Rihanna Rocks Instagram With Joseline Hernandez Quote / Takes Aim At Chris Brown?

Published: Thursday 4th Jul 2013 by David

It seems Nicki Minaj isn’t the only chart staple tuned in VH1’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ every Monday night.

That’s right, for minutes after Pop Prince Chris Brown took to Twitter to name Rihanna as one of the many collaborators on his brand new album ‘X‘, the ‘Music of the Sun’ stunner made her way to Kevin Systrom‘s Instagram to launch a scathing attack on a ‘potential’ duet, quoting the show’s leading lady Joseline Hernandez.

Details below…

In quoting Joseline’s words to her nemesis Che Mack during the show’s second season, Rihanna posted the following message today:

Alongside the above came a tweet which read:

Here’s hoping Riri’s messages and Chris’ were purely coincidental, and are unrelated to each other. For, after giving the world ‘Nobody Business‘, we were looking forward to hearing what they cooked up for Brown’s forthcoming release ‘X’.

However, in keeping it real, the likelihood of her message not being aimed at Chris are slim to none- perhaps born out of the frustration of his return to Karrueche Tran and the meteoric rise of her far more talented and wholesome rival…Rita Ora.

So, let us know….


Who do you think Rihanna was talking about?

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  1. B****** ARE A MESS July 4, 2013


    • Ballsy July 4, 2013

      It’s for OHB !!!!! look at how she hashtagged it. Smart because those Queens stay trying to shade her! They earned that shade!

    • Ballsy July 4, 2013

      Anyways this just happened. I see you f*** stay riding Rihanna’s d***!

      OAN Stop making a mockery of Ciara and Rita Ora’s career .. You know they arent no where close to Rihanna’s sucess!

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      CRYING WITH LAUGHTER GRAPE WHY DON’T YALL ACT RIGHT PLEASE?????????????????????????????????

      • hautehottie July 4, 2013

        GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! How the hell is Rita Ora going to be better than Rihanna when she pretty much swagger jacked her entire style, mixed it with Beyonce’s style and is parading around London like she’s original. Who Writes THIS S***!

    • xzvrwyrey57 July 4, 2013

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  2. B****** ARE A MESS July 4, 2013

    I think those are even the lessor sentiments…This b**** ritwhora is beyond basic…She the next step after basic…

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      I wonder why Chris didn’t ask Rita Ora to be on his New Offering.

  3. B****** ARE A MESS July 4, 2013

    She can’t be talking about Chris breezy,because if i can recall they have done more than 3 songs together already…

    • Clearly July 4, 2013

      That what I’m saying… But clearly that pressed QUEEN Samantha is trying to start a Stan war… Rihanna basically pays tgj.

  4. Bam July 4, 2013

    Pride comes before the fall…. People need to stay humble cos things will always change and you might be forgotten soon

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      BAM Sweetie you need to post this on every blogging post in the Net.

      • MuiMui July 4, 2013

        On the NET, because it apply’s to Everybody on and off the Net Really.

  5. Cassidyboi July 4, 2013

    If that’s aimed at Chris brown…. Chile miss Rihanna can have several seats…. First off b**** I guess Chris is has 9 lives an has been reborn again because he has dont many songs with you….. Even on your last LP… How u think u can use that Mann to promo your last album & he can’t use you to do the same… I’m starting to see her mouth will make u wanna pop her ass iDGAF I am a fan her music but she need to stop smelling her own s***!!!!

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      Baby let Rihanna vent if she want to ,why so hard on her she did not say she hated the Ni**a.


    Remember to tune in to NBC @ 8:00pm for performances from the legendary Mariah Carey

    • K***. July 4, 2013

      @ Slayriah Carey favor…

      What’s this song called? I wanna hear it in full…


    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      SLAYRIAH I will I read all the hateful comment about Mariah
      performance (Bet) the other night but I loved every minute of her performance and that stage set up was Out Of Sight, Don’t know what the Youngins was talking bout.

    • Lipservice July 4, 2013

      please, no one wants to see her lip sing…AGAIN. how can you be ok with her doing that on every performance. you and her go have several in busy traffic

  7. DanYiel Teflon July 4, 2013

    WHAT CONFUSES ME IS THAT RI-WHINE-A can’t sing her OFFKEY voice is annoying CHRIS SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT OFFKEY vocal wont be apart of his ALBUM & NIKKI GARBAGH = Lil Kim all over again we’ve seen her Career all through the 90’s & 00’s ~ be ORIGINAL & GET YA OWN STYLE!! BOTH ARE A MESS!!

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      DANYIEL Yes we know and that is why Ri-Whine has over 33 Million Singles with Collabs and counting along.
      Ri-Whine No singing ass is so tough that her one single that has gone Platinum and sold over 9 Million copies and counting has had over 500-Million Youtube Views and
      Counting all I can tell you is People sure do love Ri-Whine No Singing ass.

