Must See: Lady GaGa Stars In….’Machete Kills’

Published: Thursday 30th May 2013 by David

As the world continues to anticipate her brand new album ‘ARTPOP’, Lady GaGa adds fresh fuel to her brand’s fire with a role in Robert Rodriguez’Machete Kills‘, due out September 13th.

Now, months after her part in the action flick was announced, today saw its first international trailer released by Tom Ortenberg’s ‘Open Road Films’.

Meet ‘La Chameleon’ below!

We can’t wait to see it!

#NowPlaying Elijah Blake – ‘XOX‘:

So, let us know…

What do you think of the trailer?

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  1. S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

    Madonna looks fabulous, I’m Breathless.

    • Slaylor Swift May 30, 2013

      Ugh i would love if Madonna released another album i enjoyed MDNA it had some good dance songs on there.

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

      yes , she looked great m she gonna release ” hanky panky” as a single or what ? fill me in.

      I wish she can release ” i’m going bananas” tho, sounds fresh.


      • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

        LMFAO…….I’m Going Bananas REALLY.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

        IKR ?

        But I thought she hated “Fur” and wore frogs to mock ppl who wear it , why she changed her mind ?

      • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

        She found out that Madonna inspired looks of Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn are Iconic and she is all about Legends.

    • MariahIsMusic1 May 30, 2013

      Girls Gone World! Will always Slay.
      I want a new madonna album try to connect with her again

      • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

        I know.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

        I want more of “take a bow”/ ” miles away”/”frozen” for the ballads , ” gays gone wild”/’celebration”/”get together” for dance songs.

      • MariahIsMusic1 May 30, 2013

        No words to de§scribe that song. pure life

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

        the whole ALBUM is underrated.

        But SHE will do with this movie , Madonna looked good with the FUR of a killed FOX.

      • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

        Lol, i remember she was like the antichrist at that time, my Grandma hated this irreverent, heretic woman, i love it.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

        she’s not the anti-christ , she’s Satan.

      • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

        And we are her darkest angels.

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

        LMFAO , you worship the woman ! 😆

      • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

        But i do believe in God after Madonna of course!, 🙂

    • miao May 30, 2013

      Gaga still makes you pressed as f***!

    • Mark111 May 30, 2013

      But Madonna stole that look from Marilyn Monroe, so are mad at a jacker of a jacker.

    • JOANI888 May 30, 2013

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    • shawn232 May 31, 2013

      B**** lol i got the D*** Tracy shade lol that jokes for people who went to school honey!!!!

  2. Slaylor Swift May 30, 2013

    Wait what she’s still alive? I swear i thought she fell off the face of the earth.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 30, 2013

      Do u think Taylor Swift will be able to sing at some point in the future?

  3. Britney Stan May 30, 2013


    • h2o May 30, 2013

      Someone with a $200M+ tour . . :mrgreen:

    • miao May 30, 2013

      Someone who sings live and can dance!

  4. BeyWhoUWanna May 30, 2013

    Good for Gaga! I just know this won’t flop like BATTLESHIT did.

    • Likica May 30, 2013

      Or like Cadillac Records or The Fighting Temptations that didn’t even manage to make their budget xD

      • h2o May 30, 2013

        TFT made $2M above it’s budget, and Cadillac Records made it with DVD sales alone.

        TRY again later :mrgreen:

      • Likica May 30, 2013

        No and no. and nope, I don’t have to try nothing, these movies were bigger flops than Battleship but Beyhive forget easily about them. I am here to remind them about that ^^ 😀

      • MariahIsMusic1 May 30, 2013

        Atleast they didn’t have big budgets and they weren’t action movies which are supposed to gross more

      • Likica May 30, 2013


        The movie still managed to gross more money than its actual budget. It made almost 100 million $ out of it. I am not saying that is impressive, but a movie that doesn’t make its budget is a flop, so Battleship is not a huge flop like Cadillac Records/The Fighting Temotations and that Carmen movie. 🙂

      • h2o May 30, 2013

        I didn’t say they weren’t bigger flops than “Batleship”, you’re saying they “failed to make their budget back” and that’s false.

        And Beyonce already had at least 2 movies that grosed more above their budget than “Battleship” did, so . . .

  5. h2o May 30, 2013


  6. RihNaj May 30, 2013

    LOL looks cheap af

    Love me Some Jessica Alba tho!!

