Melanie Fiona: ‘Kelly Rowland’s ‘Motivation’ Changed The Game’

Melanie Fiona has showered praises on ‘Haven’t Told You‘ singer Kelly Rowland!

Upon joining her at the launch of Couvoursier’s Courvoisiology in NYC nights ago, the ‘Priceless’ vocalist took the time to share her thoughts on her fellow R&B Diva and her R&B smash hit ‘Motivation‘.

This, on the same night Rowland revealed she had finished work on her forthcoming album ‘Talk A Good Game’.

Melanies words below!

Hit the 3 minute mark.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kim Kardashian Stan April 8, 2013

    Kelly hasn’t changed s***… she has made no type of mark on music

    • Love on top April 8, 2013

      Kardashian stan shouldn’t you be commenting on post bout p*** stars instead of music stars? Motivation did help RnB cus RnB was half dead

      • African”R&B” Fan’s April 8, 2013

        Hahahhahaha Love on top made my day..

    • thetruth April 8, 2013

      LMMFAO for calling yourself a Kim Kardashian stan! Does she really have stans??? WTF! A mess!!! I would be embarrassed! U hate on Kelly in every post TGJ post on her! I would be bitter 2 if I was a stan of hers… she doesn’t have any talents & will always be known for being passed around from rappers & ballers in the ET industry. I mean… who haven’t hit that s***! Don’t come for Kelly! Respect! Even if Kelly never did anything else in music she was 1/3 of the biggest selling girl group of all time!

    • yolo April 9, 2013

      LMAO the only thing Kelly changed was her wig, she hasnt done ish to music hahahahah

  2. Love on top April 8, 2013

    Let’s be Fair Ciara “RIDE” gave birth to “Motivation” It did help r&b get more shine! But it helped Kelly the most….

    • thetruth April 8, 2013

      Ciara Ride DID NOT give birth to Motivation what so ever! Ride came out waaaayyyy back in 2009! Motivation came out in summer 2011. Also, aroud this time everyone from R Kelly, Da Brat, The Dream started remixing her song bcuz the song was a huge R&B record for R&B music period! Give Kelly where credit is due! Kelly put r&b females back on the map! Bcuz at the time she was the only female r&b artist putting out music then. So Brandy & Ciara can both thank Kelly!

      • Kelz April 8, 2013

        well said. And till then she’s still keeping R&B alive. She’s the most sought after R&B artist in the game right now. She’s in everybody song: Chris Brown, Fantasia, the dream among others. Haters just want to hate.

      • Dev April 8, 2013

        Brandy NEVER has to thank Kelly Rowland becaise Brandy always made R&B music and never went to dance and then came back because Kelly was making it… actually, neither did Ciara.
        Brandy has maintained a singing and music style since the start regardless of sales or accolades

      • Dann April 8, 2013

        “Ride” actually came out in 2010.

    • thetruth April 8, 2013


      @ Dev

      Never once did I say Kelly made Brandy & Ciara come back to music. I said that Kelly changed the state of R&B music with Motivation which many of her peers praised! Kelly took over the entire year of 2011 besides Beyonce but I don’t consider her a straight r&b chic. As for Ciara in 2009 or 2010 her album performed very low with selling only 35,000 units 1st week. The state of r&b was not good! POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!! Brandy wouldn’t have even thought or even had the confidence to put an album out. She herself has even mentioned in a recent interview she is inspired by Kelly. Theirs nothing wrong with that! They both have been through alot with their careers! The highs and the lows! But the truth is the truth. She also has flip the script on how black beauty is viewed! Don’t you know how many brown girls adore her & how it makes brown girls feel to see someone that looks like them that is freakin gorgeous! She makes new artist like Sevyn more welcoming in music. Do you really think that a female of her color would be able to slide so effortless in the industry a few yrs back? Hell no!!!

