MTV Launch ‘MTV Hottest’ Ahead Of 30th Annual ‘VMAs’

Published: Saturday 20th Jul 2013 by David

Before the likes of Rihanna, One Direction and Iggy Azalea are to celebrated at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, the network has launched an exciting new project- which sees them hunt for this summer’s ‘Hottest’ artist.

The best part about it? They want you to decide who it is!

Indeed, weeks before the VMAs kick off at NYC’s Barclays Center on August 25th, today saw them launch the competition, revealing that they are to announce its winner on August 31st on MTV itself.

Want to get involved?

Well, all you have to do to ensure your favourite act wins is to tweet #MTVHottest followed by their name!

It’s that simple.

Peep our example below and get tweeting!

#MTVHottest Rita Ora

Who are you voting for?

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  1. Ballsy July 20, 2013

    Rihanna Navy is already on this!

    • DavidSmith2 July 20, 2013

      Wow…My friend Hanna has just married to a millionaire, they met via designed for the elite, a place where you can meet attorneys, political figures, investors, extremely successful entrepreneurs, millionaires, doctors, professional athletes, celebrities and models, etc. If you are looking to date the elite, maybe you can take a try ~~~

  2. Rosie July 20, 2013

    Rihanna>>>>rita whora

  3. Daniel Teflon July 20, 2013
  4. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 20, 2013

    I can See this Pic As an Inspiration For a Miley cyrus photoshoot.

    If the Major females are not performing, i won’t bother Checking for it.

  5. Daniel Teflon July 20, 2013
  6. rih rox July 20, 2013

    Rihanna navy got this on lock

  7. Monstarebel July 20, 2013

    The pic tho <<<< b**** look like she was trapped in a tanning bed for 2 weeks

  8. rih rox July 20, 2013

    Get a life whoever you are.

  9. Beyawncre July 20, 2013

    That picture tho , The ugly fake tan and the wig 🙁 🙁

  10. MuiMui July 20, 2013

    Mtv can fly a kite,not naming Rihanna single Diamond for any awards. If they don’t go by chart success and sales then what is there to go by. Less just say that song is Micro wavable, then so are all the other songs that was Nominated.

  11. MuiMui July 20, 2013

    I love Justin Timberlake, but hey give the award to Him i don’t mind at all. Give Justin the hottest award. Diamond is as good as any of His songs and sold just as well.

  12. JOHNVIDAL July 20, 2013

    MTV is nothing since 2000-2003 or so…

      • JOHNVIDAL July 20, 2013

        That was the performance that definitely sold We Belong Together. I mean, glorious!

    • MC July 20, 2013

      Your avi its flawless!

      Is it from I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time video/shoot? It gives off that vibe.

      Giving me hard Loverboy teas too.

      • JOHNVIDAL July 20, 2013

        I think it´s from a photo shoot for a magazine in 2008, just in time for e=mc2 release. But it´not from the “I´ll be lovin u long time” video. A month or two before that.
        F****** stunning!

    • MuiMui July 20, 2013

      Yes John Mariah is the Legend that has done very good,been through some hard patches early on but never the less i love this Artist. She is a Trail Blazer of Legendary and Iconic Propotion’s Regardless to what anybody says are ever think about Her,She is Definitely one of the Greats.

  13. MuiMui July 20, 2013

    Reminds me of when “Umbrella” was so hot it burned the charts up and broke every record there was to be broken,and still yet it did not win 6 Grammy in one night.

    With Whitney selling over 44 Million With one Album and getting so many Platinum and not six Grammys in One Night Something is bad wrong with that picture for Me.

    And with Britney having hit DIAMOND two times and no Grammy’s to Reflect THAT , it make one wonder what do they go by.
    Less say Whitney was the “Voice” and She had the Vocals down pat,and Britney not a Belter like many but has catchy songs, SALES, and the popularity to boot,So what in the hell can it Possibly be with these Faked out Award shows.

    I will try not to say how i feel about Award Shows any time soon,but just had to Vent,pay me no mind , enjoy.
    So people go by the song,the sound,how it make them feel,sales and charts success Right? Well if these are some of the main things these Award Committee Members go by then they seem to be leaving many people completely off the Winner/Award list.

