Kanye West’s Sales Lead Over J.Cole Shrinks Following ‘Made Nas Proud’ / Kelly Rowland Eyes Top Five Debut

Published: Tuesday 25th Jun 2013 by David

 Their final sales figure may be days away from being announced, but Hip Hop titans Kanye West and J.Cole have much cause to celebrate today…thanks to sales they’ve already pulled in since last week.

Full story below…

With only 50.65% of the sales in thus far, Cole’s ‘Born Sinner’ can already boast of selling 203,907 units.

Epic, considering the fact the album has done so with the benefit of one music video (‘Power Trip‘) and a roll out that’s seen the star tour the country via ‘Dollar & A Dream’, accessing his fans directly with performances of his new material.

In helping his cause, the release of Nas’ remix to his moving ‘Let Nas Down’ has seen further close the gap between himself and Kanye West‘s ‘Yeezus’– currently 21,000 units way from outselling the LP.

However, with final sales yet to be published, it’s unlikely that will happen with Billboard Biz reporting ‘Yeezus’ will end the week with between 330,000 to 340,000 sold- no more than 50,000 units away from 290,000 ‘Sinner’ is set to shift come June 26th!

Watching it sales rise following the release of ‘Made Nas Proud’, Cole is set to come in at #2- 2 spots above Kelly Rowland‘s scorching album ‘Talk A Good Game’ which will definitely debut in the Top 5, shifting 36,949 thus far and set to double this figure once the final sales roll in.

Marking her second Top 5 debut – her first being with 2011’s ‘Here I Am‘ (#3), Rowland’s chart glory comes after sales of her debut album ‘Simply Deep’ edged nearer to sales of 3 million units worldwide and after ‘Game‘ received a glowing Metacritic score of 67/100, and after it peaked at #7 on the UK Urban Chart on Sunday.

In other chart news, after scoring airplay on last night’s episode of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘, Elijah Blake & Common‘s ‘XOX’ re-enters the R&B digital chart, after scoring a peak of #12 on iTunes back in May.

Elsewhere, with 68,000 units sold in the last week, Bruno Mars’Unorthodox Jukebox’ reaches sales of 3,612,000 worldwide, while Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ hit the 5,335,000 mark as Emeli Sande‘s ‘Next To Me’ surpasses sales of 1 million units the same market!

Well done to all!

 Your thoughts?

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  1. Lou June 25, 2013

    Oh so you finally decided to mention Kelly

    • 1D>>>>YourLife June 25, 2013

      You didn’t see the six or seven articles they gave her yesterday?

      • earth June 25, 2013

        and today kelly is sharing her title with 3 other artists

        while beyonce gets a full post and she is the biggest thief and copycat in history tryna make people celebrate her old accomplishments before ppl could see she is lip sync and thief…

      • Draggin4MrsCarter June 25, 2013

        Maybe people would put Kelly if she put herself first first.

      • EARTH June 25, 2013

        W**** GET THE F*** OFF THIS POST.

        beythief would be nothing without Kelly Rowland…


        …F*** YOU AND BEYONCE, we are here for Kelly..

    • wsaijdsget45 June 25, 2013

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  2. truth tea (take a sip) June 25, 2013

    Born Sinner and Talk a good game were nice albums
    Yeezus was okay but all hype little quality.

  3. JARED (WHITE DUDE) June 25, 2013

    Congratulations, but…

    The ‘real question’ is:

    How many will they sell in the second week?


    • steph June 25, 2013

      Who cares? Album sales are the only thing people worry about these days because the music quality these day aren’t even interesting so people only check for album salees.

      • Savannah June 25, 2013

        This site promotes that culture. Everything is about sales. That’s why there are stan wars on here everyday. Sales and shade.

  4. Alex June 25, 2013

    So Kelly has sold 70,000 if those sales are doubled! Pretty solid! She can push this to a Gold certification. So many tracks from the album deserve single treatment! And congrats to J. cole! He put some pressure on Kanye!

    • parkerjonesj June 25, 2013

      probably still in the 60,000 range. the first 50 % reporting on hits daily double is usually higher than the second half.

      • Alex June 25, 2013

        Awh 60K isn’t too bad. Because the album has been so well received (both with fans and critics) I think a Gold certification is more than achievable. I’d love for her to do 70K but never mind! I love the album so much! 🙂

  5. Yeah I Said It June 25, 2013

    Oh well its inevitable Kanye would sell more

  6. JJFan1990 June 25, 2013

    Can’t wait to see an article on here about how Rihanna just dragged this journalist for filth on instagram….

