Guess Who: New Tattoo Edition

Published: Wednesday 17th Jul 2013 by Sam

“He’s getting a tattoo, yeah, he’s getting ink done…”

Can you guess who chart-topper was oh-so-keen to flaunt their new ink job on Instagram today? Find out below…

Hint: He’s been generating headlines for all the wrong reason as of late.

It’s Justin Bieber!

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer shared the shot on the social networking site, hinting that the tattoo is dedicated to his mother. He captioned the snap with the following:

@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching 😉

Formerly squeaky-clean, the teen star appears to be on a mission to shed such title — which ultimately is his decision. However, we’re clearly not alone in feeling like it’s happening too fast and is entirely too contrived.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JORDIN SPARKS STAN July 17, 2013

    Can’t wait for shim to be replaced

    • xcberyery546 July 17, 2013

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  2. JJFan1814 July 17, 2013

    I guess chile…

  3. Music July 17, 2013

    I seriously think he should be a male model. Music is crap and he’s a s***** vocalist tbh. USHER put him on cuz he already had a big fanbase before he got signed and knew what it would do for both their careers.

    • S****** Blonde July 17, 2013

      A model, really, he couldn’t be even if he wanted to, he’s short, he’s face is ugly, next.

  4. Rosie July 17, 2013

    His career will be over by next year, all his fans moved on to One Direction.

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 17, 2013

      Rosie, I love you

    • JORDIN SPARKS STAN July 17, 2013

      And Lana’s fans?

      • the real cake like lady gaga July 17, 2013

        @Jordan LMAO

      • Rosie July 17, 2013

        And Jordan’s career?

  5. please b**** July 17, 2013

    Umm, it,might be more suspenseful if ya’ll would take off the ‘file under justin beiber’ on the start page! A mess…

  6. the real cake like lady gaga July 17, 2013

    SMH, homegirl is trying so hard theaux.

  7. eric July 17, 2013


  8. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 17, 2013

    Try hard…Bring on the next dancing white boy please!!

  9. please b**** July 17, 2013

    There you go TGJ! This article is now filed under ‘guess who?’. Your welcome for my editing services. 😉

  10. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 17, 2013

    JB will never grow! She’s just not doing it for me! I wanna like her but I don’t enjoy her music

  11. please b**** July 17, 2013

    I want to suck his d*** and let his little sausage pound into me *faints*

  12. Beyawnce July 17, 2013

    the f***** is getting some black d*** from that ugly lil twist.

  13. HONEYCHILDPLEASE July 17, 2013

    Oh hunty what c*** have we here, This delightful afternoon child..

  14. please b**** July 17, 2013

    Lmao! I have a fan. That last comment wasn’t me, but is funny as hell. 🙂

  15. Navy Nick July 17, 2013

    I dont get y people don’t like this KID-his last cd was GREAT-I could care less about stars personal lives. BRING ME GOOD MUSIC & on stage, he sounds good LIVE, so that makes me a fan….tats, drugs, people they date: I DONT CARE 2 craps about!

  16. ,. July 17, 2013

    when i saw the beleive i new it was him.

  17. S****** Blonde July 17, 2013

    What an horrible tattoo, that castle seems to be inspired by some Disney fairy tale story, probably Cinderella.

  18. king z July 17, 2013

    no illuminati comments? i’m shocked. well, i’ll just go ahead and say it…*in my mariah carey voice* ILLUMINATI!!

    • Mark111 July 17, 2013

      And now we have a coconut, and this one is bigger than before.

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