Nicki Minaj Sets Latest UK Chart Record With ‘High School’

Published: Sunday 14th Apr 2013 by David

Even at her worst, Nicki Minaj stands ten or so levels above her nearest competitor.

Though the above is a fact some from all walks of life may choose to ignore, her well documented ascent to superstardom and surprisingly potent chart run make her the most exciting Rap act to debut in the last twenty years…on all fronts.

Now, in cementing her status as a truly international act, she has set a brand new chart record in the UK.

Good news below…

This evening, her new single ‘High School’ hit the UK’s Official Charts at #31, marking her 12th Top 40 hit in the nation scored since 2010.

Of these 12, 8 were secured in the last year- making her the first and only performer in this decade to nab as many British Top 10/Top 40 singles  singles in the space of twelve months while nabbing 10 or more hits on the Urban chart.

Indeed, while the likes of Rihanna have enjoyed chart positions with their own efforts, the flowing stream of material released by Minaj has seen her impact the Top 10/40 more times in the last year, extending her lead as the nation’s most frequently charting Rap export and kicking pink dust in the faces of every other Female MC to ever appear on the tally.

A tally, whose Top 20 has welcomed Minaj more times in one year than it has done in 20 for acts she once cited as influencers. Quite interestingly, none of the Rapper’s duets with Mariah Carey, Madonna, Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears made it to the British Top 20, as it was her own cuts that saw her secure this unexpected record.

This news come after she landed her 44th entry on the Billboard Hot 100 entry, and five months after her sophomore album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ sold enough units to be named the highest selling new Rap album in the UK and US, pushing her combined album sales over the 5 million mark.

When her chart stats from the overall and Urban charts are combined, the ‘Catch Me’ MC can now boast of having 20 British Top 40’s, with over half of these peaking at #20 or higher.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Holy Hive April 14, 2013

    Shes such a flop dog

    • Marco April 14, 2013

      But do u know what this post says?

    • BRITT ARMY April 14, 2013

      Please When Was The Last Time We All Saw Beyawnce In The Charts In Her ‘4’ Era

    • LittleScheisse April 14, 2013

      Holy Hive didn’t read the post lol. Even I have to give her kudos for this.

      • HausMuthaAdele April 14, 2013

        This is a good look Nicki.

    • BeyWhoUWanna April 14, 2013

      Good job Nicki. Now get rid of what white make up and give us the look you gave us in MA.

  2. Fresh Navi April 14, 2013

    I Love me some Onika but god knows

    her singles and features have all been a flop

    Tap Out – Flop
    High school – flop
    Freaks – Flop
    The Boys – Flop

    her recent material is not being bought anywhere
    had it not been for minute radio impact they wouldnt even chart in the lower echelons of the chart they reside.

    • Marco April 14, 2013


    • Trev April 14, 2013

      tap out hasn’t even been fully released or promo’d yet lol….HS and Freaks are still charting…The Boys, i’ll give you that…even though other artist would kill to do “The Boys” numbers

    • nicko April 14, 2013

      High School and Freaks are on the BILLBOARD HOT 100 so they’re not flops to me.

      • Fresh Navi April 14, 2013

        Lets be real with life…

        someone of nicki’s callibar shold not be experiencing so much MISSes so early in her career

        i see it asa test of the times ayyy.
        Being on the Hot100 does not mean your song is a hit.

        a hit song is anything platinum
        none of the afformentioned songs have been platinum.

        nor have thesecuredhigh peaking possition none of them are top 40 hits….

        hits start from 40 upwards on the BBHot100 and even so if the sales for the single is not at a certain level then its not a hit

        so yeah her songs been flopping

    • DeezNuts April 14, 2013

      Youre delusional.

      Freaks in French Montana’s single and has charted, Tapout is Birdman’s single, HIgh School is on hot 100 and I’ll give you The Boys.

