Hot Shots: Mariah Carey Hits Studio With Darkchild & Jermaine Dupri

Published: Saturday 13th Apr 2013 by Sam

It’s anyone’s guess whether Mariah Carey is still on schedule to deliver  new material during her American Idol tenure, however the diva continues to tease that fresh music is nigh.

Taking to Twitter today, the 43-year-old shared shots of her posing it up in the studio with hitmakers Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins and Jermaine Dupri.

The snap whipped the singer’s followers into a frenzy, for Jerkins’ is renown for being a long-standing hit vendor, while JD’s chart success with Mimi is well-documented (see: ‘Always Be My Baby’, ‘We Belong Together’, ‘Shake It Off’).

It begs the question, though, are the masses checking for whatever Mariah’s cooking? We hit the streets of Hollywood to find out. Flip the hood to see what folk had to say…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Liberation April 13, 2013

    I can’t wait to hear it! Hopefully she’ll go back to the old Mariah or even TEOM Mariah!

    • IDK April 13, 2013

      What is TEOM Mariah?

      • aussie mate April 15, 2013

        the emancipation of mimi

  2. TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

    Yes! Dont give up Mimi, a HIT awaits you …

    • VisionOfMimi April 13, 2013

      Fortune sold half a mill yet?

      • TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

        This is about Mariah! im ready for a we belong Together type comeback!

  3. BeyWhoUWanna April 13, 2013

    Good luck getting a hit sis. Get em get em!

  4. TaylorWins April 13, 2013


  5. christinastheerealtalent April 13, 2013

    She just needs to give us a Daydream/Butterfly/Emancipation esque album. Just make a Mariah album. Use that voice. No special vocal effects, auto tune, etc…just real raw Mariah vocals.


    • Liberation April 13, 2013

      Yes. Bring back that classic Mariah sound. No one that silly “Obsessed” “Touch My Body” mess!!!

      • Liberation April 13, 2013

        None of that silly “Obsessed” “Touch My Body” mess!!!

    • DOSSOME April 13, 2013

      As a fan,LOVERBOY,OBSESSED and TOUCH MY BODY are her worst songs,Even TRIUMPHANT is better…She’s promised good music and i’m taking her word for it

  6. Lana Del Slay April 13, 2013

    The fact that Nicki outsells Mariah nowadays is just a tragedy.

    • Liberation April 13, 2013

      You sound silly. Mariah’s last album was released in 09, and Nicki’s debut was released in 2010. Her sales are nothing compared to Mariah’s 200 million+ sold!

      • BeyhiveYourself April 13, 2013

        This is the problem with you Mariah fans. We are talking about TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! TODAY! TODAY!

        If Mariah didn’t care about NEW sales she wouldn’t put out NEW albums. Mariah USED to sell a lot but nobody cares about her money which is why Nicki outsells her everywhere.

        Did Triumphant even chart?

      • Liberation April 13, 2013

        She hasn’t released a new album in four years!!! And by the way I’m a BEYONCE FAN! But Mariah is also one of my faves and she cannot be compared to Beyonce, Nicki, Rihanna or any of this generations girls. Her 2008 album sold 1.5 million in the states, and her 09 album sold 600k + in America and 2 million worldwide. That is awesome for a 43 year old who released her first album in 1990. Stop being a hater.

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

        Look who’s talking about TODAY.

        TODAY beyonce is a FLOP on charts and her material , since Single ladies didn’t give birth to a HIT.

        the fact you are always Go back to OLD album sales to prove a point everytime…….

        the fact you always Use IASF sales …. 😆

        the fact you always bring back OLD stats and s***….

        Beyflies has no room to talk about Mariah fans talking about the past , at least MC had legacy , a LEGEND and she had classics , 18 #1’s hits for days and she can flop for LIFE and her name will be still in History books as AN ICON and a LEGEND , something your fav will give a kidney for but she can’t with her copycat non-original robotic self !!
        what beyonce got now ?!
        Bow down ?!! 😆

        b**** , do not do it in a MC post you fly.

        and i won’t even bother about dicki , her career is a JOKE.

    • Common Sense April 13, 2013

      You make it sound like Nicki is selling massive amounts of albums. She’s only on her sophomore album and she’s already a flop.

  7. That rihanna reign April 13, 2013

    Everybody wants to be like Rihanna.

    • TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

      I highly doubt that Mimi wants to be anything like rihanna ,, but who knows

    • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

      Are you serious??? lol

    • Ever.Green April 13, 2013

      How kid??? Mariah trying to be like Rihanna … Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins has been working with top artists since Vanessa Williams & No Authority were all over the radio. I’m not getting your comparison.

      • Pon_de April 14, 2013

        This children don’t know their history….thinking music was invented in 2003!

  8. JARED (WHITE DUDE) April 13, 2013

    Personally speaking, and from a musical perspective, the only Mariah Carey that I would like back is ‘1990 – 1997’ era ‘Mariah Carey’.

    I need another ‘Love Takes Time, I Don’t Wanna Cry, Can’t Let Go, Anytime You Need a Friend and/or Butterfly’ esque- power ballad in my life, from her. I seriously do.

    • Slayonce Carter April 13, 2013

      Shut Up!God I Hate Seeing You On Every Post.Go Away,The ThatGrapeJuice Isnt For You.Like Am I The Only One?

      • Common Sense April 13, 2013

        I’d rather you and your awful attack on the English language go away than his opinions that are at least well written.

  9. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

    Personally , this is the album i’m anticipating the most.

    Super XD 😀

    • Trace April 13, 2013

      Nobody cares you dumb f***.

  10. FentySoSnatched April 13, 2013

    Her time has come and gone. Nobody will buy this album.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

      are you for real ?

      • FENTYSOSNATCHED April 13, 2013

        Why? Do you have a problem you “Dirty Arab”? Al-Qaeda awaits you…


      • THATGRAPEFRUITJUICE April 13, 2013



        #DEATH @FentySoSnatched.

        But yes, MARIAH WILL FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • FentySoSnatched April 13, 2013

        Don’t use my username to be racist. Pop royalty I never called you a dirty arab.

      • Rita is queen April 13, 2013

        Bahahahahahahahahaha yaaaaas @Fentysosnacted read that flihty b****

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

        ouch , did i step on your mother ?

        or that was your father you cockroach head lookin’ h** ?

      • FENTYSOSNATCHED April 13, 2013

        Your still an ‘Arab@ though, whatever you say. LMFAO. Stop with the shade, it doesn’t work with Egyptians.

      • Bey Beautiful April 13, 2013

        Fenty>>>> Pop

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

        so what if i’m an arab ? 😆

        b**** go eat your hamburger and get fat.

      • Bey Beautiful April 13, 2013

        pop your comebacks are weak honey

      • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

        Look who’s constantly refreshing the page and waits for a response from me 😆

        you are my b**** now , watch out or i will go 9/11 on your ass 😆

    • Common Sense April 13, 2013

      Maybe you should worry about Rihanna’s laughable album sales. Isn’t she supposed to be dominating? Singles queen by someone who doesn’t write her songs…

  11. Realest April 13, 2013

    She’s had more hits and success than all y’all’s favs AND WRITES ALL HER OWN S*** so say whatever shady little idiotic comments you want- they’re null and void and you will deal. 43 and FABULOUS!

  12. ARTPOPPINIT April 13, 2013

    Flop on the hot 100. Flop on the 200. Of all the divas Mariah is the only one who isn’t slaying today. Celine, Streisand, Donna etc can still sell out arenas and albums. Do you think Mariah could ever sell out the 02 or the Staples centre?

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

      donna is dead buddy…… 🙄

    • Ever.Green April 13, 2013

      Ohhhh kkkk dude. Donna Summer is dead.

  13. Rita is queen April 13, 2013

    Mariah line backer ass needs to have a seat

    • TeamBreezy April 13, 2013

      Honey the only line is the one at ritas door waiting for the next d*** to suck ,


      • Rita is queen April 13, 2013

        rude b****…. your fav ain’t good for s*** besides beating b****** down oop

      • OVOForever April 13, 2013

        You stan for Chris though. We all know the tea on him.

  14. Jayla April 13, 2013

    I can’t wait!!!! Of course all these queens love is beyonce, but us regular people know real talent, and that’s Mariah

    • TeamBreezy April 13, 2013


  15. HIAM(BlackOut2.0) April 13, 2013

    I know what she USED to do, but what about today? Her entitled attitude just turns people off and this album is going to flop.

    • Liberation April 13, 2013

      Says the Britney stan! Hilarious!

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

      so what if it’s going to flop ?

      she will still be MC , do i need to say more ?!!!

      you need to worry about your fav taking her stress pills on time today.

