Watch: Christina Aguilera & Pitbull Perform at ‘The Voice’ Finale

While fans anxiously await Christina Aguilera‘s return to ‘The Voice’s judging panel this fall, the pint-sized powerhouse made an early guest appearance aboard tonight’s season finale just moments ago.

Churning out another live showing of ‘Feel This Moment’ with ‘Mr. Worldwide’ Pitbull, the Grammy winner – though under the weather – still stunned fans sonically and visually with her soaring performance.

Giving viewers yet another chance to cop a gander at her ever envied figure, see Xtina do it like only she can below:

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  1. #Beyindependent June 18, 2013

    Shes such a features artist now lol #Pathetic

    • all4u1 June 18, 2013

      You are so pressed! The first one to comment?

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  2. King B>Rihanna June 18, 2013

    She looked good

  3. My Forehead Tho June 18, 2013

    Death @ the look on the judges faces while she was performing and the fact that none of them stood up for her at the end….

    • mr.m June 18, 2013

      They stood up, negro 🙂

    • irene46 June 18, 2013

      wth are you talking about?! the judges were smiling and head bopping to the performance. when was your last eye exam?

  4. pat June 18, 2013

    that body is sick o ning tho!!

  5. f*** off and die, c u n t June 18, 2013

    A TRUE VOCAL NIGHTMARE! What a disaster, this b**** literally can’t sing anymore. And she’s still a bit too fat.

    • Slaylor Swift June 18, 2013


      • irene46 June 18, 2013

        there’s not a damn thing fat about xtina! she’s just not a string bean like taylor swift. i like taylor but if i had my choice of body type i would definitely pick xtina’s.

      • XXX June 19, 2013

        @irene – true….but you can’t compare those two. I mean, Christina is in her 30ies and Taylor is like 20 or something like that. Christina has a child and Taylor is a child….

        Just wait, what Taylor will look like in 15 years…

  6. Slaylor Swift June 18, 2013

    Xtina has fallen so far in her career smh I used like her back in the day when she was relevant.

  7. mr.m June 18, 2013

    QueenTine SLAYED!!!
    She looked AH-mazing .. Man-iah could never
    #Truth #Fact #Deal

  8. all4u1 June 18, 2013

    Christina sounded and looked so good! I hope she maintain her figure! WOW!

  9. Rosie June 18, 2013

    Her body is good now. Still wont help those album sales.

    • mr.m June 18, 2013

      Your AV tho??

      • Rosie June 18, 2013

        Not when her album has sold more in the US than Lotus has sold worldwide.

      • mr.m June 19, 2013

        Not when Xtina’s Christmas CD sold more than Lana’s whole discography. Have a seat

      • Rosie June 19, 2013

        Lies. My Kind Of Christmas sold barely 1 million in the early 2000’s. Lana’s 1 album + US only EP is at 3.9 million.

  10. S****** Blonde June 18, 2013

    Xtina and Mariah have worked on their bodies, i still doubt about her ass, she has lost weight but the ass is still there….Usher Lol, Shaki looks cute and Adam oh Adam, he is so……..

    • steph June 18, 2013

      I thought you was not gay!!!

      • S****** Blonde June 18, 2013

        Gay is a term for people who are only attractive to the same gender, i’m not one of those, I f*** anything with a hole.

  11. Hive June 18, 2013

    Lol Christina the former solo artist turned featured artist needs to see a vocal coach asap.

    • mr.m June 18, 2013

      At least she’s not a s**** negro 😀

      • irene46 June 18, 2013

        being a “s**** negro,” as you call her, has not stopped bey from making more money in a year than you could ever earn in a life time.

      • mr.m June 19, 2013

        Still a s**** tho 🙂

  12. Hive June 18, 2013

    The only hit this b**** can get is singing a hook on a generic rappers song lol no ones here for her music anymore lol

    • mr.m June 18, 2013

      It’s better than stealing other artists songs and destroy them LMAO .. Keep trying, blacky 😀

      • all4u1 June 18, 2013

        Dead!!! lmao.

