Rihanna Faces Five Figure Fine For Missing Legal Depositions

Published: Saturday 27th Jul 2013 by David

‘Thug in My Life’ chart regular Rihanna has been ordered to pay a five figure fine this week, after she skipped legal depositions arranged by the accountants she claims mishandled her finances during her time with them.

Full story below…

Upon filing a suit against David Berdon‘s Berdon LLP, the Pop Princess was required to sit down with the company- who house her former accountants- for a deposition, which would have seen her give an oral statement explaining why she was suing the company.

Originally scheduled for November 2012, the first deposition saw the star skip the meeting and subsequently skip three more, wasting the time and money the company had taken to set them up.

So, as to recoup the capital they lost because of her no-shows, Berdon called on the case’s judge to fine the star. Upon investigating the case, the judge sided with them and has now ordered the ‘A Girl Like Me‘ star to pay $47,050 to cover Berdon’s legal bills.

In adding to this, she has been required to attend a new deposition on Wednesday August 28th.

If she does not attend, she is likely to see her case thrown out by the court.

This case comes five years after she cut ties with business manager Patricia Jordan, reportedly blaming her for the ‘financial woes’ she faced following the release of 2007’s ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’.

Speaking at the time, Williams explained:

“It’s not my fault that she only has $20,000 to her name. I’m a professional Business Manager, I have a staff of more than a dozen, I have worked for many high-profile actors, musicians and multi-million dollar corporations.

Why would I steal from Rihanna? I showed her all the paperwork and tried to explain to her the circumstances but she wouldn’t listen. She called me all sorts of horrible names and stormed off. I now feel compelled to share with the world the background story as I will not allow my name to be slandered.

Def Jam doesn’t fund Rihanna properly, so Marc uses the money Rihanna makes from third-party endorsements and from tours to fund her album and music videos. I don’t want to disrespect Marc’s name. He is a fantastic manager and genuinely believes in Rihanna. But he uses her money to fund her future projects because he believes he can break her in the world market.

Her album sales are not nearly as close to her single sales and he knows that if she is only known as a singles artist she will only be as good as her last hit. Unfortunately, he didn’t inform his client and I’m receiving the brunt of it.”

Two years later, Rihanna dropped Jordan to sign with Jay Brown‘s Roc Nation, one year after the company had signed Brit-Pop songbird Rita Ora and announcing her arrival at the music group a month before the release of her fifth studio album, ‘Loud‘.


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  1. Daniel Teflon July 27, 2013


    • mekaela July 27, 2013

      Why your dumb ass the first to comment teflon go screw your self I she do need to get her s*** together people getting tired im her fan she losing big time how long can she act like this rihanna Iove u but ur time is up all these white girls are nipping to take ur place miley selena and ariana start acting responsible this is not good

    • BLACKWHITEHUB5445 July 27, 2013

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  2. JJFan1814 July 27, 2013

    ‘Paying all these legal fines, still got mo’ money.’

  3. stephy the lambily July 27, 2013

    So, miss Rihanna is being ordered to pay 47 thousand dollars (Which is nothing to her) for being late once again for something she started. LOL Black people are known to be late. But Damn Rihanna, you like 7 months late to a lawsuit you filled. What kinda ghetto s*** is this. Also, that person tried Rihanna saying she dont write music and/or is not an big album seller. LOL Speaking of that, last night after having passionate s** with S****** Blondey LOLOL. I started reseaching how in the hell is my grandmotha Miss Mariah Carey worth 500 million bucks. She barely tours & releases music. But then I saw how much Writers & Producers make chilllllddd. Rihanna you betta start writting some of those songs gurl. Not just fillers but the actual hits. Come to find out singers only make like 75 cents or less from album sales & like 20-25 cent or less from single sales (If thier not the soul writer & or producer) DAMN! Child, my grandmotha makes damn near $2.60 from her album sales alone. Then royalty checks from anyone covering her songs & playing them on the radio all over the world. Mimi gets paid. Daydream & Music Box had to have growsed Mimi around 100 million dollars in royalties before taxes of course. I hope you still worth something by the time your 40 Rihanna… Because I doubt you gonne be still selling out stadiums being late & s***. *Rolls Eyes & Goes Back To Sleep*

