Rri sounds ghetto and doesn’t fit in, let’s just stick bad gal riri. Love her though

    • LLS!! April 6, 2013


  51. Hey EJay April 6, 2013

    Cici started flopping when she challenged Beyonce, same thing will happen with Rihanna. And please fool yourself not by thinking rihanna is Queen when she announced her diamonds tour last yea and yet tickets still haven’t be totally sold and when B last released an album 2011 announced her your two and a half months ago and sold out in less than ten minutes. Besides Queen Rri sounds ghetto and doesn’t fit in, let’s just stick bad gal riri. Love her though

  52. Mateo April 6, 2013

    Rihanna cannot come for Ciara! Ciara sings decent, CAN DANCE & has a stage presence reminiscent to Janet Jackson! The only thing Riri has on Ciara is her sales, pop appeal and Social Media Stats. I love Ciara’s body and new song Body Party. What do you guys think? I don’t think they should beef at all.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 6, 2013

      i stopped caring enough to read past “ciara sings …” .

  53. christinastheerealtalent April 6, 2013

    Rihanna’s problem is she has let fame and fortune get to her head too much. All of those #1 songs got her walking around lookin down on everybody. Every time another black female artist releases a new song, Rihanna feels the need to show her ass.

    Rihanna is cocky, arrogant, with a stank ass attitude.

    • LLS!! April 6, 2013


    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 6, 2013

      the nerve of one of the remaining xtina flop stans talking about someone being “cocky” , “arrogant” and ” with a stank ass attitude” , b**** you just described your struggling fav.

  54. christinastheerealtalent April 6, 2013

    at the end of the day, Rihanna has nothing to back up her string of #1 songs. She cannot sing, she cannot dance, she’s a chronic drug user, drunk, and sad ass influence for millions of teenage girls.

    As soon as Rihanna takes her “break” people will move on to the next best thing. It happened to Madonna, Cher, Britney, Christina, Mariah, etc…

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 6, 2013

      no one was here mainly for your fav tho…………

  55. OVERDOSEPLEASE April 6, 2013

    Ciara and her team just need to release overdose. It has that TOP 40 POTINETAL! Overdose should’ve been the lead single of this project. If her team doesn’t direct her in that way she recorded overdose i think this will be the third strike (album) that will flop and she will be OUT. Don’t get me wrong Ciara is talented and has a great discraphy but at the same time she needs to move on and PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!
    If they aren’t going to release Overdose they (EPIO) need to at least issue a press statement for another new single that has POP APPEAL. I feel as if the direction they want her to go in is the R&B direction. I could see what the label was trying to do with good me good but it really didn’t work. I’m just going to put faith in this project and just hope that the next single released is pop. Statistics show that more people download pop songs over R&B songs perioid point blank wam bam thank you mam! MEANWHILE WAITS FOR RCA RECORD LABEL TO ANNOUNCE XTINA’S THIRD SINGLE (LET THERE BE LOVE) OFF OF HER CRITICALLY ACCLAMIED ALBUM “LOTUS”

  56. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lmao @ This Flip Flop Mental C*nt @ POP ROYALTY. C*NT u mad that I spilled the tea lmaooooooooooo. And b****, that’s the Woman that Hoeianna said, BEAUTY COULD DESTROY THE SELF ESTEEM OF AN ENTIRE NATION! BWahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah Not only are u an EPIC Mental Flip Flop Fail but are one pressed and mad faggggggggg lmao

    • LLS!! April 6, 2013


      • Hey EJay April 6, 2013

        Lol, someone is insecure. Don’t be thinking when riri has a flat ass. So should the rest of the world. Bey got so much booty than what yo mama can only dream of. And how wouldn’t you notice the added b*** on her single ladies vid?! H** your a hater, bow down.

      • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

        Goodbye. Beyonce is all thighs and hips. J. Lo has more booty than her.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 6, 2013

      looks like you spilled the tea on your fav shared dress girl 😆

      and we all know rihanna smokes s*** that makes her high , she must have been out of her mind this time !!

      i see my tiny comment got you mad as your fav’s weave.

  57. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    US SALES: GOODIES 3X PLATINUM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All of Hoeianna albums lmfaooooooooooooooooo

    • LLS!! April 6, 2013


    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 6, 2013

      she still a struggling WW FLOP regardless……

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      Thing is Beyonce has the US on lock but WW she struggling !

