New Video: Ciara – ‘I’m Out (Ft Nicki Minaj)’

Published: Sunday 30th Jun 2013 by David

It’s the video we’ve all been waiting for….and now it’s finally here!

That’s right, tonight saw Ciara unveil the mind blowing visual for her single ‘I’m Out‘ at the 2013 BET Awards, alongside Nicki Minaj.

You’d think we were exaggerating if we told you this is the best visual Minaj has appeared in to date, and the strongest to come for Ciara‘s ‘Ciara‘ era….so we’ll let you decide that for yourselves below!


Not since the early Noughties have two Urban female acts served a video that screams ‘MTV‘ as loud as this one does.

Indeed, while many a recent Hip Hop/R&B video struggles to hold a light to clips spawned by the likes of GaGa and Rihanna, ‘I’m Out’s visual is the standard all videos should aim towards…packing moments we’re gonna come out and say are timeless (freeze at the 2minute 18 mark).

More than anything, it marks another stand out video from Ciara– who’s never been a stranger to serving videos Janet herself would consider noteworthy, and with all this mind, we can’t wait to see how the clip will aid its supporting album come July 9th!

Your thoughts?

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  1. ShadeNOShade June 30, 2013

    LOVEDD IT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013


    • Reality101 June 30, 2013

      This chick NEVER disappoints when it comes 2 a visual!!! They both looked amazing…choreo…swag…LOVE IT!!!!!! She truly deserves 2 win!!!!!

    • dsgxcbery July 1, 2013

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  2. Woman to Woman June 30, 2013


    • Music July 1, 2013

      B**** plz….

  3. Lifechanges June 30, 2013

    Very proud of Ci. for coming this far she just got to keep it up.

    no hate or shade needs to be on this board.

  4. Mother Monster June 30, 2013

    It was cute… but im sorry the song is trash

    • the best dancer June 30, 2013

      exactly. I wish I liked thiis song but I cant get into it. Im more fo an R&B fan…. not rap unless it is Kendrick Lamar or J cole

  5. Receipts June 30, 2013

    Slayed!! best video of the year so far.

  6. Ciara is everything June 30, 2013

    This video gave me LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaas Queen Ci so proud of you right now show Rihanna& Kelly how its really done tonight show these hating f*** why your the best out there.

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013

      Yassss cannot wait for Ciara to show these hating f*** what’s up. I’m out.

  7. Lovebird June 30, 2013




    Nicki and Ciara on the same song = AWESOMENESSS


    • Ciara is everything June 30, 2013

      Yaaaas im crying cause like im so proud

      • Lovebird June 30, 2013

        ME TOO….SO PROUD….I’M OUT.

  8. HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

    Yes yes yes yes yes!!!! CICI YOU KILLED IT BOO!

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013


  9. Team Tasia June 30, 2013

    Ciara and Nicki did that!!

  10. pat June 30, 2013

    love it….refreshing song and video for r and b

  11. Ciara is everything June 30, 2013

    Chris is boring me

  12. Selenator June 30, 2013

    F****** slay!!! Yes, Ciara and Nicki killed this!! Love the Janet & MJ inspiration here. This song needs the iTunes and heavy rotation treatment for urban stations ASAP!! Ciara is not playing around this time. She just needs to release Overdose as the next single and the album could easily go gold.

  13. ,. June 30, 2013

    Cici and Nicki went in,i really love it.

  14. HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

    What the hell was that new song Chris brown ft nicki called?? sounds hot as f***!

    • Ciara is everything June 30, 2013

      yaas gurl i need that

  15. nivea June 30, 2013

    The sad thing about is, that Ciara has been killing it, you guys have Been sleeping on her…

    Triple hot video btw

  16. CSquad (Fantasy Ride) June 30, 2013

    This is why I stan for Ciara. My girl never fails to deliver anything but the best. Yall have been sleeping on her. I better see some VMA noms for this, it’s arguably one of her best videos to date. Her and Nicki killed it!!

  17. ratedxxx(tic toc) June 30, 2013

    I’m sorry all I could focus on was ciara’s body…it has no shape, zero woman curves..what happened to all that curves she had in her goodie’s days?