    • MuiMui July 27, 2013

      Great Read and even better to see that Rihanna is almost always compared to the Greats who came before her. Which
      is always good because shes preparing herself to be just as great as Mariah the Legend, and since its Rihanna that you are writing so good about show many that there just has to be something this Rihanna has got that keep you and others so Inspired and Motivated.
      Rihanna is Inspired to be like Mariah and Beyonce and who better for her to want to be like. Perhaps Rihanna is the only one who aspires to be one of the Greatest Artist to ever walk the earth, because it seem there is no one else who want to be like Mariah or Beyonce.
      And there is Madonna and Marley that Rihanna Love too.

  4. Marley July 27, 2013

    I can imagine her being one of them stars that will go bankrupt when she is older.

    • nah July 27, 2013

      i don’t think so.

    • Queen Blackgirl July 27, 2013

      Older? Try very soon

      • FAF July 27, 2013

        Its not hard to imagine. We’re talking about football stars who go bankrupt in 10 yrs and they make 30 mil a yr . Rihanna only has 90mil (according to forbes) that doesn’t include her expenses (hair, makeup, clothing) so imagine how fast that can go

  5. JER July 27, 2013

    What’s the source?

    • TurntUp4Cici July 27, 2013

      Hard to believe boo boo?

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) July 27, 2013

      Google it and choose one..

  6. cake like lady gaga July 27, 2013

    LOL how is Riherpes gonna afford that amount? H** better come crawling and bow down to the richest under 30 entertainer, SLAYdy GODga, for a loan.

    GaGa can pay this with her petty cash!!

    • ETONE July 27, 2013

      as much blood , gook and animal s*** lady gaga wears and you talk about Rihanna. I never said anything bad about gaga but I will drag that b****. keep Rihanna name out your mouth

  7. those parasites July 27, 2013

    ms. jordan? williams? and who’s marc? 3 people passing the ball. sneaky players. and years old paperwork. mosdef doctored crap. where to get originals when those guys managed it all. chance? no. 😆

  8. La Perra July 27, 2013

    What in the world does Rita Ora have to do with this!?
    This is a horrible read, who wrote this s***!?
    47k is like pocket change to that b**** probably.

    Who Cares!?

    • yep July 27, 2013

      1-2 days “work” if one roughs that?

    • Queen Blackgirl July 27, 2013

      It maybe pocket change now but that day is coming that she will be sued for much more with her lateness. With all that drinking Rih does, she is not watching who’s taking what.

  9. La Perra July 27, 2013

    This site is f****** tripping like Rihanna on that pencil D***.

  10. Kisses Down Low July 27, 2013

    Rofl. Who remembers when she accused her ex- business manager of stealing from her and the woman ended up spilling the TEAAA on that 360.

    • The Boy Toy July 27, 2013

      It didn’t even sound like a 360. It sounded like a label who wouldn’t pay for her s*** because she wasn’t living up to their expectations. Just like Jive wouldn’t pay for Ciara’s s*** so she had to finance her own videos.

  11. La Perra July 27, 2013

    All i have to say is
    I LOVE RIH, and
    ‘who cares how u haters feel

    • Lana Del Slay July 27, 2013

      Kiiii TGJ just exposed your a**.

  12. MarinasDiamonds July 27, 2013

    So La Perra is a troll. Who would have guessed?

  13. Krissy July 27, 2013

    Po’ dat.

  14. BTRusher July 27, 2013

    LMFAO. Poor La Perra.

  15. LondonBumbleBey July 27, 2013

    So all the time she’s been partying she was supposed to be in court? This girl isn’t serious about life.

  16. Krissy July 27, 2013

    Ri aint naturally bout dat money making life like others. Even though she thinks she is.

  17. JanetXone July 27, 2013

    1. I love Grape Juice for naming and shaming the trolls.
    2. Rihanna better take a business 101 class this summer.

  18. NaviKissKiss July 27, 2013

    What kind of lies! Rihanna was at ROC before Rita not after.

