Is Beyonce Gearing Up For New Latin American Video Shoot?

With streaming data now counting towards Billboard chart positions, the pressure is on Beyonce to ensure her brand new video generates the views she’ll need to land her a fresh #1 single.

Now, as the world awaits its release, this morning has seen that shoot whip up quite the storm as reports pulled from its set emerge from Latin America.

What’s been going down?

Fill up on the Juice below…

During her time in the country, Beyonce and her camp reportedly enlisted  the help of Samba school designer Cassius Frazao to bring designs by John Victor to life…as seen below!

While the performer isn’t believed to have shot the video yet, the snaps above go a long way to tease fans with what they can expect from the single- which will lead the campaign for her fifth studio album set for release in the coming months!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Navy420 September 16, 2013

    This gon be epic,I’m tellin u

    • etone September 16, 2013

      who will she copy and steal from Shakira or Jennifer Lopez.

      • firefox September 16, 2013

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  2. black September 16, 2013

    put in a love song outfit

  3. ABC September 16, 2013

    Interpresting. But it looks like that sing she did with Alicia

  4. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 16, 2013

    OMG!!! Who is that man??

  5. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 16, 2013

    Did her photographer forget to feminnemise her masculine old features????

    • Yaz September 16, 2013

      Masculine features? Lol far from it. Shes got softer more in proportional facial features than your ‘fave’.

      • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 16, 2013

        Softer features? She looks like a 40+ year old truck driver and built like one as well.

      • Yaz September 16, 2013

        Yes. Beyonce has always had finer more feminine facial features. The most people can do is come for pictures of her performing making all the exaggerated expressions under the sun. Rihanna looks like a monster with all that slap wiped off with wide far apart, fat nose and fat forehead and wonky teeth.

      • Yaz September 16, 2013

        wide far apart eyes*

    • Kingstown I’m back and ju don’t even know September 16, 2013

      Well rih is better looking than Islamic t*********

      • Yaz September 16, 2013

        Islamic? WTF is that the best you can do? Doesn’t even make sense. Islam is a religion you dumb f****** TROLL. DEAD.

      • Kisses Down Low September 16, 2013


      • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 16, 2013

        Rihanna’s teeth look better than beyGUMce….Beyonce has m***** teeth, she’s all gums yuk!!!!

    • Kingbey September 16, 2013

      B**** bye

    • Kingbey September 16, 2013

      Gonna be EPIC

  6. Yaz September 16, 2013

    Doubt it.

  7. Leah labelle stan September 16, 2013

    Put it in a love song tease

  8. just moi September 16, 2013

    Still no single

  9. Kingstown I’m back and ju don’t even know September 16, 2013

    Wouldn’t be surprised. Considering the fact she stated in an interview where she said she wishes she was Latina. Self hating w****, and she looks like a t***** in that pic.

    • DJP September 16, 2013

      at least she’s not a wannabe white woman like your fav

    • . : : h 2 o : : . September 16, 2013

      She was praising Latinas if anything. She admires and respects other races, can’t say the same about Rihanna. Not with this :

  10. _NoFucksGiven_1 September 16, 2013

    You know it’s f****** funny how non fans of Beyonce asking for a single when yo fav already release s***. Damn i can see if you are a fan but you not so stop being a hater and just stan for the Queen…

  11. Yeah I Said It September 16, 2013

    People need to stop quizzing and just wait until she says something herself.

  12. Kisses Down Low September 16, 2013

    Oh well we shall see

  13. Chillin September 16, 2013

    Yawnnnnnnnnnn..every move she makes is apparently a ” music video”… this is what..possibly the 4th..what ever happened to the “video” she was showing Kelly & Michelle…..

    • Gladys knight stan September 16, 2013

      Worry about Kelly’s flop ass yawn on that b****

      • Chillin September 16, 2013

        Im not worried at all boo..pressed much?

  14. Gladys knight stan September 16, 2013

    Kelly and Ciara fans need to bow down to the queen BEY!!!

    • Chillin September 16, 2013

      When she provides some music to bow down to..then by all means. The self titled queen can’t even garner a number one single…Where is the new Queen Rihanna when you need her…Beyoncé has been dethroned……it happens to the best..which she once was..time to face reality peasants

      • Hadley September 16, 2013

        You’re not the real Chillin. A Navy trolling as usual.