  14. Lana the legend July 20, 2013

    Toaster burnt looking b**** ugh.

  15. Lana the legend July 20, 2013

    That doesn’t count as black face?

  16. Common Sense July 20, 2013

    Gaga looks like cured alligator skin ready to get made into a f****** pair of boots.

    • Lana the legend July 20, 2013

      lmao okaaaay.

  17. Kay July 20, 2013

    That picture tho

  18. WHO July 20, 2013

    soz but one direction arent even nominated, TGJ really likes to suck ass

  19. Rosie July 20, 2013

    @Rih Rox you can stop impersonating me now.

  20. the real cake like lady gaga July 20, 2013

    OMG, who wrote this? The horrible grammar in the first sentence really put me off.

    DEAD at the example!!!

    MTV seems bored hey? I don’t see the point in this stupid “competition”… This is playground stuff, let the @ROSIE’s of this world take part, but no sane person will take part.

    • Rosie July 20, 2013

      You really think I give a f*** about this tween Twitter fandom mess? Us Lana fans are too busy getting ready to campaign for her future Best Original Song Oscar.

      • Selenator July 20, 2013

        From what I’ve seen Lana has no real fans, just bandwagon bored Monsters and trolls

      • IM A FREE B*TCH July 20, 2013

        from what i’ve seen, Selena had no career until she dated Justin

      • Selenator July 20, 2013

        *She won an Emmy
        *Released her best selling album to date
        *Naturally went platinum
        *Launched a successful clothing line
        *Made the Forbes list for top under 21
        *Was hailed as the next t*** star to have Miley Cyrus/Olsen Twin type of success
        All that before Justin. You tried though #clocked

      • Rosie July 20, 2013

        And yet Come & Get It only went top 10 in 4 countries? I like Selena and her album but it’s hilarious how local she is.

      • ATM JAM July 20, 2013

        @SELENATOR OMG that drag>>>

    • IM A FREE B*TCH July 20, 2013

      and even then, she still remains beyond basic. Lana can;t even see Selena in her rear view mirror cos Selena sint happening

      • Selenator July 20, 2013

        “Selena ain’t happening” The success of the top 10 multi-platinum Come & Get It + Stars Dance being in the top 20 on iTunes with pre-orders alone + Slow Down climbing the charts despite zero airplay + her quickly selling out worldwide arena tour contradict that statement. #clockedagain

      • IM A FREE B*TCH July 20, 2013

        and yet she need to f*** Justin Bieber to be relevant again smh

  21. MC July 20, 2013

    That Gaga pic is a mess though.

  22. S****** Blonde July 20, 2013

    Madonna is old and all you want but at 27 she was hot, that thing can try all she wants but she is ugly as f***, i bet aliens up in space look better.

  23. Kitty July 20, 2013

    Lady gargoyle is not hot tho…

  24. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) July 20, 2013

    That pic is cute.

  25. Selenator July 20, 2013

    Lol Selena Gomez is already winning. Which is funny because she hasn’t even tweeted about the VMAs yet. Lol mean while Demi and Miley are being thirsty all over Twitter asking for votes and radio stations to play their songs smh.

  26. IM A FREE B*TCH July 20, 2013

    TGJ still tryna make Rita happen lmao

  27. VANNY July 20, 2013

    RITA ORA??? really sam?? i love your blog but when are you going to realise that rita ora will never be relevant!! you diss rihanna but praise rita ora?? and i understand that the only reason you diss rihanna is to get hundreds of comments and people on your blog but lets keep it 100 rita ora will never be rihanna!! NEVER!! and im not even a big rihanna fan but she doing her thing!!

    • Rosie July 20, 2013

      I agree, I like Rita but she’s not happening in the states.

  28. yabish July 20, 2013

    This comment section on this blog is STAN heaven and bias af, but now I understand why, its because this blog is ran by a bunch of dickriders who bash the artist that they hate and worship the the ones the that they love and want to win.

  29. yabish July 20, 2013

    OAN the 25th of Aug is the day Aaliyah died. Hopefully the will acknowledge that.

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