  7. BitchyBey May 30, 2013

    Machete Kills, The Other Woman, Epic>>>>>>>>Battleflop.

  8. Hive May 30, 2013

    It will do much better than battleshit

  9. Hive May 30, 2013

    Ciaras Mama i wanna sing >>>>>> Rihoes Battleshit

  10. ARTPOPPINIT May 30, 2013

    Gutter. Battleshit.

  11. HoneychildPlease May 30, 2013

    Wow i haven’t heard from her in ages! Wasn’t she in that group with Nicole slutanizer ?? It looks a lot more manly now though…

    • Teenage Dream May 30, 2013

      No b**** she was in Danity Kane

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

        no No , she was in Backstreet boys.

      • HoneychildPlease May 30, 2013

        OH no i was wrong that b**** was The VOICE, but i think she took a break to promote her album…

    • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

      OMG!…..this post is gonna be good, very good.

    • Queen Barb May 30, 2013

      S*** i thought she was from Goosebumps tbh

      • FAF May 30, 2013

        What the f*** are y’all talking about?

  12. Gaga4Gaga May 30, 2013

    Battleshit<<<<<<<<< Mdna

    both are HORRIBLE

  13. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) May 30, 2013

    It looks like a fitting role for Gaga. I’m interested. Why is Elijah being promoted on this post?

  14. HoneychildPlease May 30, 2013

    Sam must have gotten some ass from that Elijah because he always trying to promote that shid…

  15. Teenage Dream May 30, 2013

    It will flop like BTW did kiii

    • h2o May 30, 2013

      By BTW are you referring to an album which managed to pull its d*** and p*** all over “Lockerroom Dream” worldwide in half the time?

  16. Teenage Dream May 30, 2013

    Sam is Elijahs b**** boy

    • TeenageDreamer May 30, 2013

      Attack of the clones 2bh.

      • Lana Del Slay May 30, 2013

        I’ve got one stupid s*** copying my name here too.

  17. MariahIsMusic1 May 30, 2013

    I like her though. She’s very interesting. I wanna see more of her.

  18. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 30, 2013

    Poor Stefani…

    “ArtPop” is already being promoted as her “comeback album” after only five years in the industry.

    *Plays “I Was Here”*


    • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013


    • HoneychildPlease May 30, 2013

      Lol oh dear…

    • CiCi Slaaaaays May 30, 2013

      Real s***

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

      *Plays Express yourself pt. 2 from THE ALBUM OF THE DECADE *

      • S****** Blonde May 30, 2013

        OMG, this is gonna be good.

    • IDK May 30, 2013


      True, true,,,,,,

      I memba when Gaga used to slay.

  19. Elijah Blake stan May 30, 2013

    Who cares about this s***** b**** or “ArtPoop”

  20. CiCi Slaaaaays May 30, 2013

    Overrated stiff dancing piece of s*** i can’t stand this b**** at all…. she’s the most desperate attention seeking artist in the musician industry she’s the reason why music isnt s*** anymore ugh F*** HER!!!!

    Anyone who stans for gaga knows nothing about music shes as basic and generic as they come tbh

    • Music Soul Harmony May 30, 2013

      LMAO everything (minus the stiff dancing part) could be said about YOUR FAVE!!!!!

      • FAF May 30, 2013

        ^ no it couldnt bc Ciara sold 3mil copies of her debut in the US alone, her first single was #1 for seven weeks at only 19 yrs old & she was billboards woman of the yr in 2008

        she is givenchy’s muse and actually tries to FLEE paparazzi noawadays more than be photographed … she wore a black t-shirt to 1-oak with her boyfriend last week

        so your point is invalid

  21. HoneychildPlease May 30, 2013


    SAM IS THAT YOU??????

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013


      anything with a “stan” at the end is “HIM” !
      he’s @FAF as well.

      • FAF May 30, 2013


  22. Queen Barb May 30, 2013

    Forgot all about her tbh

    • Music Soul Harmony May 30, 2013

      Just like the general public forgot about your fave?

      • Queen Barb May 30, 2013

        Nicki forgotten about??? Never!! She was just on one of the biggest shows in America has commercials and features all over the world right now shes far from forgotten

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

        both are ancient history.

