Nicki Minaj & Lady GaGa Rock British Charts / Elijah Blake & Mike Will Dominate Urban Top 40

While free ‘streams’ meant all of nothing this time last year, the inclusion of these streams when awarding US chart positions has seen the stock of many newcomers soar substantially.

One of these newcomers, being Hip Hop freshman Elijah Blake- housed by Roc Nation and enlisted to pen and produce material for Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Kylie Minogue, Usher, Ciara and Rihanna.

It’s the latter two that have seen him join producer Mike Will Made It dominate the UK’s Urban tally!

Chart check below…

One year after penning ‘No Love Allowed‘ for Rihanna‘s ‘Unapologetic’ and ‘DUI’ for Ciara‘s self titled new album, Elijah has seen both albums land coveted spots on the UK’s Urban Top 40, with each sat #18 and #29 respectively.

Meanwhile, in joining Elijah’s unique way of reaching British music lovers, Mike Will enjoys the very same feat- responsible for ‘Unapologetic’s smash hit ‘Pour It Up‘ and ‘Ciara‘s Hot 100 sensation ‘Body Party’!

Elsewhere, Lady GaGa fans made their voices heard on the overall chart this week, watching her new single ‘Applause‘ rocket to #5 less than a week after its release!

As if that wasn’t enough, the Pop Queen also celebrates a new chart record broken by 2009’s ‘Bad Romance’. For, in staking its claim as one of the highest selling singles of all time, the number stormed the 1 million sales mark barrier, one week after Robin Thicke‘s ‘Blurred Lines’ danced its way to the same milestone!

Then, as sleeper hit sister ‘Va Va Voom‘ makes its way to worldwide sales of 2 million units, Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Starships‘ spends its 79th week in the Top 40, soaring to #39 as its sales continue to flourish in the competitive market.

Thus far, the euphoric Dance number has sold 7.2 million units worldwide!

 Your thoughts?

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  1. Daniel Teflon August 18, 2013

    Congradz To all the REAL artist not really into anyone’s Hip-Pop type vibe Tricki GarBagh needs to be DISMISSED!!..:)

    • BeachHouseBritney August 18, 2013

      Just stop and congratulate everyone. You look so pathetic.

    • channel_ROMAN August 18, 2013

      You’re always the first to comment on a Nicki Minaj post. Why is that? *Beyonce voice*

      • FAF August 18, 2013

        ^ DEAD

    • ABC August 18, 2013

      HOT pictures of Beyonce with her slick bob and a long dress WOW! And on a rollercoaster…

  2. Happy August 18, 2013

    That’s very nice. We love Lady Gaga in my country very much.

    • Toto August 18, 2013

      Speaking of Lady Gaga…. Peres Hilton, the ugly p**, just got thrown out of Lady Gaga’s apartment building. He was trying to get an apartment next to hers. STALKER !!!!!!!

      • Toto August 18, 2013


      • Toto August 18, 2013

        ——————————————————————————Lady Gaga ✔ @ladygaga @perezhilton STAY AWAY FROM ME + MY FAMILY YOU ARE SICK TRYING TO RENT AN APARTMENT IN MY BUILDING TO STALK ME. LEAVE ME ALONE!!! 12:28 PM – 18 Aug 2013 ————————– ————————————————–

  3. Lana Del Slay August 18, 2013

    1. Well done to Elijah, my older sister put me on to him this summer.
    2. Gaga tried to shade Perez when SHE was the one who used him to bash Christina during Bionic so don’t cry bully now.

  4. FentySoSnatched August 18, 2013

    The way TGJ promote Elijah though. Wow. You did the same thing for Rita and look what happened there. Ooops.

    • OraOraora August 18, 2013

      3 number ones and a Platinum album. You were saying?

      • FentySoSnatched August 18, 2013

        All paid for with Rihanna’s money my dear.

      • Unique August 18, 2013

        Her album only sold 230k.

      • OraOraora August 18, 2013

        Make that 300k, b****.

      • FAF August 18, 2013

        ^ no honey thats platinum in the UK.. i don’t get the rita shade, I mean she’s doing well at home get off her nuts, f*** sake ….. *shrug*

  5. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 18, 2013

    First of all, Sexlijah Blake can rock any part of my body, I will let him do whatever.

    Secondly, SlayNika is still doing her thing and rocking them charts, slay Nicki slay.

    Lastly, FLOPause has tried and failed to live up to the hype. This is what you call Karma for what T***** Caca made Perez do to Xtina. It seems Caca is making more enemies in the industry than friends. And I read somewhere that FLOPause is the best song on the album, which means the rest of TrannyFLOP is a reductive, generic, repetitive mess.