    • CaliforniaGurlz July 27, 2013

      If you knew anything about your fave you’d know that Rita was there first and then Rihanna came later and copied everything Rita did.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 27, 2013


      • The Boy Toy July 27, 2013

        So Rita was there prior to 2005? And released her debut album SEVEN years later? Lol! 😆

  19. mildred July 27, 2013

    I know the navy might not like this. But rihanna has to take business advice from BEYONCE and lady gaga who don’t make as much album as her, but have more cash$$$.#TRUTH

    • AzealiaBankable July 27, 2013

      No lies were detected.

  20. . : : h 2 o : : . July 27, 2013

    So she only had $20K before GGGB came out?

    That’s a bit shocking tbh..

    • CiBandzMakeMeDance July 27, 2013

      Broke ass.

    • Krissy July 27, 2013

      No… FOLLOWING Good Girl Gone Bad.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 27, 2013

        “following the release of 2007′s ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’”


      • Krissy July 27, 2013

        Yeah following means after honey.

      • 1D>>>>YourLife July 27, 2013

        H20 didn’t finish school.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 27, 2013

        Following the release means back when it hadn’t sold any copy yet …

        But anyway she’s much richer now, it’s not that serious …

      • Krissy July 27, 2013

        No lol. It just means after it came out boo.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 27, 2013


  21. Chinastight July 27, 2013

    This gave me all kinds of life- Yassss you preachin these truths! XO

  22. LaLopez July 27, 2013

    Oh Rihanna.

  23. QueenShontelle/KingRihanna July 27, 2013

    Why did Pepsi’s sales flop because of Beyonce.

    • OscarsForCrossroads July 27, 2013

      What kinda fiction?

      • . : : h 2 o : : . July 27, 2013


    • Miss M July 27, 2013

      Why does Rihanna always get dropped for damaging brands? Why did Chanel publicly deny her?

  24. Miss M July 27, 2013

    The ironic thing about Rihanna. She does the most boasting (yes we all know people like Lady G and Beyonce have boasted through MUSIC aswell) but Ri is notorious for being cocky. She is always talking about money and s*** when she is the one with the least impressive stats considering how much work she does. And we all know her dodgy history with money making. If she was a bit more humble people wouldn’t drag her for being a label puppet, s**** so much!

    • Ugh July 27, 2013

      thank you for this. she is beyond cocky. always posting her starts and free designer stuff she receives. i can support someone that is not humbled. always talking about when will your fave do this and when will they do that. i can’t with her especially when she’s not that talented

  25. Ariana’sGrand July 27, 2013

    Did the Navy not know Rita was signed to RN before Rihanna?

  26. SummertimeSadness July 27, 2013

    The fact that Nivea dropped her like hot cakes says it all.

    • ItsKatyYaBish July 27, 2013

      What deals does Lana have?

  27. Ugh July 27, 2013

    I feel as though rihanna sued those lawyers without having any proof they stole from her. If she had a strong case she would have shown up. I don’t think she’ll be there at the next hearing and the case will be thrown out.

  28. Mya July 27, 2013

    You are not invincible and above the law Rihanna. This a fine example of how her ego is getting in the way now.

  29. lol July 27, 2013

    Damn so for all the millions she earns, she sees about 2% of it…lol I told yall
    Paying for airplay,funding albums every year,different law suits,and paying for tickets to sale to radio stations to fill up stadiums,and purchasing albums to give away in contest have come back to hurt her. The truth is there are nurses and plumbers that make more money than alot of these artist per year. You just wouldn’t think so with all the free designer things the get to advertise or the image they portray. I guess that 360 deal we learned about in 09 just won’t let up lol.
    At least Beyonce is really worth her millions and gaga has made some money back after going broke after the first tour.

    • The Boy Toy July 27, 2013

      How much are you worth, bum? 😆

  30. Gilberto July 27, 2013

    “It’s not my fault that she only has $20,000 to her name.”

    SHE’S ABOUT THAT LIFE… Homeless life.

    • Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 27, 2013

      KING gilberto!!

    • yo July 27, 2013

      homeless? doesn’t she have that 4 mil crib in hollywood? she might be hungry. but you know howto make money as a women in the worst case. 😆

  31. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 27, 2013

    Lmao wow
    @h20 do you have Facebook?

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 27, 2013

      No I really hate Facebook!