    • Common Sense April 13, 2013

      Entitled? She isn’t Christina Aguilera gloating all over the place over her majestic vocals. She may act like a diva, but she is still very respectful to people.

  16. Anon April 13, 2013

    Mariah is the Queen of Payola. On some songs she’s put down as the only writer like we’re supposed to believe that that’s true. I have FIRST HAND knowledge from someone who was asked to give over 100% publishing to Mariah back in 98 and they did.
    If Mariah writes all her songs, why did she get mad at Jlo when Tommy gave her her songs ten years ago. Mariah’s big sales stopped when she left Tommy because when she married him he bullied radio into supporting her. I am not an misinformed stan, I am someone who worked at the label during the time.

    • DOSSOME April 13, 2013

      @ANON…& now you comment on blogs,you see,times change

      • Todd April 13, 2013

        WAHAHAHAHA. Love my Mimi!

    • Pon_de April 14, 2013

      Gurl Fed Ex your lies to another address. Even going back to her debut she has had co-writers listed (Ben Marguiles, etc.) And labels’s jobs is to get songs played so WTF does how her songs got on the radio matter?? Folks went out and scooped those singles so clearly they liked what they were hearing. MC has undeniable talent so pick your face up and DEAL!

  17. HausMuthaAdele April 13, 2013

    Let’s see how bad this one does.

  18. Bey Beautiful April 13, 2013

    This album is guna do TERRIBLE honz

  19. Mariah rules April 13, 2013

    You people amaze me y’all are filled with so much hate mariah carey is not going anywhere she’s at competition with her self most bill board number ones are you kiding me for real I like beyonce but the queen mc will slay she has a large fan base by 4 and more generation you nick fans need to go to school educate your selves

  20. Theman April 13, 2013

    Haters haters haters. Sam is the main one. “MC” is gonna outsell all of these flops. Sam tries to make all of these flops seem like they’re doing good. But none of them have gold albums. All of “MCs” albums
    are certified. Sam is completely stupid. He complains about talent, but tries to be funny with his whack a** comments when it comes to “MC”. This site is an abomination.

    • TaylorWins April 13, 2013

      None of them have gold albums?

      All of the girls have gold AND Platinum albums so what are you saying? Nobody is denying that Mariah is an icon but everyone knows how she got her deal and that she can’t even get a single song on the hot 100 today. Even Christina gets to the top 40.

      • DOSSOME April 13, 2013

        Mariah has gold,platinum,multiplatinum and diamond albums to her name…she can flop if she wants

      • Common Sense April 13, 2013

        When will Christina get Bloatus Gold certification though? Singles don’t mean s*** when you’re not writing them. Christina’s album sales are massive flops THAT’s what matters.

      • Pon_de April 14, 2013

        Can’t wait for new MC music but honestly she doesn’t even need to release because her catalog stays slaying! All I Want For Christmas was top 40 this year….a 17 year old song. Check the receipts!

  21. FentySoSnatched April 13, 2013

    Pop Royalty I never called you a dirty arab, that was somebody using my alias.

    • Bey Beautiful April 13, 2013

      gurl u scared now?

      • FentySoSnatched April 13, 2013

        If you keep using my name on here I’ll email Sam and report you. I love coming on here but I WON’T be called a racist because of some imposter punk.

      • Ever.Green April 13, 2013

        are you a fool Bey Beautiful? Dude doesn’t want to be known as a racist and being honest by his, man. Speaking up for yourself. we call that brave. Not scared. You must be young.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

      ok , i understand.

  22. DOSSOME April 13, 2013

    I can’t wait for this album…GREAT music awaits all lambs in 2013…#L4L

  23. Nichole April 13, 2013

    Samantha should be concerning herself with why thief hasn’t dropped a single yet but is going on tour before the single drops???

  24. Nichole April 13, 2013

    And why does Mariah’s hand look so huge in that photo?