  6. Rihanna August 18, 2013

    Beyoncé was booed at Britain’s V Festival on Saturday after she left thousands of fans waiting in the pouring rain.
    The singer headlined the opening night of the event in Chelmsford, England, but she got off to a bad start by taking to the stage 20 minutes late, leaving the crowd standing in the wet and windy conditions.

    A chorus of boos and jeers rang out through the site before Beyonce finally started her set with her track “Run the World (Girls).”

    • Tallb August 18, 2013

      20 mins? that’s not too much

    • Kendra Slaymar August 18, 2013

      A Rihanna fan talking about tardiness? I cannot.

      • FAF August 18, 2013

        ^ right … CH I was about to say

  7. RiriSupreme August 18, 2013

    The only reason TGJ are pushing this fine piece of s** is because they know he’s being funded heavily. I know this because I don’t think it’s a coincidence they were licking Rita’s ass MONTHS before we heard the first single. They get a tip off of who’s going to be big and then they push them like crazy until it catches on. That’s why they promote Elijah but not Alexis.

  8. Beyawnce August 18, 2013

    Tgj post about how perez sneaked into Gaga’s apartment and tried to buy a apartment there too LMFAO

    • Toto August 18, 2013


  9. ItsThe212Bitch August 18, 2013

    The image I had just had of me being sexed by Elijah, it was too much for me to handle.

  10. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 18, 2013

    Sorry b******, I saw SexLijah first, he’s mine.

    • TeenageDreamer August 18, 2013

      F*** off. He doesn’t like b****. He wants p****.

  11. GagitaMaraj August 18, 2013

    Flawless Queens.

  12. August alsina stan August 18, 2013

    I’ve never heard Elijah Blake on the radio…anywhere……ever.

    • KissesForKelly August 18, 2013

      Let me give some advice. If you LIKE August Alsina you should stop coming on here bashing Elijah. TGJ have decided to back him all the way and if August was smart he would try and get in on it too.

      If he doesn’t and you keep coming on here dissing Elijah, don’t be shocked if TGJ go out of their way not to help August just to prove a point.

      • August Alsina stan August 18, 2013

        Let me give you advice: BUY KELLY’S ALBUM AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT I POST. F**.

      • BrandNuStar August 18, 2013

        You say Elijah hates black women when his girlfriend is black.

    • PledgeYourELIgiance August 18, 2013

      But no. Not an August Alsina talking about irrelevancy. Elijah has more views on one video than Bootygust has in ten so have a seat right there.

      Elijah is miles ahead of that fake thug and he always be. Has August even charted before? Did that song of him even make it on the Hip Hop chart? Oh no it didn’t, so stop.

      • August Alsina stan August 18, 2013

        Augusts Airplay > Floplijahs YT views

    • QueenCeline August 18, 2013

      Sorry but who is August?

      • FAF August 18, 2013

        I’d f*** the brakes off August Alsina, now thats my f***** BABY, Elijah is cute but August with those damn fronts >>>>>>>>>

      • August Alsina stan August 18, 2013

        Elijah is ugly. August looks and sings much better than that a** who hates black women 😆

    • August Alsina stan August 18, 2013

      Be that as it may, “I Love It” is in heavy rotation on urban radio. Never heard a Floplijah song.

      • FAF August 18, 2013

        Elijah Blake hates black women ? Where are y’all getting this tea ?

  13. MDNA2013 August 18, 2013

    In March of 2010, Chicago radio programmers and deejays got an early listen to Christina’s new album Bionic. The response was very positive, but folks tied to Interscope Records (Lady Gaga’s record company) kept insisting that the record was a bomb.

    In fact, some of Lady Gaga’s handlers allegedly kept referring to Christina as “Floptina,” a name celebrity blogger Perez Hilton would eventually use. When the first single “Not Myself Tonight” arrived in April of 2010, initial response was positive. However, there were many people who called into radio stations to insult the song. “This was obviously the work of some anti-Christina street team doing this and not regular listeners. They concentrated on big markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami,” former program director Miles Petifer claims.

    The video for “Not Myself Tonight” didn’t help the single. But it wasn’t as bad as Perez Hilton and Akon (another factor in the Christina Aguilera backlash) made it out to be. There were rumors spreading around that Akon (the one who discovered Lady Gaga) was telling everybody it was a ripoff of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” This occurred even after Akon allegedly heard an early demo of “Born This Way,” which some say sounded more like the Madonna hit than the final version released in February of 2011.

    “Perez Hilton was still angry at Christina Aguilera for making negative comments about his marketing partner Lady Gaga. He was out to get Christina from the very beginning. Unfortunately—then—Perez Hilton still had an influence on the music industry. Now, he is seen as an absolute joke and Lady Gaga’s career is going down faster than the atomic bomb. The fact that her album was practically given away for free proves this,” says a music industry insider.