  3. INYRMOUTH87 April 14, 2013


    • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 14, 2013

      Chiiiiile r these queen getn hyped over a…UK chart?? Yall sissies graspn for any good news. this is too ez even for me so ill hav simpathy on icki and her stans today honey this is JUST that sad.

      • eurocunt April 14, 2013

        she’s released over a 1,000 singles? and 80 music videos?!?!
        omg i so glad haters stay up on their Nicki Minaj news, they are so good on keeping tabs on my fav and they are a part of Team Minaj whether they like it or not. You’re just like… that delusional girl in high school… who stay alone and talks to herself in the hallways… everyone hates you but you still go to school with us 😀

      • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 14, 2013

        B**** that was lame

  4. rking/queen April 14, 2013

    BOO bish shutup nobody cares……she flop ass

  5. BarbzRUs April 14, 2013

    Ooop. I thought yall said she was flopping?

  6. LilKimNews April 14, 2013

    Can’t Hate On Her,She’s Winniq

  7. Codey April 14, 2013

    FAT flop.

  8. Kim Kardashian Stan April 14, 2013

    Only her pop singles do well now… She shoulda never went pop

    • RomansAuPair April 14, 2013

      That’s a lie. BITT is Gold, Fly is Platinum and HS is top 40 so have a seat.

      • your leader April 14, 2013


  9. Kate Middleton April 14, 2013

    Fugly, pug fugly, deformed flop.

    • even though nicki manj is a flop as b**** im still gonna call u out h** April 14, 2013

      wasent she your avi though ??

      • Kate Middleton April 14, 2013

        Ewwwww!!!!! Why would I have that creature in my avi? Somebody ran off with my account which happens quite often here

  10. Codey April 14, 2013

    Sam is always tryna push this clone down our throats….f*** man its a fact that u only need to sell 2k to chart high in the UK soo…….next

    • PrincessTweedy April 14, 2013

      Please shut up if you don’t what you’re speaking about. If doing well here was so easy wouldn’t Trina and the rest be doing just as well.
      I live here and getting a top 20 is not easy at all so unless you have receipts keep quiet.

    • truth(icki released 1,726 singles and 80 videos for reFLOP and still caint go platinum! Yea b****** i said it NNN WIT!! pops tongue) April 14, 2013


  11. truth tea (take a sip) April 14, 2013

    “most exciting rap act of the last 20 years”
    you clearly don’t listen to much hip-hop.
    if you are going to class her as a rapper, then the Spice Girls are technically the highest selling female rappers of all time.

    • PinkPussyBarb April 14, 2013

      You don’t want to say she’s a Rapper because she can Rap on Pop beats and truth be told, there isn’t a new Rapper out today that has done as well as Nicki besides Drake, which is why we get mad when she doesn’t promote.

  12. nicki ‘MAN’aj (before the s** change into Mrs potato head) April 14, 2013

    Boy looking at that pic above was during ‘her’ transition. Still looked a man and somewhat dark. Now she’s a full fledged Mrs potato head.

  13. nicki ‘MAN’aj (before the s** change into Mrs potato head) April 14, 2013

    Looks like she also had a jaw reduction.

  14. KimmyBlancoDeLaFamilia April 14, 2013

    Numbers don’t lie. Well done Nicki.

  15. the real xoxo April 14, 2013

    But where is the quality music?
    Her music is mediocre at best.
    The only people who think she is an amazing lyricist don’t listen to rap music anyway.
    “Artists are watching Billboard instead of exploring themselves” – Lauryn Hill.

    • Hiam(Blackout2.0) April 14, 2013

      Mediocre to YOU! Some people think it’s deep so her music is for THEM.

    • mobwife April 14, 2013


      The fixed, fake ass music industry does not lend itself to oiginality or artists creativity/exploration! It’s sad to see what the POWERS THAT BE have done to this LIMITEDLY OWNED medium where the profit margin is the bottom line (see Jaszmine Sullivan for details).

      • kitty April 14, 2013

        bye chile Lauryn can’t even pay her taxes

  16. DASTIAN April 14, 2013

    Nicki Nd Wayne? NAHT SUPRISED…..

