Mariah Carey Readies New Album, More ‘#Beautiful’ Remixes

Published: Wednesday 24th Jul 2013 by Sam

Yesterday was supposed to bring with it the release of Mariah Carey‘s fourteenth studio album ‘The Art Of Letting Go’. However, as reported, the premium diva has yet master the art – instead pushing back the project to ensure it’s “just right”. 

This, though, hasn’t halted her hustle when it comes to the LP’s lead single ‘#Beautiful’. A moderate hit (which peaked at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100), the track easily serves as Mimi’s biggest success in years; a fact which likely explains why she’s milking it for all its worth.

In new audio update for fans (recorded on the day ‘Letting Go’ was supposed to hit stores), the mother of two explains that not only is she still hard at work on the album, she’s gearing up to debuted even more remixes of its breezy first offering (she’s already released more than five).

Listen to Ms. Carey-Cannon’s message after the jump…

Oh Mariah.

Granted we just about understand her rationale for scrapping the LP’s initial release (key word “understand”, not “agree)”, the continued pushing of ‘#Beautiful’ not only doesn’t make sense, it’s beginning to grate.

For, while it was indeed a “hit”, there are a few points that shouldn’t be swept under the rug. The first being that it was essentially a manufactured “hit” launched (and arguably sustained) by a costly radio deal. Then, of course, there’s the fact that the remixes are doing all of nothing chart-wise. Above all, though, response to the track – while generally favourable – was by no means “overwhelming”. Put simply, it’s in no way a ‘We Belong Together’ – commercially nor critically. A fact which makes the overt pushing come off somewhat desperate.

Surely, Team Mimi would’ve have been better off serving up something else in the window created by the album’s delay to tide folk over; something different for the fans not necessarily “wowed” by ‘#Beautiful’. To be fair, it’s clear that what’s they’re trying to do with this song and its one million remixes, yet -in putting it bluntly-the track feels totally undeserving.

Whether Team MC’s “shove it down your throat ’til you love it” approach proves worth it come album release will be interesting to see. Especially given that a multitude of mega-sellers are prepping new LP’s for the same window as Mimi (see: Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Britney Spears). Then, of course, there’s Ariana Grande, but hey that’s a conversation for another day…

 Your thoughts?

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  1. Daniel Teflon July 24, 2013

    Well Alrighty Mariah we’ll wait but it BETTER BE WORTH IT!!

    • cxzvzxverty547 July 24, 2013

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      • Toto July 24, 2013

        I love how TGJ TRIES to give all these “professional” critiques about HOW to do promotion and A&R for acts/albums.. Since yall THINK you know so damn much, why aren’t you working for a label and or managing a successful artist?

  2. Daniel Teflon July 24, 2013

    Well Alrighty Mariah we’ll wait but it BETTER BE WORTH IT!!

  3. -= July 24, 2013

    d-mn she is desperate for that 1 single,look how much she had in the past why is she so desperate to prove that she can still get 1# hit,s,how much time she,s going to remix that tired song in hope of it hitting the top 10 to the 1 spot,it,s so sickening.

  4. *1* LAMB July 24, 2013

    I see why BeyFlop is scared to release her new single

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 24, 2013

      She’s afraid of …………….. Killing more of Mariah’s career?

      • stephy the lambily July 24, 2013

        H2O.. Gurl I like you but don’t come for Mariah. Mariah Carey sold more records than Motha B! Also, is more successful than Beyoncé. But I stipect Beyoncé so don’t come for Mimi.. Cause you can never kill a career that your not even ahead of

    • stephy the lambily July 24, 2013


    • Emeral July 24, 2013

      Please you are not a lamb! Just hiding behind so you can drag Beys name into it!

      • POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 24, 2013

        = @TGJ trick On mission to create a distasteful Stan-war.