    Bionic was released on June 24, 2010 to mixed reviews. However, reviewers had already been told by music industry “insiders” (a.k.a. ‘friends’ of Lady Gaga) that the album was a flop. There was no way the album could have received objective reviews.

    Program Director Jared Stelling believes the Christina Aguilera backlash was the absolute work of Lady Gaga and her friends. “You would not believe how the industry works and how much power one star has to bring another down. A couple years back, Mariah Carey hired a couple journalists to write negative things about Madonna and her tour. One of the writers worked for MSN and was fired for her payola article later that year . Luckily, that didn’t stop Madonna from selling tickets. Unfortunately, Christina couldn’t even launch a tour because of the backlash. It’s pretty pathetic. However, karma exists and right now, Lady Gaga is sinking faster than the Titanic.”

    • BlackoutBritBrit August 18, 2013

      OMG. Omfg. I knew it!

    • BionicGlam August 18, 2013

      An evil witch she is.

      • FAF August 18, 2013

        But what reason would Gaga have to go out of her way against Xtina, though ? they don’t share the same audience. Britney is more her competition

  14. Still I Rise! August 18, 2013

    All of Nicki’s pop songs are great… She should drop a pop album after this third rap album.

  15. JER August 18, 2013

    The UK Urban chart is quite possibly the post irrelevant chart out there. So I see how Onika Maraj is smashing on it. BYE

    • BarbzRUs August 18, 2013

      This is an Urban blog so what’s the problem?

  16. Rosie August 18, 2013

    LMAO at Sam posting about the UK Urban charts which are like the most irrelevant chart in the UK. Of course Garbaj would be on there.
    Didn’t Mother Monster/Little S*** say that Awfulause would debut at #1 everywhere? #5 will be it’s peak, it was just passed by Sean Paul on UK iTunes and will drop out of the top 10 by tomorrow morning at this rate.

    • CandyWarhol August 18, 2013

      Don’t you feel ashamed that Gaga is literally one spot away from beating Summertime sadness after just one week.

      • Rosie August 18, 2013

        After two years of anticipation, leaks, and Gaga whoring it out before it even premiered.
        But it won’t. That’s the kii.

  17. Anon August 18, 2013

    If you knew the things some of these r&b boys are doing just to get coverage on this site. If only you knew.

    • FAF August 18, 2013

      spill the tea, sis……. *sips*

      • Anon August 18, 2013

        I can’t say who I am because some of you might know me. But I produce for a few up and comers and one of them told me that his label are thinking of paying TGJ to write about him like they do for Elijah. Sad 2bfair.

    • Woman2Woman August 18, 2013

      That’s funny, because the only one they support are Elijah and Luke.

      • August Alsina Stan August 18, 2013

        Luke is a well known queen in NOLA

      • Ariana’sGrand August 18, 2013

        @MatheKnowlesStan Receipts or f*** off.

  18. DanaDowntown August 18, 2013

    @AugustAlsinaFan STOP IT! Don’t make August look bad here when most people don’t know who he is yet. We need Grape Juice to help more people know about him.

    • QueenoftheNavy August 18, 2013

      Nobody knows who August is so go away.

    • JanetXone August 18, 2013

      It’s too late. If they see someone talking bad about someone they like they black list them. Don’t expect to see August here lol.

    • August Alsina stan August 18, 2013

      They will hop on the bandwagon when he blows up. It’s only a matter of time 🙂

  19. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. August 18, 2013

    But Silicone Garbaj can’t even scan a million copies in the U.S. and STRUGGLING with 1.7 million ww even with Starshit…..FLOP!

  20. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 18, 2013


    And this is why I believe Camp Beyonce is paying people to bash Rihanna. It is no coincidence that Rihanna gets bashed on sites that praise sing Beyonce.

    T***** Caca is an evil b**** and I am glad she is getting what is coming to her. Not only is she a thief, but an evil c*** too. She tried to end Katy Perry’s fire by pushing the release date of FLOPause ahead, only to her demise because she s*** is flopping harder than 1+1.

    • Sass August 18, 2013

      But what about sites that bash Beyonce like Sandra Rose? It would make more sense for her to pay them to not be so ruthless some blogs are just biased Lovebird get over it

      • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 18, 2013

        Sandra Rose also bashes Rihanna. But the other sites like N B, This one and many of the other big ones Beyonce’s camp pays bash Rihanna on the daily.

      • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 18, 2013

        Sandra Rose also bashes Rihanna. But the other sites Beyonce’s camp pay bash Rihanna on the daily.

      • Sass August 18, 2013

        If Beyonce was going to pay it would be something worth it, there are more blogs that bash her than praise her just like Ri. And lets be real I love TGJ but its not on the level as Perez Hilton. It doesnt have that impact.There are many people in the UK that have never heard of it let alone the US. Bloggers have faves too. And unfortunatley, its not Rihanna on this site.

