Watch: Rihanna Leaves Late Night Studio Session / Readies New Album?

Published: Tuesday 14th May 2013 by David

With Beyonce dominating the world via her H&M Summer 2013 campaign, Ciara soaring with ‘Body Party‘ and Chris Brown back in the arms of Karrueche Tran, we’re sure the last few weeks have been pretty tough for Pop sensation Rihanna.

However, in what saw her exit the mean streets of Instagram and return to her day job, the tardy nocalist enjoyed a late night studio session in NYC two nights ago, prompting unconfirmed reports that she is hard at work on brand new material!

Footage below!

Nobody’s Business‘ part 2?

Your thoughts?

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  1. POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 14, 2013

    god knows i love her music and i want more and more , but this is simply unhealthy and kind of suicidal at this point.

    4 albums back 2 back ? 😯

    i know she takes it as a full-time job , but girl , get some rest and re-evaluate your life.

    • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) May 14, 2013

      I totally agree

    • Tanya May 14, 2013

      I don’t think it unhealthy to keep making music but I want her to do it without her hectic schedule. I want her to be making music whilst she’s relaxing, on holiday. Souljaboy has made like 68 mix-tapes since he started and before the 90’s artists used to release 3 or more albums a year. Artist crave making music. I just hope Rih gets rest.

    • Marly May 15, 2013

      She isn’t recording a new album actually. She’ll be taking a one-two years hiatus when she’s finished with the Diamonds World Tour. She could’ve just been in the studio working on her features. Eg. she was in the studio with Wale recording a feature for him. No new album until 2015/2016 🙂

  2. KING RIH May 14, 2013

    First of all, that first paragraph made no effing sense.

    Second, even though I say this every year, Im pretty sure she isnt working on a new album.

    The third single from Unapologetic is just about to release. THIRD.

    They are taking their time with this album, so


  3. Cupcake May 14, 2013

    No honey!
    Take a break please! As a die hard fan, Imma need her to take at least a year off because if not, I sense a Britney Spears-like breakdown coming ahead and I don’t want that to happen.
    If she is working on new music then I hope it’s only a reloaded “Unapologetic” album with only a few new songs, kinda like what Katy Perry did with “Teenage Dream”.

  4. Nahla May 14, 2013

    She needs to go away for a bit, like really shes going to make people sick of her and her work ethic is suffering already.

    • eqvilim May 14, 2013

      lol LMAO and #dead. what work ethic? patting her crotch over and over on stage?

  5. HOTSTUFF May 14, 2013

    LMAO you KNOW Sam is in desperate need of a hit post to augment traffic on his blog when he goes on the moon to find shade for Rihanna. #PoDat

    • DMWN May 14, 2013

      And your dumbass plays right into his hands and keep clicking on his shady Rihanna threads. He’s making money from successfully baiting you idiot ass Rihanna stans into checking his blog every 5 minutes with snarky remarks about her. What are YOU getting from it? LOL So easy to play you clowns like lotto. Oh well. No one ever said it took intelligence to be a fan of large foreheaded, untalented “singers” who sound like frogs.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 May 14, 2013


      • HOTSTUFF May 14, 2013

        B**** I do not check his blog every 5 minutes, i follow that heaux on twitter, therefore i know when it’s a rihanna post. Most of the other posts of other artists i do not care, so i do not check for this blog. But don’t get it twisted B****, i have rihanna daily to stay updated on Rih. I like to come here to read the stans of lessors.



  6. slimsexy May 14, 2013

    “In what so her exit the mean streets of instagram”I stopped reading after that!too funny,I sreamed !after reading that.Tgj is a mess and I love it!
    Ps she looks so miserable here am sure its because Chris just dumped her sorry ass.Aww poor dat!

    • Cupcake May 14, 2013

      She dumped him sweetie.

    • Rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxkis eeps winning – catch up heuax May 14, 2013

      Not as miserable as how rita whoa must be feeling , not being able to crack the USA with all the d*** sucking she does. POOR DAT.

