Chart Check: Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ Continues Road To 7 Million

Published: Thursday 11th Jul 2013 by David

With a new era on the way, fans of Pop Princess Katy Perry no doubt await the birth of brand new music and the exciting videos set to join them.

Before that though, they’re sure to celebrate the continued rise of her 2010 hit ‘Firework‘.

Good news after the jump…

Co-written by Perry and ‘Story Never Told’ songbird Ester Dean, the last week brought sales of 13,806 to the feel good jam, sending its combined sales to the 6,304,316 mark!

6x Platinum in the US alone, its worldwide sales are now closer to the 11 million mark and less than 700,000 to going 7x Platinum in her domestic market, showing no signs of slowing down even after three years.

Coming at #139 on this week’s Hot Digital Songs Chart, the number marked the chart topper’s fourth US #1 single, and third from its supporting album ‘Teenage Dream’, which now rocks with sales of over 5,5000,000 units worldwide!!

Congratulations Katy!

 Your thoughts?

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  1. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 11, 2013

    That’s amazing Katy.. 🙂
    I like her a lot she’s so pretty and her vocals Lord!!!

    • xcberyrey July 11, 2013

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  2. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 11, 2013

    as if the B**** is writing some Type of ” I will Always Love you” Kind of Lyrics in this pic.

    • 2bad2bme July 11, 2013

      lmao yaaas i always thought he music was just for the moment… people over do her too much

  3. JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 11, 2013

    But “Teenage Dream” has still failed to surpass domestic sales of 2.5+ Million, despite 6 #1 hits?

    1) F*L*O*P

    2) G*O*O*D*B*Y*E.

    • stephy the lambily July 11, 2013

      I can’t believe this b**** surpass Michael Jacksons “Bad” album for the most number 1 hits. Her album doesn’t even come close to the pop masterpiece called “Bad”. UGH

    • Oh Yeah!!! July 11, 2013

      No the Flop is RIhanna with all those Albums released and POor Poor Sales!

    • ^AKA^ July 11, 2013

      She did 2.7+ million in the USA though O.o Anyway, we live in 2013, not in 90s/80s. Beside Adele no one is doing very big numbers, so her album did pretty well if you ask me.

    • Lovebird July 11, 2013

      We are in 2013 babe, you have to count total records sold for Teenage Dream because those singles which are marked up by about 70% to 100% bring in money for her and the label. She is far from flop babe.

    • Slayty Perry (Killer Queen) July 11, 2013

      Still using those 2011 receipts? Teenage Dream has sold over 2.7 million domestically and over 6 million worldwide and is still selling 3 years later. Currently #126 on Billboard selling 3k a week. Seethe b****. Where is Born This Way?

      • Duch July 11, 2013

        Those figures aren’t good. That album had how many #1 singles, how many rereleases and how many concert movies promoting it? From 2010 to basically now, Katy has been under every pebble milking the thing. And all it’s at is 2.7 US and 6 million worldwide? That’s actually very low considering how much effort went into that album and how long it was being promoted. She should be at least twice that amount.

        Katy’s album had more hits than Adele’s, yet Adele is diamond. Care to explain?


      yo p**** a flop thats why its crusty, F*L*O*P*P*Y P*U*S*S*Y chilee

  4. JJFan1814 July 11, 2013

    It amazes me how ppl think single sales should equate to album sales; I think it’s foolishly hilarious actually. And when you ask them why they think that’s the case, there’s no valid logical argument to support their claims. Regardless, TD did phenomenal overall & worldwide.

    And I’m not even a Katy stan.

  5. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 11, 2013


    You’re hot!! *faints*



    • JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 11, 2013

      Your name… >>>

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Absolved July 11, 2013


    That song is still garbage. Holla back at me when Katy’s album is at least 5x platinum in the US and 20 million WW.

    I can’t with all these silly singles sellers. Move some $10 albums and I’ll be impressed.

  8. Lovebird July 11, 2013

    Expecting Rosie, H20 and crew who stan for numbers to change their names to Katy Perry stan in 5…4…3…2..1

  9. Lovebird July 11, 2013

    Always loved Katy Perry despite the negativity that is spewed about her, The one that got away is my jam.

    Come to think of it, besides buying her floppy 4 disc, Beyonce is the only b**** I cannot stand musically, and that’s because she is the description of everything that is bad about the industry from stealing to unoriginality.

    But anyway, congratulations Katy Perry.

  10. ^AKA^ July 11, 2013

    Congratulations! I like that song.

  11. P!nk Stan July 11, 2013


    • Slayty Perry (Killer Queen) July 11, 2013

      Mad cause Firework snatched life from F****** Perfect and Raise Your Glass?

  12. SBC19 July 11, 2013

    F** music.

  13. Slayty Perry (Killer Queen) July 11, 2013

    The Queen of Digital Singles tbh. What was that about Katy’s songs having no longevity? Three years later and Firework is still in the top 200 on iTunes. This song will be a pop classic and the pressed will simply have to deal.

    • Caliban July 11, 2013

      And her album sales are still weak.
      Linda Perry was right…
      “who wants a f****** Katy Perry album?”

  14. mildred July 11, 2013

    love bird why are you obessed with beyonce? . And just because rihanna and some oher artiest don’t or never sold impressive numbers with their album does not mean people don’t buy album any more . We still have adele taylor, justin timberlake and other artiest to prove you wrong.#Stay bitter and pressed.

  15. mildred July 11, 2013

    Lovebird for someone you hate you seem to be giving beyonce lots and lots of youir time even more than you give ur fav. Are you sure you hate her or you are just jealous or even admiring her screatly? She is clearly enjoying her life and planning her futre, why you stay broke and bitter. And please stop trying to make excuses for rihanna poor album sales by saying “people donbuy album anymore” its getting old try somethinh new for a change.

  16. mildred July 11, 2013

    Am sure love bird is a poor, jobless, broke ass who has ntine but a stolen computer just to use to hate other people obviously better life. I hate it when you stuck beyonce for no reason. What have this post got to do with beyonce? Did u you were the only one to call her name in this post today?

  17. itskellyperry May 1, 2014

    Insecurities ratchets. So funny to read the rants of the haters. Smell ya asses

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