      • Music Soul Harmony May 30, 2013

        And her album has only scanned 840k in the USA 🙁

      • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

        and s the MAIN reason why AI ratings flopped ?

        her latest attempt to get back her urban fans/K7/mixtape/ghetto nathems Flopped ?

        she doesn’t have a #1 song after she sold out and became a pop artist ? at least when her rival tried the pop route she got grammy !!
        after she released 1578787998098 singles and feats every month ?
        all after 3-4 years ?

        all after bleaching her skin ?


        faded Floooooop.

      • FAF May 30, 2013

        How’d she get forgotten if u typing essays, pasty white f**? 😆


        I KNOW U SEE HER ON YA TV HOMO! 😆 think pink ! 😉

      • FAF May 30, 2013

        840k yet certified platinum?? Yet didn’t have to sell her cd on itunes for 99c and on amazon? 😉 KIIIIIIIIIIIII. Nice try.

  23. rogerh May 30, 2013

    Epic $100 million worldwide

  24. HoneychildPlease May 30, 2013

    The gimmick is up MAN… *Plays take a bow by Madonna*

  25. HausMothaAdele May 30, 2013

    Yawn this b**** is tired.

    * Listens to the album of the decade “21” *

  26. BeyonceMichelleKelly May 30, 2013

    #neaux1curr about ArtFlop

  27. Mariahs Magic May 30, 2013

    Oh shes still around?

  28. Emeral May 30, 2013

    Wow the Gaga hate is real up in hur lol!

    • h2o May 30, 2013

      They’re just pressed because she makes any of their favs look like a flop.

  29. Emeral May 30, 2013

    And no shade to Gaga I actually like her but I feel she peaked way to early and was very much all about hype. (SMH look at me writing in past tense already)

  30. CandyWarhol May 30, 2013

    Awwwww how sad, the old h*** are hating on Stefani again. Too bad BTW sold more first week WITHOUT the Amazon sales than any albums your faves have released in a LONG time.

    You will stay pressed and you’ll continue to seethe.

  31. Woman2Woman May 30, 2013

    This thread is finna get good.

  32. GagitaMaraj May 30, 2013

    So much hate for Gaga when ALL our favs wish they had it like her.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 30, 2013

      That´s why they hate her now. She´s the only one that has it from this last generation

      • ARTPOPPINIT May 30, 2013

        I detect no lies sis. Gaga got it wrong with BTW so she really is the full package. I just need her to lighten up and inject a little fun into her music like she did back in the day.

  33. JOHNVIDAL May 30, 2013

    I can´t at all these bandwagon people, every single person loved her 2 years ago and now they act as if she is nothing. Ok then
    About the trailer: Great! I didn´t know she was going to star in a movie. I´m sure @s****** knew 🙂 It seems she´s showing my favorite look by her in this movie. A look Madonna has never tried, not that I know (I´m writing this last sentence in case the two crazy stans attack me for only talking about a huge star, whether they like it or not, that´s what she is. And yes we know they like it. They loved her until Born This Way. No wait, they still loved her for a whole year more, even after Born this Way single, and all of them admitted Born this Way the album is her best yet, but Madonna opened her mouth, then they followed as if they wouldn´t have minds of their own)
    Anyway, one of my fave songs by Madonna is “Forbidden Love” from Confessions album, and one of my faves from Gaga is “You and I”

    • IDK May 30, 2013

      B**** STFU!!!

      As u can tell by the dislikes, nobody gives a f*** what yo foreign ass has to say.

      > _/

      • PRINCE MACHIAVEL May 30, 2013

        The Dislikes Are From You Pathetic Chronical Haters, Maybe If You Had A Life You Wouldn’t Wast Your Time On Someone You “Don’t Care” You Hating Ass Losers SMH!

      • JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2013

        The likes and dislikes in this site have been fake for a month now. No credibility at all. And btw if people thumb me down it is a sign that they give a f*** about what I´m saying. If not, I wouldn´t have likes or dislikes at all

    • MC May 30, 2013

      I mean were these people not “stans”/”fans” and wasn’t BTW amazing and her “best” album before their fave decided to hate her?

      The sheep follows the herd. She stays on their mind that they talk about her in every thread.

