Hot Shots: Nicole Scherzinger Hits Studio For US Album

Published: Monday 29th Jul 2013 by Sam

Shocking as it may be to believe, Nicole Scherzinger has yet to release a solo album on home soil. Still.

Indeed, as many will recall, 2007’s ‘Her Name Is Nicole’ never arrived, while 2011’s ‘Killer Love’ was a Europe-only effort. With the latter having enjoyed chart success in territories such as the UK and France, it appears a sound foundation has been set for a global roll-out for its follow-up.

The former Pussycat Doll was snapped continuing work on the set, her third, with producer Kareem James. Canadian-bred, but US-based, James has crafted material for the likes of Drake and Alexandra Burke.

Reliable word tells That Grape Juice the flavour of the Scherzinger sessions was Urban-Pop – which, quite literally, sounds like (the right) music to our ears. The über Pop direction of her past efforts always baffled us given her Urban skew. In any case, here’s hoping the 35-year-old is cooking up the material US listeners are willing to embrace this go round.

Peep another snap of The X Factor UK judge in the lab after the jump…

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  1. Molly July 29, 2013

    Whatever happen to boomerang? Lol

    • Kent77 July 29, 2013

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  2. Janine Butcher July 29, 2013

    HAHAHAHAHAHA she’s still trying to break the US

    What a joke. She’s only successful in the UK just by luck of being an x-factor judge.

    • hkvmktyityi July 29, 2013

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    • J July 30, 2013

      That isn’t true at all. Her first album was released when she wasn’t even a judge in the UK.

  3. Daniel Teflon July 29, 2013

    I stoped liking her when she compared her vocals to Whitney Houston? PLEASE THAT MESSY SOPRANO/ALTO WOULD NEVER BE COMPARED TO MAMA WHITNEY!!

    • J July 30, 2013

      She never really said such thing in the cocky way you put it. She is a mega fan of Whitney and Whitney is the reason why she wanted to become a singer.

  4. Lovebird (30 years) July 29, 2013

    Good luck Nicole, but what about boomerang?

    • Monstarebel July 29, 2013

      What about it boo?

  5. Krista July 29, 2013

    Omg Nicole you couldnt even break the UK properly which is so basic what makes you think its gonna go better in the US. Girl give up not everyone can break away from their group and still be successful.

    • artPOOP July 29, 2013

      lol @ failing to conquer the UK lolol

      even Nicki Minaj’s biggest fan has more stans in the UK than Flopzinger!

    • J July 30, 2013

      She couldn’t break the UK properly?
      Poison – #3
      Don’t Hold Your Breath – #1
      Right There – #3

      Killer Love (album) – #8

      Boomerang – #6

      if that isn’t breaking properly, I don’t know what is. These results are what a lot of singers are dreaming off to achieve tbh. Just because she doesn’t have a #1 strike of 6 hits, doesn’t mean she didn’t break the UK properly.

      And why should she give up. I hate those kind of comments. She should do what she wants and her life is making music. It’s like someone demanding you have to quit your job, because there are better people in the office than you. She still makes more money than probably than all people who commented on this post together lol.

      • Aquarius July 30, 2013

        BYE! Nicole is not anything here in the UK music wise and only known for X Factor. Her song Right There was cute but thats it. All her songs fizzle out. They don’t even ask her to perform at the big concerts and festival like Capital FMs Summertime Ball or Radio 1s Big Weekend, V Festival, Wireless, Glastonbury. She is never even considered.

    • Yan August 3, 2013


      She already performed at Capital FMs Summertime Ball and Radio 1s Big Weekend. She already perfomed at Royal’s Variety too. If this is not to be considered, Idont know what it is.

  6. The Boy Toy July 29, 2013

    Well at least she’s a pretty flop! 😀

  7. Monstarebel July 29, 2013

    Im telling yall her Kelly Rowland & Ciara should just join forces and become a group cause the solo career is just not working for them

    • got me good July 29, 2013

      not going to lie theyd be a killer group!

    • artPOOP July 29, 2013

      you must not have been paying attention to Kelly & Ciara’s latest album sales. Flopzinger can only WISH for those types of results….

  8. Beyhiveboy July 29, 2013

    YESSS! so happy she’s returning to her urban sound! Bring it on

  9. Ms92 July 29, 2013

    I remember watching ‘Im a Celebrity get me out of here’ in the UK and Ashley from the Pussycat dolls was saying she was the reason they split up. I loved the Pussycat dolls but Nicole on her own is not it. Its weird because she can dance, sing (even though i dont like her voice) but if you dont have public appeal and charisma you may aswell toss it in the trash.

