Jennifer Lopez Pairs With Mary J Blige For…Two New Songs?

Published: Saturday 15th Jun 2013 by Rashad


Fans still raving over Jennifer Lopez‘s unexpected duet with Queen of Soul Mary J. Blige at last week’s megaconcert Chime For Change may be in for a treat if a recent interview is anything to go by.

J. Lo, who is hard at work at her November-due follow-up to 2011’s ‘Love?’, has clued a radio interviewer in on the possibility that she and Blige may be reuniting for not one, but two new songs by the year’s end!

The news tops off the ‘Live It Up’ performer’s week as she was recently appointed the recipient of the Humanitarian Award at this year’s amfAR Inspiration Gala.

See it all below:

Via our buddies at Singersroom:

On New album:

“I haven’t gotten the album done…For me, until they tell me I have to turn it in, I keep going until the last minute, I keep creating, I keep trying new songs, new things, tweaking the ones that I love…”

On Mary J. Blige Duets:

“I just had a big dream come through when I performed at Chime for Change with Mary J., I’ve always kind of wanted to work with her, says J.Lo, adding, “We’re thinking about it, I’m going to do something on her Christmas album…I told her about this song on my album, and she’s like ‘send it to me, I know it’s gonna be amazing’.”

Watch the entire interview below:  (J.Lo weighs in on ‘Idol’ (5:00),  J.Lo on new album (15:45))


See Miss Lopez at the 4th Annual amFar event:

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  1. RG2 June 15, 2013

    Can’t wait to hear from these two legends. I love them both.

  2. JuanR June 15, 2013

    Love them!

  3. DOSSOME June 15, 2013

    That’s great news,BUT you forgot to add this Sam…
    After GIVE IT UP (ft.Pitbul & RedOne) & its chart performance or lack of,here’s hoping we’re treated to more “Urban” JLo (see This Is me… Then) because as much as we love us some EDM from Ms.Lopez,the masses feel otherwise (insert some long-ass “Lax-Inspired” essay analysis from Samantha pretending to know anything about “Real” music)

  4. BEYHIVE June 15, 2013


  5. XXX June 15, 2013

    That performance was a hot mess

  6. CzarM June 15, 2013

    In what universe would Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez mesh for this to not be a colossal train wreck? Yeah, good luck with that. If it turns out as bad as I’d imagine, I’m gonna say so.

  7. moe June 15, 2013

    I just cant wait . Love the old urban jlo

  8. Dev June 15, 2013

    Oh how the mighty have fallen. Mary must really need to pay those tax bills, because there was a time when she would’ve hell no to any request the lessers had to offer. That duet was a sad day for music that looks like its going to continue.

    • JER June 15, 2013

      Read b****!! Mary has been eating too comfortably for too long she’s lost her way. Smh. She and Jlo can have each other. What could they possibly cook up? A song about the struggles of counting all their money.

  9. Jessie June 15, 2013

    Mary what are you doing? J Lo of all people.

  10. JER June 15, 2013

    Both fall offs. JLos jams used to give me life and Mary’s voice used to slay. What have they done for me lately? Nothing! They can both keep that duet cuz if they really love their fans they will just stay out of the studio

  11. TSGH June 15, 2013

    They’re both in dire need of a hit song, and this is just a desperate attempt for each one to try and jock the other’s name value for media attention. Hell, they may as well make it a triple disaster by calling up Diddy to produce. Behind the desperate hype that they’ll try and ignite, the actual song(s) are more than likely to be forgettably bad.

  12. Truth June 15, 2013

    Why stop at it being just a duet? Why not dial up Janet, Toni, Mariah, Deborah C**, Missy Elliott and the women from En Vogue make it a whole chorus of played out 40-something b****** from 20 years ago that lost their way in the woods? I might actually buy it on iTunes so I can claim it as a charitable deduction.

    Don’t worry, the male version with Brian McKnight, Ginuwine, Ricky Martin, JC Chasez, Joe, Montell Jordan and Boyz II Men will be on the B-side.

  13. Gabriel June 15, 2013

    It’s a surprise. never imagined this but is great.
    People only complain that music nowadays is boring, noboby creates nothing new, but when we see that something unespected is going to happen the same people talk s*it again and again.
    Stop hating and let’s see how they’re going to sound.
    I think they’re not so much alike musicaly but I don’t
    have doubts that they can really do a great duet, and I loved the performance in the Sound for Change concert.

  14. Diego June 15, 2013

    Fyi all y’all lil b****** kids saying Mary is washed up 40 year old just know her last album sold over 700,000 units going gold plus Mjb is only chick from 90s selling those units which by the way is more than some of these young stars with constant radio play also Mjb is still touring arenas as we speak so watch ya words lil bastards

  15. Diego June 15, 2013

    U mad Mjb is still going gold and touring arenas as we speak 700,000 plus on her last album and didn’t have to make no
    Pop hot 100 songs u mad
    Hater artists out now that have pop
    Hits can’t sell what Mjb still selling get a life damn hater

  16. JP June 15, 2013

    I love Mary J and I love urban Jennifer so I’m anxiously awaiting these two news tracks! Get it!

  17. Bitchchangeurweave June 15, 2013

    Oh this b**** bout to be slayed on her own records lmfaooooooo. Jenny plz i love u but just stop hun… *Plays Mary J. Blige Ft. Beyonce “Love a Woman”

  18. TRUE TEAS June 15, 2013

    nicee! I love seeing a woman working with each other/ it’s a shame Beyonce wouldn’t collab with rihanna but then again black woman are always catty like that.

  19. ss June 15, 2013

    No Matter what Mary does, it’s always fire !
    The QUEEN

  20. dso June 15, 2013

    I’m sure it will be amazing!!!

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