  3. 2bad2bme April 8, 2013

    all the haters…u fools dont know anything about music so i dont know why blog sites give u girls the right to voice ur opinion

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 8, 2013

      Sam….girl i.aint gon eeeeven front honey. Im just checkn for Bey new song today on ur site cus i just KNOW within 30secs of it being released ull have it posted. Then the bloodbath will begin. Bey will leave a trail of bodies in her wake. So ill just keep checkn every 20-30mins

  4. my forehead tho April 8, 2013

    B**** puhleesss.

    I love Kelly and all but that record didn’t change s***. Artist were singing/rapping about s** long before ‘Motivation’ was ever written.

  5. RATED xxx(cant stop wont stop) April 8, 2013

    umm no…singers has been singing about s** for the no..

    I’m glad somebody finally giving kelly props for something, god knows the chick stays in other peoples c******…

    but no…

    kelly lost me as a fan a long time ago..she doesnt promote none of her s***, but stay promoting other people s***..

  6. Still Amazin April 8, 2013

    Kelly has crafted her own lane of music. & I’m proud of her.

    • CiCi Slaaaaays April 8, 2013

      lies…. does she have a platinum album in the u.s?

      • IM A FREE B*TCH April 8, 2013

        having your own style of music doesnt mean you have to have platinum albums

      • Matthew Charlery-Smith April 8, 2013

        What lane is this? Kelly makes great songs in certain genres but she has no “lane”.

        And yes, Kelly Nopromoland’s show looks shabby with no dancers and tired vocals. I’m just over the fact she’ll never go for what Beyonce has even though she has more talent!

      • Still Amazin April 8, 2013

        Did Basic Instinct go Gold? Have a church pew of seats.

  7. Queen Barb April 8, 2013

    Motivation didnt change s*** it was a cheap rip off of Rihannas what’s my name & Ciaras ride… S** songs featuring rappers nothing new a bout that

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 8, 2013

      Look what stan talkn bout something being redone and nothing new. Ch….

  8. opd2 April 8, 2013

    she did something with that song in my opinion,songs fire.

  9. Kate Middleton April 8, 2013

    Who is this chick?

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 8, 2013

      A YouTube karaoke singer 😆

      • Sleazy April 8, 2013

        Karaoke singer? Bish your fav can’t even hold a note

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 8, 2013

        My fave also doesn’t do covers and uploads them to YouTube. 😆

      • Sleazy April 9, 2013

        That’s because your fav can’t sing…. But I do remember your fav covering Mariah carey “Hero” and sounded horrible Yet your fav don’t do covers? __/

    • riqueen April 8, 2013

      lol trueee @Navy Sailor!!!

      • KEY April 8, 2013

        @NavySailor I wouldn’t try and cover Mariah and Whitney if I couldn’t sing either. #Shade

  10. Love on top April 8, 2013

    My point exactly Ride was out before MOTIVATION therefore it gave birth to Motivation same Formula sensual beat, sensual lyrics etc !!!!! It was released in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ride charted 45 gold status Banned video and no performance! What other chick was doing Sensual RnB? Goodbye!!!! I’ll rather put it this way Ride is motivation Older sister like the so many similarities to those 2 songs!!! Please kelly aint help nobody but herself gain some fans I love her tho

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 8, 2013


    • thetruth April 8, 2013

      @Love On Top

      Sooooo….. ur basically saying Kellys Motivation was really Ciaras idea???? U kids! Did ride go #1? Did ride go platnium??? Did it stay on the r&b charts for several weeks back to back!?!? The answer to all those ?s is NO! Motivation did well bcuz it was new, fresh & different!

  11. HotSexWithMinaj April 8, 2013

    Was this song even a top 10 hit????

    • truth(icki is a KMART, NO GRAMMY NOD, PFRR FLOP, SQUID EYED b****) April 8, 2013

      S*** it was #1…

      • Steph April 8, 2013

        @Truth Preach!