    • J July 30, 2013

      Nicole was the reason, but not the one who caused the split. PCD was built around Nicole. When Nicole tried her first solo attempt and her album got shelved eventually. She got forced back to PCD. Nicole got the freedom to put together Doll Domination by her solo recordings and some additional recordings alongside Melody.

      Like I already said on an other comment. Nicole was the only one signed, with Melody hired as singer and the rest hired as dancers, nothing more or less. But yeah the others also wanted to share the spotlight and grow as singers rather than bgdancers, while being bgdancers was the reason they were in the group.

      Doll Domination ended up as a Nicole solo compromise under the PCD umbrella. Jai Ho! was a solo Nicole song aswell, but tagged by the label and Ron Fair as PCD song featuring Nicole, to get more sales. It was meant to launch Nicole, but it backfired on Nicole as person. While it was moreso a business descision. At the end of the day, the label has the say and not the artist/performer.

      If Interscope would have put Her Name Is Nicole out in 2007/2008. Doll Domination would have been a whole other era and the Jai Ho! fiasco would not have happened. Neither would have the crappy break-up.

  10. MyPenIzFresh July 29, 2013

    I love Nicole. I think Urban/Pop was always her lane. she has a great voice and a nice amount of sass. She should utilize that for this cd

  11. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) July 29, 2013

    She will always be remembered as the lead singer of the p**** cat walls….THAT’S IT!!!!

    *I want her bra though I’m into bright purple colour this year.

  12. boo boo jones July 29, 2013

    She needs to give it up !!

  13. Selenator July 29, 2013

    She has the talent and the beauty to be as big as Beyonce or Ciara in terms of being a performing act. Her problem is the right material. Right There sounded like What’s My Name blended with Rude Boy. She needs to find the right team of producers and songwriters and find a style that works

    • artPOOP July 29, 2013

      this response went in the wrong direction with the first sentence.. fix it and you’ll see how far Flopzinger’s potential leads her.

    • J July 30, 2013

      I completely agree with you. She needs someone to guide her and get a different team.

  14. Yasmam July 29, 2013

    Dat boy is fionnnnne!

  15. artPOOP July 29, 2013

    this b**** really thinks people care to hear her without the PCD back up singers….. go away Nicole Flopzinger.. you just don’t have what it takes to survive a solo career… just don’t..

  16. Mark111 July 29, 2013

    I bet when Beyonce and Justin Timberlake sees her, they thank their lucky stars. Not everyone can have a great solo career after their successful group.

    • artPOOP July 29, 2013

      Beyonce didn’t have a successful girl group career. She had a powerful daddy that put together Beyonka and a bunch of back-up singers called Destiny’s Children…. JT carried N’Sync- so yea he has nothing to worry about. Nicole relied WAY TOO MUCH ON HER BACK UP SINGERS and kept bouncing back & forth before really cementing her foothold as a solo artist. now she just looks a like a bitter joke. she won’t ever be anything and beyonka is on her way down since she can’t find a place in the film biz and is running out of artists to steal ART from! lol

      • Kyle July 29, 2013

        Oh b**** please. Beyoncé didn’t have a successful girl group career? WTF. Mathew didn’t force the fans to worship DC and Beyoncé and make them successful. If you aint appealing to the public there is no hope and nobody can guarantee it no matter how powerful you are.

  17. Jake July 29, 2013

    Y’all are trashîg her but you damn know that TALENT WISE , she’s second to Beyoncé . You put her on stage she will slay vocally and she will dance her ass off. She only needs one song to become a superstar I hope she does cause she deserves it .

    • artPOOP July 29, 2013

      gurl can sing but the b**** is getting her Karma for doing Melody and other PCD members so wrong. she deserves her F(lop)ame….

      • J July 30, 2013

        At the end of the day there were still a label, manager and Robin Antin who approved everything that happened to PCD. Only Melody was hired as singer beside Nicole, the others were hired as dancers, with Nicole being the only one signed. That was the big concept of the group. Nicole did nothing wrong, she did her job. Nicole always gets the blame, for the big machine that was PCD, Nicole just portrayed the leadsinger, but surely didn’t had the last say! If you think that, you obviously don’t understand the music business or any business at all!

  18. Rachel July 29, 2013

    I lovvvvvve her!

  19. Dev July 29, 2013

    She’s 36! She needs to find a man, a ring on her finger and a baby in her womb before it’s all too late. TBH i never really like Nicole as there was something about her attitude, and then when she did that behind the music expressing that sheb nwas the only vocals on PCD i just thought no! She sashayed out of a group and went nowhere, she thought she could do a destinys child and change all he members, but it didn’t work and she is looking like a clown for not having a musical direction and success after leaving a very successful group and ending up like a new artist.