      • LatinO21 July 25, 2013

        I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

    • Yaz July 24, 2013


  5. stephy the lambily July 24, 2013

    YASSSS my Mimi. Oh GRANDMOTHER MARIAH & MOTHER BEYONCE IS COMMING!!! YASSS I CANT WAIT. Also, grandmother Mimi please stop wearing them tight ass cloths and maybe then you can not be breaking your bones gurl… you is to old to be breaking anything Grandma. Yasss I love my MIMI. Ok now I need a new song G-ma cause im bout sick of BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! Love you, get well Baby

  6. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 24, 2013

    Wasn’t “triumphant” The lead Single ? What first offering @sam ?

    you alright, Dude ?


    I’m getting that EP , hey!
    I’m getting that EP , hey hey!

    i’m getting that EP

    We Are gettin’ that EP ! *then mariah throws a Closing whistle*

    i told you so Lamb b******. @Johnvidal @dossome @Slayriah ! 😉

    I love #Beautiful , Take all the time you want ,Diva.

    • LatinO21 July 25, 2013

      I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  7. Mark111 July 24, 2013

    Boo, I know what she’s doing. Release 99 remixes, combine the sells and this floppy single will chart.

  8. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 24, 2013

    Beyonce can take all the time She wants.

    mariah can take all the time she wants.

    gaga can take all the time she wants.

    I Don’t get the impatience.

    • LatinO21 July 25, 2013

      I LOVE YOU!

  9. Jayne July 24, 2013

    Damn that dull single? It wasnt like a massive hit or anything why she grasping?

  10. Savannah July 24, 2013

    It’s just weird. Beautiful was a hit, but I’ve NEVER heard it on the radio, never really heard it in public nor have I heard anyone singing it.

    • KNUCK July 25, 2013

      Honestly the song is terrible. I’m a lamb to the fullest and that song is NOT mariah’s style. It’s not even a good song for Miguel’s standards. They can do much better. Mariah’s vocals were underwhelming. I’m tired of her hiding behind all of the features. “Triumphant” was her style, but again the vocals were underwhelming at least for the 2 seconds that she sang between the rappers. I know she is in vocal decline, but usually she can muster up a studio vocal. I’m just TIRED. And by the way things are being pushed back she and her team are aware that they need to come harder.

  11. Emeral July 24, 2013

    Whenever, wherever Mariah! Im here for her.

    • ^AKA^ July 24, 2013

      Shakira, her impact 🙂 Like that song though.

      • Emeral July 24, 2013

        Yes love the song

  12. Britney Stan July 24, 2013

    Shes Beyond desperate for a top 10 hit

  13. mc the place to be! July 24, 2013

    smh oh sam if 10,000 came to central park for a charity concert(live and all) and see her she’s definitely still gonna bring in numbers SHE’S MARIAH CAREY a well known consistent and successful artist. and ariana i like her but girl get cho life! if mariah wants to remake beautiful a million times to cater to different markets than she can it’s not she didn’t do this before fantasy dreamlover and emotions had so many versions no one had a problem. You’re just mad that she still can get a hit past her prime which your fave is having trouble doing at 31

    • Savannah July 24, 2013

      But Beyonce can sell out a world tour with no new music. I’m no Mariah hater, but she could never. Not with that p*** poor stage presence and those struggle vocals.

      • cici Slaaaays July 24, 2013


      • Mark111 July 24, 2013

        MC always gotten bad reviews for your tours.

      • Common Sense July 24, 2013

        Mariah by admission has never been a touring artist. What’s Beyonce’s excuse for having such p*** poor album sales despite having “sell out world tours?” Beyonce was already around as a solo artist when albums were still selling, yet her total album sales have already been surpassed by Rihanna.

      • Savannah July 24, 2013

        I am not trying to start a stan war between the Hive and the Lambs because I respect Mimi…but why drag Beyonce’s name into the discussion when she has nothing to do with it?