  58. Hey EJay April 6, 2013

    Calling beyonce fattie bey only describes rihanna skinny ass finished by so many d****. And correction rihanna only outsold beyonce only on one album b****, not that I’m surprized that some rihanna fans are naturally stupid but you are way to stupid to be classified under any stupidity category. Bow you s*** down cos your fav is a minute artist. Can’t even remember her last album’s name.

  59. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lmao @ U Stupid B******. Those are records sales C*nts. I’m talking about MUTH F*CKIN ALBUM SALES! THE REAL SH*T! GOODIES 3X PLATINUM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all of Hoeianna albums n the States.

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      ACTUALLY Goodies sold 2.7 million and GGGB sold 2.9 million. Idk why Rihanna didn’t get a 3x platinum certification if she sold more than Ciara.

  60. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lmao If Ciara muders R**** n album sales, here n the States. Then we all know KING B ERASES THE H** n album sales. Both KING B and Ciara have 3X PLATINUM ALBUMS. Hoeianna has not one lmafao bwahaahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahha. GOODIES 3X >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GGGB 2X Lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    • NΛVI April 6, 2013

      lol the delusion

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      kok @Musafa taking outta his ass. Guess you arent interested in facts are you ? Like the fact that Goodies was NEVER 3X like ever

  61. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lies. Pure lies. Goodies was certified 3X bac n 06 or early 07. Hoeianna’s GGGB is no where near 3X. Its somewhere around 2.3 n the States. These Hoeianna stans always trying to shade other stanbases but Hoeianna is an F*ckin Flop. With album sales inside the States.

    • Likica April 6, 2013

      Nope h**, both albums have sold ~2.8 million in the USA, don’t deflate Rihanna’s sales.

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013


      Released: September 28, 2004 (US)[22]
      Label: LaFace
      Formats: CD, digital download

      US: 2,748,000[9]

      RIAA: 3× Platinum[4]
      BPI: Gold[23]
      IRMA: Gold[24]
      MC: Platinum[5]

      Good Girl Gone Bad

      Released: June 5, 2007 (US)[33]
      Label: Def Jam
      Formats: CD, LP, digital download

      UK: 1,850,000[34]
      US: 2,800,000[35]
      World: 7,000,000[36]

      ARIA: 3× Platinum[37]
      BEA: 2× Platinum[38]
      BPI: 5× Platinum[7]
      BVMI: 2× Platinum[30]
      IFPI: 3× Platinum [31]
      IFPI SWI: 3× Platinum[39]
      IRMA: 3× Platinum[40]
      MC: 5× Platinum[25]
      RIAA: 2× Platinum[6]
      RIANZ: Platinum[41]
      But GGGB has recently sold 9million world wide, and 2.9 in the states. Get your facts straight girl! 🙂

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      BOOM! Those numbers are real and dont lie!

  62. Teacher April 6, 2013

    Can we get a Beyonce,Rihanna,Nicki,or Mariah post….I need to see smbdy get dragged lol and the way yall dragged Mariah the other day was sooo freakin funny lol..and that one person who just despises Nicki Minaj gives me life w/ those comments…and seeing Rih and Bey get dragged is funny as well!

    • Ballsy April 6, 2013

      Yes this site has epic draggers.

  63. TeamBreezy April 6, 2013

    Cici maybe you shouldnt have started this feud with Rihanna , you will forever flop from now on. Dont come for the biggest black pop star in the world and think theres no repurcusions

    • TeamBreezy April 6, 2013


      Selling 18k is NOTHING to brag about …

  64. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    I’m no girl S***! I’m a f*ckin Man, so u can get down an lick balls B****. And those are pure lies again. GGGB has sold a little over 7 million WW. US Sales, its sits at 2.6. U Hoeianna stans are so damn delusional and feel with so many f*ckin lies. Its really sad and pathetic. If GGGB sold more than Goodies. Then why wasn’t it awarded 3X platinum Like Goodies????????? Cause u C*nts no those are pure lies. GOODIES CERTIFIED 3X >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GGGB 2.6 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO #STAY MAD AND PRESSED LMAO

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      The same reason Nicki’s album has sold 860k and was certified platinum DUMMY. If they ship a million to the stores, it will get a platinum certification. And WHERE are your receipts because GGGB has NOT sold 2.6 million. *waiting*

  65. jesse April 6, 2013

    I want ciara and chris to do a performance again at the bet awards. Tha was hot! Any special performances ppl want to c??

  66. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013


    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      Lies. Mariah Carey is.

      • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

        And if you don’t consider Mariah to be a black female; Whitney Houston is. 🙂

  67. BLonDiE April 6, 2013


    1. Barbra Streisand – 71.5 million
    2. Madonna – 64.5 million
    3. Mariah Carey – 63.5 million
    4. Whitney Houston – 57 million
    5. Celine Dion – 50 million
    6. Shania Twain – 48 million
    7. Reba McEntire – 41 million
    8. Britney Spears – 34 million
    9. Linda Ronstadt – 30 million
    10. Enya – 26.5 million

  68. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lmfao @ This Silly Ass C*nt @TeamBreezy. Um…What repercussions???? Lmao U b****** need to lay of the crack and meth(like ur favs). If Ciara whoops Hoeianna ass. Won’t a damn thing will b done about it. Hoeianna doesn’t have power and influence n the Music Industry. If she did. Then Chris ass wouldn’t have a career today lmao. That b**** isn’t s***. She isn’t respected n the industry at all. So what repercussions are u talking about? Lmaooooooooooooo. #THESE RIHC*NTS

  69. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Blondie…..I guess u are an true blonde. I was replying to @Team Breezy comment. The C*nt was saying Hoeianna was the biggest black popstar rite now. Gurl please sit yo raggedy ass down somewhere.

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      You made a general statement idiot. A false statement at that. But I’ve already shut you down. I don’t see Beyonce or Rihanna ANYWHERE on that list loser. Hahahahahaha dumb ass.

  70. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    B**** u or any other C*nt on this F*ckin site. Could never ever shut me down H**. And KING B is on that list. The updated one. She has sold over 30 million albums inside the US! BILLBOARD CROWNED HER WITH THAT ACHIEVEMENT BAC @ THE 2011 BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS LMAO. What an EPIC FAIL u are. Hoeianna will never ever ever ever everrrrrrrr b on that list. #SUCK THAT SH*T H**

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      This IS a current list lmao. Actually it was posted TODAY. Delusional. She did not sell 30 million albums in the US. Deal.

      • Ballsy April 6, 2013

        I loves how Blondie goes in with facts. I dont stan for Mariah but geez that Bish owns that list.

      • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

        Baby I briiiings the facts. Yes babe, Barbara, Madonna, Mariah, Whitney and Celine are the HBICs. Britney is the only contemporary girl thats pretty close with 34 million records sold in the USA.

  71. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013


    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      Awe how mature. 🙂

      • Ballsy April 6, 2013

        All communication breaks down when these bees see that this delusion is becoming an elusion .. kiiiiiiii lmao! Poor dat!

      • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

        Such a simple little fairy.

  72. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lmao @ This delusional H**. If KING B didn’t sell 30 + million albums n the States. Then why the hell did Billboard give her The Millenuim Award? H** STFU! U don’t know a damn thing. Billboard said it they self. So don’t get mad @ me c*nt. Get mad @ Billboard. #STAY DELUSIONAL H**

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      Take that up with RIAA baby. They give out the certifications. 🙂 Maybe she sold 30 million RECORDS (singles included), but she definitely (with a capital D) didn’t sell 30 million records in America.

      As a matter of fact, I’m looking at the RIAA list right now. Tgj won’t let me post the link. As of April 06, 2013 (TODAY). I’m not gonna post the entire list, but here you go so I’m so “delusional” 😆

      PEARL JAM 31.5
      BOSTON 31
      DIXIE CHICKS 30.5
      PETTY, TOM 29
      OSBOURNE, OZZY 28.75
      ‘N SYNC 28
      MANILOW, BARRY 27.5
      BROOKS & DUNN 27.5
      BOYZ II MEN 27
      JAY-Z 27
      BEE GEES 26.5
      ENYA 26.5
      HILL, FAITH 25.5
      CHESNEY, KENNY 25.5
      NIRVANA 25
      CREED 25
      RUSH 25
      ZZ TOP 25
      CARPENTERS, THE 24.5
      KEITH, TOBY 24.5
      GREEN DAY 24
      GILL, VINCE 24
      MOTLEY CRUE 23.5
      SADE 23.5

      I see Jay-Z, but where’s Beyonce? Once again, this is the RIAA’s OFFICIAL website. As of APRIL 06, 2013.

      Destiny’s Child is on the list for selling 17.5 million, but Beyonce the ARTIST is not on the list at all.