  7. Micks May 14, 2013

    Shes so attention seeking and is addicted to the spotlight, as I said before, she doesnt love working any more than people who prioritise themselves so they can be the best they can be.

  8. STONY May 14, 2013

    it’s so easy to put album after album when you just have to come up in the studio open your big mouth and sing the songs made by others.This girl is just pathetic and i can’t believe people fall for that i ll never buy a ticket to see you live rihanna neither ill buy your album because you’re not a true artist but i’ll you one thing: “you have hits” mama

    • KING RIH May 14, 2013

      You mad giirl?

      Fav need a hit?

  9. THOR (THE *1* LAMB) May 14, 2013


    But. to be perfectly honest, I sense the same ‘mental breakdown’ that Mariah fell victim too between 2000-2002 – she worked her ASS off throughout the 1990’s; 8 albums in 9 years – it’s not healthy, psychologically-speaking.

    I just hope that Rihanna knows what she is doing…

    But, regardless, we can MOST DEFINETELY count on HITS.

    100+ Million Records, WW, in 7 years.


    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • . : : h 2 o : : . May 14, 2013

      Including less than 30M albums?


      • Just to Sau May 14, 2013

        Ive noticed this person always comes to this site under a different username stanning for someone else when it gets clocked. Why?

      • THOR (THE *1* LAMB) May 14, 2013

        Oh, so Beyonce’s album sales is something write home about?

        What a DUMB B**** you are!!!



        🙂 🙂 🙂

      • THOR (THE *1* LAMB) May 14, 2013

        @Just to Sau…


        EXPOSE ME B****!!!


      • Lolz May 14, 2013

        Beyonce is catching up with Rihanna with only 4 albums so lets not.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . May 14, 2013

        King B has already sold that in the states ALONE so I don’t know what the f*** you’re talking about . . . 😆

      • Likica May 14, 2013

        Not in this world, sorry. Her album sales are under 25 million.

        1. Madonna – 196.300.000
        2. Celine Dion – 164.200.000
        3. Mariah Carey – 152.500.000
        4. Barbra Streisand – 140.000.000
        5. Whitney Houston – 139.000.000
        6. Enya – 79.000.000
        7. Britney Spears – 77.600.000
        8. Shania twain – 73.500.000
        9. Sade – 71.000.000
        10. Janet Jackson – 70.200.000
        11 – Gloria Estefan – 58.100.000
        12 – Tina Turner – 55.700.000
        13 – Reba McEntire – 55.500.000
        14 – Alanis Morissette – 53.500.000
        15 – Diana Ross – 51.200.000
        16 – Linda Ronstadt – 47.350.000
        17 – Cher – 44.800.000
        18 – Norah Jones – 43.400.000
        19 – Tracy Chapman – 42.000.000
        20 – Spice Girls – 41.200.000
        21. Ayumi Hamasaki – 40.200.000
        22. P!nk – 40.200.000
        23. Dixie Chicks – 40.100.000
        24. Shakira – 37.500.000
        25. Destiny’s Child – 35.250.000
        26. Christina Aguilera – 35.480.000
        27. Xuxa – 35.200.000
        28. Alicia Keys – 34.600.000
        29. TLC – 34.500.000
        30. Avril Lavigne – 33.600.000
        31. Adele – 31.700.000
        32. Mary J. Blige – 30.300.000
        33. Sheryl Crow 30.000.000
        34. Toni Braxton – 28.500.000
        35. Carole King – 28.500.000
        36. Cyndi Lauper – 28.500.000
        37. Faith Hill – 28.300.000
        38. Rihanna – 28.300.000
        39. Jennifer Lopez – 28.000.000
        40. Taylor Swift – 25.800.000
        41. Dido 25.500.000
        42. Minogue – 25.500.000
        43. Beyoncé – 24.900.000
        44. Lady gaga – 23.100.000
        45. Hikaru Utada – 23.000.000
        46. Jewel – 23.000.000
        47. Janis Joplin – 22.0000.000
        48. Kelly Clarkson – 20.950.000
        49. LeaN Rimes – 20.500.000
        50. Laura Pausini – 20.000.000
        51. Miley Cyrus – 20.000.000
        52. Amy Winehouse – 19.000.000
        53. Sarah Mclan – 17.600.000
        54. Brandy – 17.250.000
        55. Olivia Newtoh John – 17.150.000
        56. Lauryn Hill – 16.500.000
        57. Amy Grant – 16.400.000
        58. Paula Abdul – 16.200.000
        59. Bonnie Raitt – 16.000.000
        60. Nelly Furtado – 15.700.000
        61. Anastacia – 15.350.000
        62. Carrie Underwood – 15.200.000
        63. Patsy Cline – 15.100.000
        64. Anne Murrey – 15.000.000
        65. Hilary Duff – 14.250.000
        66. Patt Benatar – 14.200.000
        67. Martina Mcbride – 14.200.000
        68. Natale Cole – 13.500.000
        69. Trisha Yearwood – 13.500.000
        70. Meliisa Etheridge – 13.400.000
        71. Bette Midler – 13.200.000
        72. Susan Boyle – 12.800.000
        73. Aaliyah – 11.800.000
        74. Gwen Stefani – 11.400.000
        75. Ashanti – 10.900.000

