Must See: Rita Ora Reaches New Heights In Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

Louise Nichol‘s ‘Harper‘s Bazaar Arabia‘ welcomed Rita Ora recently, inviting her to cover the July/August edition of the high end publication!

Sporting Chanel and armed with the ‘Summer is Golden’ tagline, the ‘Radioactive‘ starlet rocked the magazine as part of the global campaign for her sophomore album, reportedly set for release in 2014- shortly after inking a deal with Madonna’s ‘Material Girl‘ brand which sees her serve as their latest ambassador.

More from ‘Bazaar Arabia’ below…

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  1. RITANATION July 1, 2013

    She is slaying rihan whole career with that pic.

    • TruthSpeaker July 1, 2013

      i respect how talented she is as a vocalist but ain’t no denying the level of basicness in this chick.

  2. rih rox July 1, 2013


  3. meena July 1, 2013

    All that money wasted on her , Has her album even went platinum in England?

  4. JARED (WHITE DUDE) July 1, 2013


    She is beneath insignificance.

  5. Savannah July 1, 2013

    How does she get these covers and stuff?

    • Lolli July 1, 2013

      She’s an industry h** that will f*** anyone to get ahead. She can’t even sell magazines or sell out her concerts. Buy one ticket and get 2 free..lmao. She has to f*** the big execs for what she gets

  6. LALA July 1, 2013

    This hype roc nation give this girl is undeserved, her songs are nothing special and her artisty is just as unoriginal. Rita not blowing up regardless of that huge promo. Roc Nation believes so much in this “Shove down people’s throat” theory that they did not focus on the quality of music. They did not allow Rita to be a struggling/upcoming artist, they introduced her as a superstar.

    • Teflon Boy July 1, 2013

      Exactly! My post says the same thing.., u can@t just introduce someone as a superstar and expect the masses to accept it. I think what we can all concur with RitaOra is that she hasn’t actually earned her privilege…, it’s arrived without the need for high sales nor artistic credibility. Love her or hate her, Rihanna’s ascent has been gradual so whether people think she’s talented or not they can see she’s paid her dues and done the climb. Rita is better off going back to basic…, in my view if you can’t afford the clothes then u shouldn’t be wearing them lol.

  7. Teflon Boy July 1, 2013

    Looool @’invite’…, the delusion!

    No-one is inviting this girl anywhere, all her promo has been bought and paid for in advance. She has achieved less musically than even Katy B yet she is afforded all this A List treatment. That is the rub tbh and you said it best in your previous post about her; you can’t just market someone as successful if they haven’t actually had the required success. If she was marketed as a girl next door on the rise then I think people inc. me would find her a lot more palatable but in truth all i see is another payola act with more promo budget than actual musical talent or even distinctive sound.

  8. Phuck Yo Fave July 1, 2013

    TGJ likes to talk shyt about rihanna daily but she’s still getting money & selling out shows. Rita Whora has to f*** the industry to get ahead and she can’t even sell out night clubs. Lmaoo. They photoshop the hell out of rita’s face. When she “performs” and the 40 lbs of make up slide off her face from the sweat. She is not attract at all. Photoshop and make heavy make up for this 30+ year old looking chick does wonders. This bytch got dragged in the blogs not too long ago for looking like a pregnant hillbilly

    • Rita Slays July 1, 2013

      Coming from the R****** though. And check your facts boo, the Radioactive tour was sold out

      • PHUCK YO FAVE July 1, 2013

        Why does Rita have to give away her tickets though. And NO her shows are never sold out. She ALWAYS says they are and she has her team on twitter begging people to come. Buy 1 get 2 free b****, go buy her album. lmao

  9. THE ONE July 1, 2013



    • Witty July 1, 2013

      Rihanna was not forced down our throat the way Rita has. Rih, in all due fairness was not given the best resources or stylist and she still had hits before Umbrella came out. Where are Rita’s hits? She’s a flop outside the UK and hasn’t had a hit in the UK in a year. Why did Jay- z tell her that her songs weren’t good enough and then Scrapped her US debut?

    • Witty July 1, 2013

      Rita has been given millions – they have even given three years to make an LP, Rih put an LP a year after she was signed. That is why I know, Rita will get dropped. She has had to many years, to many millions and too much hype. For f*** sake, she has worked with the A lsit from the USA: Drake, esther dean, makeba riddick, The runners, Madame buttons, Will I am, The dream, Bruno mars, stargate.I mean, if working with all these people cannot give u a hit – time for a new career.