      MAYER, JOHN 11
      NINE INCH NAILS 10.5
      NICKS, STEVIE 10.5
      CYRUS, BILLY RAY 10.5
      DEPECHE MODE 10.5
      MARTIN, RICKY 10.5
      BUSH 10.5
      KRAVITZ, LENNY 10.5
      SCORPIONS 10.5
      SMITH, MICHAEL W. 10.5
      BRANDY 10.5
      JUDDS, THE 10.5
      ABBA 10.5
      WILLIAMS, ANDY 10.5
      LAVIGNE, AVRIL 10.25

      This is the end of the list. This means that Beyonce Knowles has sold UNDER 10.25 million albums in the good ole US of A.

      Sooooo keep on reaching for the stars babe. Ya girl didn’t sell 30 million records in America.

      • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

        Take that up with RIAA baby. They give out the certifications. 🙂 Maybe she sold 30 million RECORDS (singles included), but she definitely (with a capital D) didn’t sell 30 million records in America.

        TYPO: I meant to sell she definitely didn’t sell 30 million albums in America.

  73. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Well I guess I can move on. Since I SHUT THIS MUTHA F***** POST DOWN! These h*** trying to come for DIGGER BEY lmfao. I’m built with facts. U h*** are built with lies and delusional stories. Like intially said GOODIES 3X PLATINUM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GGGB 2X PLATINUM

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      Rihanna sold almost 20 million WW after 4 albums.

      Ciara sold about 8 million WW after 4 albums.

      Pleeeease shut up and deal.

      • Ballsy April 7, 2013

        So wait Rihanna MORE THAN DOUBLED what Ciara did : 20 milli within 4 album vs 8 milli within 4 album..

        AM I SHOCKED???… NOPE !!! NOT AT ALL

  74. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013


  75. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lmao U can tell when u are dragggggggggggggging h***. And they are wrong as hell. That’s when they try and change the subject lmao

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      Like you’re changing the subject by telling me to suck your nasty puss-filled, STD infested penis? Honey, instead of shaking your lumpy ass to Beyonce’s under 10.25 million albums sold in America–you need to be headed to your nearest clinic for testing. You, my dear didn’t drag anything or anyone. But by the way you typed, I can tell that you were dragged as a baby because you have about as much sense as a penny with a hole in it. So continue to believe hype yourself up with that autistic brain of yours, and I’ll continue to hit you with F-A-C-T-S, dopey.

  76. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Bwhaahahahahahahahahaahaha is that suppose to some kind of draggin b****. U are not even worthy of suckin my d***, u Worthless S***. If my d*** was filled with STDs. A H** like ur mother gave it to me. B**** don’t get mad cause u want my d***. Daddy d*** isn’t for an Nasty Piece of S*** like u. U miserable bottom of the barriel H**. For the record, I shake my ass to KING B 30 million album sold n The USA! Another EPIC FAIL BOITCH! #NOW COME LICK MY C** OFF THE FLOOR H**

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      Awe I have you all worked up and stuff. Your blood pressure is shooting through the roof. Is that what has you so delusional?

  77. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Damn somebody is mad lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo. #I SHUT H*** DOWN

    • BLonDiE April 6, 2013

      Mad? You’ve been cursing me out this entire time. I think you’re the mad one baby lol. And who still tells people to suck their d*** hehehe. You must be a middle schooler. That’s cute. Well it’s 6:46pm. I need to head to the mall to find me something to wear tonight. You were very entertaining, but I must return to my life now. Have a great day lunatic. 🙂

  78. DIGGER BEY April 6, 2013

    Lmao What life B****? And I don’t think the mall sell clothes for fat mutha f*ckers like u. Yeah, I am an Lunatic. Who has draggggggggggggggged the twinkies out of ur fat ass. Enjoy ur nite on the street corner H**!

  79. Rihanna killed beyho’s career April 6, 2013

    She needs to question that flop career.

  80. bedia123 April 6, 2013

    Weeee it’s going to be Kelly Vs. Ciara june 4th! 😀

    • Ballsy April 7, 2013

      Kelly will win. The writing is on the wall!

  81. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) April 6, 2013

    I havent like a ciara song since, cant even remember..