  12. CiCi Slaaaaays April 8, 2013

    The song was OBVIOUSLY a rip off of Ciaras Ride…. smh

    Ride>>>>>>>>> Motivation

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 8, 2013

      Kiii well at least MOTIVATION was a #1 hit. Where did Ride peak?

      • Sleazy April 8, 2013

        RIDE peaked at #3 you failed! In fact ride was a top 10 hit in Belgium and it charted higher than Motivation (169) in the UK RIDE charted at 75 …. All this with a banned video and a no promo

      • Navy Sailor!!! April 8, 2013

        At the end of the day, Motivation SLAYED Ride. #getoveritheaux

    • Still Amazin April 8, 2013

      Girl! Get yo life. “Ride” was my s*** too. But give props where props are due Ms. Hunty! Motivation was #1, Ride wasn’t. End of story…I’d listen to Ride over Motivation anyday, but Ciara obviously didn’t have ENOUGH promo to get to PLATINUM status like Kelly did. Look at iTunes now & you’ll see “Kisses Down Low” is charted higher then “Body Party” which are both great songs. But the proof is in the numbers. Now sit.

  13. eric April 8, 2013

    Please let this be the LAST person who tries to get a collaboration deal by downplaying their own talent to suck up to someone who has the media’s attention. Don’t make the hustle so obvious.

  14. Hive April 8, 2013

    Nothing special about the song

  15. XtinaaLovee April 8, 2013

    The person you need to be sucking up to is Beyonce not Kelly hun

  16. Juize April 8, 2013

    Love Motivation!

    But where is Beyonce’s Grown Woman??
    Wasnt it supposed to come out today?

    • Maestro J April 8, 2013

      that was ALL SHADE lol

  17. Maestro J April 8, 2013

    Y’all be HATIN lol..smh… Lets be clear. Kelly Rowlands Motivation shifted the game a slight midget I have to admit. Before that, even with Ci-ERROR’s RIDE, R&B wasn’t getting no play. Every thing on Urban radio was rap, or rappers singing. Since that it seems Urban radio has picked R&B back up. But I think Melanie should give HERSELF that credit because SHE CHANGED the game with IT KILLS ME because that record BLEW THE RAP GAME OFF THE RADIO for about 6mo’s LOL. NO LIE.
    I DO HOWEVER BLAME Kelly Rowland for this ELECTRONICA CRAZE that all the singers followed up with after WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER… I WAS OVER that ELECTRONICA crap I can tell u that…

  18. DIGGER BEY April 8, 2013

    Yesss Melanie! Spill that tea! Luv Motivation! The satured synth beat really makes the song! On Ride, it was an good song. But it failed to impact the game like Motivation. The whole Era could’ve been an Successful One. If she would’ve promoted well and dropped a couple more of singles. Face it b******! Kelly is that “IT GIRL” n the Urban World! I hope she has some pop songs on the next album. Cause she will definitely b runnin Sh*t then! #NEXT GREAT DIVA

    • alessandro April 8, 2013

      motivation was a mega hit in the US. but was it kelly’s best song? no…. she way better songs on her albums. her bigger problem is that she and her team have a serious allergy to promotion. kisses down low is so damn good but i dont see her promoting, that’s why her sales are low. but she is talented and people need to know that

  19. natasha April 8, 2013

    I just want to say that ALL music is “inspired” by another record, idea, melodies, lyrics etc.
    So truthfully “motivation” and all the other songs in the industry are the same ideas with a twist.
    That’s why you always seeing so and so is the next “whoever, MJ, usher, chris, rhianna etc”
    Motivation was a great song to put kelly on the map universal wise but she didn’t change the game. That’s false advertisement lol

  20. DIGGER BEY April 8, 2013

    It might not have changed the Game. But people definitley notice their was an Rising B**** on the scene! #KELLY F*CKIN ROWLAND