    YASSSS. Let these b****** know you aren’t a Role Model Rih!!! Cause TGJ still likes to use that word against you!

    • RICHANDBLACK11 June 25, 2013

      Who’s cares she is Trash. That journalist was spilling them T’s and Rihanna couldn’t take it……#phuckyofav

      • MuiMui June 25, 2013

        Richanblack she might be trash but she owns you and your
        internet thugs buddies who stalk her every post on this site which is always Underrated and Marked for FAILURE each time there’s a post on Rihanna because of Boitterness and Hate for rihanna and no matter how hard you work to try and keep trashing her life just remember that her Blessing and all the rest of Us comes from God Incorperate not Beyonce Crack Head Mentally challenged short bus riding Bey Hive.

      • RICHANDBLACK11 June 25, 2013

        oh ok ….You’re TRASH as well….#PHUCKYOESSAY

        What does GOD have to do with this? It’s funny how you people use GOD to prove an opinion…..oh the irony.

        She owns no one hun. I guess it’s safe to say I own you, since you replied to my comment….

        DISSMISSED. NOW GO STAND OR SIT IN A CORNER FOR 156788965441034579871345674654676464 HOURS ….MUAH tricks are for kids.

      • MuiMui June 25, 2013

        Richandblack you are the biggest a&& of
        them all,and God is the air you breath shyt head.

    • MuiMui June 25, 2013

      JJFAN Thanks and it is true Rihanna has always been targeted as a role model and it make one wonder why they or not Role Models why do they try to force role model on Rihanna to be a Role Model why isn’t any of the Musicians and all the other music giants wearing that Role Model crown around their neck.

      • MuiMui June 25, 2013

        Because of Bitterness and Hate for Rihanna
        Who works as hard and as smart as she know how,and you are Bitter because Shes not doing it like your Favorite artist is doing it. Shes
        working every chance she get something you thugs knows nothing about.
        All of you Bitter Bytches love to hate and RICHANDBLACK IF She is all that you say why do you have her name on your brain and in your mouth, Remember shes Nothing yet you love to Stalks the hell out of her every post each chance you get why don’t you bytches grow the f&)* all the way up.
        Rihanna can not help it because people love to kiss her a&& Too, now can she.

  7. Happy stoner June 25, 2013

    I so agree with you. Not too many artist can put a album out and every song is single worthy. She did her thing with this album!! It’s just too bad people are still not grasping her as an solo artist. Cause this album should of did at least 80-90k the first week!

  8. steph June 25, 2013

    Sam do a post celebrating Michael Jacksons death. You should shine a light on his amazing album sales & Videos

    • . : : h 2 o : : . June 25, 2013

      God.. How could someone celebrate someone else’s death!!

  9. Weed smoker June 25, 2013

    Kelly Rowflop!!

  10. Weed smoker June 25, 2013


    • Super Cisus June 25, 2013

      Kelly is the only f***** flop around here

  11. Sarah June 25, 2013

    Seriously the word Flop needs to be buried and burnt..I could honestly care less what Kelly Rowland sales are for this album in its first week..how does this pleass YOU as a consumer. The only thing that should matter is if you actually bought the album and enjoyed it. And let me tell you as an AVID music listener, this album is SUPERB!! I enjoyed every single track and this album will eventually sell itself considering the outstanding revies – with that being said i got MY monies worth and i am a happy camper.. Congrats Kelly on a beautiful album.

    • Weed smoker June 25, 2013

      Flop 🙁

      • Sarah June 25, 2013

        @weeed smoker..shouldnt you be in school..you are clearly a child

  12. earth June 25, 2013

    Oh no, oh no, can’t nobody do it like me
    Uh uh, oh no, can’t nobody love you like me

    Oh no, oh no, can’t nobody do it like me
    Uh uh, na na na, na na na, na na

    BEYONCE STOLE KELLYs HOOK and used it CRAZY IN LOVE she just slowed it down and flipped around a few words
    added jayz.

    ,,,,,,,,,,F*** YOU HATER… peace to ms.kelly

    Kelly beythief she stole the video from you for crazy in love too

    when I first heard beyonce say Uh-oh Uh-oh I said that’s Kellys song,in a slower version….

