‘Love More’: Nicki Minaj And Chris Brown Rock British Top Ten With New Single

Published: Sunday 15th Sep 2013 by David

‘He don’t know me but he settin’ up ta..’

They may seldom be in the country, but that hasn’t stopped Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj from securing a number of respective hits in the UK recently, following the Silver certification awarded to ‘Turn Up The Music’ and the Platinum plaque recently scored by ‘Starships’.

So, it should come as no surprise, that the Urban hit makers have yet another smash on their hands with Brown’s new single ‘Love More’!

Chart check below…

In its fourth week of release, ‘More‘ catwalks its way to into the Urban Top Ten and takes a seat at #7, months after his feel good love song ‘Fine China’ peaked at #23 on the main chart, and as British sales of Minaj‘s ‘Va Va Voom’ helped push it towards global sales of 1.5 million units sold.

Pulled from his forthcoming album ‘X’, the single now stands two spots away from surpassing its #6 peak on the same chart, while being able to boast of US Top 40 glory with a #39 peak on Billboard’s Hot 100.

This, after Australian fans took the single to #29 on the ARIA Chart, the same market in which awarded ‘China’ its very own Gold plaque for sales of over 35,000 units!


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  1. Super Cisus September 15, 2013

    The song is a flop and i am only here forQUEEN onika

    • cbweyeru58458 September 15, 2013

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  2. EasyBreezyBeautiful September 15, 2013

    TGJ are the only ones who rock for Chris. Love yall for that s***.

  3. IloveYouChris September 15, 2013

    He’ll be so happy to hear this.

  4. BeyWhoUWanna September 15, 2013

    Yes! He needs some good news 2bh.

  5. OnikaIsKing September 15, 2013

    The way yall stan for Queen Onika though!!

  6. DeruloDreamer September 15, 2013

    Yaaaaaaasss! Chris is coming for wigs this era.

  7. SheAintU2002 September 15, 2013

    This is the only place I know I can come to and get positive news about him, I love you so much Chris. Never let the haters bring you down.

    • I&I(bare badniss) September 16, 2013


  8. RiriRoyale September 15, 2013

    Whar kind of unexpected slayage?

  9. ItsCheryl2bh September 15, 2013

    Good for him.

  10. Barb B**** September 15, 2013

    Yasssss ONIKA SLAYYYYY! I love this b****.

  11. Rosie September 15, 2013

    Dead @ that misleading title. The Urban chart is the least relevant chart in the UK.

    • Super Cisus September 15, 2013

      Like Lana Duck Ray is irrelevant ?????

      • Rosie September 15, 2013

        Like Born To Die outsold Cedric’s discography?

    • Asbeenish September 16, 2013

      But that’s her and Chris’ genre. So stfu. And it jumped 13 places into the top 40 in the hot 100. And will continue to climb.

  12. Lana the legend September 15, 2013

    Flopping in the US tho just like all of nickis singles since pound the alarm lol

    • Super Cisus September 15, 2013

      Not a Lamena stan talk about flopping in America kii

      • Rosie September 15, 2013

        Not a Cedric stan talking about anyone else flopping when Local Party has yet to go triple Ziploc bag.

  13. RICHIE_RICH September 15, 2013


  14. ATM JAM September 15, 2013

    congrats to both.

    • Super Cisus September 15, 2013

      Where is Alopecia Jam on the charts?

      • Rosie September 15, 2013

        Where is Cedric on the charts outside of third world African countries and the US projects?

      • ATM JAM September 15, 2013

        lmaoo yasss @ROSIE slay that basic ass cedric stan.

  15. ♪►Muzzac◄♪ September 15, 2013

    Bow down to Minajesty!


  16. Yolanda September 15, 2013

    Great job. Chris Brown always chart!

  17. ATM JAM September 15, 2013

    Rosie’s actually a really cool person and if any of you go off at her i will drag you.

    • Rosie September 15, 2013

      Thanks bb 😉

    • FutureCiara September 15, 2013

      You only kissing her ass because she dragged THEE f*** out of your fav!

      I can’t stand b****** like you




      • Rosie September 15, 2013

        Just like you d***-ride the rest of the Z-Squad with your 3 hour delayed replies.
        Trying to start s*** late over and over again with me with your slow ass dial-up internet. The ONLY time I see your ass pop up is when you throw that struggle ass outdated 2012 shade.
        Like at least 95% of your comments on this site are about me. A mess.
        Anyways care to explain why Local Party only charted in 1.5 counties and it still hasn’t gone gold after 3829 performances, etc.?

  18. Lovebird (PRISM – 10.22.13)) September 15, 2013

    Yassss Gawd that new Britney Spears song has grown on me after a few more spins. You want a masarati, you want a bugati, you better werk b****…..YASSSS.

  19. FutureCiara September 15, 2013

    Girl, Rosie is a Canadian Pre-op t***** c** bucket, Nobodies checking for her!

    Just like nobody in America is checking for Lana Del Tacos tunes….

    She so thirsty to start another Ciara feud with Csquad leaving repetitive replies after every comment that comes from Csquad.

    That chawld is washed! So is All 20 of her TGJ account names…


    • Rosie September 15, 2013

      Not Lana being unknown when Summertime Sadness already out peaked every Cedric single since 2005.
      Not me starting s*** when you and your 83 accounts reply to every single one of my comments with that stale ass “flop/unknown/Tumblr/duck” January 2012 shade.
      Thank God I can actually back up my s*** with receipts unlike the Atlanta drag queen S** f***** ridden broke ass Z-Squad. Stay mad that Born To Die outsold Cedric’s discography.

  20. opd2 September 15, 2013

    Gratz to them both,they doing there thing.

  21. C September 23, 2013

    Yas I’m only here for that rap, great job with that snippet version lol, I mean that whole intro is too damn long director should have started the video first frame when chris starts the movement with the female dancers who all slay.

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