        Britney has sold more albums than Janet, but yet people consider Janet/Tina legends, not Brit. Rihanna has sold more albums than Kylie, she will outsell Toni Braxton, Cyndi Lauper, Faith Hill but people are laughing at her album sales. Interesting, really.

      • Sass May 14, 2013

        Baby girl its because she churns out all these albums year after year, she has 7 is in everybodys face year after year and her album sales are not even all that.

      • Sass May 14, 2013

        And I don’t know where you got that from but it needs to be updated.

      • Likica May 14, 2013

        I don’t support her releasing every single year. But some people did it as well. Why is just bad in Rihanna’s case?

        Barbra Streisand
        1963: The Barbra Streisand Album
        1963: The Second Barbra Streisand Album
        1964: The Third Album
        1964: People
        1965: My Name Is Barbra
        1965: My Name Is Barbra, Two…
        1966: Color Me Barbra
        1966: Je m’appelle Barbra
        1967: Simply Streisand
        1967: A Christmas Album
        1969: What About Today?
        *damn, she has over 30 albums O.o*

        Jay Z
        Reasonable Doubt (1996)
        In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1997)
        Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life (1998)
        Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter (1999)
        The Dynasty: Roc La Familia (2000)
        The Blueprint (2001)
        The Blueprint2: The Gift & The Curse (2002)
        The Black Album (2003)

        Tbh the album list seems pretty accurate.

      • Sass May 14, 2013

        I never said it was bad, but her album sales are not all that considering the amount of exposure she gets year upon year.

      • MuiMui May 14, 2013

        @LIKICA Thanks for the line up and when they talk about Rihanna Album Releases tell them all this Jayz did it, and Rihanna has sold steady no matter what they say and as far as the Beyonce comparision then tell them all this,If Rihanna wasn’t the shyts then Beyonces name would never be uttered at all ,on a Rihanna post.
        The more they bring Beyoncs name here on a Rihanna post to remind people of how great Beyonce is this should tell all the fans and artist that Rihanna is a threat to Beyonces Popularity and Stardom and with way less booty popping and the Main Thorn i mean main reason Beyonce stays on Suicide Watch around the clock and keeps Her doctors on call.
        See when you are a Banger,Badass all by yourself like Rihanna is others just have to try and belittle You to make the Others one look bigger Beyonce got the years over Rihanna and Rihanna is still holding it down and the world know this.

      • eqvilim May 14, 2013

        lord have mercy. did you just compare barbra streissand with rihanna?! #deadagain also, you all don’t count the DC sales which was primarily composed of 90% beyonce 5% instrumentals 3% features and 2% kelly and michelle.

  10. Yeah I Said it May 14, 2013

    Shes out staying her welcome. Even you’re fans are telling you. But I guess she only listens to them when they are kissing her ass.