      • . : : h 2 o : : . September 16, 2013

        Umm I’d agree with you about her being dethroned by Rihanna, but these tour receipts …………………………………….

      • Chillin September 16, 2013

        I am the real just speaking the truth

      • Hadley September 16, 2013

        Wheres that Gravatar then?

      • REALTALK September 16, 2013

        Chillin, shut up you’re drunk!!!

      • FAF September 16, 2013

        I mean.. I wanna know where do you see Ciara fans ?

        Assuming makes us ASSes bc its looking like that MIND is stolen by the PRINCESS 😆

  15. JJFan1814 September 16, 2013

    There’s no room for Beyonce; Honestly, she will get lost amongst Katy, Gaga, & Britney. No one will check for her.

    • Gladys knight stan September 16, 2013

      LIES B**** AND U KNOW IT

    • Hadley September 16, 2013

      Glass ball you have?

  16. shoinjufacts September 16, 2013

    That picture was photoshopped of her showin kelly and michelle her video knw ya facts

    • Chillin September 16, 2013

      So what will be the excuse for her on the beach with Jay Z..or for this one??

  17. . : : h 2 o : : . September 16, 2013

    I’m soooooo here for it

  18. Hadley September 16, 2013

    People are so thirsty. Stop speculating and enjoy whats out. She’ll come on her own terms.

  19. Big Sean baby mama September 16, 2013

    Where’s Matthew knowles when you need him? The single should have been out after the superbowl!!!

  20. Goppit September 16, 2013

    Probably Standing On The Sun but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up like the vid with Alicia

  21. Tyler September 16, 2013

    Islamic T***** my ass! Rihanna looks like a motherfucking cave man with her big ass nose and protrusive forehead.

  22. Tyler September 16, 2013

    @Rih rox

    You should be the last one calling anyone a t***** when we all know that Rihannaman is a male SPLCE in disguise. The b**** looks horrid without makeup, she has horrible facial symmetry…her big ass nose and water mocassin of a head display that. All in all the h** looks just like her father…E.TM would be proud.

    • Tyler September 16, 2013

      *E.T. Would be proud lol

  23. Shauwndapooh September 16, 2013

    Gearing up for a new lawsuit

    • XXX September 16, 2013

      Has Rihanna paid that funeral director yet?

  24. XXX September 16, 2013

    Its for her to know and us to find out.

  25. QueenBeyonce September 16, 2013


  26. QueenBeyonce September 16, 2013

    Ya’ll bishes are so pressed for a new single but don’t worry when it comes be prepared for comeplete SLAYAGE! Funny how it’s non Beyonce fans that are worried LOL Grown Woman & Standing on the Sun easily slays “broke bish” “menopause” & “snore” the Queen is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSS!!!!!!! #beyhive

  27. fatusankoh September 16, 2013

    you go bey beautiful flawless hate mongers wish their alien looking favorite will have you talente beauty and class my fellow behive lets continue to support love our bey for life don’t let’s this hatters get to us long live queen bey

  28. POP ROYALTY [RUDE BOY] September 16, 2013

    And Magically, Somehow she was 6 Months Pregnant in this Pic from the “Countdown” music video. 😯 😯 😯

    Make Me Question her pregnancy Despite the Fact I believed she was pregnant with “Blue Ivy”.

    This top Picture is Mysterious.

    • Brandys Starr September 17, 2013

      Why would they release a picture ‘without’ a baby bump when shes supposed to be convincing everyone shes pregnant? Shes sitting down with a black on. 6 months bump is not always huge with your first either.

  29. Scorpio scorpio September 16, 2013

    that outfit is from “put it in a love song” video

  30. Queenbey rules September 17, 2013

    People accept the point that beyonce is coming back, and stop trying put queen bey against Katy tell to go and take some vocal lesson beyonce is not a flop u fools and shakira and Joao has not got enought talent or what so ever to stand next too beyonce , and gaga somebody needs to take her to a mental institution cause something is not right in her head , I don’t why music has become some kind of competition , and respect the point that britney and beyonce are in a different lane of career than Katy , gaga, rihanna , don’t compare queen too some youngers who have to dress in something or crazy colours or wear nothing at all just to boost them sales

  31. Brandys Starr September 17, 2013

    I thought she shot it already in Coney Island.

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