      • Yaz July 24, 2013

        The fact Beyonce can sell a tour (which is more expensive) better than many of the people with higher album sales>>>>
        Touring stats>>>>>album stats

      • Savannah July 24, 2013

        @ YAZ

        yaaaasssss! Lol. Half of the people who sold one zillion records can’t even sell out a banquet hall these days. Tours really say a lot about your power, and Beyonce has it!

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 24, 2013

        Her sales have been surpassed by Rihanna?

        Maybe “solo” because Rihanna has released 3 more albums but in total album sales she’s still way behind.

        Take a seat please!

  14. WHAT’S A LADY GAGA THO? July 24, 2013

    THE B**** IS DONE!!! DUN DUN DUN!!! !!!



    • Common Sense July 24, 2013


  15. cici Slaaaays July 24, 2013

    Oh ITS still trying ?

    • Savannah July 24, 2013

      Lol. Says a Ciara stan…..

      • cici Slaaaays July 24, 2013

        Get lost b****

    • Common Sense July 24, 2013

      The only “IT” is C-Error. Do we know ITS gender yet?

      • FAF July 24, 2013

        ^whatever IT is, its more successful than u , F***

        that joke is played like moo moo (’05)

        Go suck an A*** sick d*** & die, lonely A**


  16. Lovebird ( I want to eat Cassie’s poonani) July 24, 2013

    Waiting for another monster era from Mariah, she’s that chick. Don’t worry, another we belong together is coming.

  17. beyawnce July 24, 2013

    I’ve recently started to listen to Mariah’s and I’m really liking.

  18. Starships July 24, 2013


  19. Common Sense July 24, 2013

    I don’t know why TGJ is surprised that Mariah is making remixes. It’s what she’s ALWAYS done. And I can’t at the try hard insinuated shade. Ariana is nothing but a basic child star.

  20. Monstarebel July 24, 2013

    F*** these remixes give us single #2

  21. HaHa July 24, 2013

    The reason why MiMi didn’t release her album is because she is mad at her label for not supporting her album and single beautiful because they spent all of their time on Kanye West album YEEZUS

  22. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 24, 2013

    MC I need another single 🙂
    #beautiful is boring me now I’ve listened to it for a long time now

  23. Theman July 24, 2013

    Sam your write up is a flop.. Write this crap about the other chicks that are real flops. Help Rita Ora,Kelly & Ciara.. “Beautiful” is the best song released recently.. Leave the essays alone. MC always releases remixes.. Also, her song is still selling, she has that radio deal for a day. Stop reaching. She can do what she wants. She’s very Davy..

    • Toto July 24, 2013

      Exactly !!

      • FAF July 24, 2013

        But u came, read it & commented… his writing is SUCH a flop! OMGAHHHH!

        Beautiful has been performed more places & more frequently than Ciara & Kelly singles, YET Ciara has 2 songs on BBhot100

        U do the math, ugly

    • JOHNVIDAL July 24, 2013

      Essays are good… when they are good. You know, like the ones that other site does. You should check the shade T threw with his last one about payola. Yes he shaded TGJ big time 🙂

  24. Diamond July 24, 2013

    While the central message of your article was clear, that there are too many #Beautiful remixes, it was overshadowed by the many inaccuracies and flaws found within. Firstly, your reference to #Beautiful being a “manufactured hit” due to its radio deal is erroneous, at best. #Beautiful was given a singular day (not even) with a Clear Channel world premiere, which broke records for audience impressions. It was not given a week or month deal and a single day deal is not unusual in today’s music world. It was up to radio to spin the song after this deal ended, which they did (see rolling effects should you have more questions). Further, the remixes did have an impact on the charts as it aided in the song’s streaming numbers, which are now factored into the Billboard chart position. It is also inaccurate to suggest that fans and critics alike did not heavily laud this song. USA Today called it “a return to form,” New York Magazine said it’s a “gamechanger” & “song of summer 2013,”and an article in the LA Times said it is “as close to a perfect pop song as has been released” and says it’s “seductive.” The most frequent criticism was that this song was “too short” which is arguable considering We Belong Together’s run time. I won’t argue your point of other mega sellers releasing music at the same time, as Mariah Carey, with her 200M+ albums sold worldwide is one herself. Besides, why must we make music a competition instead of enjoying music for exactly what it is.