  11. j May 14, 2013

    omg the b**** looks exhausted and tired!!


    and body party is no where on Itunes
    Chris Brown can suck a Big D***
    and Beyonce has nothing to do with this


    • James227 May 14, 2013

      They might not be on main itunes but they sure as hell has been on R&B itunes for weeks

  12. makaela May 14, 2013

    F*** u Sam no one coming to This site unless u post à rihanna news leave This girl alone if u love beyonce so much post about her and the other heffers u dirty ass f**

  13. Luke May 14, 2013

    You say “songs made by others”….look up the amount of writing credits Rihanna has on her songs please

  14. Rob May 14, 2013

    Sam the struggle is so real for you and this fraudulent site where people post comments under your username.
    Anyway, why would Rihanna worry about what either of those two females you mentioned are doing when she is the only one with an album and single on the charts right now selling.
    I hope Rihanna does release another album. Why should she stop? She has records to break and historRih to make. She needs to keep making it hard for these girls to get a #1 hit. Go Rih!

  15. Yaz May 14, 2013

    Rihanna strikes me as a pretty lonely person really. When shes not doing what she does, what and who does she have really? Especially since shes been dumped. Her fans should be more concerned about this than using her as a machine to churn out hits and always comparing her to others ijs.

    • POP ROYALTY (Bohemian Grove) May 14, 2013

      Exactly , and if you are talking with her , you know all the “bad girl” image is just a front.

      i’m concerned about her well-being to be honest , IDC about #1’s , we have them for years to come , but the girl is ignoring her personal life for us , we must do somethin’ , you are right !!

  16. XXX May 14, 2013

    Smh this site relies on Beyonce and Rihanna too much. Having said that, I dont think recording another album is good idea for her own well being. And she doesnt want to force herself down people throats too much.

    • MuiMui May 14, 2013

      Rihanna nor her team has said she was recording a album by being in the studio though this is all hear say to try and some how point the finger at her like many always do and at the end of the day artist lives in the studios that is what they do they make music.
      This is a clear case of putting the horse before the cart.
      Prime example how many pictures has surfaced about Beyonce being in the studio and releasing music tomorrow and it has not happen yet.

  17. . : : h 2 o : : . May 14, 2013


  18. POUNDMYAlarm May 14, 2013

    Body Party Soaring BYE GRAPE JUICE?? The only place Body Party soaring @ is to the bottom of the charts.
    Loveeee Song which has had no video or no promotion and its not even a single has sold four times more the Body Party.

    • RiRi Bad May 14, 2013

      Pour it up is currently charting higher then body flop… honey Ciara needed a beef n a man just to chart smh sad

  19. steph May 14, 2013

    She needs to take a break. She is just rushing threw her albums. Even Mariah didn’t do 5 albums in her hay day back to back DAMN. TAKE A BREAK or just do duets with people until 2014

    • love disco May 14, 2013

      boo you must be young and dont know nothing because Mariah did 10 albums in 10 years look it up

  20. RICHANDBLACK11 May 14, 2013

    Aw poor baby girl looks wore out and tried…….Girl take you a year break if you can. It is mos def needed.

  21. slimsexy May 14, 2013

    Let me get straight to the point,she wasn’t ther to record anything rather she was the for a f*** session with Wale the nigerian rapper.

    • Rob May 14, 2013

      Where you there? Dumb ass

    • Rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxkis eeps winning – catch up heuax May 14, 2013

      She is not attracted to dirty dark ugly african nappy men. She only likes white and light and bright, so that rules you ashy dark africans out.

  22. Just to Sau May 14, 2013

    She really needs to start making albums of substance not just chart hits. No one gives a s*** unless shes at #1.

  23. Lolz May 14, 2013

    Really? Shes digging herself into the ground! She doesnt even look happy anymore.

  24. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 14, 2013



  25. Navy Sailor May 14, 2013

    Assumptions, assumptions 🙄

  26. Rob May 14, 2013

    Now is Rihanna’s time. We all see how female artists struggle after they hit 30 and I’m not going to mention no names…. She’s 25 and hot and needs to achieve as much as she can now. This is her time and she knows it.