    Kellz that thief beyonce owes you song credits, awards and alotta cash for that crazy in love UH-OH drop.

    You were too young to say anything and scared to go against mat and beythief for credit..

    ..but I knew that was your hook and video released in 2002



    • Chillin June 25, 2013

      Still one of my FAV kelly tracks #simplydeep

      • EARTH June 25, 2013

        it still is mine too

        cant nobody do it like me..

        Kelly had that diva attitude, that swag of being the best I want more people to know Kellys UH-OH hook was stolen by someone she thought was her friend

        crazy in love was a big hit and Kelly should have been apart of its success..

        .but was robbed for song writers credit..from beyonce and her father as a young girl.

    • Vandrea June 25, 2013

      The 2 songs sound nothing alike. Gonna have to do better than that, you trolling sock puppet. That was a #fail.

      • EARTH June 25, 2013



        beyonce is a known thief…

        and you are the s*** that I flushed down the toilet so I don’t care what you think….

        if I don’t respond back 2u it bcuz your trash 2 me.

  13. Lovebird June 25, 2013

    36K for Kelly Rowland, what were the Kelly Rowland stans saying about Basic Instinct again?? Karma b******.

    • Savannah June 25, 2013

      Those aren’t the final sales. Reports are at 50% right now. She will probably do no more than 65k…

    • Chillin June 25, 2013

      Reading is FUNDEMENTAL..Thats only 50% of the numbers that are in..Sorry boo..try again..No Karma

    • CzarM June 25, 2013

      Lovebird is an idiot. Just smile and nod.

    • Alex June 25, 2013

      You’re just as basic as Michelle. Learn to READ. Then you might notice that 36K are around half of her overall sales. She’ll do around 65K. Never 37K…leave those numbers to Ciara and her CListSquad.

    • Slaymar Braxton June 25, 2013

      Ciara stans want Kelly to fail soooo bad lmao. 37k is reserved for has beens like Ciara!!!

    • Jeyotu June 25, 2013

      I had a pet rock that was smarter than Lovebird.

  14. Savannah June 25, 2013

    Wow Kanyes sales are a bit disappointing! Go J Cole! He is HUNGRY, and this album proves it! Born Sinner is a definite winner. Kelly, oh Kelly. Please don’t let the X Factor deter you from promoting TAGG.

  15. EARTH June 25, 2013

    Kelly wore a white tee and jean skirt danced on a dark street in 2002.

    Beyoncé wore a white tee and jean shorts danced on a light street in 2003.

    …b**** ripped the hook and video from Kelly.

    …her own childhood friend sooooooo f***** up…

    ….Kelly collect your $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and song credits


    • Bey Fan June 25, 2013

      ROTLMAOOOOOO……the reach is VERRRRRRRRYYYYYYY extreme.

      • EARTH June 25, 2013


        I don’t expect a brainwashed loser like you to agree.
        anyone with a trained musical ear can hear it.

        same f***** UH-OH hook (beythief slowed down)

        same white tshirt,

        same jean skirt

        dancing in the street

        just like Kelly Rowland..

        you mother beyonce is a w**** who has stolen from everyone including her own childhood friend.

        I see why jay made her sign a pre-nup.

  16. truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) June 25, 2013

    good for them all!!

  17. TaylorSwift1Stan June 25, 2013

    Taylor is SLAYING omg

    • RICHANDBLACK11 June 25, 2013

      Yea she is slaying them c*** alright….get ya life Ms Swift-on-the -C*** …..LMAO…I had too

    • MuiMui June 25, 2013

      Talyor sure is doing really good, the Bey hive is always
      Bitter Birds and want all of the shine for Beyonce and jayz and it will never ever happen no matter how they stay on their knees praying for all the artist to flop and Beyonce be the only one on top.
      And everybody is happy that Beyonce has a big c*** she can call her own bless her should they are deserving of each other she and Jayz from what the world thinks,lol.
      They ALWAYS tries to make Taylor, Rihanna being connected with a C*** a bad thing when as quiet as its kept its Taylor and Rihanna thing and they can have as many c**** as they want to.The Bey Hive is always mad and Jealous of others success they will be bitter from now on.
      When you READ any person who’s always name calling another and trying to put ANOTHER PERSON DOWN read between the lines Taylor and Rihanna is breaking their hearts inside with success,Their combined
      Popularity and career goals are at a alltime High and that makes them stay bitter and mad i mean AFTER ALL what other reason would they have for putting somebody of their character down if they did not like these two artist and Taylor and Rihanna wasn’t a THREAT then they would truly look like idiots to keep bringing their names up and trying to trash their careers simple as that, screw all of Taylor and Rihanna Haters.