  8. PRINCE MACHIAVEL July 4, 2013

    This H** Is F****** Pathetic!!!

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      And so r u.

    • mekaela July 5, 2013

      Is this a chris brown fan f*** u and your mama pathetic so what she dont want to do a song with the bammer him and his friends keep disrespecting her online he is a ungrateful dirty scumbag she forgave him in public look how he acting dont worry ri we got your back chris is lowlife punk woman beater

      • ZANIA July 5, 2013

        You really think Rihanna doesn’t want to do a song with Cb, than you must be delusional, because her record label had to approve of it first and who is CB manager, Bu vice president of Def Jam, so you really think this wasn’t approved by her record label. Idiots.

  9. K***. July 4, 2013

    She’s such a k***… I like it!!!

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) July 5, 2013

      Damn rhi.

  10. Dev July 4, 2013

    Oh, the lyrics from American TV programmes, they really lay it down and I LOVE IT!!!!
    Rihanna my sweet, the song has already been recorded, and if you do not approve its release than i’m sure it will leak anyway.
    In terms or Rita’s talent. TGJ lets not get it twisted, Rita is only marginally more talented than Rihanna and that’s why you keep pitching them against each other any nobody else

  11. whatever July 4, 2013

    another story for idiots to talk about. you all so dumbed down to eat that cheap s***. lol

  12. ratedxxx(next broad) July 4, 2013

    rihanna has been doing the most lately…

    the more she tries to push this I’m a bad girl, I’M A GANSTA B****, it turns me off…

    and I don’t see why she’s coming after chris, he didnt say anything negative about her….

  13. S****** Blonde July 4, 2013

    I bet if he calls her at this very moment to suck his d***, she will eat her own words cz she loves that d*** and she will do whatever he wants.

    Chris calls Rihanna

    Rihanna’s ringtone sounds With You by Chris Brown.

    Rihanna Hello!

    Chris B****!, come over, your master needs HIS laundry done and HE wants to practice kickes with HIS new sneakers, better hurry up, each minute from now on, will cost you 10$.

    Rihanna I’m on my way, let me cancel the tour date tonight.

    Chris Who the hell told you’re going to spend the night with me, you have at most until I come.

    Chris hang up the phone.

    • K***. July 4, 2013


      • S****** Blonde July 4, 2013

        We all fall in love of the wrong person.

      • ^AKA^ July 4, 2013

        Yes :/ Tbh, I feel the same thing about Britney. After Justin and that Kevin mess her career went down. But I still think she loves Justin secretly *that’s my impression though*

      • S****** Blonde July 4, 2013

        No, i still think she loves fat Kevin, Justin is the one who secretly loves her.

      • S****** Blonde July 4, 2013

        She was crazy, i sort of like that Britney.

      • MuiMui July 4, 2013

        Matt kempt is Fine and Rich!

  14. ratedxxx(next broad) July 4, 2013

    and dead at people thinking rita ora is rihanna’s rival…

    umm on what planet? rita ora is a broke version of rihanna..

    yes rihanna gets on my nerves with her antics..but to say rita is on the same level as rihanna..is delusional as f***

    rihanna is worldwide , rita is only popular in the U.K

    • Ballsy July 4, 2013

      Let the church say Amen!

  15. Speechless July 4, 2013

    Why is she so angry all the time?

    • Ballsy July 4, 2013

      You mean why only her outburst on on these blogs??? Go follow her twitter and iG. The girl has the most fun!

  16. ^AKA^ July 4, 2013

    *the meteoric rise of her far more talented and wholesome rival…Rita Ora.*

    Meteoric rise? Haha thanks for a good laugh. You are really trying it with Rihanna Sam. Yesterday more successful and talented Ciara, today Rita Ora. Tomorrow? Kelly Rowland? Btw, I don’t see you reporting about her album sales. How come??? Is it slaying those R&B/Urban charts???

    Anyway, I don’t want her to collaborate with Chris. Damn, stop it for once. You don’t even release those songs as singles and your label will be against it anyway, so quit that s***.

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      ^AKA^ and none of these Women is even on Rihanna’s Radar and nor is this Blog Sight Unless Rihanna changes her mind.

  17. JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 4, 2013

    …”of her far more talented and wholesome rival, Rita Ora”.

    Belfast Telegraph – 2013:

    “She (Rita Ora) probably means no harm and may not even know she’s doing it but the desperation of her wanting to stand out and be noticed in, is many ways, highly comical. She claims that ala. ‘Bruce Springsteen & Bon Jovi’ are her ‘idols’, yet all I saw was a poor man’s Rihanna/Gwen Stefani shouting her way through ‘Rated R, LOUD & L.A.M.B’ B-Sides’, and now she’s, magically, dating Calvin Harris. Oh well, it is an age old practice within the industry where ‘stars’ sleep their way to the top.