    • a June 19, 2013

      LOL is that why ” Let there be love ” got # 1 and is comforrtably sitting at number 8 lol

    • a June 19, 2013

      LOL is that why ” Let there be love ” got # 1 and is comforrtably sitting at number 8 lol

  13. Mimi Carey June 18, 2013

    No more singles from lotus? Kiiiiiii

    • mr.m June 18, 2013

      Triumphant. #NuffSiad

      • Enni June 18, 2013

        How about #beautiful? Sitting comfortably at #15 on billboard. Something none of xtinas singles could do.

      • mr.m June 19, 2013

        Thanks Miguel.
        Bye h**

  14. Promise June 18, 2013

    I can’t at rappers using backing tracks. like you don’t need any vocal talent to become one (Nicki Minaj), yet you still use one.

    • Barb 4 life June 18, 2013

      And what vocal talent does Ciara? Lol Nickis a better singer than Ciara.

  15. Let there be love June 18, 2013

    Why the Negros mad? Cause Xtina slayed? Beyonce n Rihanna could never be respected like Xtina is.

    • mr.m June 18, 2013


    • Music June 19, 2013

      That’s a lie. Beyonce IS and always will be more relevant and respected than Xtina. U mad.

      • DanYiel Teflon June 21, 2013


  16. all4u1 June 18, 2013

    Christina is always relevant, regardless of record sells. For the idiots, she will make headlines tomorrow!

    Watch and see!

    • Let there be love June 18, 2013

      Why shiyonce fans so pressed sis

      • all4u1 June 18, 2013

        because they are threatened by a true artist with an amazing vocal ability!

      • Bow Down June 18, 2013

        Honey aint nobody threatened by yo fav & her s***** shaky UN-controllable vocals lmao b**** you a joke has lotus even gone gold yet h**?

      • all4u1 June 18, 2013

        B****, did “Bow Down” even chart? Don’t do it!

    • S****** Blonde June 18, 2013

      No, Madonna has stolen the night at the premiere of the screening of the MDNA Tour, the headlines are for the Queen tomorrow.

  17. Promise June 18, 2013

    Nicki Minaj is using Ciara to try and maintain relevancy. Ciara helping charity cases. Maybe Ciara can sing a hook on your favs song and make it a hit.

    • Queen Barb June 18, 2013

      But Nicki is more relevant than Ciara b**** have a seat before you get dragged

      • mr.m June 18, 2013

        LOL! Nicki is a has-been already tbh
        She’s SO 2011 .. no one want to work with her fake ass
        Her 15min is up n**** .. #DEAL LMAO XD

      • Bow Down June 18, 2013

        & b**** what is Christina b**** has been a hasbeen since 2008 lol #KeepsGettingWorst not better lol

      • mr.m June 19, 2013

        Xtina is a SINGER .. A VOCALIST .. TRUE ARTIST
        Nicki is just a gimmick w**** and you know dat h**
        She gave nothing the music industry but pop corn s***
        No one will remember her name in 2 years
        HAVE A SEAT

  18. Queen Barb June 18, 2013

    Shes garbage.

    • mr.m June 18, 2013

      Your nickname tho …..
      What a joke LOL!

  19. Bow Down June 18, 2013

    Idk who’s more delusional xtina stans or Ciara stans…lol

    • f*** off and die, c u n t June 18, 2013


    • mr.m June 18, 2013

      Hi negro .. are you a s**** like ur fav?

      • Bow Down June 18, 2013

        B**** you have the lamest comebacks lol

  20. Promise June 18, 2013

    Nicki Minaj hasn’t charted in the upper half of billboard for a while now. B**** is losing it, no one is looking for a Nicki track anymore.CiCi help this life-alert h**.

    • Bow Down June 18, 2013

      B**** shut yo ass up it took Ciara 3 years to finally get another top 40 hit lmao

  21. Lovedick June 18, 2013

    Very nice.