  32. just….moi July 27, 2013

    Hey everyone, la perra is not a troll that was my comment (just….moi) but it was posted under la perra’s username. Tgj is a mess , i hope this doesn’t get posted on another persons username and i am sure it has happened to some of you before

    • The Boy Toy July 27, 2013

      It has! Other people’s login info tends to pop up on mobile devices smh

    • RoyaleNavi July 27, 2013

      No boo boo, you are a troll and you were exposed. Don’t make them post your ip address on here like they did to that other broad.

      • TaylorWins July 27, 2013

        What kind of exposure?

    • That Grape Juice Staff July 27, 2013

      Moderator: Hello!
      We’ve taken note of your comment and strive to make commenting here far more secure than it is now. However, upon trying to get to the bottom of your problem, we discovered that a number of different usernames have been posted using your IP address. These being:
      Just Moi.
      La Perra

      Please refrain from using multiple usernames in the future, and let us know if you have any more queries or complaints.
      Thank you!

      • Woman2Woman July 27, 2013

        LMFAO. YAAAAAAASS. Expose ha!

      • Draggin4MrsCarter July 27, 2013

        @ThatGrapeJuiceStaff Omg. Omg Omg. You walk among us.

  33. xedos July 27, 2013

    You think using the word five figure gonna make it bigger than 47.000?

    • FAF July 27, 2013

      Thats 5 figures dumbass. 6 figures = 6 digits 5 figures = 5 digits

  34. Ciara is everything July 27, 2013

    Lmao dumb broke flop h**… I hope you lose all your money you demonic w****.

  35. FAF July 27, 2013

    The ppl w/ the most money don’t publish their earnings… Oprah doesn’t even do it every yr. Why u think all these new ppl are on the list? bc the real billionaires don’t have to publish their stats. Case & point. Baby (Cash Money) they had 100mil in assets but he’s not gonna publish all the illegal, untaxed street money he makes so next time y’all wanna talk about ’90mil’ remember that doesn’t include her expenses like hair, nails, clothing (which she loves) , etc. Although I doubt she’s THAT broke (20,000)

    • The Boy Toy July 27, 2013

      A lot of her clothing is FREE boo. It’s all about promotion 🙂 And she was supposedly worth $20k in 2007 because the label refused to pay for her stuff. That’s why Tierra Marie was dropped.

  36. The Boy Toy July 27, 2013

    Jay Z signed Rihanna to Def Jam in 2005! ROC NATION DIDN’T EVEN EXIST UNTIL 2008! She automatically transferred over to Roc Nation (management, not label) after GGGB was released. Rihanna was there FIRST, no matter how y’all try to flip it. Rihanna is 25 years old and made 43 million so far this year. Someone LIED and said that Beyonce was making 80 million at the age of 25, but she was actually making around the same…so Rih is on the right track. All of these b****** are richer than we will EVER be. I really don’t give a f*** about their bank accounts. Even in 2007 the b**** had more money than most of us 😆

    • . : : h 2 o : : . July 27, 2013

      You’re right Beyonce was 26 when she made $80 million, not 25. Then she made $175 million in the following 2 years.

      Rihanna is very successful, and a very good money-maker… No need to argue with haters about that!

  37. Brazilian Beyonce!!! July 27, 2013


  38. JER July 27, 2013

    I see Samantha added a source. The NY post………. who’s source is TMZ. You tried.

  39. MuiMui July 27, 2013

    And at the end of the day this little lady from a far away land is paying so many bills for the Blogs and media and is still compared to Beyonce and Mariah more then any other artist we see or know, why is that?The power in her name.

  40. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 27, 2013

    Publicity Publicity.

  41. Tisha July 27, 2013

    How you ’bout that life’ but when the issue is of YOUR money ass is ghost?

    I just can’t with Ms. Riri, the fake thuggery and the real ignorance.

    Her dumbass thought lawsuits were magical Lucky Charms. You just file one and all the coins comes spillin out not knowing about evidence and proof. I imagine someone eventually explained it to her dumbass and she realized if she showed up she’d look even more simple minded.

    Rihanna better watch it, real talk a lot of people are making money off her and they’ve set up the contracts in such a way even if she’s starving onthe street their pockets will still get filled. She NEEDS to be more careful or she will end up broke wondering why.

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