      • B. Hill June 25, 2013

        Yada yada yada, you seem pressed with that long ass book rant that nobody is gonna read in full. LOL You don’t like the behavior of the Beyhive? Don’t go to websites where they frequent. I don’t know why you Rihtards even bother to keep coming to TGJ anyway. If some blogger was always throwing darts at my favorite, I wouldn’t keep adding clicks and revenue dollars to their blog. But that’s just me. Maybe you Titanic Broke Navy peasants like the abuse, the same way R**** liked Chris’s fists upside her big head.

  18. Britney stan June 25, 2013

    So kelly only sold 36k,? the f***

    • mikey June 25, 2013

      no she didn’t read the post again

  19. Bey Fan June 25, 2013

    I like all 3 albums…. Kelly just murdered this album.

    Ye production was sickening

    And Jcole is just great artist. Crooked Smile is the joint.

  20. Super Cisus June 25, 2013

    So let me get this straight: Kelly has 0 solo platinum albums under her belt. Her highest selling album only sold 600k? Ciara has two multiplatinum albums,#1 singles and grammy an she aint need no group to do it. Keep f***** hatin while Kelly keep f***** failing kii

    • EARTH June 25, 2013

      Kelly Rowland simply deep sold 3 million copies on her first album…its 3XS PLATINUM..


    • GQ June 25, 2013

      Lmao, Ciara has one grammy for lose control and it was for the music video! Kelly 5x grammy award winner, 3 with DC, 1 for Dilemma, and 1 for When love takes over.

  21. MuiMui June 25, 2013

    Many of you internet thugs take the Joy out of JOY
    as far as blogging goes.

  22. NYC-STAR June 25, 2013

    LOL… Queens

  23. WHERE IS KELLYS PICTURE June 25, 2013

    why does cassie have her own post and picture today but Kelly Rowland did not. she has a new album out

  24. CSquad (Fantasy Ride) June 25, 2013

    Not bad for Kelly. not surprised that Kanye won the sales war. J.Cole put up a good fight tho.

  25. Robert June 25, 2013

    Wish Kelly would have done better on terms of sales. I think R&B/Pop won’t sell unless it’s some kind of huge support system behind it or if you’re Adele. This is kelly’s best album. Unlike her others, I can listen to Talk A Good Game from start (skip track 1) to finish.

  26. Talk That S*** June 25, 2013

    Kanye west went #1 without Promotion, Without a Single on the radio, or with a video.

    Damn… Ya’ll favs need to step it up.

  27. NavyLamb June 25, 2013

    “Elsewhere, with 68,000 units sold in the last week, Bruno Mars’ ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’ reaches US sales of 3,612,000 worldwide…

    WTF!!! US sales worldwide??? Make up your damn mind and show some journalistic integrity!

  28. Navy Nick June 25, 2013

    u people are TOO negative 4real! anyways, it is sad Kelly album is not selling mroe! THIS IS AN AMAZING ALBUM! I went to BEST BUY to buy the album, BUT they are sold out of KANYE KELLY & J COLE!

  29. Devon Drouillard June 26, 2013

    Good job Kanye West and J. Cole!! I’m happy for both of them. I am not one to care much about first week album sells. In my opinion, it should be about the quality of the music. Not the album sales. But regardless, hats off to both of them for the successful album sales. I didn’t think that I would like J.Cole’s album,but it is actually really good. I haven’t bought a rap album in a long time. But I bought his and I am impressed. Again, fantastic job to him as well as Kanye West.

    I really don’t know who Mac Miller is. I don’t know any of his music, but he sold very well for a debut album. This is very good!

    Now, I’m not going to sit here and bash Kelly Rowland like most people do because I have her album and I personally think that this is the best one that she has came out with so far. She’s improving musically with each album and that is all that truly matters. But overall, I think she did pretty decent with album sales considering that her album downloaded to the internet. Plus, we should take into fact that this is R&B music, and many R&B artists do not have high sales today as they did in the past…But anyways, Kelly should just keep doing her thing and keep persevering toward her dreams and accomplishments. Success will happen in due time.

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