Watch: Nicole Scherzinger Soars With ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’

Published: Monday 1st Apr 2013 by Sam

Say what you will about Nicole Scherzinger, but the former Pussycat Doll is as versatile a Pop star as it gets.

Renown for her pelvic thrusts and weave flicks, the 34-year-old reverted to regal during a tribute to iconic musician Andrew Lloyd over the weekend.

The ‘Boomerang’ singer was tapped to perform at ITV’s ‘Andrew Lloyd Webber 40 Years’ special, performing Evita classic ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ (made famous by Madonna).

Watch Ms. Scherzinger shock and awe below!


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  1. NT April 1, 2013

    It was a good performance , but we all already knew she could sing.

  2. mildred April 1, 2013

    She did a maevelous job! Call me when riheo makes a flawless performance like this

    • POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 1, 2013

      call me when this b**** get noticed , and she’s 30 YO something , Jokes are writing themselves already 😈

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 1, 2013

      Says the b**** with the granny name “Mildred”. You’re mad because Flopcole gets rihject songs?! Keep Rihs name outta ya mouth.

    • JER April 1, 2013

      You tried

  3. Meena April 1, 2013

    She can sing but her songs are kinda crap

  4. Poisonous April 1, 2013

    Why can’t she put those vocals on her singles? She frustrates me.

  5. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) April 1, 2013

    as a Package , i Think she has it all , but i wanna ask her where’s her career now that she joined the “yes man” club with kelly RAWsex-land ?

  6. Kent April 1, 2013

    I dont like madonna image and her controversial ways but i wont go abt thrasing her on blogs cos i dont know her personally but i must confess i love this song the first time my brother played it her voice was great during evita period also i love like a prayer and ray of ligth am just not a fan neither an hater that how it should be.

  7. Codey April 1, 2013

    lol @Mildred…call me when someone gives the slightest f*** about this flop..or when she reaches 30 comments or when she becones relevent again..and thats not gonna happen without PCD..and they not f****** with her no more haha….

    u dismissed

  8. Lovebird April 1, 2013

    I’m guessing boomerang isn’t happening is it girl. Do you have a release date for that album yet because last time I checked on your basic ass, you were talking about pursuing a movie career. Girl what do you really want? Your basic ass is going all around in circles.

  9. Keri hilson/cream April 1, 2013

    Hey every one this your girl miss Keri Baby!!! I will like to announce my world wide wallmart tour yes b**** world wide exclusively at your local wallmart parking lot with special guest Big kuntry king Ashanti and ying yang twins free Walter we go have keyshia on the grill cooking them fish plates so come out and support your girl we in here f*** Beyonce think she is.

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 1, 2013

      That was whack babe.

    • Dev April 1, 2013

      real wack! You get 10 outta 10 for trying

  10. IM A FREE B*TCH April 1, 2013

    we all know she can sing, i loved that performance, just as i loved it when she sang The Phantom Of The Opera. its kinda sad that despite all her vocal talent, her songs dont fully utilize her voice and her singles are subpar honestly.

  11. NΛVI April 1, 2013

    This look like a legendary performance, she snack my wigs.. it’s a shame she doesn’t have the career to back it up.

  12. JER April 1, 2013

    She looks amazing. She sounds amazing. Why can’t she serve this for her owns songs, her own albums? This is 2013, you don’t have to make catchy dance music to get radio playe, itunes sales, or people’s attention. More and more pop radio is playing left-of-center singles and ballads are smashing again.

  13. LAX April 1, 2013

    SAY WHAT YOU WANNA SAY Just because rihanna has a number #1 single and all over the place doesn’t mean she know how to sing….Nicole knows how to sing and doesn’t need a whole studio to make her sound good…point blank

  14. King B>Rihanna April 1, 2013

    nicole can sing her ass off. end of story. talented woman.

  15. Aquarius April 1, 2013

    Theres something about her voice I just don’t like. The tone or something. But it was a good performance nonetheless.

  16. Hesings April 1, 2013

    I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again. If she would go the Broadway route she will be a star. Most people that you all see on TV/Movies now-a-days got their start on broadway

  17. mr.m April 1, 2013

    Negroyonce could never. period

  18. Dev April 1, 2013

    She cab sing but does nothing for me, she just doesn’t capture me with her voice

  19. Suicide Blonde April 1, 2013

    She did a good job, however this is an example of what I’ve always said, Madonna might don’t have a huge vocal range but her voice is very emotional when she sings with her heart, she owns this song just like Whitney did with “I Will Always Love You”.

    • Marcus April 1, 2013

      You are delusional. I like Madonna but in my opinion she is among one of the worst vocalist of all time. She’s constantly pitchy, flat, and off key. Emotional my a#@ Madonna is not famous for her emotional vocals GTFO!

  20. Bey a butterfly April 1, 2013

    @ Suicide Blonde, Dont ever compair Whitneys vocals to Madonna. You tired it. Ha, good laugh.

    • Suicide Blonde April 1, 2013

      You actually read my comment so why did you come with a stupid comment like this, i’m not comparing Whitney vocals to Madonna.

  21. Matthew Grimsley April 1, 2013

    After seeing this, I feel she should be doing more songs like this! Like 90’s Mariah/whitney power ballads or something.

  22. Shaquinisha-Rose April 2, 2013

    She needs to move to Broadway. For real.

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