    I had to watch the video at least 3 times, to focus…

    well nicki looks good….I don’t hate her as a rapper..she’s ok…

    that’s all I got…no I’m lying…I don’t hate the video per say I just couldnt focus on it my eyes kept going toward ciara,

    • CSquad (Fantasy Ride) June 30, 2013

      Gurl bye. What the f*** are you saying? Ciara is more curvy now then she ever was during the Goodies days. In fact people used to judge her body back then but they don’t anymore. Just watch the Body Party video.

      • ratedxxx(tic toc) June 30, 2013

        what does the video slaying has to do with my comment about ciara having no curves?

        did I say the video sucked, did i say ciara sucked..

        all I said was ciara has no body shape in that video…

        and people don’t judge ciara’s body ….ok you’re delusional..every post on here the majority of the comments has to do with ciara looking like a man…that she’s shaped like a man…

        oh please, In her goodie days I met ciara…she had more curves than now…..

      • CSquad (Fantasy Ride) June 30, 2013

        Gurl, what the hell are you talking about? When did I say that you said that Ciara or the video sucked? I didn’t even mention the video in my reply. How you gonna call me delsuional when you reading things that dont exist? Bye. The “she looks like a man” shade started back during the Goodies era dummy. People started saying that after the Oh video dropped cause her chest was flat back then. Haters and trolls have been using that shade, but no casual listener says she’s shaped like a man. She has gotten thinner but anyone who has seen the BP, Ride, or Love S** Magic vids know she has curves.

      • ratedxxx(tic toc) June 30, 2013

        like I said reply was for all of the people who commented on the comment I made…’re not the only person who replied to my comment crying like a little b****

        and how can you say she is a little thinner now, but claimed earlier she has more curves now than she did in her goodie’s days…FAIL……

        no s*** about people saying she looked like a man since her goodie’s days……

        my comment was, notice on every posts the majority of the comments has to do with how she looks like a man, and how her body shape is man like…..never said people are now just starting to call her a man

    • #DirtyLaundry June 30, 2013

      i agree i can’t deal with her manly body yuck

      • LeviLovesCiara June 30, 2013

        I can’t deal with Kelly’s face giving me Sarah Jessica Parker horse like realness. Has Dirty Laundry even broken the top 10 on the R&B iTunes?

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013

      oh please Ciara killed this, the video is awesome.

    • HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

      She murdered this! Stop the hate child!

  18. Ciara is everything June 30, 2013

    Ciara you need to promote your ass off baby.

    • lexi June 30, 2013

      She did great. On promo she is doing the same thing Brandy and Kelly did. She is promoting it the week the album comes out. She should have been promoting. So they said she will perform different song for each performance. She needs to focus on this single so it can do good. There teams set all of them up to fail.

  19. #DirtyLaundry June 30, 2013

    Im sorry but all i seen was a failed attempt to do a Michael Jackson scream inspired video honey these trashy h*** were twerking Nicki was so stiff & look uncomfortable gurl bye ill pass on this b*******

    Congratulations to Miguel for winning best R&B male he deserves it

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013

      How about you go buy Dirty Laundry and stop being so salty.

  20. HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

    DIrty b**** go wash your dirty ass laundry h**! CICI SLAYED TIc toc your time is up b****! # I’m OUT!!

  21. Jlover June 30, 2013

    This is basic you gurls get hype over anything.

    • JLOVERSLAYER June 30, 2013

      And where is Living It Up on the Hot 100 sis?

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013

      Girl bye, this is not basic, this is f****** awesome.

      #Im out

    • LeviLovesCiara June 30, 2013

      J.No is the definition of basic. How is On the Floor part 3 doing?

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 30, 2013

      Yet your fav hasn’t gotten people hyped for anything like this in YEARS!

    • Music July 1, 2013

      I agree. Basic. Ppl get hype over anything.

  22. ratedxxx(tic toc) June 30, 2013

    and what’s up with the bootleg video?

    I thought you guys stan hard for ciara..she couldnt send you guys a real video?

