New Video: Fergie – ‘A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (Ft Q-Tip & Goonrock)’

Published: Tuesday 6th Aug 2013 by David

‘The Great Gatsby‘ showcases even more of its soundtrack today, releasing the video for the Fergie fuelled ‘A Little Party Never Killed Nobody’, featuring Q-Tip and Goonrock!

Set in the 1920s, the fun filled visual sees the Contralto pull on her inner flapper and swing right into vintage action!

Party with Fergie Ferg below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. tits mcgee August 6, 2013


  2. tits mcgee August 6, 2013

    Wow, all the girls are coming out the woodwork! Let the games begin!

    • cici slaaaaays August 6, 2013

      Besides Beyonce you know that gurl is scared

      • tits mcgee August 6, 2013

        Bey has nothing to fear from anyone. I would rather her take her time and release quality material, rather than come out with some mess, tho…

      • cici slaaaaays August 6, 2013

        No shes scared it to much competition for her you seen what happen last era when she was going up against Gaga, Katy, Rihanna & Adele she couldn’t stand a chance shes the only one out of all those girls who didn’t get a number 1 or even a top 10 single during that time. Now this time around theres even more competition from people like Katy ,Gaga, Taylor ,Ciara, Rihanna, Pink ,Miley, Selena & Ariana she knows she can’t go up against that and now that was some true tea on that ass

      • Yeah I Said It August 6, 2013

        @CiCi Slays are in her brain to know that? And the fact remains Ciara is a flop.

      • king b August 6, 2013

        B**** don’t worry for Beyonce she’s on a 105 dates worlwide tour once she’s done she will come up with new material you better worry for ciara’s sales and selling out her bathroom tour

      • CzarM August 6, 2013

        I continue to think that “CICI SLAAAAAYS” is not a real Ciara fan, but rather a Rihanna fan in disguise using Ciara’s name to be obnoxious towards other singers so that their fans will talk s*** about her in retaliation. It doesn’t make sense that any Ciara fan would be cocky about another singers chart performance. A Ciara fan should basically be humble, and not address any singer unless that singer addressed her first, because it’s too easy to go off on her.

        Beyonce is a super star; unlike certain others, she has the freedom, power and authority to release the kind of album she wants, when she wants. Her career isn’t only as good as her last hit. No top 10 hits in years, yet she continues to be wealthier, and have more industry clout, than *all* of her competitors.

        I hate to do this, because you’re not a real Ciara fan, but Beyonce’s last album outsold Ciara’s last three. She cemented her name and fame years ago, and could release an album of bird calls and continue to be light years ahead of Ms. Harris’s status. Beyonce doesn’t have to stalk every trend and hot producer of the moment in a thirst attempt for a disposable hit that no one will remember fifteen minutes later, because she sell on her name alone. Can Ciara? No she can’t. Neither can Rihanna, you undercover Ninny…I mean “Navy” loon.

  3. cici slaaaaays August 6, 2013

    Cute but im ready for another solo album boo I love her voice

  4. Pour It Up August 6, 2013

    Isn’t she pregnant?

    • cici slaaaaays August 6, 2013

      Dont you stan for a crack head?

      • Your fave is a FLOP August 6, 2013

        Her sales s*** on C-error we established this many times

      • cici slaaaaays August 6, 2013

        But her sales aren’t s*** compared to GaGa Taylors or Pinks yet Rihanna supposed to be some huge star like shes as basic as they come yall call Ciara a flop yet Rihannas never done 338 k first week like Ciara did with the evolution of Ciara now kick rocks bum.

      • FAF August 6, 2013

        ^ In what world? not the us( the one that counts )

    • Your fave is a FLOP August 6, 2013

      @CICI B****…… how long ago was evolution released? Back when you were a fetus? And can she pull those numbers now? No. And Ciara’s sales RIGHT NOW dont hold a candle to Gaga, Taylor, or Pink. So lets not get uppity about things

  5. Fierce & All August 6, 2013

    Well, it’s cute for a movie soundtrack…
    Anyways, has she confirmed another album??
    I hope it’s as good as The Dutchess.

    • FAF August 6, 2013

      I thought she was done w/ solo these girls (Gwen, Fergie) hate to be w/o their groups… shame

  6. Your fave is a FLOP August 6, 2013

    More generic techno music with repetitive lyrics. Fergie I know you’ve been with BEP but showcase your voice.

  7. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 6, 2013

    She should just open up a meth lab and call it a day.

  8. Beyawnce August 6, 2013

    She got a nice voice but the song is terrible

  9. Brazilian Beyonce!!! August 6, 2013

    She’s gorgeous and her voice is so beautiful… I need songs like “Big Girls Don’t Cry” from her again.

    This song I don’t know tbh

  10. rihking ( luv your mother) August 6, 2013

    Its ok but I’m still waiting for that album gurl.READY!

  11. Jake August 6, 2013

    How do y’all expect Beyoncé to be on a worldwide tour ( one of the most grossing btw ) and have an album come out while she’s every day rehearsing/resting/taking care of her daughterbeîg a supportive wife and attend some of her husband concerts ? She’s a machine but she’s still human . Cut her some slack last album was not even 3 years ago , she will come up with a new brillant sound that non if your b****** ever did! And since when is Ciara a competitor to Beyoncé? I love’s Ciara’s album but she still a flop! A talented one tho

  12. CzarM August 6, 2013

    I don’t f*** with this tacky electropop she’s throwing up here. You know Will.I.Am is behind this wack ass sound.

  13. Mark111 August 6, 2013

    The QUEEN!!!!! Of ButtaFace.

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