  17. TaylorWins April 14, 2013

    Better than Mariah will ever do today. Triumphloppity.

  18. mobwife April 14, 2013

    Damn her ass is just too big especially for her height! That pic taken from behind and down low just looks awful!. This song is just too geneic…… I’m going to need Nicki and all of YMCMB to pick their game up! The songs/lyrics/content/concepts are becoming redundant!

    ***ewwww a birdman sighting….yuck!!

  19. Codey April 14, 2013

    how we gonna act like its hard to score a hit in the uk…its not….point blank period..kudos to her but cumon…

    • Kandi Kuntz April 14, 2013

      If it’s just oh so easy to score a hit on the U.K Chart then where is yours? humm…

  20. nicko April 14, 2013


  21. Hive April 14, 2013

    Waits for my baby Truth to come READ these h***

  22. TrUTH BE READING THESE ICKI STANS!!! April 14, 2013


  23. That rihanna reign April 14, 2013

    I wonder if she gets jealous of Rih’s success and beauty… I mean this chick has to beg to be featured in magazines right? Loool!!! Nobody wants her ugly asssss(pun intended). Is this why she bleached herself, gotten multiple surgeries, blonde hair and blue contacts? Still she’s ugly but plastic ugly. We have all seen how grotesque she naturally looked. she is not appealing in anyway or form.

    • Kandi Kuntz April 14, 2013

      please stop, you sound like a jealous bitter hater. her chart entries just discredit every thing you just wrote.

    • eurocunt April 14, 2013

      this is such a senseless, sexist and it’s nearly racist.
      why are you worried about nicki’s alleged surgery? how does that affect a post about her album sales? how does the fact that you find her ugly.. matter… to anyone? so because she’s not appealing? what? Rihanna is successful and beautiful, so what’s your point?

    • Minajesty April 14, 2013

      Is that a jealous Navy i smell? Hmmmm

  24. Yolanda April 14, 2013

    The credit goes to Lil Wayne fans because the barbs already had it from the PFRR-ReUp. Good call to put Lil Wayne on the record.

    • Kandi Kuntz April 14, 2013

      Her name is on the check too so….

  25. . : : h 2 o : : . April 14, 2013

    the first and only performer in this decade to nab as many British Top 10/Top 40 singles in the space of twelve months while nabbing 10 or more hits on the

    –> Urban <–



    • DeezNuts April 14, 2013

      Your point?! lmfao
      🙂 B****, STAY PREEEEESSSSED! Onika stay winning. Yet ANOTHER record for the QUEEN! HAHAHAHAHAH!

  26. Kandi Kuntz April 14, 2013

    This is why she is the reigning rap Queen. Your favs will never have this many entries on the chart in any country. to all the haters trying to discredit and down play her success she is going down in history as the motherfucking Queen(with the receipts to prove it, you and your fav won’t have s*** but jealously and hate) let all of her chart entries, endorsements,record sales,digital sales,etc. and endless list of records she is breaking soak in and then go jump off the nearest bridge.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . April 14, 2013

      @ Onika Garbaj stans:



      Honey, I hope my comment doesn’t offend you but:

      YOUR FAV IS A FLOOOOOOOP who lost both her pop and Hip-Hop fans in the worst ways.

      And 70% these non-existing, fictional U.K. “records” Samantha keeps cooking for her on weekly are for “StarSHITs”, an annoying RedOne-asslicking euro song that has nothing to do with “Rap” music.

      You got it?

      A FLOP who’s never been any f****** factor.

      • DeezNuts April 14, 2013

        Die h**.

        *Smiles as the sun hits my face just right and slaps the f*** our of this b**** with a bag of quarters*

      • eurocunt April 14, 2013

        HOW CAN YOU HATEFUL B******, sit there, trying to convince us she’s a flop? How can she be a flop, when she’s got so many haters riding on her? Haters are the definition of success… don’t you know? if she was really a flop and irrelevant, no one would be checking on her… not even haters, like yourself.
        Nicki doesn’t owe you rap music you silly girl. She can make pop music if she wants and if she does best believe it will go platinum.
        If you are too narrow-minded to understand the sheer influence she’s had on the hip-hop community… then you’re missing the f*** out.

