Jessie J Settles Lawsuit With Former Management Company

‘Who You Are’ philanthropist Jessie J has been forced to hand over a reported £1 million to her former manager, it has emerged today.

This, following a two year long dispute with the group- responsible for signing her as a Brit School spawned teenager.

Full story below…


Signing to the 141a Management group aged 15, the charitable vocalist came under the pupilage of a Mr. Raymond Stevenson who secured  her a US recording contract, after spending a reported £70,000 of his own money to free her from a British contract once the label behind it dissolved. 

As a result of his strategy during her time with him, the singer was picked up by ‘Crown Management’ and parted ways with 141a without-according to Stevenson– paying him the money she owed for his hand in crafting her brand.

Now, after legal dispute that flew under the media’s radar for some time, today saw news that an ‘amicable solution’ had been reached, seeing Jessie fork out 20% of the earnings made from her Quadruple Platinum debut album ‘Who You Are’, before the company told ‘The Sun’ newspaper:

“141a is very proud of Jessie’s achievements – she is a very talented artist.”

The settlement comes after the same managent company led Lover’s Rock belle Ava Leigh to scoring a recording contract with Richard Branson‘s ‘Virgin’ and oversaw the careers of ‘Bulletproof Lover‘ belles ‘The Madame Project’.

Bulletproof Lover

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  1. King Jamir21 (Bow Down) April 28, 2013


    Post something more interesting….

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 28, 2013

      No one could’ve said it better.


      • WHY ARE Y’ALL MAD April 28, 2013


  2. Ilijah Johnson April 28, 2013

    Amazing !! I love her music xx

  3. Nunya April 28, 2013

    Her old manager is a snake. He originally wanted 20% of all her earnings FOR LIFE!!!!!!! What kind of b*******? She hadn’t even put out an album or was signed to Sony/ATV or Universal under him. Just a broke ass record label that went bankrupt.

  4. Rihanna Wants Out Of Roc Nation April 28, 2013

    Rihanna wanted to leave Roc Nation last year but
    that fat old rapper wouldn’t let her

  5. YorkshireBarb April 28, 2013

    What kind of low down dirty s*** is this? I googled the company and they look like amateurs to me. Poor Jessica having to pay this shady man money he doesn’t even deserve. He better use that money to pay for a new website designer and find some new musicians because his company looks like the pits tbh.

  6. yawnfest 13 April 28, 2013

    Wow this proves alot of you, think you know the business and simply don’t. If you sign a contract and break it for any reason…you are obligated to take responsibility for it. Some artist have had to hand over masters, percentages of royalties, and even copyrighted rights for screwing over contracts. Jesse got off easy. Doesn’t matter if the company is small or large. Wtf is a management company supposed to look like? There are management offices ran out of basements that receive more business,profits, and lucrative deal than those offices in huge buildings…$1million is nothing compared to royalties or masters

  7. MuiMui April 28, 2013

    She very beautiful and sounds great.

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