  23. Mimi Carey June 30, 2013

    Nicki looked so basic next to Ciara lol but Nicki stole this song Ciara does nothing for it.. the song will flop tho we all know this.

  24. LeviLovesCiara June 30, 2013

    Ok, Ciara has been KILLING IT this era. People counted her out last year after the whole Sweat thing but she came back harder and Im loving it!! No matter how many bumps in the road she faces or how much hate she gets she always pulls through. It’s inspiring. She never gives up and continues to excel musically. This is one of her best videos out. She fused in the Scream video elements perfectly! Nicki delivered too! Im ready for this album!!

  25. HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

    B****** have the taste of sour milk, and ass in their mouth! Damn cope TALK A GOOD GAME, and sit your funky asses down somewhere…#I’m Out!

  26. Mimi Carey June 30, 2013

    F*** her video robin thicke just came on im out basic b******

  27. Lovebird June 30, 2013

    Of course Ciara has the haters and naysayers mad. Keep on seething you salty haters #im out

  28. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare June 30, 2013

    Ciara and Nicki SLAYED! NO TIME for the naysayers today.

  29. HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

    CIARA TIME!!!!! 2013 let’s go!!!!!!!

  30. #Hive June 30, 2013

    Look at all these Ciara bandwagon fans like Honeychildplease & Lovebird lol you b****** were the main ones calling her a t***** & flop & now all of a sudden you h*** are stanning gtfoh

    • HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

      B**** i never called her a t***** FOH!!!! Please show some evidence of this or STFU!!! # I’m out!

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013

      Girl bye, you must be new, ask Pop Royalty, he’ll keep you informed.

      #im out

      • #Hive June 30, 2013

        Oh B**** please your so fake when Ciara n Rihanna had their beef your were dissing ciara you stupid fake c*** stfu you are such a poor excuse for a stan

      • Lovebird June 30, 2013

        Haven’t you been trying to drag me by dragging Ciara and now that Ciara slays with the above video, I’m not a real Ciara Stan, f****** bye hater #im out

  31. DeezNuts June 30, 2013

    Now they DID that!!!


  32. Suicide Blonde June 30, 2013

    I love it, the song rocks, a club anthem, Carlos looks fabulous, i love his moves.

  33. My Forehead Tho June 30, 2013

    Would I take the time to look up this video and watch it again- no

    Would i waste energy to lift my head to face the screen if this video was on my t.v- probably

    The s*** was aight, nothing special

    • #Hive June 30, 2013

      True that Ciara fans pleased by basic b*******

      • Super Cisus June 30, 2013

        B**** f*** off Beyonce and her same 2 step in stilettos could never!!!

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013

      F****** bye hater, keep on worshipping your God Beyonce. #im out

  34. Super Cisus June 30, 2013

    Kelly Hoeland stans R PISSSEEDDDDD SALTY AS F*** LMAOOOO

  35. #Beautiful Carey June 30, 2013

    Two trash bag b****** yea i wasnt impressed they looked cute tho.

    • k June 30, 2013

      f-cking sh!t go tell nick cannon to stop f-cking mariah in the mouth,because it,s f-cking up her she can sing live again,because mariah isn’t known for that lip cyching mess she bin making a hanit of making these last days.

  36. #Beautiful Carey June 30, 2013

    Yall better support this s***** flop ciara next week when that album comes out

    • BEAUTIFLOP June 30, 2013

      The way Stiffriahs voice is set up though….

  37. Super Cisus June 30, 2013

    Mooriah stans are pissed too because their stuff box shaped off key vocal fave could NEVER!!!!!

  38. #Beautiful Carey June 30, 2013

    Like Ciara will never have another top 20 hit

  39. truth June 30, 2013

    CIARA AND NICKI KILLED THIS…. but who wants to bet Rihanna will drop the vid for PIU or Right Now in a week and intentionally kill Cici’s shine lolll

    • Lovebird June 30, 2013

      No one cares about that w****.

      • truth June 30, 2013

        apparently the world does thats why she’s relevant and cici is flopping like a beached wale.