      • Sass August 18, 2013

        N B doesnt bash Rihanna.

  21. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 18, 2013

    I Googled August Alsina and he is so f****** hot. He is not as hot as Elijah Blake though, Elijah is perfection, I believe God spent the most time crafting that beauty of a man. He is so beautiful I cannot even…..

    • FAF August 18, 2013

      August Alsina is s*** as f*** & tall

      • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 18, 2013

        He is s*** but Sexlijah Blake >>> August Alsina.

      • Phatbuttslutt August 18, 2013

        Yessssssss August is one of the sexiest male singers that I’ve seen in a while. I’m not attracted to Elijah but some of his songs are cute!

  22. S****** Blonde August 18, 2013

    POP QUEEN Lady Gaga, Sam bye, good luck with your site.

  23. Sass August 18, 2013

    Im kind of over Lady Gaga right now she failed to impress me.

    • Lana the legend August 18, 2013

      The majority agree with you love.

  24. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 18, 2013

    Katy Perry’s “Roar” just keeps getting bigger.

    Industry sources now suggest that her new single “Roar” could debut with 525,000 to 550,000 downloads sold by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, Aug. 18. Three days ago, the forecast for “Roar” was at 450,000; and six days ago: 400,000.

    “Roar” will easily give Perry the biggest sales week of the year for a song, and likely her largest sales week. At the present, her largest week was earned by “Firework,” which sold 509,000 downloads in the week after Christmas in 2010.

    Meanwhile, the sales projection for fellow diva Lady Gaga’s new song “Applause” is static: It should sell around 200,000 to 225,000 downloads. That was the forecast for the song three days ago as well.

    The official Nielsen SoundScan sales figures for both songs will be announced on Wednesday, Aug. 21


    LMAO time to discount that single Caca. I guess those free blowjobs aren’t working, monsters?

    • Mark111 August 18, 2013

      LOL, Applesauce is a flop. She tried tho.

    • Sass August 18, 2013

      Good for Katy tbh

  25. PhuckYoTour August 18, 2013

    David will get mad if he sees people talking bad about Elijah kii.

  26. Fashun(PutItAllOnMe) August 18, 2013

    When I see people laughing at Gaga I have to laugh. You KNOW her album sales will slay Katy to no end.

  27. Sass August 18, 2013

    Lmao @ ‘Mathew Knowles stan’

  28. opd2 August 18, 2013

    Gratz to them all but,a special gratz to Nicki.

  29. roger ivy carter August 18, 2013

    OK I’m from Miami, I’ve purchased a copy of “FlopLoose” and gave it 10 Vevo views.

    Were’s @Fake Like Hairy Daddy GayGay? B**** come back here, you owe me a blowjob B****

  30. Rosie August 18, 2013

    Lady Gaga was expected to slay by the media and her fans, but then she came out with that RuPaul reject.
    Now she’s freefalling off the iTunes Charts along with her album, getting negative responses from the general public, and isn’t even mentioned as a performer along with Katy, Bruno, and Macklemore.
    The next Cyndi Lauper.

  31. ratedxxx(next broad) August 18, 2013

    so gaga is to blame for xtina not selling albums anymore?

    and mariah paid off people to write negative things about madonna.?

    I mean really? if you believe that b*******, I have a bridge to sell you in iceland……

    first of all gaga and her people aint got s*** to do with extina’s not selling anymore…..

    xtina was the one who talked s*** about gaga, in interviews and such….google it….

    xtina has always been rude and mean and talked alot of s*** about her rivals..hence why britney was always more likable..

  32. ratedxxx(next broad) August 18, 2013

    yes perez hilton used to bash xtina alot, he also used to bash madonna he’s licking their asshole….

    perez hilton has always been a bully..way before gaga came into the picture, he was always bashing xtina..

    I hate when people wants to blame other people’s for their favs failures….

    xtina is not new in the game, she is already established as a singer, sold millions….and I’m suppose to believe a newcomer like gaga has so much power, that she can prevent xtina from selling an album?

    get the f*** out of here..

    I’m not even going to waste my time on the mariah paid people off to bash madonna…..because thats the stupidest s*** i’ve ever heard..they dont even make the same type of music

  33. ratedxxx(next broad) August 18, 2013

    and as for beyonce paying of people to bash rihanna…….that’s the stupidest s*** i’ve ever heard to….

    both beyonce and rihanna are managed by the same people, roc nation…..yes beyonce sees rihanna as a competition, hence why she’s trying so hard to be like rihanna, the clothes, the hair, the naked ass magazines, the sudden rachetness..all screams rihanna..

    but to say she paid blogs off to bash rihanna, that’s dumb ass f***…

    I keep telling yall, as long as jayz is the head of roc nation, rihanna is never going to go anywhere…its called the power of the p****…

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