  22. moth June 18, 2013

    Did you hear the strain in her weak Cassie voice? Damn girl can not sing…

  23. Bow Down June 18, 2013

    Ciara fans are stupid yall need the barbz support yall better shut up before Ciara only sells 10 k next month

  24. Xtina icon from USA June 18, 2013

    Black b****** shut up Xtina is a natural blonde pop superstar !!! She getting pay 17.000.000 for this season don’t compare apes like beyon & aperihanna Cuzz those black b****** are nothing compared to Xtina !!

  25. King B>Rihanna June 18, 2013

    Gay is a term for people who are only attractive to the same gender, i’m not one of those, I f*** anything with a hole.


  26. Promise June 18, 2013

    Beyoncé isn’t even in Ciara’s level.

    • Queen of shade June 18, 2013


  27. Queen of shade June 18, 2013

    LMFAO all you haters pressed cause christina is back she be slaying all the time! amazing voice! amazing talent! 5 grammy awards 50 million albums worldwide! and 14 years later she still slaying and shes here stay let me see your fav be here around 14 years later and receive the honor the get award the voice of the generation!and be as respected as christina! Not rihanna! Not Beyonce! Not Britney! christina could have sold more records if she wanted by releasing album after album but she decied to take her time and make music! and for you information christina is been feature in other songs such as nelly tilt ya head back in 2004 and p.diddy tell me 2006 so this is not the first time so you haters keep on hating cause while yo asses be hating on her she be making the millions let me see rihanna still be on top 2019 thats 14 years when she first came out in 2005! beyonce already had to cancel her album cause them singles were doing good and her last album 4 was a hot mess flop!

    • TheTruth June 19, 2013

      Has 4 sold more than lotus. I guess voice of the generation lost her voice. Poorthing.

      • Queen of shade June 19, 2013

        really with all that promotion that 4 had all those singles released videos 4 still didnt managed to sell that poor thing went off the charts mad quick with all that promotion unlike lotus no promotion one video only it was bound to bomb but your girl was your excuse she promoted the hell out of 4 but still couldnt save that hot mess album! lol and christina would flopyonce to shame anytime! SO GURL DONT COME BACK AT ME WITH SOME WACK ASS B******* YOUR GIRL BEYONCE IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND ON THE CHARTS!! SO KEEP BEING PRESSED!

  28. Xtina icon from USA June 18, 2013

    B**** Xtina Is pop royalty like Madonna , Britney .. The other losers like ririhana & beyonce or Rita are pure ugly apes with black ugly assholes

  29. Mother Monster June 18, 2013

    Christina sounded a hot ass mess ugh I see why you were using the backing track before.

    • Queen of shade June 18, 2013


  30. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 18, 2013

    This show is still on?? Huh, well I’m not here for Pitbull at all and Christina…Idk, her attitude ruined it for me. Post “Back to the Basics” I’ve be over her…

    • XtinaaLovee June 18, 2013

      B**** your opinion doesn’t matter yo black ass dont buy albums anyways

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) June 19, 2013

        You know me personally huh?? LOL! Dumb b*tch stanning for a fat b*tch…

  31. XtinaaLovee June 18, 2013

    Christina isnt worried about what a bunch of black broke bums have to say shes about you all& wack ass non singing favs….

    • XtinaaLovee June 18, 2013


  32. Xtina icon from USA June 18, 2013

    Xtina = hot + beautiful + talented + amazing + Grammys + millionaire + blonde + hot boty + pop superstar + voice !!! Rihanna = garbage + black ass ugly b**** + a** face+ disgusting untalented prostitute .. Should be deported to Jamaica or werever she come from .

  33. XtinaaLovee June 18, 2013

    Beyonce fans are always so pressed over xtina why yall mad cause your fav doesn’t have the title of Voice of the generation hahaha her vocals are average

    • Queen of shade June 18, 2013

      her vocals are basic christina would put beyonce to shame in 2 seconds! lol

      • XtinaaLovee June 18, 2013

        Hahaha hell yea!