    • Toto July 24, 2013

      Exactly ! TGJ is/are haters. They pretend to like MC and then talk hella s*** on her. Why don’t they ever talk s*** on Beyoncé and how she has DELAYED her album forever now, or how she has YET to release and official single or video…. Thought so.

  25. JOHNVIDAL July 24, 2013

    Damn most people here know nothing about the industry!
    Do u think Mariah or her team are retarded? She obviously knows more remixes won´t help the song on the Billboard hot100, she can see itunes lists just like us and knows #Beautiful has spent more than two months selling very well (1 million copies in the USA, many years fater her prime, when will your fave?) but this last week it started to fall and it won´t go up. The remixes she wants to release from now on will be just for the fans and for dance audiences. She recorded this special message for the fans too, cos her album should have been out yesterday.
    Secondly: guys I know we want it NOW. But no, a second single right now is not the right thing to do. They know how much of the album is complete or not, we don´t. If they don´t expect to have it in a couple of weeks, they shouldn´t release a second single. Releasing several singles before the album release is letting the hype die. I hate it when I buy an album (or stream it) and already know half of the songs and obviously what to expect from the other half. I love when an album is released with just one single out. Maybe two when it´s well planned.
    Go Mariah! I can´t wait for the album.
    PS: and damn she really hurt herself a couple of weeks ago. Singing in that condition must hurt (thinking of her performances from last week).

  26. Jake July 24, 2013

    The lies of some people I swear , Beyoncé still to this day sold 3 millions album more than Rihanna , and plus one has 4 albums the other 7 ! That says it all…

  27. bibi93 July 24, 2013

    Great mariah!!

  28. Biting Truth July 24, 2013

    Remixes = procrastination. She’s afraid to move on to the next single, which is why she’s trying to drag out that played out now Beautiful song for as long as she can.

  29. Real July 24, 2013

    Truth be told, this album isn’t going to perform any better than her last one. All the delays are because they’re trying to come up with a strategy and single to broaden its sales appeal, and I’m saying that isn’t going to happen.

    Mariah’s dumb. Instead of knowing her demographic and playing to her long time fans (the older sect that will actually buy a whole CD if you can convince them its worth it), she’ll instead make herself look totally ridiculous trying to appeal to that silly ass 12-24 year old Twitter market that only buys iTunes single downloads.

    • DOSSOME July 24, 2013

      You’re the bumb one here..look at the transition between Daydream and Butterfly,a move which lost her tonnes of fans who loved her pop and AC stuff but ended up cementing her legacy as a risk-taker and versatile musician..if she took the safe route Celine took,I don’t think she would have the impact she has today

  30. DOSSOME July 24, 2013

    At least she has the courtesy to explain to her fans what she’s been upto,i really can’t wait for this album…wtf is samantha qweening about when #beautiful is her most critically successful single since fantasy,which obviously means it beats WE BELONG TOGETHER on a critical tip?Oh,the way sam keeps talking about this radio deal,does he know that the only song by a female to hit number 1 in the last 4yrs without a radio deal was HOLD IT AGAINST ME by BRITNEY SPEARS?Infact Justin Timberlake got a deal for ALL of his singles this year except TUNNEL VISION….#Beautiful has been losing so much airplay these past few weeks but gaining on streaming and consistent sales,that’s the logic behind issuing remixes,she could easily pull a Ciara and keep dishing out singles til the album drops but that isn’t how smart people operate,she knows what she’s doing…..Personally,i’m here for 2nd single only when the album is fully complete…When 90% of your faves are flops,why should you care what successful people are doing?stick to your lane ;>

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