Frank Ocean Makes ‘Out’ Power List 2013

Published: Thursday 11th Apr 2013 by David

After spending the last year being celebrated for the undeniable quality of his music, ‘We All Try’ singer Frank Ocean is now being celebrated for the bravery he showed last when baring all on a personal experience he had shared with a friend some time before.

While he is yet to label himself, he has now been named at an LGBTQ hero by Aaron Hicklin’s ‘Out Magazine’, standing as the only African American to make the publication’s 2013 Power List Top Ten.

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Also standing as the highest ranking musician on the list, OUT said of Ocean:

 Beating record executive Clive Davis (42) and Bravo boss Andy Cohen (14), OUT’s celebration of the groundbreaking vocalist comes after he watched his debut album ‘Channel Orange’ certified Gold in the US, and after he watched his classic cut ‘Thinkin’ ‘Bout You‘ reach Platinum status for sales of over 1 million units.


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  1. CzarM April 11, 2013


  2. nobitchassness April 11, 2013


  3. . : : h 2 o : : . April 11, 2013

    I started listening to his music a few months ago and now I’m addicted to his music. The amounts of #WIN #LIFE and #SLAYAGE in his voice, his music… Everything’s really so f*****’ good!

    Hell, even his leaked tracks like “Eyes Like Sky” and “Wiseman”, even some of the songs on his generic-ass mixtape like “Wake Up” and “Bedtime Story” slay lives! But ‘nostalgia, ULTRA’ is a masterpiece, though. It can never be topped.

    Damn, you go man!

  4. annoyed April 11, 2013

    Overrated F***.

  5. Kate Middleton April 11, 2013

    Does he have a under wear on his head?

  6. annoyed April 11, 2013

    He has 13 minutes left.

    • Vandrea April 11, 2013

      He’s down to about 8.

  7. Ugh April 11, 2013

    i still don’t get the hype. his nusic is boring and he can’t sing

    • BCinKS April 11, 2013

      At ALL! He gone have to release a gay sextape to sell his next album. LOL

  8. Tyler the creator April 11, 2013

    He ugly

  9. Truth Tea April 11, 2013

    Since when is Ru Paul not black? He’s made the publication this year and multiple times before. TGJ needs to be both accurate and respect a pioneer in the LGBT community.

  10. Lovebird (I’m legit) April 11, 2013

    Yes, my gurl is always on top, showing these bottom b****** like Migueleisha how to really go in there and tear s*** up bare and back.

    Love that my gurl Francine is always winning, who else who released an RnB album last year has got a Gold plaque, Chris Brown? Trey Songz? Migueleisha? no??

  11. Suicide Blonde April 11, 2013

    Matt Bomer is my LGBT Hero.

  12. Teflon Boy April 12, 2013

    While I do believe it takes courage for undercover celebrities to ‘come out’, I think coupling it with the promotion of something as tacky as an album kind of negates the so called ‘bravery’. I took from his letter that he was already quite ‘out’ in his personal life prior to announcing it publicly therefore it was as brave as Alan Carr admitting he loves men lol.

    Anyway, all that aside I think his music is great but he has major work to do on his vocals and all-round performing skills if he is to live up to the hype.., cos at the moment he is over-praised IMO as a recording artist.., as a songwriter and producer he is amazing but he has not yet demonstrated he can deliver his own music like an actual ‘star’.

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