  34. Queen of shade June 18, 2013

    once again christina slay my life!!!! cant wait for her to go back to the voice and put those basic b****** to shame

  35. XtinaaLovee June 18, 2013

    GaGa could never Rihanna could never Beyonce could never & Mariah could never & thats why they basic stans is MAD honey.

    • irene46 June 18, 2013

      you need to get off the crazy bigoted racist trip that you’re on. i like xtina’s voice tone much better than bey’s but bey has better voice control. it doesn’t have s*** to do with race. get over it you insecure bigot.

      • Queen of shade June 18, 2013

        and thas why your fav? bey got the voice of the generation award? lol gurl go take sit with the basic b******!

    • Enni June 18, 2013

      Funny everyone you just mentioned is more successful than Xtina. I’m asleep doe.

      • Queen of shade June 19, 2013

        how is rihanna or gaga more successful had only sold 20 million albums worldwide christina been passed that she alread 60 million albums worldwide…rihanna has like 20 albums out but she still hasnt even reach the 50 million mark lol while xtina with only 4 albums she slays the charts sold out tours while rihanna has to release single after single and album after album to have a combine sale of single and albums of 80 million while christina only 4 albums and 15 singles combined managed to reach 150 million mark lol tell me whos more succesfull lol gaga is already out of the game that b**** has only two albums and she hasnt released anything because her ass is a flop while christina was selling out tours slayaying the charts winning grammys! your girls were probably cleaning bathrooms and suckign d*** to get a record deal lol if christina wanted that b**** could have released album after album single after single and probably had already 400 million albums sold lol but she decided to take her time and still slay and your girls cant even get close to christinas career so please next time get your fact straight!!! GURL BYE

  36. Promise June 18, 2013

    When was the last time that Christina charted higher than BP as the lead artist? Ciara cab let her feature if she really wants a hit.

    • Queen of shade June 18, 2013

      really b****? Not Myself tonight charted at number 23 spent 4 weeks at the top 40 with barely no promotion and no remixes unlike bathroom party all that promotion charted at number 35 and the song is already on clearance bins and dont compare ciaras low live career to christina extraordinary career worldwide hits sold out tours when ciara’s career is close to peasant with like 1 number one and 7 million albums worldwide christinas worst album is ciaras best selling lol

    • Super Cisus June 18, 2013


  37. Super Cisus June 18, 2013

    Christina’s hexagon shaped ass wishes she could slay a stage like Ci. B**** couldn’t hold a note if it were glued to her potbelly!!!! STAY PRESSED YOU F***

    • Queen of shade June 18, 2013

      B**** i know your comparing flop ass ciara when her ass has not even had a hit album since like 2007 lol christina lotus album sold way than ciaras basic flop! selling over 37,000 copies in its first week LMAO! b**** stay pressed ciara should stick to dancing not singing that b**** cant even sell out arenas lmao

      • Super Cisus June 18, 2013

        What was Christina’s last hit b****–Hurt? I know u are hurt because she is a flop who will never chart again. While Ciara slays the charts b**** get your life ugly

      • mr.m June 19, 2013

        Last hit? hurt? You’re SO pathetic!!
        If you call Bathroom Party a hit #35
        Then Xtina’s Your Body Charted at #34
        OUCH! LMAO!

    • all4u1 June 18, 2013

      Hexagon shaped? B**** are you blind? #Just Say No To Drugs…lol!

      • Super Cisus June 18, 2013

        No but Christina aguileras nasty body almost made me blind

      • all4u1 June 18, 2013

        Yeah, and she made you pressed too! That explains why you keep flocking on a post about her.

  38. Cici slaaaaaays June 19, 2013

    Shes horrible these days ugh pathetic gurl

  39. Damo June 19, 2013

    Yes Xtina, She’s back! looking and sounding amazing! Shes ready to slay!

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  41. DanYiel Teflon June 21, 2013


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