      • MSFANCY June 30, 2013

        Since when did you stop caring about R****? You stay on here 24/7 defending her like you are on her payroll or something. oh please gtfoh

  40. Kisses Down Low June 30, 2013

    Nicki was everything Ciara was s*** i don’t like that keri hilson looking wanna be monkey ass trick b**** her stans are beyond delusional she cant sing i cant wait to drag her after i see her performance i know her vocals will be PURE S***!

    • Super Cisus June 30, 2013


    • CSquad (Fantasy Ride) June 30, 2013

      Not with a Kelly stan coming for vocals when the only time she has ever put on a vocally decent performance was when she performed Motivation(the most boring performance of the night) at the BET Awards and she just trotted around stage like the horse she is.

    • SdotB June 30, 2013

      so where’s the dragging now??? did u watch that PHENOMENAL performance???? That was Ci Ci’s best performance to date…bet u Keri wish she do half of what Ciara did on that stage…

  41. HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

    LOL at the kelly stans coming for cici!!! B**** kelly hype died out the minute she posted a horse on her album cover…Albums sales combined in total still won’t give that back dancer a gold album…Child hush!

    • Kisses Down Low June 30, 2013

      Ciara wont do 40 k first week you b****** won’t buy her s*** can’t wait to see her numbers we will drag this damn t*****

    • CSquad (Fantasy Ride) June 30, 2013


  42. Big d**** follow June 30, 2013

    YASSSSSSSS!!!!! #CiaraJuly9 #CiaraBETawards

  43. SLAY_HIVE June 30, 2013

    ummm reading the comments i thought i was going to see the best video ever! kiiii

    it was cute but def overhyped!

    • HoneychildPlease June 30, 2013

      B**** when will your fav deliver a great video??? Oh yeah Macbook check……Youtube CHECK….Inspiration check….

      • SLAY_HIVE June 30, 2013

        sweety my fave doesnt rely on overhyped videos to sell albums kiiiiii *checks Mrs. Carter World Tour reviews* kiiii

        Shes a LIVE performer and she can also SING! sit u sick DRAG!

  44. SLAY_HIVE June 30, 2013

    ummmm reading the comments, i thought i was about to see the best video ever! kiii

    it was cute but def overhyped! CSquad needs to sit the fxck down! All five of u bxtches! #imout kiii

    • Kisses Down Low June 30, 2013

      Right these bum hyping over some basic s***

      • SLAY_HIVE June 30, 2013

        loool ikr! and the nerve of them to bring Kelly into this! The legendary DC founder! i dont get the comparisons at all…Thisis beyond basic!

  45. Lovebird June 30, 2013

    Why are Beyonce fans always so mad. It’s like they cannot stand people talking about someone else besides their fav, why are you salty b****** always so mad?? #im out

    And the Kelly Stans shouldn’t even try it, Kelly’s hype already died out, she’s a glorified Beyonce back up dancer and you Kelly stans will deal #im out

    • Bow Down B****** June 30, 2013

      Aint nobody mad its the truth this s*** was basic next

    • MSFANCY June 30, 2013

      You just cant stand the truth. Cierro is played out #you are FOREVER in

    • jay4kelly July 1, 2013

      I just love Ciara stans making her like she is untouchable, putting her up against Kelly.Rihanna came out the same time as her and guess what she is still on top where is ciara now, being reduced to an urban act Ha! The struggle is real.Kelly never had the fanbase ciara had once upon a time.Ciara went from selling 338,000 first week to selling 37,000 copies.Her stan should watch what they text.

  46. Bow Down B****** June 30, 2013


    But they do look good these ciara stans need to calm tf down your fav ie still basic the end

  47. Bow Down B****** June 30, 2013

    I can’t wait for ciaras album to flop lmao

  48. Lana the legend June 30, 2013

    Two flop ass b****** aint nobody checkin for next…

  49. PRINCE CARTER FENTY June 30, 2013


    • Suicide Blonde June 30, 2013

      Lol, f****** death.

  50. Lana the legend June 30, 2013

    Those two are the face of the struggle tbh

  51. PRINCE CARTER FENTY June 30, 2013

    She copied Michael Jackson Scream video, Beyonce Upgrade U video, Rihanna Where Have You Been video, and Rihanna Umbrella video.