  27. DeezNuts April 14, 2013

    Damn she’s still winnning?! Take a break b****!! lmfao

    Like I said B4…Nicki is coming for b******’ PUBIC HAIRS now. F*** a wig hunty! 🙂

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (#1 DIVA) April 14, 2013

      *waits for that #1 single*

      • DeezNuts April 14, 2013

        *waits for triumphant to chart*

  28. ,. April 14, 2013

    Congratz to her she doing her thing.

  29. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! April 14, 2013

    And Taylor swift’s new single “22” is up 3 at number 9!

    So chuffed for Taylor!

  30. eurocunt April 14, 2013

    let me set you hater b****** straight.
    ya’ll wanna come for nicki because she’s on the urban chart? that’s where rap b****** belong you idiots. But when she’s on the pop charts, selling going 4x plat with superbass and 3x plat with Starships, you b****** wanna complain that she’s pop and selling out.
    It’s okay to hate Nicki Minaj, that’s a-okay. but delusion is not. Some of you dusties actually think that releasing a video means its a single. No boo boo, you have to make a single official by sending it to radio. High School and Tapout won’t be featured on contemporary radio, only urban. so if you are a white no body from Kansas with no Urban radio, you’re gonna have to have a seat.
    And you wanna talk about Freaks? Tapout? Those are FEATURES. It’s not Nicki’s job to promote that s*** or make sure that it charts. She’s throwing these rappers a bone even by participating and sharing her relevance. Every time Nicki features it’s a hit because you get paid for your features and your work is done.
    Even on a post telling you how much she sells and how relevant she is internationally, you b****** wanna get slick? so stupid. just accept your plain yogurt asses and watch the queen conquer.

    • DeezNuts April 14, 2013

      *shakes head* Boo. Let it go. No Matter what you say..they cant be reasoned with. I tried it. I showed them numbers, reciepts, the whole 9. THe best you can do is DRAG them to hell and leave them there to burn honey!

      • eurocunt April 14, 2013

        dragging delusional b****** is a form of therapy. i check in, then check out.
        It’s the last comment I’ll leave. Cause when you are chillin’ with delusional, angry people… nothing good can come of it.

  31. BarbzRUs April 14, 2013

    You h*** are confused, the record isn’t only for being on the Urban chart its for BOTH charts. She has the most top 40s on the MAIN charts AND Urban charts so she’s winning on both.

  32. NickiSaidDis April 14, 2013

    The haters are seething in the face of facts.
    TGJ may stan for Nicki but didn’t pull these numbers out of their ass. THEY ARE HARDCORE FACTS and they make you look stupid because YOU said she was flopping.

  33. IGGY GODZALEA April 14, 2013

    Work is at #20 on the Official Singles Chart. She’s coming for Onika.

  34. The Truth April 14, 2013

    Who in hell cares about what happens in UK? Nobody but the Post some shyt that actually happens at home. Everybody knows your last step before retirement is the UK. Stop hanging from this b****** c***. Tryin turn her into a superstar.

    • kitty April 14, 2013

      H** hush the U.K is the second largest music market in the world. she went Internationale on you h*** and btw she is already a superstar you tried it though, now watch her cash them Internationale checks.

  35. Codey April 14, 2013

    lol the barbs are pressed its not even on the main chart (where u dont really have to sell much to chart) its on the urban chart(where u need about 3 spins on the radio and 500 digital sales)….Barbs/Kens…Sam is tryna make this girl a star and you delusional h*** fall for it…ul never see him post Rihanna’s stats in the UK…and we all know that b**** sells in the millions that side..Nicki’s combined sales are proberbly under or just above 500k..kiiii

    • trick April 14, 2013

      You’re dumb.

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