Leona Lewis Kicks Off GlassHeart Tour In Berlin (Video)

Published: Wednesday 17th Apr 2013 by Sam

Leona Lewis‘ last album ‘GlassHeart’ may not have hit the right note on the charts, yet the star continues to soar on the live front.

The X Factor graduate has set sail on a European tour in support of the project, which arrived last October. This week saw the trek kick off in Berlin, Germany before a sell-out audience. Four additional German dates remain, thereafter the songbird will make stops in Switzerland, London, and a number of UK cities. Needless to say, get those Euro coins Ms. Lewis!

On a more serious note, though, it’s good to see Leona pressing on during this challenging window in her career – one which has seen her part ways with management and her International profile dim due to not releasing anything globally since 2009. What’s more, one of the benefits of hitting a low is that the only way is up. And while this is more “theoretical” in the music industry (as many acts, once down, end up staying down), the length and breadth of Leona’s talent ensures that she’s one hit (era) away from redemption. Fingers crossed it’s her next.

Watch Ms. Lewis stun on tour with ‘Trouble’ below…

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  1. DOSSOME April 17, 2013

    It’s really difficult to recover from Sophomore slump,i wish her all the best though

  2. . : : h 2 o : : . April 17, 2013

    Not here for LUKAL flops.

  3. ERIN (BOW DOWN B******) April 17, 2013

    WHO KNEW…..

  4. Diamond Navy April 17, 2013


  5. Lovebird (I’m legit) April 17, 2013

    She looks amazing, looking absolutely stunning and sounding amazing.

  6. Savannah April 17, 2013


  7. just sayin’ April 17, 2013

    people get so caught up in wanting others to make them move and be excited, they miss out on a person who can only give them a voice. NOw, I agree some of her songs are boring, but she has some songs that are good and this lady can SANG. There is really no reason to compare her career to the word flop. She is far from.
    Flop is a person who has no talent nor success. Leona has both. It may not be that of the “IT” girls, but she has something going for her. She is a secret weapon with that voice and the right song. Out singing your fave and mine with the right song of course. I listened to Glass Heart and she belts out notes. and her live shows are just her standing there singing……what is wrong with that?….all she needs is better songs and change nothing else.

    • DOSSOME April 17, 2013


  8. LA LA April 17, 2013

    Is she a S***? I love S****! 😀

  9. Neigh-Neigh Leakes April 17, 2013

    I had no idea she was on tour. I listened to “Glassheart” and I loved the CD.
    I agree, she needs better management. I don’t even think any of the singles or the CD was released outside of Europe which is a damn shame for such a good album.
    My advice is that she leaves the UK and tries to make it in America. That small racist country is very limiting.
    Maybe if she was fat & white like Adele she would probably have the same success.

  10. MelyB April 17, 2013

    Good for her! I luv Leona and think it’s great that she’s on tour to support the album – at least it gives her fans who bought & enjoy her music a chance to see her live.

    I was just checking out her live performances on youtube last night and couldn’t help but feel sad about the current era of music & fan appreciation for music artists that we’re in now. It’s a shame that true vocalists aren’t appreciated and it sucks to think that if she bounced around on the stage half-naked, people might pay her more attention.

  11. rihking/queen April 17, 2013

    she looks good.

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