  20. Salomé July 29, 2013

    You go girl!!

    She is an underrated singer. She was THE VOICE on PCD, and she is an extremly nice woman. and she deserves to be succesfull.
    We love you Nicole.
    People who like to hear s*** are who critized her!

    Nobody in the industry has the talent she has!!

  21. Kyle July 29, 2013

    I feel like Nicole thinks she is better than she is. And the fact her own bad members spilled the tea on HER as a person (not no manager)shows karma is a b**** with this solo thing.

  22. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 29, 2013

    Oh lawd….isn’t this her fifth album by now (others were shelved)? I’m all for determination and following your dreams to the fullest but Nicole…US ain’t for you boo. Stick to areas you can actually sell in…or get the Pussyccat Dolls back together and sing all the songs like you did before, people seem to like you more when it’s not just you. #JustBeingHonest

    • J July 30, 2013

      It isn’t her fifth album.
      She did HNIN which got shelved, and she crapped the idea of a re-release of Killer Love for the US. But other than that she has no shelved albums. This is meant to be her 22nd album and 3rd album attempt.
      I agree with you that she rather could focus on a WW basis, so UK, EU and AUS. Rather than try the US again. Since her team and label always go in a odd direction when they want her to try the US, which always turns out messy.

      btw I am pretty sure 99% of the negative responses here, have not followed her career and speak just from tabloid reports.

      • J July 30, 2013

        I meant 2nd album ofcourse, not 22nd

  23. Scherzygirl July 29, 2013

    Kareem is very handsome 😉


    Nicole slays ur fav! phuck the haters

    • #beautiful carey July 29, 2013

      She’s irrelevant just like xtina kiii

      • Stan September 10, 2016

        And what is mariah carey?

  25. Keepin it all the way July 29, 2013

    She’s a flop. He’s hot. That’s all

  26. Unapologetic July 29, 2013

    Nicole has sold over 10 million copies world wide! she’s accomplished than any hater on here so while its understandable that your mad save that ugly energy for the next time you look at yourselves in the mirror. Can’t wait to hear the new stuff Nicole keep it up!

  27. Flopazon Nicole July 29, 2013

    Please god go away.
    Stop lying…Nicole is average at best..
    The first PCD album was ok, then we saw what happened.
    Mediocre music, middle of the line talent, nothing but mediocrity all the way around.
    Chick thought she was going to pull a Diana or Beyonce and it bit her in the ass.

    She isn’t as good as she or her few hundred fans think.
    this album will flop, like everything post when I grow up(PCD Song)
    Melody can’t sing either

  28. jfkasy July 30, 2013

    whats fyn bwt that guy tho?if he’s fyn then i’m a male S** God or something *just saying* & as for nicole scherzinger i think she needs to do a collabo with rihanna,i’m talking Winning Women Part 2, them boom everyone will b checking for her!

  29. chris July 30, 2013

    i really like her, she is so talented, wish her luck

  30. Jason Derulo Stan July 30, 2013


  31. rihking (na na na dont be shy) July 30, 2013

    The pussycatflops were already terrible. So for nickel sherzinger to go solo is stupid.This b**** needs two background h*** to lift her up and make her look better like beyfraud.This b**** has no star power and no stage presents AND her music sucks.

  32. Navytodabone July 30, 2013

    I love her!!!

  33. Yan August 3, 2013

    She rocked!
    And like a PCD song says: “Don’t pay attention to the haters that’s behind us, an if you trippin’ just tell’em, so they can find us”

  34. NicoleFan4Lyfe February 15, 2016

    “messy?” Have you ever considered suicide? She is right up there with Mariah and Whitney you p**** little b**** ass n****!

  35. NicoleFan4Lyfe February 15, 2016

    Ghetto Love – JaheimWow. I never seen so much hate in my life. The way you talk about Nicole, it’s like you’ve met her and strongly hate her because she was really mean to you. Why all the hate? You dipshits who say “nicole don’t sound good without the other girls” do know that Nicole is the only one who sings? F****** assholes. You should just go kill yourself, I don’t like suicide but you fuckers need to die. Why would you hate somebody so much, because she didn’t sell out like your favorite overrtted piece of s*** artist? You fuckers can burn in hell for hating Nicole like this, can’t believe what I’m seeing on this site. Talent and sexiness combined is just too much for your little retarded ass minds to handle I guess!

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