    I honestly don’t know how she’s going to do this time around..
    she does have L.A reid on her side this time so, her promotion budget is going to be bigger than her last 2 albums…

    well hopefully she brings it this time around..good luck ciara

  82. xedos April 6, 2013

    what you wont see ON this site Rihanna 1st month DWT bos scores
    Current Boxscore

    Artist: Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
    Venue: Air Canada Centre
    City/State:Toronto, Ontario
    Dates: March 18-19, 2013
    Gross Sales: $2,498,532
    Attend/Capacity: 32,038 /32,038

    Artist: Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
    Venue: Bell Centre
    City/State: Montreal, Quebec
    Dates: March 17, 2013
    Gross Sales: $1,278,497
    Attend/Capacity: 16,054 /16,054

    Artist: Rihanna
    Venue: United Center
    City/State: Chicago, Ill.
    Dates: March 22, 2013
    Gross Sales: $1,234,380
    Attend/Capacity: 15,902 /15,902

    Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
    First Niagara Center
    Buffalo, N.Y.
    March 8, 2013
    15,614 /15,614

    Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
    Wells Fargo Center
    Philadelphia, Pa.
    March 14, 2013
    15,095 /15,095

    Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
    Rexall Place
    Edmonton, Alberta
    March 27, 2013
    13,133 /13,133

    Joe Louis Arena
    Detroit, Mich.
    March 21, 2013
    15,349 /15,349

    Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
    MTS Centre
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    March 25, 2013
    10,649 /10,649

    Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
    XL Center
    Hartford, Conn.
    March 15, 2013
    10,985 /10,985

    Rihanna, A$AP Rocky
    Xcel Energy Center
    St. Paul, Minn.
    March 24, 2013
    10,929 /10,929

    Current Boxscore | Billboard

    The first 11 dates: 155,748 / 155,748 (100%) $11,659,037

  83. TruemyBran-dy April 6, 2013

    Ciara is a damn flop

  84. udontknowme April 7, 2013

    JUNE 4Th! mark your Calendars!:) #OWA

    • Ballsy April 7, 2013

      Yes mark it as another Ciara Flop!

  85. JER April 7, 2013

    Omg b**** please. One Woman Armani Exchange will scan dust and will be the first album in history to have RETURN TO SENDER stamped across every box.

  86. Antonio April 7, 2013

    The thing ppl need to know is Ciara was never a Pop artist and has always stated she never liked her music being labeled simply as Crunk & B. She’s always states she makes Urban music with Pop elements. Body Party is doing well in the urban markets which is why she’s promoting on Urban radio stations. Starting next wk, her kive promo will begin with her 1st performance on 106 & Park in like 2 yrs. Yeah it’s only 106, but she at least she’s starting to promote. I” pretty sure by May, she’ll have done more talk shows and radio stations and even appeared in a few magazine. I’m sure if she stays consistent with her promo, OWA can definitely pull a solid 75k at least in the1st wk and if Body Party continues to rise on the charts, she could pull close to 100k in the 1st wk. if continues to promote OWA after it’s released and drop 3-4 more solid singles and promote those as well, she really could come to platinum. Look at Gaga, Katy, Ke$ha and Bruno. Their albums all had very low debuts even though they huge #1 hits on the Hot 100 but they kept dropping singles and promoting them as well as the album, and look: Gaga went 4x plarinum, Katy and ke$ha each sold nearly 1.5 mil and Bruno went 2x platinum. Ciara just has to stay up on her promo, stay active on social networks, make appearances all over the place to keep her name and face out there…

  87. Arie April 7, 2013

    Cici’s team need to realise that this promo angle of using Future and Rihanna’s name is not working well for her. Rihanna and Future are the only ones bennefiting of off this dissaster of promo.In actual fact I’m starting to think that the people of Atlanta don’t like Ciara, I mean why aren’t they supporting her but then again I’ve never heard of Ciara in any Charity event organised by her. I’ve learned more about Future on Ciara’s promo than I would have known if he was doing his own promo. Cici needs to do more features not on her album but more on other people’s projects to build some kind of anticipation. She is already 3 singles deep into this album and it is still reflecting on the Charts. About this beef she currently has with Rihanna it will not help her cause because Rihanna’s fanbase is who she should be kissing ass to not going against them. With every single single release she is making it increasingly harder for her album to sell and that’s gonna make that stage that her fans speak off even harder to book.

  88. Navy Sailor!!! April 7, 2013

    I hope that Ciara is in church on this good Sunday morning. She needs to be on those knees PRAYING that this album doesn’t FLOP as hard as the last two….which I’m sure it will. 15k first week.

  89. Haw April 7, 2013

    Love In Peace
    Wish Her All The Best
    Good Luck.
    I still will buy the album.
    Because they are some good track worth listening in that album I thought.
    Bless Her.

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