    Oh Samantha… Anyway, I love you Rihanna. 😉

    • COMMON July 4, 2013


      Yaaaaaaas,,, you better pull out them reciepts.

    • ^AKA^ July 4, 2013

      Expose her 😀

      Anyway, I don’t know why Sam wants to make Rita look like Rihanna’s rival when Rita cites Riri as one of her musical influence. :/

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 4, 2013


        I don’t know why either. I truly don’t.

      • MuiMui July 4, 2013

        Sam them are going to p*** Rita off because she said she was tired of people comparing her to Rihanna. They are going to get a cease and stop the MADNESS from Queen Beyonce because they know Rita is Roc Nations Great White Hope, oops then there is Shakari and Bridget Kelly and Solange, i almost forgot and about twenty more under that label viying for Ownerahip and Rihanna’s Glory.

    • S****** Blonde July 4, 2013

      I don’t think she is more talented than Rihanna, what is her talent?

      • JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 4, 2013


        What is her talent?

        – The fact that, vocally speaking, she can execute far ‘vocal gymnastics’ than Rihanna? And even then, that’s debatable, because, these days, apparently, anybody who can sing in a melismatic style is, all of a sudden, a singer?

        {I blame Whitney & Mariah for that. :)}

        By and large, she has no specific talent. She is just a corporate product – Rihanna was, at one time, but then she came into her own over time and has made a name for herself.

      • S****** Blonde July 4, 2013


      • QueenieKing August 13, 2013

        Rita is a singer…well… she is more an entertainer that does music, I guess. Rihanna is a good artist but she could do better. As for Jared, well, dude, you forget Celine Dion. I see your point though and I also agree with you. I think Rita MIGHT change her direction in her career like RiRi. Roc Nation sees something in Rita that could blow up. I actually like her and as for the Gwen Stefani references, well, she cited Gwen as an influence.

    • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

      YOU should read her GQ interview. In her won words, it paints a tragic tale of young woman just a hot mess and walking cliche. The only takeout I got from the read was that she was kicking it with clubs in NYC with leonardo dicaprio and jonah hill – yes, this girl cannot stop name dropping and sleeping around.

  18. Cde July 4, 2013


  19. COMMON July 4, 2013

    Do you Riri…

    We love u!!!!!!!

  20. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

    Read between the lines…….. This is not to Chris brown, it is just shaded that way. Rih has already worked with CB and his crew are not even signed, so they would never of done a song with rih anyhow.

    This is about the 2 women who are scared / envy her career: Beyonce and Rita whora. Both Rita and Bey need to drop albums this year, they cannot leave any longer ( especially Rita Whora ) I know both women are desperate to get a global hit and Rih seems the only way. I bet jay asked rih to work with rita whora and Bey and she said ” NO” !

    She said ” B**** you will die ”……. Rih would never refer to men as ” b**** ” you would call then N word . This is subtle shade to those at ROC who begged her to do a song with rita or bey – or both!

    • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

      It is just anger, frustration and jealousy from beyonce. Right now has now peaked at top 50 on BB HOT 100 with no promo at all, the song is already platinum in many other countries ( hence why the dropped it ) beyonce does not exist, she is just a touring act now ( nothing wrong with that) but her jealosy will not let her retire gracefully. She is mad rih pushed her out the game.

      Summer is here and no beyonce album.

      Amy winehouse cover

      Jay Bonnie and clyde 2013

      Bow down

      I been on

      Standing on the sun

      Epic OST

      Grown woman This is enough to make an album and the all material is poor and flop worthy. if JLO AND Mariah ( who done idol ) both flopped, Beyonce will flop even harder. She knows it and burns her up. Now, her career is touring anf hiding after jayz, who, now, is a bigger star than her!

      • MuiMui July 4, 2013

        Thanks and keep us up lifted with the truth and facts on Rihanna whos out of the COUNTRY and still one of the most talked about in the Media,Blogs and Tabloid Darling.

        I have notice how Rita is Naked and everybody loves it and they are not jumping up and down calling her the biggest ho in the industry which is amazing to me. Some can take their clothes off and gap their legs to the hilt and its Art and if Rihanna show some skin shes a s*** and a ho.
        It is also clear that if some of the more talented artist drops music and they do not sell good its because R&B
        Don’t sell good.

        I wonder if people realize that Rihanna has been Nationalized long ago and is a Us Citizen. Maybe Beyonce will decide to not drop at all,i am sure since her Fans are so happy ALREADY they will be just fine.

