Must See: Eminem Serves First Performance Of ‘Survival’

The good people of Belgium got more than they bargained for yesterday, when Hip Hop craftsman Eminem served the very first live performance of his new song ‘Survival’ live at their ever popular ‘Pukklepop’ Festival!

Released as part of the forthcoming ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts‘ package, the song will appear on the Rapper’s brand new album, sending fans into a frenzy when he surprised them with it at the sold out gig.

Check it out after the jump!


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  1. kat deluna *pop princess* August 16, 2013

    King of rap!!

    Jay z could never

  2. bolo August 16, 2013

    ya’ll still don’t get that H20 and Pop Royalty are the same f**?! the same writing style and use of smiley faces. plus the same two faced b*******. so obvious.

  3. S****** Blonde August 16, 2013

    He’s f****** awesome.

    • stephy the lambily August 16, 2013

      Hi, Baby!

    • remix August 17, 2013

      i usually like eminem, but i’m not feeling this song, at all!

  4. Lovebird (roar – prism – 10.22.23) August 16, 2013

    Eminem, imma let you finish, you’re amazing but Kanye West is a genius and the best thing too happen to rap music since Tupac.

    *drops mice, plays New Slaves*

  5. Lovebird (roar – prism – 10.22.23) August 16, 2013

    Anyway I’m not feeling this song Slim, will wait for your next song.

  6. iconic cici August 16, 2013

    White Trash!!

    • Lovebird (roar – prism – 10.22.23) August 16, 2013

      That comment is disgusting.

      • iconic cici August 16, 2013

        Idgaf you phony b**** your trash aswell..

  7. ratedxxx(next broad) August 16, 2013

    yes I’m here for eminem..dude is a legend

    can’t wait to see what he has in stores for us….

    • Jeff August 16, 2013

      I am from his era. He may rap well but dude is still a woman beater. He’s white so no one talks of how he used to beat the living s*** out of Kim his girlfriend’s ass on the regular

      • Jeff August 16, 2013

        Also it was not just one fight either like Rih & CB. Em beat Kim’s ass on the regular that she was hospitalized for a few days. People laugh and made excuses for Em saying he was on drugs that’s why he beat a helpless YOUNG woman to a pulp

      • Andrews August 16, 2013

        My man @ Jeff my father told me about that as he to was from Eminem era. I feel that this guy stole RAP from the blacks and the white mainstreams audience pushed him so he can not only steal rap but to own it as if were the one who started rap’

  8. Kisses Down Low August 16, 2013

    Eminem is not a rap king. He is overrated af and sounds angry and is talking the same bitter s*** all the time.

    • Beyawnce August 16, 2013

      And he is still selling , can same be said for beyonces shadow? He isn’t rap king but he sure is the best white rapper

      • Kisses Down Low August 16, 2013

        This aint got s*** to do with Kelly and I dont care if hes selling. Thats all that matters to you brainwashed people. Some of the most talented people are struggling to sell doesnt make them worse.

  9. G4L August 16, 2013

    The song is beyond basic and trash. Sorry Em.

  10. Beyawnce August 16, 2013

    EM PLEASE NO MORE FEMALE SINGERS (UNLESS RIHANNA) IN YOUR SINGS CAUSE THIS ONE IS NOT GOOD , I’m a massive fan and disappointed , I’ll wait for the official new single

    • Beyawnce August 16, 2013

      No skylar grey , A collab with jay z or kendrick.

  11. Rosie August 16, 2013

    I’m disappointed, especially because I like Eminem.
    His fanboys will eat this up since they’re the type that sit at home all day playing COD.

  12. King August 16, 2013


  13. BITCHPLEASEEEEE August 16, 2013


  14. Daniel Teflon August 16, 2013

    Not a Fan Here so I’ll pass on his lil Music

    • Daniel Teflon is an ugly price of s***. August 16, 2013

      Fat t***** + p**** popping and yelling =. Beyonce
      Go deal f**…

  15. Rosie August 16, 2013

    Anyways Samantha where’s the post on TrannyGa’s twitter meltdown? Little Monsters jumping ship left and right, especially on the other forum.

    • Kim Kardashian Stan August 16, 2013

      GaGa having a meltdown why,

  16. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 16, 2013

    Go back to the Slim Shady days please, sh*t was hilarious

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