Chris Brown Taps Rihanna & Nicki Minaj For New Album…’X’

Published: Thursday 4th Jul 2013 by David

Nicki Minaj & Rihanna lend a helping hand to Chris Brown this year, landing on his new album ‘X’ for two scorching new features.

Announced by the ‘Love More’  star tonight, the album’s collaborations don’t end there- packing a few more that may surprise you once you check ’em out below!

Debuting his duet with Minaj at last Sunday’s BET Awards, the star’s decision to keep Rihanna on the project may surprise some- after reports had indicated she had been pulled from the release after the pair endured their latest split earlier this year.

Asides from these two, we can’t wait to hear what Chris cooked up with Kelly and Kendrick, and a on a superficial tip- its music videos, after whetting many an appetite with ‘Fine China’s mini movie.

Your thoughts?

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  1. felly July 4, 2013

    would it kill them to retouch those hands??

    • cxbxcberyery547 July 4, 2013

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    • Oh Yeah!!! July 4, 2013

      Why did he use Rihanna’s crusty hands!

  2. ^AKA^ July 4, 2013

    Rihanna gurl, please stop making collaborations with Chris for once. I am really sick of them :/ He is the last person I want to see you making a duet. You better do something together with Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera or even Katy Perry. That would be a pleasant change.

    Anyway, isn’t J. Lo supposed to be on his new album? They were caught in a music studio together recording a track. Or they will save it for her upcoming album?

    • Dev July 4, 2013

      That was for her album

      • HOWYOULIKEIT July 4, 2013

        Chile Beyonce doesnt collaborate with women beaters

  3. gina July 4, 2013

    the album will flop just like fortune! why cant rca focus more on adam lambert A REAL TALENT!!

    • Dev July 4, 2013

      I think because Chris is possibly funding a lot of this album and the videos himself, whereas Adam relies fully on the labels budget and direction…. not that i’m an adam fan

    • ShitGotReal July 4, 2013

      Adam is so much better than Chris. I don’t know why je doesn’t have the promotion that he deserves.

  4. Dev July 4, 2013

    This is kinda old news. We knew Nikki form the BET awards and Rihanna when it was reported some months ago that they had recorded a track that was then removed from the album due to their breaking up, so the real surprises are Kelly Rowland (who will become a features artist if she’s not careful) and the rest

  5. S****** Blonde July 4, 2013

    His music does not interest me that much but his face in that pic…C’mon Bro, hit me, don’t have mercy with me, treat me like a fool, wring my faithful heart, tear it all apart but f*** me!!!

    • PRINCE MACHIAVEL July 4, 2013

      Damn You ONYX! Dirty W****, You’ll Never Change And I Love It!!!!!!

  6. Savt1st July 4, 2013

    Are those t***** hands? …not a good look Chris, kinda scary!

    • gina July 4, 2013

      i know right!! they are ugly and big! like a man. and those dark knuckles…….chhhhile no

  7. B****** ARE A MESS July 4, 2013

    Are those Melissa(rihs friend) hands??? They look southern dry..

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      Just spilled my drink all over myself LMAO
      Reading about them hands.
      Bring it on Chris let the world know why You are
      doing the dam thing, up so good Son.

  8. brenda jenkins July 4, 2013


  9. Mark111 July 4, 2013

    Does his album still not have a release date? It’s about to be the 4th single with no date. This will flop, I see why Ciara left, RCA/ JIVE fell off. Timberlake sold off his name, he won’t do it again with those wack ass songs. Usher needs to move to Epic, he’s lost without LA. RCA has a list of greats, but they’re effing up with them all as of late.

  10. Tallb July 4, 2013

    i want a chris brown/ ciara collabo!

  11. THE LEGENDARY LAX July 4, 2013

    Its Prolly Angie Stone Hands

  12. HOWYOULIKEIT July 4, 2013

    i told yall his last album would flop. He is going to flop now even harder. even rihanna will not give him sales

  13. ZANIA July 5, 2013

    He will not flop, he has some die hard fans, like myself, that loves his music. I am very excited about his coll. I wish he would’ve went the Fame route and release dance or rap single first instead of something slow, because he does well with dance music. Yeah 3x, Turn up the music, Don’t wake me up all sold over platinum, Look at me now.

    • KingBEY July 5, 2013

      PREACH Honey

    • KingBEY July 5, 2013

      Cant Wait Ill Be Buying But Dont Put This S*** at $14 bucks like Fortune (cause it will damn sure flop)

  14. KingBey July 5, 2013

    Cant Wait Ill Be Buying But Dont Put This S*** at $14 bucks like Fortune (cause it will damn sure flop).

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