    • Ballsy July 4, 2013

      Reading is Fundamental and Rihanna is mind f****** yall /// Look how she wrote O.uta H.ere B.itch

      OHB Outa here b****

      OHB… Chris Brown’s wanna be group featuring that queen with the redhead who seems to be obsessed with her Slim shady/ Mariah style

      Yes she re referring to OHB and the fans who have been paying attention know !

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

        And who would of asked rih to do a song with this group?

        Chris and Kae?

        Roc and def jam?

        No, More likely jay or roc want rih to help rita and bey sell records in 2013. That is more likely.

      • Diamond Navy July 4, 2013

        @Ballsy you are right. I just clocked on myself.

    • justme July 5, 2013

      Are u serious with this? Rihanna is promoting two albums on this wack ass tour and she still suxs..
      Its funny how ppl talking about mariah when riri whole tour is full of cd playback tracks. not pre recorded

      Beyonce is on a world tour with no album and it sold out who does that. no album and still making more money than riri. I mean do u think she needs ri on a track. she doesnt need an album cuz the money still comes in. check the receipts

  21. Michelle July 4, 2013

    Can’t be Chris, they have done at least 4 songs together, whoever she is speaking too, they have never done a song together, she said before I EVER, stop the drama, it can’t be Chris.

    • QueenieKing August 13, 2013

      Are you including the unreleased tracks like “BAD GIRL” from the Confessions of a Shopaholic OST???

  22. Rosie July 4, 2013

    S**-ridden w**** quoting another S**-ridden w****. Makes sense.

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      ROSIE Stop telling people about Your Chooch that is just to much information sugar some things you need to keep to yourself, we do not need to know that ABOUT YOUR STUFF
      Between your legs.
      Stop putting your business in the streets.

  23. kingbey July 4, 2013

    U make a song with him,it ok but other way around the only reason why unapologetic #1cause he was in it

    • Ballsy July 4, 2013

      lol that’s a joke considering He can’t even cop a top 10 single on his own .. X Y Or Z whatever the heck his album will be is already struggling to generate interest!

      • KIngbreezy July 5, 2013

        o wow my fan spend $1.30 he was still #1 album puting his s*** at $14 BOW DOWN BIRD

  24. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

    However, in keeping it real, the likelihood of her message not being aimed at Chris are slim to none- perhaps born out of the frustration of his return to Karrueche Tran and the meteoric rise of her far more talented and wholesome rival…Rita Ora.

    Wholesome rival? Rita whora has been outed as s*** and jump off and it trended WW on twitter. M** unearthed a list of men she slept with. US weekly confirmed she slept with Jonah hill and she even mentions him in her GQ interview. She is seen with david beckham BFF, luke magil and Clavin harris in a space of a month, then she is n***, in GQ with her legs open. Wholesome is something she never ever was. They say she was big h** in West london before she got signed.

    • Rosie July 4, 2013

      Stopped reading when you used Media Takeout as a source.

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

        Lord have mercy, you are like G zimmerman. I have told you for a month not to ever talk to me or reply on my post. I even took a few days off to escape your madness, and I come on line for the 1st time in a week, and here you are, already?

        Please, in the name of jesus just leave me alone.! I do not care if you hate rihanna, just stop talking to me

    • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

      I read Rita Whora full interview in GQ and it was sad. Of course the pictures were copying what rih done for GQ USA AND SHE BUCK NAKED WITH HER LEGS SPREAD OUT, not the type of thing u want, when you get called out for being a h** by your ex.

      What was sad was in the interview, she did not even speak about her music or new album, all she4 did was talk about celebrities and hanging out in NYC clubs with Leonardo Dicaprio ( ha leo did not want to date her ass ) and jonah hill. ( Us weekly about her smashing Jonah Hill ) She spoke of her love of smoking , drinking and the need to party and ; even before her flight she was club hopping in NYC cos she is addicted to the party life.

      Rih was never like this. She put the work in. She was never club hopping and chasing celebrities. This girl is so far gone now….very sad where she will end up. Most likely rehab. If she behaves like this at 22, with her little to no level of fame, imagine how she will act later down the line? Beyonce is meant to be mentoring this drunk h**?

      Rita is already partying to much, sleeping around, drinking, smoking and doing drugs ALL BEFORE SHE GETS A HIT! I told u last year, this girl will not last.

      • MuiMui July 4, 2013

        @RITA WHORA That just goes to show you that people want to label Rihanna with all the bad names and Glorify Rita Beyonce as Saints and they are Naked too.
        It do not bother me how these chicks make their money but since Beyonce dances Rauncy stays showing as much skin as she and Sashe fierce deem necessary to get the attention they need at any given time, that is never mentioned they give Raunchy to Rihanna and i see why Rihanna shows them her ass its her way of telling them to kiss her ass because shes going to do it her way and not how Beyonce did it.

