Chris Brown Announces New ‘X’ Release Date

Published: Tuesday 1st Oct 2013 by Sam

After a slew of release dates and even more singles, Chris Brown finally seems ready to unleash his latest album ‘X’.

Originally due early this year, the set was then delayed until July 16, only to be further pushed back to an undetermined date.

That all looks set to change, though, as the 24-year-old stage blazer has revealed that the LP is due next month!

Find out when after the jump…

Taking to his infamous Twitter account, the singer announced:



The November 19th date sees ‘X’ join a crowded line-up of releases set for next month. Indeed, the likes of Eminem (‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’), Lady GaGa (‘ARTPOP’), and One Direction (‘Midnight Memories’) all sandwich the ‘Fine China’ led LP. Does C. Breezy have what it takes to stand out from the uber crowded crowd? Time will tell!

Your thoughts?

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  1. yabish October 1, 2013

    It’s crazy how you can go from being someone biggest fans, voting for their videos on 106 and Viewers choice and buying every album to not givin a f***. SIGH*

    • cvbcvberygh568 October 1, 2013

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  2. jake.ubb October 1, 2013

    Unfortunately, no he will not stand out. His portrayal in the media as of late is pitiful, and even though I love him and I believe the three singles from “X” have been awesome so far, the general public looks like they simply just don’t give a s***. This will be his lowest-selling album to date unless he scores some massive crossover hit in less than 6 weeks, because his albums don’t sell well over time just like the rest of R&B… he still hasn’t hit gold (to my knowledge) with Fortune which was a great album…Not holding my breath.

    Twitter: jmurdoc2 for a follow-back!

  3. xyz October 1, 2013

    does anybody still care? honestly, I forgot that he wanted to release a record…

  4. jake.ubb October 1, 2013

    He needs to rush into the studio with Drake since they allegedly made up – if they dropped a single together that might salvage X and make people pay attention TBH.



  6. Damn October 1, 2013

    He makes dope music that is the truth. And he has epic videos. Musically he does everything right. I just think people cannot connect with him anymore for his personal actions.

  7. JER October 1, 2013


  8. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 1, 2013

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about this.. Good luck..

  9. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 1, 2013

    It’ll FLOP. The real kii in all of this is Chris Brown can pick a release date and yet Beyonce’s scared ass is still running scared lmao.

    • _NoFucksGiven_1 October 1, 2013

      Shut the f*** up

  10. Mark111 October 1, 2013

    He will pull the “I done with the bizz, this is for the fans, I don’t care about sales” card when it does 90K.

  11. Bow Down B**** October 1, 2013

    Scared of who ? Hopefully you don’t mean Beyoncé’s #1 fan Katy Perry ? Beyonce doesn’t have to worry about anybody , because when that album comes out and you see Her sales don’t be shocked b****

  12. Super Cisus October 1, 2013

    Nobody is checking

  13. I&I(bare badniss) October 1, 2013

    I am still checking, can’t wait 🙂

  14. IDK October 1, 2013

    Well to be honest, I did light weight forget he was releasing an album this year. But I can’t wait though! I’ll be buying this time.

  15. MUSICHEAD October 1, 2013

    I can’t speak for the general public but there is just something lackluster about his music as of late. Not that he makes bad music but it’s just not compelling enough to buy anymore.

    Plus, there is so much negativity associated with him these days that it makes it hard to see past that and pay attention to the music. Most of the negativity comes from him- not the media. He has a lot of growing up to do.

  16. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 1, 2013

    I remember when we looked forward to nothing but his music. Now he’s all relationships, scandal, and controversy. He’s tabloid. His music has not been pulling me in. Even when he’s been slipping in the media, the music was still good. But since the last album (save for “Biggest Fan”), I’ve been bored. “Love More” seems like he didn’t try. It’s kind of like album bonus track/filler/snippet/soundtrack song.

  17. jay scorpio October 1, 2013

    CB needs to keep vouging out and let da butch brothas stay blowing his back up lolol…

    Dats All

  18. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 1, 2013

    He doesn’t stand a chance in the month of November. I think he should scrap this album and rush record a new one and schedule the release date for the top of 2014 so he has a fighting chance. All of the artists mentioned in November are going to drown him in the sales. He really shouldn’t be thinking Team Breezy is going to come through for him and make him stand out. They haven’t on his last three albums, none of which went platinum, something he hasn’t done since 2007 and something I doubt he’ll ever do again. And where is Sevyn’s album already?

  19. Chile Please!! October 1, 2013

    I’m sorry, but I’m so over CB….I miss the cute innocent CB when he first came out. When he hit is 20’s he just got off the hook….& his music was poppin…then he gradually starting getting in trouble with the media & beating Rih Rih Bajan Booty. Anyway….not interested!

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