      The thirst and pain. 😆

      • PRINCE MACHIAVEL May 30, 2013

        IKR! I’ll Never Understand How The F*** Gaga’s Haters Waste More Time On Her Than Her Fans, They Are So Low, Pathetic And Full Of BS! First It Was Just S****** BLOND And POP ROYALTY, But Now You Can Ad Their Sheeps Too. It’s Funny Cause There Was Only Four Madonna’s Stans Here( @POP, @MADONNA LOVER, @S******/ONYX And Me/@PRINCE MACHIAVEL/GAAGLOOO) Now All R****** And Gaga’s Haters Are Madge’s Stan… Eyes Roll!

    • Royalkev May 30, 2013

      No lies being told here! I remember the days when everything Gaga was art! Her meat dress, the blood on stage (VMA’s) and the gigantic hats at award shows. The only people I remember hating her besides myself was S****** and S***! My how things change… I still don’t like her, but I really don’t know how some people can switch up the way they do. Gaga has always been pretentious, walking around with her inflated ego. Why is it all a problem now? This sudden hate seem to have happened overnight.

    • Common Sense May 30, 2013

      Check yourself b****. I’ve disliked Gaga’s fake ass since I first saw her on MTV’s Boiling Points almost a decade ago. Her shallow, fake music never appealed to me. Her talent never appealed to me either because she never actually displayed it. Nothing but ra ra ra and pa pa pa.
      I didn’t jump on the Gaga bandwagon 5 years ago, so there is no Gaga hate bandwagon for me to jump on now.

      • JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2013

        Ok relax! It´s obvious you don´t belong to that group of people I´m talking about then.

  34. Lana Del Slay May 30, 2013

    Elijah can get it whenever he wants tbh.

  35. BrandNuStar May 30, 2013

    Gaga is legendary but I cannot get down with BTW’s gothic teas. Imma need her to gimme some Fame era vibes again.

    • FentySoSnatched May 30, 2013


      • ElectricUnicorn May 30, 2013

        Yes b****, legendary. Problem?

      • FentySoSnatched May 30, 2013

        My p****.Eat it.

      • ElectricUnicorn May 30, 2013

        And catch the plague? I could never.

      • FAF May 30, 2013


  36. JanetXone May 30, 2013

    Kiiii Lovebird is Elijah Blake stan.

  37. Rosie May 30, 2013

    OMG it looks so amazing unlike Battleshit!

    • Likica May 30, 2013

      You are so obsessed with Rihanna that it isn’t even more funny O.o

    • Navy Sailor May 30, 2013

      Rihanna stays on your mind more than a bottle of gin stays on your Platypus faves. Keep Rihanna’s name off of your fingers you pressed gutter scum w****.

    • opd2 May 30, 2013

      ROSIE don’t you get it,no body likes you,only time when every fan base come to a common ground is when it includes you none of them likes you just go away man.

  38. MC May 30, 2013

    The trailer looks so cheesy and terrible, I wasn’t planning on watching it but still…..I hope the movie is good though.

    Gaga looks great in that pic. She should make some announcement about her album/first single soon. I feel like she isn’t even finished with it in the first place. The “coming soon” s*** is getting tiring. Regardless, I’ll wait as long as I need to if the material turns out good.

    The haters are always the first to comment. What do you know, they stay obsessed with her more than the supposed “fans”.

    Gaga will be fine, she is talented, polarizing, and has a lot of potential.

  39. Rosie May 30, 2013

    And whoever runs this blog needs to stop shoving Elijah Blake down our throats. He will flop harder than Natalia Kills.

    • TurntUp4Cici May 30, 2013

      Where is Lana’s #1 single honey? You’re coming for Slaytalia and Slaylijah when your fave can’t even do an arena tour in her own country.

      Born to Flop indeed.

      • NaviKissKiss May 30, 2013

        Not a Ciara fans talking about flopping.

      • AdelesOscar May 30, 2013

        I kinda like Blake.

      • BrandNuStar May 30, 2013

        Oh siddown Rosie, at least Elijah can sing live. SNL anyone?

    • OVOForever May 30, 2013

      I WOULD thumbs you up but Elijah is cold as f*** so I had to thumbs you down.

    • Lana Del Shade May 30, 2013

      Call me when Ciara gets a number one single in this lifetime, b****.

      • Lana Del Slay May 30, 2013

        @LanaDelShade I thought I told you to change your name.

