Chris Brown Released Without Bail, Felony Assault Charge Reduced To Misdemeanor

Published: Monday 28th Oct 2013 by Rashad


R&B bad boy Chris Brown has new reason to smile today.

Indeed, the Grammy winning hitmaker – whose most recent hit allegedly occurred outside of the studio – has seen his day of media frenzy and courtroom hoop-lah end on a relatively positive note.

Full story inside…

Via Washington Post & CNN:

“The charges against singer Chris Brown and his bodyguard stemming from a weekend fight were reduced to simple assault misdemeanors. The two men, who had spent the previous 36 hours in a Washington jail, [were] released without bail Monday afternoon.”

“Brown, 24, was ordered to report to his California probation officer within 48 hours and to stay at least 100 yards away from the man he is accused of assaulting early Sunday. Both men must return to court on November 24.”

The maximum penalty on the reduced [misdemeanor] charge is 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.  However, it is separate from potential charges of probation violation stemming from a 2009 incident with singer Rihanna.  If found in violation of that probation arrangement, Brown faces up to four years in jail in addition to what ever he is sentenced for the misdemeanor.


This has the potential to get very messy.  While eyewitness accounts of what really happened that morning vary, both agree that the altercation started as a result of the man abruptly jumping into a photo Brown was taking with female fans.  From there, the stories do not match.

Report #1 – The victim, identified as 20-year-old Isaac Adams Parker of Beltsville, Maryland told police that he tried to jump into a photo that Brown was posing for with a female fan on the sidewalk when the singer said, “I’m not down with that gay s–t” and “I feel like boxing,” the police report said. Parker said he responded by saying, “Then why you ho-ing?”  That led Brown to then punched him in the face and, according to Parker, his bodyguard followed with another punch.

Report #2 – Brown denied ever confronting or hitting the man.  He’s quoted saying, “I was on the bus when I guess someone tried to get on and my bodygaurd handled it.”

Report #3 – A witness told police that she saw Brown chase the man  and take a swing, but couldn’t see if the punch made contact.

Report #4 – An acquaintance of Brown told police that another D.C. police officer told him that the man had said Brown never hit him.  That officer later denied being told that.

*Video of Chris Brown Leaving The Courtroom:  via TMZ*

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  1. Lovebird (Britney Jean – 03.12.13) October 28, 2013

    Lol, Mzz Treyana won’t be lonely tonight, go get your man gurl.

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 28, 2013


  2. Cali October 28, 2013

    Now can one of his parents, maybe his dad pls step in and be around this young man before they provoke him to the point where it hurts him or his career!

  3. baby nixon October 28, 2013

    now if only he could make a hit on the top 10 like he did on ole boy’s face………

  4. Zave October 28, 2013

    His career is over!! Thank you Rihanna! Chris please retire, you won’t be missed!

  5. NT October 28, 2013

    That’s great for him.

  6. IKNOWTHETRUTH October 28, 2013

    This is why he’ll never learn, because he’s never punished for his bad behavior. His actions have severely ruined his reputation. He shouldn’t even release ‘X’ at this point. He’s such a hoodrat anymore. No self control.

    • Jeff October 29, 2013

      Tell me what did Chris do? Everything that happens around him will be blame on him anyway. There are money hungry people who know that Chris Brown has haters and want him in jail. So what do they do? They provoke the situation even if Chris had nothing to do with it. You people need to go and see 12 Years A S****. Until this day the black man is still being treated the same way but in a different form.

      Stop hating and go get some knowledge: go see 12 Year A S**** because we lost track of our history.

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH October 29, 2013

        Girl BYE! Chris is not a s****, he’s an animal with no self control. People are going to try to provoke you all day long but how you react is all up to you boo boo. He has no self control and that’s his own problem. You need to go back to grade school and learn the rules, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF.

  7. shauwndapooh October 28, 2013

    He needs ti find if he wants to be the next m. Jackson ir m. Tyson
    @loverbird you right trey gon’ drop that soap tonight

  8. Molly October 28, 2013

    Ill give it 3 months and he’ll be back in trouble.

    • Jeff October 29, 2013

      I don’t believe Chris goes out looking for trouble, but with those leaches around him, trouble seems to find him.

  9. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 28, 2013

    Ugh are you serious?? WHY is it so hard to LOCK HIM UP!! He’s gonna end up ending someone life having him loose on the streets without severe consequence for once…

  10. Dreamlover October 28, 2013

    Well…this won’t be the last time we hear something like this from Chris. You can believe that!

  11. Daniel Teflon October 28, 2013

    We’ll unlike all u damn HATERS ILL PRAY FOR HIM & his Family!!

    • GoldenBoy J October 29, 2013

      oh yeah, the poor boy must feel horrible after beating up that innocent man.

  12. eric October 28, 2013

    If Conrad Murray can get off after serving less than half his sentence for involuntary manslaughter, Chris won’t have a hard time beating this.

  13. FutureCIARA October 28, 2013

    Werk Chrisette….. you’s a slick b****!

  14. FutureCIARA October 28, 2013

    He needs to leave leave the drugs alone, Get a facial because that skin is looking really dry, then he needs to dye his hair back natural, and finally dump Koochie Tran and put a ring on Ms.Trey Songz. That would be a start to a new journey for him and his career

  15. #Beyindependent October 28, 2013

    Who’s d*** did he have to suck to get out?

    • Jeff October 29, 2013

      It’s called checking with the facts asshole

  16. Mark111 October 28, 2013

    He’s like a child that f**** with people and when he gets in trouble, he runs and cry to his mom, but his mom is TEAM BEATME.

    Beating Rihanna
    Fighting Frank Ocean
    Fighting Drake
    Taking a girl’s iPhone
    Throwing chairs at GMA

    And some how, his’s stupid fans thinks it’s NOT him, but the world. It’s clear that he has an anger problem and it’s gotten to the point that he WILL kill someone.

  17. Bey Fan October 28, 2013

    Well all these conflicting reports….. smh. Ppl will continue to provoke him, and he will continue to take the bait. Hope he gets help.

  18. Tisha October 29, 2013

    Smh, it’s sad how even though I didn’t see it that victim statement sounds exactly like what he’d say and do. Always so obsessed with the gays Chris.

    He won’t learn. He’ll blame someone else (Jay Z, whites, the media), he’ll rant on Twitter, he’ll get off and then he’ll do it all over again. The only thing changing is his declining career.

  19. DEM LESSORS October 29, 2013

    I officially hate this boy, standardly!

  20. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 29, 2013

    He Just Didn’t Change one bit Since 2009. 🙄

  21. Kahimi January 12, 2014

    Girl please shutup.
    Damn. Your opinion is irrelevant.
    You’re probably a 30 year old woman who still gets on Facebook. Jtfo. If you don’t want to get hit by Chris, don’t provoke him. Acting like you were there every time he hit someone. They did the same thing to Katt Williams, he was doing s*** they didn’t want him to do so they ruined his reputation and tried to put him into jail. In Kanye’s words, “Don’t believe the news.” stupid.

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