  25. Special Delivery July 4, 2013

    Doesn’t she have anything better do than shade people and troll all the time via social networking like f**** sake grow up you are 25 not 15! Its so corny its not even ‘bad b****’ behaviour smh.

  26. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

    It is just anger, frustration and jealousy from beyonce. Right now has now peaked at top 50 on BB HOT 100 with no promo at all, the song is already platinum in many other countries ( hence why the dropped it ) beyonce does not exist, she is just a touring act now ( nothing wrong with that) but her jealosy will not let her retire gracefully. She is mad rih pushed her out the game.
    Summer is here and no beyonce album.
    Amy winehouse cover
    Jay Bonnie and clyde 2013
    Bow down
    I been on
    Standing on the sun
    Epic OST
    Grown woman This is enough to make an album and the all material is poor and flop worthy. if JLO AND Mariah ( who done idol ) both flopped, Beyonce will flop even harder. She knows it and burns her up. Now, her career is touring anf hiding after jayz, who, now, is a bigger star than her!

    I forgot to add The song she done with The dream. That did not help him sell 100k 1st week. It was bad song too

    The dream song

    Amy winehouse cover

    I been on

    Bow down b****


    Standing on the sun

    Grown woman

    Jay Z duet

    This is enough to make and LP and it it is not strong enough to go number 1; have an adele 21 moment or win grammy’s in the non urban sections. AKA IT WILL TANK WORSE THAN 4. WOW, she is like 40, been in the game since she was 15 and her music is getting really weak and basic. So far, she has not dropped anything as good as Stay, Diamonds and Love without tragedy. Very weak.!

    • MuiMui July 4, 2013

      Beyonce and Jayz is running the Industry in their minds none of the others exist in their minds,,, and when they do things it is supposed to always shut shyt down, and Rita is a new Jewel in Jayz crown and since they can’t do shyt with Rihanna they think they can show her better then tell her and Rihanna could mean their asses lol
      I assure you we will know before long who shes talking too.

    • Rosie July 4, 2013

      Flop Now isn’t even top 60 on Billboard, not top 100 on iTunes with 50 million AI.
      Good. F******. Bye.

  27. Pour It Up July 4, 2013

    I don’t think is aimed at anyone tbh *shrugs* somethings always got to be shade in the eyes of the media.

  28. rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

    Right now single has charted top 40 in over 23 countries. Rih does not even need radio anymore. Her name is the strongest, she can just chart oh her name alone. No airplay, radio , video or promo needed. Beyonce has millions in promo and she cannot get a a hit.

    Pour it up sold a million in the USA AND CHARTED IN 6 GLOBAL COUNTRIES

    looove song has charted in 3 countries and sold near platinum in the US.

    It is becoming too easy for rih to sell and slay. I think she is offended that the fans are making it to easy for rih. She will be the biggest black female of all time. No one can touch. No one comes close. By the looks of things, she is pulling away from white women like britney too. Madonna , then Rih will be the biggest women of all time.

    • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

      As of May 2013, Unapologetic has sold over three million copies worldwide.

      You cannot STOP HER! I am sorry.

      Region Certification Sales/shipments
      Australia (ARIA)[143] Gold 35,000^
      Austria (IFPI Austria)[144] Gold 10,000x
      Belgium (BEA)[145] Gold 15,000*
      Brazil (ABPD)[146] Gold 20,000*
      Canada (Music Canada)[147] Platinum 80,000^
      Denmark (IFPI Denmark)[148] Gold 10,000^
      Germany (BVMI)[149] Gold 100,000^
      Ireland (IRMA)[150] 2× Platinum 30,000x
      Italy (FIMI)[151] Gold 30,000*
      New Zealand (RIANZ)[152] Gold 7,500^
      Poland (ZPAV)[153] Platinum 20,000*
      Portugal (AFP)[154] Gold 10,000x
      Spain (PROMUSICAE)[155] Gold 20,000^
      United Kingdom (BPI)[156] 2× Platinum Expression error: Missing operand for *.^
      United States (RIAA)[157] Platinum 1,000,000*

    • S****** Blonde July 4, 2013

      Girl please!….she’s far away from Britney, leave alone MADONNA.

    • Diamond Navy July 4, 2013

      Omg you are really embarrassing the Navy. The biggest black female of all time? Even I know that’s delusional.

    • Rosie July 4, 2013

      Not you bragging about charting in 6 countries! By your standards even Marina’s Primadonna was a hit.

      • Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

        It has still charted. Beyonce cannot even get on the charts. Neither can Rita whora. Remember……Right now is not a lead off single. it a selected fan fave ( some fans ) that happens to being doing ok. What about pour it up selling a mill in the USA WITH NO PROMO?

      • Rosie July 4, 2013

        Fan fave my ass. The Navi on Twitter/A.TRL/other sites were BEGGING Death Jam not to make it a single and now you wanna call it a “fan fave” just because it’s flopping now.

      • Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

        I think the white pop crowd liked it more than pOUR it up. That song is a bit to hood for EURO whites.

        But, jump will be next and it will end careers .

  29. RICHIE_RICH July 4, 2013

    She needs to grow up……Rihanna has been doing the most lately

  30. RICHIE_RICH July 4, 2013

    What does Beyonce have to do with this? Stay on topic people, like damn for someone you claim you hate, you sure do put in time and give them life.

  31. Diamond Navy July 4, 2013

    Its for OHB. That’s why she put dots after each letter.

  32. cde July 4, 2013

    Waiting for the update of @MariahCarey on Macy’s 4th of July show. #MC slayed and was #Beautiful. TGJ stays throwing not so subliminal #Shade and trying to come for her vocals.. let her have a bad vocal day…but when she buries the likes of Taylor, Selena, and other lessors they are #crickets

    Don’t come for Royalty unless she sends for you #BowDown

  33. Rosie July 4, 2013

    This lying ass Rihanna stan.
    Flop Now is her biggest bomb since Rated R, hasn’t reached top 30 in any country except Israel. Still isn’t top 65 in the US when it’s almost top 20 on radio. Even Run The World was a bigger hit, even Lana’s Ride was a bigger hit.

    • Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

      But it has been certified in Australia. That is good. It does not matter if it flops, Stay and Diamonds slayed. Pour it up slayed the usa, so it is still a hit and it said on wikipedia that her 7th yearly LP has sold over 3 mill – less than year since it dropped.

      She is doing good. Stop hating.! I will waiting to see what Lana del ray’s next LP does…

      • Rosie July 4, 2013

        Summertime Sadness was certified in Germany (3rd biggest market), who cares?

      • Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

        Good! I am happy for Lana. I have a debut and love every track. She is dope.

  34. Lovebird July 4, 2013

    Rihanna’s 14th VEVO certified video for the Madonna of the digital era. Most viewed artist on Youtube/Vevo and has the most subscribers of all VEVO channels with 9 million subscribers. Next, take a bow.


    • Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

      This is great! This is the era where you need youtube to sell. Gone are the days where you needed MTV TRL. Beyonce was from the TRL era. It shows in 2013.


      • Lovebird July 4, 2013

        That’s just 2 days with 2 VEVO certified videos, yesterday was “You da one”, today “Umbrella”, in 2 days time “take a bow”.


  35. Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

    Australia (ARIA)[24] 39
    Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40)[25] 25
    Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders)[26] 34
    Belgium (Ultratop 50 Wallonia)[27] 37
    Canada (Canadian Hot 100)[28] 32
    Denmark (Tracklisten)[29] 36
    France (SNEP)[30] 31
    Germany (Media Control AG)[31] 43
    Ireland (IRMA)[32] 52
    Israel (Media Forest)[33] 3
    Japan (Billboard Japan Hot 100)[34] 25
    Netherlands (Dutch Top 40)[35] 28
    Netherlands (Mega Single Top 100)[36] 54
    Scotland (Official Charts Company)[15] 25
    Slovakia (IFPI)[37] 59
    Switzerland (Swiss Music Charts)[17] 32
    UK Singles (Official Charts Company)[38] 36
    UK Dance (Official Charts Company)[14] 7
    US Billboard Hot 100[39] 68
    US Pop Songs (Billboard)[40] 26
    US Hot Dance Club Songs (Billboard)[41] 33
    US Dance/Electronic Songs (Billboard)[42] 7

    This song has performed that Beyonce most recent, rita whora, ciara, chris brown, kelly rowland and any mother f***** who wan test!

    • Rosie July 4, 2013

      Dead at you clocking yourself. Just a few post ago you said Flop Now was top 50 on Hot 100. As of right now it is a bigger flop than even “Party” in the US.

      • Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

        top 50 next week based according to chartnews. You still cannot stop her. Look at Rita whora! Instead of dropping hr new single, she is out partying in Ibiza with calvin harris.

        She is not serious at all about her career. As for bey? There is never gonna be an album from her again.

      • Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

        Body party? Who cares about ciara. Rih is bigger than she ever will be. Everyone, black and white knows this. Ciara will never have a song as big as SOS.

  36. Lovebird July 4, 2013

    Has anyone noticed that ever since Rihanna came on the scene in 2005, Beyonce has never released an album that has sold more than Good Girl Gone Bad?