    • alessandro April 8, 2013

      thank you for your reviews!!! i wish more bey’s fans would support kelly like i do. let’s do it

  21. key April 8, 2013

    Wow. All of these KR Haters obviously dont know what real music is. Kelly Rowland’s “motivation” is in no way similar to ciaras “ride”. They both were great songs, but one made a bigger impact on urban radio….ding ding ding…motivation. That was one of the most well written songs out in that point in time. Her voice, her vibratos, her high notes went PERFECTLY with its instrumental. Ride was a banger, but it wasn’t really unique… all. Kelly Rowland owned everything about motivation. Ride is just….ride. A generic rnb song. Kelly Rowland will always be known for that song. I really hope she can follow up one day. If you can do it once, you can do it twice I believe.

    • BLonDiE April 8, 2013

      Kelly Rowland is real music? Her last album was filled with generic, album fillers. Pleeeeease. 🙄

  22. mc the place to be!! April 8, 2013

    change the game please you people must not listen to janet *plays Throb and any time any place* these people think they started something aint s*** new

  23. Sabrina April 8, 2013

    Y’all betta say it!

    If anything kelly was inspired by Aaliyah. But for what it was she did that s*** was so classic ole school but so current and fresh at the same time n***** and women were blasting that song she lit thay summer up.lete be real it was a real hit. That had memorable dance moves and a a memorable performance. Along with it. She made me proud with that song.

    She had classic moments with songs such as dilemma and when love takes over.. all she needs is a memorable Album. Era

  24. vita April 8, 2013

    You don’t have to create something new to change the game. Kelly just came with something different while everybody else was doing the same thing. Like when she made when love takes over wasn’t no one doing dance music in the states. Then she did motivation when everybody was doing dance now everybody back. Doing r&b..

  25. Dev April 8, 2013

    Was it a game changer? i’m not sure, but what i do know is that it didn’t change the game for Kelly because instead of keeping it moving she has proceeded to try and recreate the sucess with ICE and Kisses Down Low instead of looking for a new sound. I’m hoping the album shows some diversity in sound.

  26. vita April 8, 2013

    Y’all think the industry wasn’t paying attention? Her peers respect her there is even a interview where she was quote saying she told usher about doing dance. She was so hot overseas. Even fifty said he put her!!!! in his video bay by me because outside America she was everywhere and he was impressed.
    They watching why you think artist like chrs brown pharrel wiz khalifa future want to work. With her why you think all the dance/electronic. Djs want to work with her. This woman got connects why you think bey called her up for a mini reunion cuz she see her sister out her working! Y’all need check y’all facts.

  27. Bran_Tee April 8, 2013

    Let me tell you kids why RNB died, it was because Brandy didn’t release any album in 4 years, so in these four years there was no RNb, thanx to Bran for coming back. Now finally.

    Oh. I love Kelly.

    • thetruth April 8, 2013

      lol im sorry but Brandy is still sorta Irrelevant! But I still got luv 4 her tho! Her 2/11 album was really good! I still listen 2 it in my car….

    • BLonDiE April 8, 2013

      Lmao oh really?

  28. Steph April 8, 2013

    Love Kelly!!!

  29. JER April 8, 2013

    ???? did she say changed the game? Ok.

  30. DIGGER BEY April 8, 2013

    Lol @ People not trying give Kelly her just dues. Luv Brandy but her Put It Down was inspired by Motivation. That’s how big an impact Motivation had on the World of R&B! Everybody from Busta Rythmes to Diplo made remixes to it. Like Nelly said, R&B needed Kelly. I’m not trying to make like Kelly is an R&B saver or something. She’s just one of those artists, who can make an impact. If she at least promotes TAGG halfway thru the era. And drops more than 2 singles. Cause Kelly has had potential smashes but didn’t release them. She can have an huge commercial success.