    • Micks May 14, 2013

      Not when its not good for her well being. As a fan you shouldnt be encouraging this. The girls work ethic is suffering nobody is saying she has to stop, but a year out is necessary.

    • DMWN May 14, 2013

      So basically, you’re admitting that she’s a fad who in almost a decade and after 7 albums hasn’t built up enough star power to not have to continually strike while the iron is hot, and that her career has only 5 more years left on it before it goes cold? LOL Thank you for co-signing what I’ve been saying about her for years.

      He may not be a female, but Justin Timberlake is over 30 and his latest album is on trek to outselling every Rihanna album ever and he MORE THAN took a break in between albums. That’s what you call a career artist vs. a flash-in-the-pan pop act who is virtually indistinguishable from the next tart.

      • Navy Sailor May 14, 2013

        I like JT, but lets not act like his album release was all HYPE. He had one of the most “in-your-face” comebacks that I’ve ever seen. His singles aren’t that great.

      • Rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxkis eeps winning – catch up heuax May 14, 2013

        JT is a white male. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN RULES. ASK JANET

      • Rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxkis eeps winning – catch up heuax May 14, 2013

        With Beyonce dominating the world via her H&M Summer 2013 campaign, Ciara soaring with ‘Body Party‘ and Chris Brown back in the arms of Karrueche Tran, we’re sure the last few weeks have been pretty tough for Pop sensation Rihanna.

        beyonce is meant to be pregnant, so she is taking herself game – she knows she cannot catch rih now. Her amy winehouse cover failed to chart; lana del ray is number 7 on itunes. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Rih has a second River island coming out and her mac lipstick sold out. Does not look like beyonce for HNM has sold out or will be renewed in fall. I have not even seen this standing on the sun commercial.

        Ciara body party is not slaying in any country and she will be dropped and LA REID WILL BE FIRED FROM EPIC. .

        Chris brown is a basic flop who was never gonna be a GLOBAL star like JB OR JT, so he is better off being with a basic nobody, cos that sums up where he is heading, All the people u mentioned are beneath rih and cannot give their tracks way.

      • DMWN May 14, 2013

        Last time I checked Kid Rock, Aaron Lewis, Josh Groban, Cody Simpson, Lee DeWyze and Robin Thicke were all white males too, and yet recent albums by them failed to make any real commercial dents. Why didn’t those supposed white male “RULES” save them from failure?

        Don’t try to make excuses. Rihanna’s music is like a can of chili. Processed and packaged, designed to be heated in the microwave, and with a “sell by” date on it.

  27. S**** 4 You May 14, 2013

    Girl sit down.

  28. Super Cisus May 14, 2013

    Rihalienna scared to take a break because Ciara coming for that ass #july9

  29. Common Sense May 14, 2013

    8 Albums in 8 years SMH… Takes me longer to heat up a microwave dinner than for this b**** to release a new album.

  30. Hilary Duff Stan May 14, 2013

    Ciara soaring with body party?? gurl please its already slipping off the charts lmao!

    Rihanna gurl chill out how do expect beyonce to make a comeback with your ass in the way!

  31. krys May 14, 2013

    I think her break died when chris left her ! she said she want kids?!! sorry but i’m happy i’m never disapointed by her music! In a music era good artist do album all the 4 years! i’m happy o ear her music each years ! i always hope a duet with justin bieber it was my dream & hope to ear “i just want to be loved” the snippet of bieber is so cool! i want she work with ryan lewis, ryan tedders, sia & ed sheewan!

  32. RiRi Bad May 14, 2013

    Where in the music industry does it say you need to take a break ? Only reason the haters want her to take a break is so she can stop slaying the charts & for all you know she could just be recording stuff for other people’s albums people just like to assume and run with it like its the truth.

  33. Perri May 14, 2013

    I guess its not that hard to make a new album so fast when all the work is done for you.

    • Navy Sailor May 14, 2013

      She could always steal writing credits like others….. 😆

  34. Britney Stan May 14, 2013

    I love Rihanna albums im here for it of course.