    Also notice how Beyonce’s sales have been going downhill ever since Rihanna came on the scene in 2005? I mean Rihanna’s album sales have remained consistent whereas Beyonce’s have fallen every era ever since Rihanna appeared in 2005. I guess it is true, Rihanna is killing Beyonce’s career, explains why the hive are so mad.

    • Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

      And not just in the music industry. Ever since rih started doing movies….. bey has not been offered any leading lady roles any more. The fashion work has dried up too.

    • Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

      4 sold 2.1 and UNA has already sold over 3 mill. These days rih is selling more albums that beyonce. And she is younger. HA

    • Lolz July 5, 2013

      Haha the reach how many albums has Rihanna released in comparison to Beyonce and none of them can outsell IASF.

      • ^AKA^ July 5, 2013

        Good Girl Gone Bad did. It has sold at least 8 million (Mediatraffic/MusicCharts.ent) and 9 million according to ChartNews. I Am Sasha Fierce has sold 7 million.

      • LDN Chick July 5, 2013

        Wrong updated IASF has sold 8 million.

      • ^AKA^ July 5, 2013

        LOL thanks for a good laugh 😉

      • LDN Chick July 5, 2013

        Welcomes. I find it funny you think MediaTraffic is the truth too doll 😉

    • LDN Chick July 5, 2013

      Dissing Beyonce yet Rihanna has released like 5 albums since GGGB and cant outsell I am Sasha Fierce or even B Day? #Poordat

      • LDN Chick July 5, 2013

        4 albums*

  37. NΛVI July 4, 2013

    Why i do i have the feeling this is directed towards beyonce and that other whitewash heifer..who needs a come up *sips tea*

    • Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 4, 2013

      You and I would male good FBI agents. We can see through the obvious. Bey or Rita, NEED RIH FOR life and I know she shUT ROC NATION down and said NEVER EVER.

      Who is the singer? My guess is rita whora. Beyonce has had hits on her name, that white h** had a hit and she needs to get a hit in 2013 to keep her deal at roc.

    • Lolz July 5, 2013

      You WISH it was aimed at Beyonce. Sadly, it would more be Mrs Carter that would be saying that about Rihanna behind closed doors.

  38. Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

    People say rih jacked rita whora swag. Well, she now has copied every single one of rihanna’s tattoos. This obsession with rih is getting sick and I know beyonce is behind this. Now u wanna copy the girls tattoos?

    Rih has a falcon her leg – Rita has a falcon on her neck

    Rih has writing on her hip – Rita Whora has writing on her hip

    Rih has love and other words her fingers……so does that h**, the exact same word, so the exact same finger.

    Rih has queen neferttiti – that h** has lady madonna

    Rih has arabic writing on her hip – so does that h**

    Rih has writing on her back – that h** has teh same EXAct thing on her back

    While Rih is on a sell out tour, that h**, who failed to drop an new single or album is out partying ( again ) in Ibiza with calvin harris. She is not f****** serious at all, all she cares about is partying, sucking d*** and stalking rihanna. And beyonce is funding this freak? Cannot believe a black power couple who hard to work hard would fund this trick stalker’s life and partying. Where is her new single? Rih was on SOS by this same time – she had AGLM ready to drop. Does this h** even go to the studio?

    • Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

      It makes me so mad that this h** is out partying with calvin harris in Ibiza instead of dropping a new LP. And as she has not made any money, beyonce and jay are funding it, cos we know calvin is not spending a dime on this h**.

      This stupid black man who runs this blog is so stupid and filled with hatred that he shades rih and bigs up that h**. But what he fails to note, is that beyonce is the one paying for this girl and her WHOLE CREW to party in ibiza. So who is the fool? This proves why black never become billionaires! They make bad business calls and no one actually respects blacks.

      If Rita REALLY respected beyonce, deep down, she would not be out in Ibiza partying, she would not do a n*** – legs – open – GQ and go on about leonardo dicaprio, jonah hill in the VIP. She would be showing her employee’s that she serious, focused, dedicated and hardworking and she is not about that ‘ life ‘ But, she dont give f*** about beyonce, she sees bey as N word and makes fun of her with calvin harris and them.

      So sad. She would never play a white CEO like this. Could u imagine her flop ass trying this with tommy mottola?

