Watch: Solange Tackles Aaliyah’s ‘Hot Like Fire’ Live At Coachella

Published: Sunday 14th Apr 2013 by Rashad


‘I Decided’ diva Solange decided to grace 2013’s Coachella festival with her presence during British band The xx‘s set.

Despite not officially being on the bill, the youngest of the Knowles clan unveiled a live showing of tunes from her ‘True’ EP and a special reworked version of Aaliyah‘s ‘One In A Million’ hit ‘Hot Like Fire’.

Did she do the song justice? You tell us below:

Start at the 20 min mark:

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  1. NT April 14, 2013

    Wasn’t bad , but Aaliyah’s music just shouldn’t be messed with.

  2. geno April 14, 2013

    god i miss solange’s long straight black hair. she was gorgeous with it.

    • toohotfortv April 14, 2013

      I’m sure she perfectly ok with you not liking her hair as it is now. She don’t f*** with you either 😉

      • geno April 14, 2013

        HI SOLANGE!!

      • MuiMui April 15, 2013

        My can’t people be allowed to think by themselves without getting chopped down.

  3. the voice April 14, 2013

    she looks great but……

    why is Roc nation/ Jayz booking her for CoACHELLA instead of Melanie Fiona or Bridget kelly???

    Sorry but they are wrong for that… just because she is Beyonces’s sister?

    Melanie needs NEW mgt,

    • geno April 14, 2013

      break down these walls>>> solange’s whole discography

    • toohotfortv April 14, 2013

      Bc the audience at Coachella has no idea who those artist are. Those holster kids love, Solange.

      • geno April 14, 2013

        too bad they dont love her enuf to buy that album…….

    • geno April 14, 2013

      solange has always been getting by because of beyonce. where u been at?? when mathew was managing solange it was the same way. he had wack ass solange doing big time shows instead of michelle. now jay z is her pimp instead of mathew.

  4. King B>Rihanna April 14, 2013


  5. NΛVI April 14, 2013

    Nice!! Solange and The guy from The XX have great chemistry. Love that song of hers plus she comes across as a more authentic artist unlike her sister which the hipsters love.

  6. RockaByeBaby April 14, 2013

    looks like shes wearing a diaper in that pic

  7. Alex April 14, 2013

    Horrible!!! Leave Aaliyah’s music alone! I’m so pissed off.

    • 21st Century Slayer April 14, 2013

      Im a Bey fan but I pissed at Solo. That s*** wasnt for me. I loved Aaliyah too much. Solo sound and looked silly.

      • Alex April 14, 2013

        Seriously. Same here huge Bey fan but Aaliyah will always be my first love. No one should touch her music period.

  8. HoneychildPlease April 14, 2013

    Why is every1 saying leave Aaliyah music alone? She was no queen when she was alive, but a known w****….SMH don’t be acting all fake up in here..

    • Dev April 15, 2013

      The comments are about her music and not her personal life

  9. Lost April 14, 2013

    Uhm the video I saw didt have Solange anywhere in it.

  10. Dev April 15, 2013

    That was dreadful! The xx sucked all of the life and emotion outta the song, and Solange didn’t do much better for the two lines she “sang”

  11. Aaliyah Godess of music April 15, 2013

    Solange can’t sing

  12. SHESDUMB THE LEGEND April 15, 2013


  13. Bran_Tee April 15, 2013

    Nothing wrong with performing Aaliyah’s songs. Haters should just stfu and deal. I love me some Solange better than her fake sister.

  14. cake like lady gaga April 15, 2013


  15. nick April 15, 2013

    yes i love solange., the xx is amazing such a nice mix!!!!

  16. Navy sailor April 15, 2013

    Now wait Don’t come for solange when aaliyah whispered thru her songs e.g rock the boat! I like aaliyah BUT I saw her last performs of MTAW she didn’t sound good Just because she is dead (R.I.P aaliyah) doesn’t mean we got to treat her like a God… She had OKAY vocals live I’m sure she has some good performances BUT please don’t act like aaliyah had Whitney pipes

  17. Queen Carey April 15, 2013

    Now wait! I love me some aaliyah but what’s this s*** don’t touch aaliyah songs? Aaliyah had a soft tone nothing to brag about she was a great artist but her vocals hunty don’t ! I feel that because she died people act like she the best thing since slice bread

    • Mark111 April 15, 2013

      A MC fan can’t talk about NO ONE vocals, MC lip sync 99% of her shows. No matter what you haters say, Aaliyah, with only 3 albums, already made a mark in R&B and is a legend, and there’s nothing you haters can do about it. 2 double platinum albums and her last one went gold in a month before her death, something that takes these other lames a whole year to just sell a million. Plus a blooming film career, THAT why Aaliyah was the s*** and why people still speak of her with respect today. So she was that chic. Let’s not forget that MC career was in the trash in 2000 and 2001.

  18. Queen Carey April 15, 2013

    I think solange tries to hard not to be compared to Beyonce that’s why she is flopping doing all this weird s***

    • MELODY2012 April 15, 2013

      I think she is focusing on being different than focusing on making great music. I still don’t see the hype.

  19. MuiMui April 15, 2013

    I love seeing the artists sampling others music its all seen as
    good entertainment to many.

  20. . : : h 2 o : : . April 15, 2013

    I should start listening to some of her musicccccc…what’s her best song/EP/whatever?

  21. Savannah April 15, 2013

    Y’all are acting like Aaliyah was some goddess of music or something. She had great writers and producers, but her live performances were almost always bad. I guess the saying is true… “They don’t love you until you’re dead” Go Solange! Lovesssss her!

  22. Stans Make Me LOL April 15, 2013

    I liked it, and The XX can turn anything into gold, so kudos to them.

  23. Mark111 April 15, 2013

    I think she did a good job, I don’t think the song was suppose to sound like Aaliyah’s version nor was it a cover, it’s Solang and The xx’s take on it and it sounded good to me. Aalyah, Queen of Urban Pop.

  24. BeyoncesWigBrusher April 15, 2013

    No shade to Aaliyah.. but she wasnt all that great. Her voice wasnt any diffrent from Ciara’s and if she were alive today she’d be another flop like the rest of the girls that are out.

    • Dev April 15, 2013

      Aaliyah may have not been a great or good singer, but she had a better voice and range than ciara

  25. Found April 15, 2013

    As artists they had to have gotten off the stage and referenced that performance with “you know they got that ish on film damnit”.

  26. Found April 15, 2013

    As artists they had to have gotten off the stage and referenced that performance with “you know they got that ish on film damnit”.

  27. FOREVERAALIyah April 16, 2013

    Look let’s keep it breezy over here. (NO not Chris Brown) I love AAliyah. She is the whole reason I wanted to start singing. Still singing till this day and waiting on God for my chance. Now Sol is okay but she had one good song and that was that. I don’t think bringing up anybody’s personal life into this, fuss is right. Especially when that said person can no longer defend themselves. You hate Liyah? Who cares there are billions more who loved her. Same can be said about Sol but only Millions no disrespect. Now I’m going to go listen to this song without the attention, of her trying to do a copycat like her sister does. An hopes she slays. If not all well. BTW Aaliyah can’t be touched. In death or life that girl was bad too the bone, an touched a lot of lives. Whitney nice pipes but a drug addict as they come. Sadly she’s in hell from her sins. Now that’s real.

  28. RealtortopproducerHomedatabaseBowierealestate April 17, 2013

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  29. Ch May 13, 2013

    How are you gonna say “no shade” but everything afterwards is hate? Maybe Beyonces fans really are idiots, across the board.

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