    • LeviLovesCiara June 30, 2013

      The ultimate f****** reach. Are you slow? She clearly stated that this was inspired by Scream and Janet and MJ. Where Have You Been and Umbrella are no where to be found and neither is Upgrade you. Sit all the way the f*** down.

  52. Kyle June 30, 2013

    Chile I just CANNOT at these bandwagon b****** on the post. A few weeks ago they were the same ones mocking her ‘bathroom’ tour, t***** looks and sales.

    But anyway CiCi the vid was cute well done but damn these b****** acting like its MJ thriller pt 2.

  53. IMpressed… June 30, 2013

    Ciara is bringing HIGH quality to everything she does right now. HIgh-quality R&B/pop/dance music. I’m so glad she ditched The-Dream who gave her s*** album after s*** album. Future and Ciara is the new Sonny and Cher.

  54. ratedxxx(tic toc) June 30, 2013

    it tickles me every time I read that kelly is a glorified beyonce back up dancer….

    I’m curious to why people wish failure on ciara..what the hell has she done for people to hate her so much…

    scratch that, some of the hate comes from the ciara stans acting a damn i said I feel bad for ciara having basic b****** as her stans…

    but to wish failure on ciara is just,

    ok if her album does flop, what is it going to do for yall personally?

    there’s alot of people that I cannot stand but i have never wished failure on them….

  55. LeviLovesCiara June 30, 2013

    Kelly fans are so worried about trying to drag Ciara, its no wonder Kisses Down Low and Dirty Laundry both flopped and Talk A Good Game is tanking despite all the promo. Focus on getting that horse a certification this era, don’t worry about Ciara or what her fans are saying.

    • MSFANCY June 30, 2013

      Girl, please dont act like Ciara is any better… You are a Ciara fan right?

    • Super Cisus June 30, 2013


  56. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 30, 2013


  57. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] June 30, 2013

    OMFG , That is totally Unexpected, I didn’t see this coconut Fall, Damn!!!


    the Song is Stupid Still, But those girls are in their element.

    loved it, so chic and tastefully done. Ciara always make Great Music videos.


  58. Queen Brit Brit June 30, 2013

    Video of the Year 😀 !!! Im impressed at how decent Nicki looks. Queen CiCi killed this though. She is running R&B for the ladies right now and she doesn’t need to put out a sympathy song to gain support like a certain horse or throw weak shade like a certain bird looking flop. LOLOLOLOL!!

  59. Queen Brit Brit June 30, 2013

    LOLOLOLOL @ the My Little Pony stans and Beyflop stans checking for all things Ciara. Queen CiCi forever having you bum b****** steamed and pressed 😀

  60. Traviie Blanco June 30, 2013

    But y’all came here to watch the Video, lets us know y’all are interested in what CiCi and Nicki are doing. Pow!!! 🙂 C-Squad stand Up!

  61. Kelly Rowland June 30, 2013

    Look ci ci is a great dance but she can’t sing I love the video I don’t care for the song , I think it was a smart move to put nicki in the song and in the video , and I also think if it wasn’t for her Boyfriend saying the album will be good no one would be looking for her , the only person looking for her is B.E.T awards and that’s only because Kelly and Beyonce is not there I’m sorry but it’s true I wish she had a better team to help her because her boyfriend and nicki can only help her but so much

    • Super Cisus June 30, 2013

      Not a Smelly Flopland stan ooohhhh no b**** can’t sing or perform. Ci SLAYYYSSSS HA

  62. Darren June 30, 2013

    no. just no. Niki is wack and cici has gone down the drain

    • k June 30, 2013

      only thing that went down the drain is you meaningless life.

  63. nicko June 30, 2013

    OMFGG Nicki looks so pretty !!!These rap b****** could never !

    • Music July 1, 2013

      Bye. Even Eve looks better and her fashion game is on point.

  64. nicko June 30, 2013

    OMFGG Nicki looks so pretty !!!These rap b****** could never !