  35. Sass May 14, 2013

    Smh, its gone past wanting new music, the girl seems like shes suffering because of it.

  36. Diamond Prince May 14, 2013

    Why should Rihanna take a break do you b****** take breaks from your jobs? You guys have zero control over this girl and what she decides to do!

  37. Sass May 14, 2013

    @Likica girl I cant believe you are shading Janet and Tina just becasue of album sales. Its about their overall impact on pop culture and influence on others smh.

    • Likica May 14, 2013

      But H20 said that Rihanna said that Rihanna can’t be icon because her album sales are under 30 million. Exactly, that was my point. Impact is what matters, not album sales. You can’t deny that Rihanna has a great impact on music today. Not just music wise, her fashion as well. 😉 But Beyhive are always the first to bering her album sales and call her a singles artist.

      • Likica May 14, 2013

        said that Rihanna can’t be**

  38. MariahIsMusic1 May 14, 2013

    Destinys child alone has outsold rihanna with albums. This likica girl is coming with irrelevant receipts

  39. Monstarebel May 14, 2013

    Dead @ The haters yall want her to disappear so bad its funny if she feel like releasing another album thats on her s*** until she releases a date or says shes making a new album yall really need to stop trippen yall coming off extremely pressed

    • Megan May 14, 2013

      Babe its really not that, just look at the way Rihanna has been lately. Its obvious shes not been all there lately, especially when you’re not a brainwashed fan.

  40. Megan May 14, 2013

    She needs a break. I hope this is not true.

    • Rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxkis eeps winning – catch up heuax May 14, 2013


  41. ShadeNOShade May 14, 2013

    She Honestly NEEDS To Take A BREAK, It’s Not Healthy What She’s Doing.

    Does She Feel If She Doesn’t Release Another Album Ppl Will Forget About Her?

    • Rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxkis eeps winning – catch up heuax May 14, 2013

      NOPE, you have no medical proof. In that case, everyone needs a break from school of work. WHO would forget about rih? HOW MANY BLACK WOMEN HAVE HAD THIS LEVEL OF FAME? SHE is dropping album 8 cos she knows she has no competition. NO FEMALE CAN TOUCH HER NOW, SO WHY NOT KEEP THE SLAYAGE.

      • ShadeNOShade May 14, 2013

        Touring, Singing, Traveling, Dancing, Late Nights, No Sleep, Drinking, Smoking For SEVEN Years Is Healthy? NO. She NEEDS To Take A Break. Would I Like Some New Rihanna Songs? HELL YEAH. But I Care More About Her HEALTH Then The New Songs.

        Also If She Has No Competition There Is NO REASON For Her To Put Out New Music.

        Rihanna NEEDS Rest. IDC.

  42. Rih keeps winning – catch up heuaxkis eeps winning – catch up heuax May 14, 2013

    Tom Cruise does like 5 movies per year an no one tells him to take a break and he is 50/ They want rih to take a break cos they cannot beat her. SHE IS YOUNG AND THIS IS HER JOB. WHY SHOULD A YOUNG 25 TAKE A BREAK FROM SOMETHING THEY WERE BORN TO DO?


  43. Shauwndapooh May 14, 2013

    I hope she rereleases like gggb

  44. MariahIsMusic1 May 14, 2013

    Rihanna is a S***.

    During an interview, Rihanna said the journalist that she hates Lady Gaga. She hates real talented people

  45. Emeral May 14, 2013

    This has nothing to do with Beyonce. Rihanna needs a break for herself. Shes not even coping with a tour, shes doing too much partying considering shes been ‘ill’ she doesn’t look like she enjoys herself on stage and there is sadness behind her eyes a lot. If I, as someone who is not even a fan can see that then you fans should too.

  46. pat May 14, 2013

    mariah carey put out 7 albums between 1991 and 1999 so this is not unheard of….if the public wants it (obviously they do, she rules radio) and she’s able to keep turning them out…then i say go for it.

  47. Pour It Up May 14, 2013

    Sigh RiRi I love you, but for your sake you need a year of just enjoying LIFE and not being Rihanna the popstar. You’ve already achieved a lot, just chill hon!