      • SdotB July 7, 2013

        omg STFU already!!!! Do u have a life?? Writing all these paragraphs on here with all this non-sense…how do u hate Rita so much but u seem to know every single thing about her?? (undercover fan)…Do u know how delusional u sound with all these stories u write on here? U sound like a bitter, lonely, unemployed, jealous, and ugly freak who lashes out ALL day on a blog site about the SAME PERSON…if i was Rihanna i’d be afraid to have u as my fan/stan…ur giving me stalker tea’s…

        U need a break chile, leave for a few hours and enjoy the outdoors..i’m sure there’s a yellow cab somewhere waiting for u to have several! _/ _/ _/ _/

        ::Cringes:: :- /

  39. HOWYOULIKEIT July 4, 2013

    2 children in a pool. SHAME

  40. Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

    Rita even gave an interview talking about Rih’s booty. WHAT? F*** outta here..why is this so called amazing talent talking about rih’s ass? WHY? What woman taks about another woman in an interview?

    She does interviews about rih’s booty; she copies her tweets and instagram picture; she has copied every last drop of her tattoos and people still claim this w**** flop is sane? I predict a mental breakdown britney’s style heading her way. Mental illness is serious illness.

    • justme July 5, 2013

      Do me a favor.. Take away featured vocals of #1 on billboard hot 100.. now how many #1 does she really have

  41. Rita WHORA even copied ALL RIH’S TATTOOS July 4, 2013

    Rob K exposed rita cos it got back to her that she cheated on him with Jonah hill. Us weekly even ran that story. Rita whora told GQ she was in NYC hanging out with leonardo dicaprio and……….Jonah hill. I knew rob was telling the truth. M** broke that Kim k was preggers before the white blogs and they broke that lil wayne was alive. When they listed Rita men she f***** they mentioned: Alex pettyfer,angel, from the UK. This proves they are right cos those men are not mentioned or even known on african american blogs. They also mentioned Diana ross son, the one from ATL, and NY post said she was kissing up with him in some club in NYC.

    LOL LOL part of her GQ interview was just about leonardo dicaprio, but he walked out the club and left her ass. LOL LOL

  42. Breeding Hover helmlock groove July 5, 2013

    Rihanna stans are so delusional.
    I swear, who the f*** sits and writes all that trying to prove a point and still comes out looking foolish. The biggest star in the world has yet to have an album sell over 10,000,000 Worldwide?
    I looked it up. B’day outsold GGGB(Her biggest selling album)
    The only thing Rihanna does well is sell singles and portray herself as a d***** using social media and her dumb ass stans as the pawns they are.
    Sam, why aren’t you banning this Rita what character who keeps writing all these retarded ass essays?
    I’m telling you these comments are from the same person, using different screen names.

    • ^AKA^ July 5, 2013

      If Wikipedia is your source, then … B Day has sold 6.2 million worldwide, while GGGB did 8-9 million. Try again. Beyonce doesn’t have 10 million seller either, so what’s a big deal?

      • LDN Chick July 5, 2013

        No actually its not only wiki that says that honey.

      • LDN Chick July 5, 2013

        Your figures are so out of date ugh you always update Rihannas but never Beyoncé #ImDone

      • ^AKA^ July 5, 2013

        Those are updates by Mediatraffic/MusicCharts. And they are updated for both, not just for Rihanna. Well, using random articles from newspapers without credibility is not my source. If it was, I would say that Loud has sold 8 million worldwide but it obviously didn’t. I am just realistic. Ask @K***/H2O, he is a Beyonce fan and he can tell you that I am right.

      • LDN Chick July 5, 2013

        K***/H20 uses Destinys Child stats as part of Beyonce album sales (no shade Iike him) I am not here for that and not into inflation so I’ll pass.

    • Navy Sailor July 5, 2013

      Bday did not outsell GGGB!

    • SdotB July 7, 2013

      Thank You!! I cringe every time i come across one of those person’s comments…I just responded to one of his/her essays asking him/her to go do something more productive for a change…TGJ needs to ban people like that!!!!

  43. Rosie July 5, 2013

    LMAO I could write my college thesis on how many lies this Rita Whora character has posted in this thread alone.

  44. Lmao July 5, 2013

    This is definitely aimed at Chris. He has a crew that he’s in called OHB, Out Here Ballin. Notice how she used those letters and put a period after each. Yes she has done a song with him but she’s pretty much saying that he better not use that song on his album. He’s trying to use her name to sell his album because look at his singles. They flopped. He has all of these features with more he hasn’t even announced yet. He fell off so bad it’s not even funny. He needs all of those features to garner interest in his project and I bet it’s going to sound a mess with no cohesion like Fortune. He needs to take a break. His music sucks and his live performances have been terrible.

    • ZANIA July 5, 2013

      You do know That Chris Brown manager Bu is working with CB and Rihanna. Bu was at the BEt awards with CB and two weeks ago he was with Rihanna at one of her concert. You do know the Bu is Vice President of Def Jam and is Chris Brown manager, so CB had promission to use Rihanna song. So your theory is totally wrong and you are a idiot if you think that Rihanna was talking about CB.

      • Summer Love July 5, 2013

        So what do the periods stand for then?

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