      • FAF May 30, 2013

        In this lifetime? are you only 9 yrs old? 😆 go to bed, d***

      • Lana Del Shade May 30, 2013

        @LanaDelSlay And I thought I told YOU to choke on a fat one.

  40. AzealiaBankable May 30, 2013

    1. I can’t stop singing Xox.
    2. Gaga is Queen and you hating ass b****** will deal.
    3. My boyfriend is coming over so I’m about to get it.

  41. VisionOfMimi May 30, 2013

    Trust Rosie’s dumb ass to go off topic.


    LOL @ Madonna fans commenting first.

    • TaylorWins May 30, 2013

      Lol at Beautiful flopping.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) May 30, 2013

        Lol @ the size of Taylor’s p****.

      • VisionOfMimi May 30, 2013

        Lol at Taylor being cocked more times than Rihanna on Grammy night.

      • PhuckYoFave May 30, 2013

        @VisionOfMimi Loool at Nicki’s new albums outselling Mariah’s new albums.

      • QueenCeline May 30, 2013

        Childish girls.

  43. ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

    good for Gaga…I ain’t mad at the broad for making her paper….

    people are still on the(battleship flopped)?
    that movie did not flop, it made it 300million world wide, without counting the dvd sales…

    and the budget for the movie was 200 million….lets do the math.300 is bigger than 200..

    and the one that’s talking the most s***, none of your fav movies made 300 million..NEXT

    • Ms92 May 30, 2013

      Even the director said it flopped… Explain that.

      • ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

        peter berg never said the movie flopped, he said the movie did great over seas, but in the U.S it under performed, because of the avengers movie…

        he mention making a sequel to the movie……….

        the movie didn’t flop because it made back the money they spend to make it…..

      • Ms92 May 30, 2013

        No he said it fared better overseas but ‘not enough to likely keep Universal from chalking up a significant financial loss on the summer blockbuster’

    • ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

      you just repeated what I just said….

      • Ms92 May 30, 2013

        And you obviously still don’t understand what it means, since that means it FLOPPED.

    • Rosie May 30, 2013

      Dumb h**. If you did your research you would see that it would need to make $400 million to break even.

    • JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2013

      The movie flopped. Ask any expert. There are many thing to take into account when it comes to box office. Not to mention it was the biggest pile of crap of 2012. It was destroyed by the critics and by any sane person. Don´t get me wrong, it´s not Rihanna´s fault. I´m just saying it flopped cos you are saying it didn´t. Nothing else

  44. ratedxxx(next broad) May 30, 2013

    hated the album born this way…..I’m hoping she brings it for new album…

    please no more dance music…..please stop with the crazy outfits and shoes.

    we know you can sing, but damn the outfits distract us from your real talent…

  45. Ms92 May 30, 2013

    Im here for it.

  46. FAF May 30, 2013

    Wait .. let me get this straight @FLOP ROYALLY

    Nicki’s fading bc ppl CALL HER every month to be featured on their albums & she’s paid 100k a verse? LMAOOOOOOOOO ok.. Now that we’re clear


    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 30, 2013

      so what ? pitbull is featured more and he is still a flop himself.

      B**** is a FLOP and you know it, no #1 having silicon ass.

  47. Navy Sailor May 30, 2013

    I’d only be here for it if she goes back to the 08 Gaga. Otherwise, next!

  48. christinastherealtalent May 30, 2013

    “Stars in?”

    The b**** has a cameo. Good Lort I am about to end it with this site. Over hyping their faves!

  49. PRINCE MACHIAVEL May 30, 2013

    Awwww How Cute Lady G Got Her Haters Under Her Skin,Yessss Gaga, Keep Them Mad, Pressed And Bitter!!!

    BTW, Congratz Gaga, I Adore Quentin Tarantino And I’m Sure You’ll Do A Nice Job!xoxo

  50. Little Monster May 30, 2013

    Yes Yes Yes! I cannot wait! Gaga is coming. Don’t be scared.

  51. christinastherealtalent May 30, 2013

    Little Monsters please STFU

    Your little attention w**** of a performer has a CAMEO! Do you know what a cameo is? A cameo is when you’re only on camera for a few seconds or few minutes. Besides, Gaga isn’t portraying some major character outside of who she dresses up as when she’s just being Gaga!

    get over yourselves already!

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