  25. omg(Avril) April 13, 2013

    Mariah is cool 🙂 Buy Here’s to Never Growing Up!! Avril <3

  26. DOSSOME April 13, 2013

    Sam stans for:-
    1.Kelly Rowland-who hasn’t had a platinum album since her solo debut in 2002

    2.Brandy-she’s my fave but hasn’t gone platinum since FULL MOON in 2001

    3.Nicole Sherzinger-won’t bother

    4.Rita Ora-LOL


    6.Xtina-her last platinum album was B2B in 2006.she hasn’t gone gold since

    7.Janet Jackson-my 3rd favorite artist after MC and Prince whose last top 10 was in 2001

    8.J-LO-I don’t keep tabs with her

    9.Frank Ocean-Will he ever go platinum?Will he ever get a top 10 hit?

    in short,laughing at her 2008’s E=MC2 sales (her 11th studio album which outsold “4” in the states and ww 18yrs since her debut) & 2009’s MOAIA sales (600,000+ albums in the US and 2Million ww,slightly less than your ultimate fave’s 4th album) when you stan for artists doing worse than mariah presently is laughable…

    Her fans have been promised good music & that’s all we want

    • JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

      Yaaaaaaassssssss slay these pressed kids who are afraid of knowing the truth

  27. omg(Avril) April 13, 2013

    Honestly…if Rihanna is this SO CALLED BIG INTERNATIONAL ARTIST why isn’t she selling 10mil worldwide or even 8mil worldwide….like seriously…the navy call her the biggest international artist and the most she can do worldwide is 3mil really? SHE must be a poor worldwide artist….damn and I cant stand @ pops bi polar gay ass. F****** dysfunctional half breed arab and f*** yes im damn racist.

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 13, 2013

      an avril lavigne stan is still here ? in 2013 ?

      gurl saying that i’m an arab is a fact , why i will even get mad ?

      yes i’m an arab , and what ? 😆

      • omg(Avril) April 13, 2013

        Worry about Rihslut selling more albums in the US or WW than avril and b**** don’t add no f****** single sales. 🙂 BTW buy Here’s to Never growing up on iTunes. You might like it. 🙂

      • Likica April 13, 2013

        LOL gurls stop fighting, I like both of them, don’t bash them 😛 Avril and Rihanna like each other, Avril appeared in Cheers video as well. Listen to this amazing song and shhh.

      • omg(Avril) April 13, 2013

        awwww okie imma leave Rihanna. 🙂 Licka glad I have a fellow avril fan. 🙂

  28. JOHNVIDAL April 13, 2013

    I´m so excited!
    I know it´s going to be great. I can´t wait for the f****** music. At least I know I have that on lock. About the charts… I hope it does great, but if it doesn´t… all your faves will still be lessers no matter what so why are some Rihanna, Rita Ora and others fans complaining in this post? Ridiculous
    Beyonce´s last #1: 2008 same year as Mariah
    Rita Ora? Waiting to happen
    Rihanna? When is she going to sell decent compared to the hype and commercial machine she has behind? When is she ever going to have talent or something?

    • omg(Avril) April 13, 2013


      • omg(Avril) April 13, 2013


    • WERK IT RIH April 13, 2013


  29. MC April 13, 2013

    I’m pumped for this album, I can’t wait.

    Mess at these random ass stans having the nerve to come for Mariah smh not when your faves site Mariah as their influence at one point or another whether it’s Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina, 2NE1 (Bom), Leona, Kelly, Nicki (yes, you read correctly), etc…..have several.

    Mariah can flop until she dies but she already won the battle LONG AGO and TEOM cemented her status.

  30. L Cerano April 13, 2013

    Yes. This is Mariah we are talking about people. I cannot think of another artist that has had relevancy for so long. The secret? She crafts her own hits. A

    And her voice is versatile. she can do things with her voice that no one else can, NOT JUST IN VOCAL RANGE.

    Mimi is an accomplished arranger. Add her vocal range to this and Mariah can create sounds and effects using her instrument(her voice).

  31. christinastheerealtalent April 13, 2013


    If everybody wanted to be like Rihanna, they’d put out a “CD” every year full of popcorn music, wouldn’t be able to sing, all they would know how to do is prance around stage, they’d be posting self pics on instagram doing drugs, etc…who the f*** wants to be like Rihanna aside from a string of #1 hits?

    I’d rather be talented, take my time making quality music that people are still going to be listening to 10, 20 years from now and struggling to stay relevant, than to be somebody who isn’t talented, who doesn’t care what kind of music they make just as long as they have something out just to stay relevant in the “moment”

    • Gigi April 13, 2013

      TRUE !!!!!!!

  32. RICHANDBLACK11 April 13, 2013

    Not really a fan of MC, if this album is anything like TEOM I’m here for it. Wish you the best MC.