  48. Lovebird May 14, 2013

    This is obviously therapy since the whole Chris Brown thing is rehashing itself. I personally do not think she’s working on another album, unapologetic is too good and has got too many hits to let go like that.

    If she is, then it’s a rated r 2.0 and I cannot wait for that.

    • NΛVI May 14, 2013

      yeah Unaplogetic have so many hits..some of them even potential classic, i want to see lost in paradise get video treament.

  49. jlove May 14, 2013


  50. shakes head May 14, 2013

    didn’t you post about that wale session already… tgj?!

  51. DANIEL T May 14, 2013

    Oh God not another one!!!

  52. CzarM May 14, 2013

    Of course she’s working on album #8. Rihanna’s career is like a shark that has to keep on swimming, or it dies.

    Her team knows that she isn’t built to last, that the “music” she makes is like styrofoam in a box, and that the ADHD “fan” that she attracts is immature/fickle and won’t wait on her to come back from a real hiatus (and will simply move on to the next flavor of the month to get what she gives.) So they churn out albums at a repetitious rate; trying to collect as much petty cash from her as they can before she inevitable goes stale.

    I would say that they were playing themselves, because overexposure kills careers–and seven albums in seven years in the *epitome* of overexposure–but, like I said, her team isn’t focused on creating a lasting career that extends past her 20s. They are just trying to squeeze out as many dimes from her gaping butthole as they can and don’t give a f*** about real longevity, or even trust that she’s good for it; otherwise, they wouldn’t be taking this assembly line approach.

    You can only force-fed the public so much pea soup before they finally reject it. As soon as Rihanna has her “Glitter” moment (and trust that it *IS* coming…), she’s done. Most of her puppeteers will abandon her like Punky Brewster, and all that will be left for her to do after that is try to score some low budget reality show on cable.

    • NΛVI May 14, 2013

      cher realease an album every year..look at her today. f****** icon, barbra did the same hell she realease 2 albums in one year same goes for the beatles and elvis. why is it a problem when rihanna does it? then again you’re a hood hive so this should be expected of you.

    • CzarM May 14, 2013

      -49 dislikes in 30 minutes. Oh, dear me, did I strike a nerve? Heh. The truth must hurt worse than an unengineered Rihanna acapella.

  53. NΛVI May 14, 2013

    YES YES So excited to hear this, I never get tired of her music cause she always brings something different and exciting to the table but god I haven’t really taken in unaplolegtic that much yet… Hell I haven’t even played out LOUD and that was released a couple years ago hahaha and then TTT. She makes it so hard to keep it but i love how she keeps making music every year. So I guess she won’t be releasing any more singles or at least another…there’s so much songs on unapologetic that i wanted to see get video treatment 🙁

  54. HOWYOULIKEIT May 14, 2013

    What a fame w****. She isnt even concerned about her own well-being. All she loves is drugs, thugs

  55. Marcellis May 14, 2013

    Ok so TGJ Ive REALLY tried to bite my tongue abut this but whoever is wrtting these negative post about Rihanna is doing the MOST!!! “Nocalist” Imeen realy give it a break please. And comparing her to Beyonce?! This shade really has to stop. Put out proper blog post without throwing in your opinions or just dont make them at all. Just my opinion. But yall never have ANYTHING positive to say about her but yall stay on her c***. Sincerely commited TGJ reader.

  56. mc the place to be! May 14, 2013

    rihanna is a work a holic! she probably doesn’t even know how to take a damn break i dont even think she did her whole career smh

  57. Clean out yall ears please May 14, 2013

    Very easy to make a album every yr when you don’t write any of the songs i mean not even 1 look in the cover of her last album smh disappointing aint nobody got time for that !!

  58. JOHNVIDAL May 14, 2013

    They know she only has too good songs on this album (surprisingly good I would say), and both have been released already. The rest of the album is crap. So they are just preparing her the next one, like a joke every year. I swear Rihanna wouldn´t survive a long era and then a long hiatus. They know it

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