    • thetruth April 8, 2013

      Thats exactly what I was tryn to say! I love Brandy and she has made her impact in music but the fact of the matter is when she made her comeback she went the Kelly Rowland route. She took her formula & now is using it for herself. Her fans has even said it on this very blog several times! Why fuss about it when yall know its the truth! I hate when ppl try to discredit Kelly as well as Bey & Rhi about their impact.

  31. Nyisha April 8, 2013

    I think Melanie Fiona has done wonders for females in R&B but I cannot say the same for Kelly Rowland. I have a hard time believing she is true to the music she is making. With that being said to the comment stating Brandy should be thanking her, (or something to that effect), that is not only baffling and disturbing but downright offensive. I’m cool with giving people their props but do not go all psychotic with it.

  32. riqueen April 8, 2013

    melione flopa needs to shutup and have a damn seat kellys motivation didn’t do s*** but add on to the surprisingly r&b hit that will be very soon forgotten list.

  33. cantstandthebitchesonTGJ April 8, 2013

    I can’t stand getting on this site anymore and it’s not because of the actual blog because that’s the only reason for me coming. The problem is the BEYONCE and RIHANNA d*** riders who get on every post and knock down every singer/artist who are actually doing very well in the music industry and have great music, but these stupid stans are so hung up on only two b****** that barely make decent music anymore and don’t give other great artist a chance.

  34. DIGGER BEY April 8, 2013

    ^^^^^Please STFU! Its mostly the Hoeianna stans. And lmao @ Riqueen….B**** don’t u stan for Hoeianna? The Queen of Generic music and forgotten songs. Sit yo ass all the way down besides the devil C*nt. @Nykeashia….B**** Please. Put It Down was inspired by Motivation. Stevie Wonder could see that. No Motivation. No Put It Down. And Kelly has always been into her music. She just didn’t know how to connect it to the masses. Lol U people are toooooo Delusional.

  35. Bran_Tee April 8, 2013

    Put It Down is nothing like “motivation”. That song did not influence my gurl to do put it down, contrary to what u saying kids, Put it down influenced Kiss Down Low. Brandy doesn’t copy this new people in the industry, they copy her.

    Still got mad love for Kelly and I love their friendship with Brandy.

  36. Bran_Tee April 8, 2013

    Scroll up ur screen and tell me that girl (Sevvn Streeter) didn’t copy Bran’s look in that picture.

  37. DIGGER BEY April 9, 2013

    ^^^^^^^^ Like I said and many music critics said, No Motivation. No Put It Down. And u are so delusional. Cause Kelly could’ve had KDL made before Put It Down premiered. U acting like Brandy can’t b inspired by people of this generation. Gurl Bye!

  38. DIGGER BEY April 9, 2013

    And I luv me some F*ckin Brandy! Been an fan since day one! But what has she done this decade to inspire anyone??????? If that Seyvn girl copyed anyone’s look, its Kelly. Kelly is the one got everybody hot for Dark Skin Chicks! #ASK KANYE

  39. Sleazy April 9, 2013

    You kids #ThingsOldPeopleSay uhm The 2 songs chart performance aint got s*** to do with what I’m trying to say! But while we at it Did Motivation Have a banned video? Was motivation performed just once on TV and that was in album week NO! Ride managed to go gold at #3 Etc I could go on. What I’m trying to say Is Rico love and kelly got the Idea from RIDE kelly Wasn’t doing that kind of music she was singing dance music! So I’m not saying Kelly copied her BUT ride gave birth to Motivation If you so old you will understand what I’m trying to get or is the Alzheimer getting to you

  40. DIGGER BEY April 9, 2013

    Sit. U can’t go n futher. Ur ride is over! The only thing that’s similar n both songs. Are the raw s** appeal. Who would of wanted to copy Ciara? After Fantasy Ride? Lmao U Ciara stans are feeling ur selves to much lmao. And liessssssssssssssssss. Kelly had songs like that on Ms. Kelly. They was just not that raw like Motivation.

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