  33. Diamond Navy April 13, 2013

    Prepares for another flop

  34. mc the place to be!! April 13, 2013

    lol we’ll probably get new mariah music before beyonce

  35. Music Soul Harmony April 13, 2013

    Dossome: I don’t agree. Obsessed was a hot song and I hope
    She makes more urban bangers like that. Of course her voice
    has always been outstanding but I think the new generation
    Wants to hear more than just ballads from her if she wants
    A chart topper again. MC hardly ever makes bad songs.

  36. Lewis April 13, 2013

    Good luck Mimi

  37. Gigi April 13, 2013

    Can’t wait for MC ! Often imitated but never duplicated !!!

  38. DOSSOME April 13, 2013

    @Music Soul Harmony

    i personally didn’t like that she used autotune in obsessed..yes the beat was awesome and the song performed well but is it a worthy addition to her EPIC catalog?i don’t think so…if the only way she can score a chart-topper is by diluting her artistry through recording the “hot today-gone tomorrow” hits,then she should just stick to her 18 number 1s…Memoirs took 3 months to go gold,even with a top 10 hit while Merry Christmas II You achieved the same feat after only 6 weeks with only an adult contemporary no.1 hit.that only shows she can sell even without a hit single…i’m here for the RAW ballads she said we should expect & uptempos like fantasy

  39. Theman April 13, 2013

    He praises brandy, her album didn’t get anywhere near gold, Kelly’s last two albums?? Rita Ora can’t even get hers onto the shelves. It’s foolishness. “MCs” career is unparalleled. Sam is just a bitter a** hater. Learn to write a proper post. Brandy and Kelly are cool, but he tries to make the sml things they do seem bigger than they are. Hypocrite..

  40. nicko April 13, 2013


    • Common Sense April 13, 2013

      It also only took Nicki 2 albums to have whack ass album sales. Probably because no one is stupid enough to buy an album filled with garbage. But congratulations, maybe if Mariah releases 1000 singles a year she’ll get a bunch of them in the hot 100 too!

    • Ever.Green April 13, 2013

      Ahahaha Nicko, you funny 12 year old. Co-Sign with Common Sense. If Mariah released 1000 singles a year she’d have a bunch on there too. And I’m a Nikki fan, yet you still sound a fool.

  41. thugplaya56 April 13, 2013

    As all you lessors bicker and b****…. Mimi sits in her studio applying her lip gloss and remains unfazed and unpressed….lying in wait to take over the Billboard charts once again and slay your favs…

  42. Honey Boo Boo April 13, 2013

    Why do all you f****** Nicki Minaj stans label LEGENDS with real; f****** talent irrelevant. This is why I can’t stand that Dog. I don’t care that she came out dissing Kim (part and parcel of the rap game) or that she copied and still continues to copy the Queen Bee. Go ahead Ma you get that paper I aint mad Gaga copied Madonna as did Gwen and without Debbie Harry there would be no Madge! What f**** me off about Hip Hop Spice is the way her and her fans have discredited everything that game changers like Mariah and Kimmy have done and the doors they opened.

    Nicki raps about sitting front row next to Anna Wintour – but Kimmy was the first rap chick to infiltrate that world she was Marc Jacobs muse for f*** sake and Alexander Mcqueen actually got on his knees when presenting Kim with a music award. There are countless other examples of the doors Kim opened and without Kimmy who would Minaj based her image on – Foxy hahahahahahahaha.

    Mimi is a F****** SUPERSTAR – Nicki will never come close to her success and she has had to go pop to eclipse Kim and Missy…coz her lyrics and overall output are weak. Her branding is the best thing about her and Kimmy’s influence is all over that s***!

    Who cares if this album didsn’t sell Mimi has made her mark in this game she aint got to prove anything to anyone she is sitting pretty alongside Aretha, Whitney, Gladys, Tina and all them bad b******. F*** today’s music anyway all sounds the same and real music aint getting a look in.

  43. fred April 14, 2013

    she will be fine, even if her new album flop there will still be good people to buy it, her music is always good something this young generation will never understand because they have been brainwashed to only listen to garbage music. And who cares if she flops she is already rich and has accomplished alot and she has nothing to prove anymore to us.

  44. eatthaCake April 14, 2013

    There is no comeback for this sag bag . She needs to give it up and understand that her time is up. Sorry mimi but u are what we call basic.she should work on keeping that seat warm on x factor. *plays Leona!

  45. JER April 14, 2013

    I need an uptempo please. This new album needs to be uptempos and ballads. These albums full of midtempos are killing me

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