Stooshe Disown Their TLC ‘Waterfalls’ Cover / Say They Didn’t Like It

Published: Wednesday 3rd Apr 2013 by Sam

In an era where even the most season of acts are muted when it comes to record label politics, UK trio Stooshe have gone all the way against the grain when discussing their last single.

Upon blazing onto the scene last year, the Pop-Urban outfit released two consecutive top 10 singles; however that upwards trajectory was marred when they released a Glee-like version of TLC classic ‘Waterfalls’ – which could only manage a soggy chart peak of #21 last November.

Deviating from the silence that often greets a chart flop, in an interview to promote new single ‘Slip’, the group have spoken up and out about the release, as well as label fettering of their debut album.

Their words after the jump…

Speaking to the Daily Star, member Karis Anderson (pictured third from left) said of the cover:

“We are pretending Waterfalls didn’t happen, that song was never our decision. 

(Our new single ‘Slip’ now feels like a comeback, even though we’ve only been around for a year. Waterfalls is
not going on the album. We love the TLC version, but we didn’t like it as a single for us.”

Speaking on the delay of the ladies self-titled debut album (initially due last year, now slated to hit stores on May 27th), Anderson went on to add:

“It was ready to go, but we was listening to it and realised the label had changed a few mixes, a few structures and even taken off a few songs. We made this album before we got signed so it was important for us to still have control.”


Kudos to Stooshe for keeping it real — although we do wonder what their team would make of such frank comments. Especially given that the said album has yet to come out.

Still, we see where Karis’ sentiments stem from. For, sink or swim, it’s the group that has to publicly bear the weight of how their singles/albums do commercially.

Here’s wishing them the success they deserve when their LP arrives in stores next month.

Peep the video cover in question, as well as the clip for their new single ‘Slip’ below…

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  1. . : : h 2 o : : . April 3, 2013




  2. Nahjee April 3, 2013

    I wonder how many comments this is gonna get lmao umm… Lol

  3. MistaC April 3, 2013

    They didn’t like it…NEITHER DID WE!…LOL

  4. bam bam April 3, 2013

    We aint like it either

  5. MeenaDelRey April 3, 2013

    Good. Their cover wasn’t that good.

  6. Navy Sailor!!! April 3, 2013

    Harpo who deez b******?!

  7. Aloys234 April 3, 2013

    This is more like it.. that TLC cover was rubbish! for that I want to make a statement that “record labels are full of SH!T..” I guess its gd that we have Zfactor and American Idiots, for the average soloist/groups that can be mindlessly controlled.. Y do artist need to be controlled anyway? they either make it, or they dont, it wont stop them from making music/doing what they enjoy.. I have friends like Nikisha Reyes whom deserve a career to make music that they feel passionate about, not to have a record label tune it so that it sounds like little mix.. or managers who want to take the glory for themselves.. The music industry is a puzzle but passionate artists dont make it by signing up to xfactor.. they make it on their own. #rantover

  8. cocobutta April 3, 2013

    Back to their sound of edgy old school soul.
    The real Stooshe

  9. nobitchassness April 3, 2013

    Definitely still prefer the original.

    HOWEVER, I LOVE Stooshe’s new sound and I can’t wait for their debut album out May 27th.

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