  10. THE ONE July 1, 2013


  11. Lolli July 1, 2013

    Rita, fuc’n for magazine covers and tracks aren’t going to get you anywhere. Nobody is checking for her wack ass music except 11 yr olds. Rita released numerous songs in the US and they all flopped.Rita is overrated, she has worked with big songwriters & producers but still is a flop. All the money from shows (That doesn’t sell out)she makes is used on promotion. Lmao. They wasted all that money on her US promo then scrapped her album and ended her Us promo tour cause they knew she was going to flop. All her songs flopped in america, she hasn’t had a hit in the UK since august

    • Rita Slays July 1, 2013

      Shine Ya Light and Radioactive were both hits you dumb ass and she’s only released 2 singles in the U.S and one of them charted. Sit your pressed ass down

      • Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

        Shine ya light flopped in the UK and radioactive did not even make the top 10 in the UK. Her duet with K koke? Unlike Rih rap duets, it flopped. Her song with Snoop? Likely to flop too. DUMBASS. Radioactive was released in the uSA in march. Did not chart. HER LP was avail’ at best buy. Did not chart. LOL LOL Milye cyrus is now the white rihanna and she is making it while rita is w**** in GQ with her legs open.

      • Rita Slays July 1, 2013

        No b****, Shine Ya Light was a top 10 hit and Radioactive broke the top 20. Sit the f*** down. ORA was never sold at Best Buy, you still can’t provide proof of this. Radioactive was only released in the U.S as a digital release: no radio, no promo, nothing. And who cares about K. Koke?

      • rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

        SYL peaked at number 9 and crashed out. FLOP

        Radioactive DID NOT MAKE THE TOP 10 . i READ Rita ora nation twitter and she / it tweeted links of radioactive in the USA AND THE BEST BUY AND SHE FLOPPED IN THE UK.

        SHE WILL NEVER EVER EVER GET A HIT IN MY COUNTRY THE USA, LET HER STAY posing with her legs open in the UK with no panties on.

      • PHUCK YO FAVE July 1, 2013

        When is your Flop b**** queen going to happen? Why does her wack ass album keep getting pushed back? Lmao. Radioactive was a flop and her other song crashed and burned down the charts. Why isn’t Rita taking over like she was supposed to over a year ago? The people in the UK don’t even like her, they call her a “poor mans rihanna”. Her career will fade faster than justin beibers. Her album is going to tumble down the charts faster than a trey songz album. Rita’s tours are dates in nightclubs. Not a single arena. She’s a flop bytch that gets on her knees for promotion. She could not drop her LP in the USA, despite numerous attempts to make it in the USA. This time last year, JAYZ made a fool of himself by taking her to z100, introducing her as the next big thing. A year later, where are her hits in the USA? I have never seen someone get that much marketing and flop that big, she couldn’t even produce 1 top 40 hit in America.

  12. Dev July 1, 2013

    2014! She’ll basically be a new artist by then. The struggle to make her successful in 2012-2013 was so hard and she’s leaving such a big gap. Rita isn’t all that vocally or visually, so the music will have to be hot and the hype machine will have to go into overdrive from now.

  13. Charlie July 1, 2013

    Why is her mouth always in c*ck sucking mode?

  14. Cici slaaaaays July 1, 2013

    I really feel like she f**** for tracks & magazine covers…

  15. Molly July 1, 2013

    A mess.

  16. Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    * sighs* I have just seen the new UK GQ COVER WITH RITA WHORA! Rob was right, she is a h**. SHE IS TOPLESS ON THE COVER AND IN THE MAGAZINE……….


    This is sad. She was touted as this super talented better version of rihanna, now she is sitting in with her legs wide OPEN WITH NO Panties on. Rih never had to do this for attention. She sold without s** appeal. Also why is RITA copying rih’s s*** GQ pictures?

    • Rita Slays July 1, 2013

      But why did you buy the magazine and look through it. You are obsessed hun.

  17. Rita WHORA naked in GQ UK You can see the v***** and tities. July 1, 2013

    She is also on the front cover of germany interview even though she flopped in germany. Her LP peaked at 69 over there.

  18. Rita Slays July 1, 2013

    Rita still getting those covers and yall still pressed

  19. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] July 1, 2013

    Nooooo, My mom Buys this Mag and Love it , i can not deal with her being on the cover.

    But I’m happy for her, she’s a hard working female , gotta respect that about her.

    Her GQ cover slayed me more tbh. 😀

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