  65. etone June 30, 2013

    so now you all know what beyonce will be stealing and duplicating for her next video

    • Starrz July 1, 2013

      What Micheal and Janet jackson’s Scream because that’s excatly what I got from this video *shrugs*

  66. Mark111 June 30, 2013

    Now we can say that Ciara is BACK! Love it! Only dislike is the bright white, couldn’t see her and nick twerk.

  67. NΛVI June 30, 2013

    *Re-Activates My Ci-Squad Stan Card* I’ve been slayed! The choice is officially back!!!

    • Super Cisus June 30, 2013


      • NΛVI July 1, 2013

        good day to you too *blow kisses*

  68. eric June 30, 2013

    Some things are inspired; other things are copied. I won’t say which one applies to this video. I just believe there’s only so far you can go with tributes and inspired acts before it becomes a constant excuse to not be your own artist.

  69. Dev July 1, 2013

    I liked the video but not the live version as I think that she’s too aggressive and not so feminine which is where I think she goes wrong. THJ what was so special about the 2.19 mark?

  70. THETRUTH.COM July 1, 2013


  71. mymie July 1, 2013

    best video ever!!!!!

  72. . : : h 2 o : : . July 1, 2013

    Will chart as high as a random track from a new 2-Chainz album on first week..

  73. Dokuzmany July 1, 2013

    I am so proud !! Wish all the females in the buss could get their chemistry 😀

  74. Bey Fan July 1, 2013

    woooooorrrkkkk….. I loved every second of this. Not better than Gimme Dat, but still she smashed.

    I dont get the Kelly and Ciara comparison stuff…. and I guess I dont have time ti try and understand it…. all i know is that Ciara looks great and this video was EVERYTHING… And lemme not Nicki…. she looks so good.

  75. Belladonna1363 July 1, 2013

    This video is beyond amazing!!!!!!! CiCi you did it! They looked great and I love the song! I hope it made the dead line for the Video Music Awards? if she can get this song to blow up she might be able to win over Macklemore’s & Ryan Lewis – (Thrift Shop Music Video? I’m not saying Thift Shop Video is better then this I’m just saying Millions of people like Thift Shop (with over 300million views) but if this song can go in the Top 10 on Billboard Pop charts she could get a lot of people to vote for the video, & who Knows she might win Video Of The Year at the Video Music Awards!

  76. Navy Sailor July 1, 2013

    She did that. I can’t lie.

  77. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 1, 2013

    Work! You’re giving me life
    Cici 🙂

  78. Alex July 1, 2013

    I like!

  79. Yolanda July 1, 2013

    Sam, stop acting like the video is groundbreaking. It’s Michael and Janet Jackson’s SCREAM with a touch of TLC’s No Scrubs.

  80. Yaz July 1, 2013

    You queens overhyped this the video was CUTE and her dancing was on point that’s as far as it goes. It was just rehashed version of ‘Scream’.

    • Music July 1, 2013

      I don’t see what they see. It’s nothing out of the ordinary I’ve seen from Ciara. Definitely a bunch of idiots and bandwagoners ready to say anything slays….it was ok to me. Nothing more. Gimme Dat was even better than this.

  81. RDK July 1, 2013

    i haven’t seen two urban femal act come tpgether like this for a min now,i really loves this Cici and Nicki is doing there thing.

  82. jay4kelly July 1, 2013

    The music industry is full of girls looking like trannies, eg beyonce, Lady gaga, Kelly,Rihanna but the truth is that only Ciara looks like a real transvestite.As far as kelly flopping lets not until Ciaras first week sales are in.And now body party might actually scan gold thanks to the bet awards,take away the sales of the bet hype body party has sold just as much as Kisses down low.BODY PARTY WILL never be certified PLATINUM.

  83. Mike July 1, 2013

    I like the video. Both Nicki and Ci Ci look great i love how Nicki and Ciara are both going back to their roots, they are both starting to go back to their sound when they first came out.

  84. Rihanna # 1 Fan T July 2, 2013




  85. MissM July 2, 2013

    Pretty girls, who have trashed themselves up in order to make money off of ghetto people! I like them, but I would never buy this song! C’Mon people, we do have a black president! When if ever are we going to start to show some class?!

  86. B4REAL02 July 2, 2013

    Alrrriiight CiCi!!! Loved it!!

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