‘Digital Domination’: Elijah Blake & Miley Cyrus Rock Net With New Releases

Published: Wednesday 9th Oct 2013 by David

This year, Hip Hop’s fastest rising star Elijah Blake will join Diplo and NO I.D. in releasing his sophomore EP ‘Bijoux 23’, the follow up to the record breaking ‘Bijoux 22’.

Set to hit digital outlets after the 23 year old watched the online streaming figure for his song ‘Vendetta’ surpass 10 million last week, this week has brought with it more good news from the Def Jam priority act…and the Pop riot that is Miley Cyrus!

Good news below…

As anticipation for the release intensifies, music lovers from around the world have taken to YouTube to showcase their support from the performer. Some, via the covers you’ll see below, and others via subscribing to his official page on the video sharing platform.

So eager are these fans to keep up with the star’s content, the last week has seen his subscriber figure surpass 20,000 and arrive at the 21,383 figure, helping the release’s cuts make substantial gains to. Gains, that hum to the tune of 48,471 views on the audio for his number ‘Everything’ and 352,553 views on the official video for his launch single ‘XOX’.

Impressive, as it paints quite a pretty picture for the powers that be over at Roc Nation and Island Def Jam, who- according to many an industry bird- plan to capitalise on his existing buzz with an album roll out set to establish him at the breakout act of 2014.

A roll out, to be orchestrated by the genius behind Brand RihannaJay Brown.

Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus continues to dominate the net with her new single ‘Wrecking Ball‘, whose official video now sits atop 205 million views- just four weeks after its unveiling.

To be exact, the cut now boasts of 205,022,201 streams on the outlet, generating enough US views week on week to ensure a lengthy stay on the Billboard Hot 100’s Top 20.

In doing so, it fights off intense competition from Rihanna‘s Platinum single ‘Pour It Up’ which has now pulled in 37, 749,368 views in just six days- helped in great part by its arguably explicit nature and the year long anticipation it garnered since the cut was released via her seventh studio album, ‘Unapologetic’.

Over at iTunes, Lorde continues her reign with ‘Royals’ currently residing at #1, while the release of Cyrus’ new LP ‘Bangerz‘ have seen its jam ‘Adore You’ speed to #7 while forcing ‘We Can’t Stop’ to #10.

In doing this, she forces Lady GaGa‘s ‘Applause’ out of the Top Ten but does very little to tamper with Katy Perry’s chart run, with ‘Roar’ perched at #4 two months after its August 4th release.

#NowPlaying: Beyonce – ‘Countdown’….

Your thoughts?

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  1. I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

    Why was my comment deleted? Did I say something wrong? I just congratulated everyone and mentioned that August alsina is currently #1. Wth o_O

    • TisForTamar October 9, 2013

      TGJ don’t like people coming for their faves so they probably thought it was Elijah shade. And where is August #1 cos it sure as hell isn’t on any relevant charts boo boo.

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        Any billboard chart is relevant. #1 on the mainstream R&B/Hip Hop charts. Where is “The One” and “All The Way Home”? I congratulated everyone mentioned. No shade involved

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        http : // m.billboard.com /entry /view/id/70744

      • FentySoSnatched October 9, 2013

        LMAO, they deleted your comment? You should know how mad they get when anyone says anything remotely bad about Elijah by now.

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        They need to quit being so sensitive because I congratulated him. Not an ounce of shade was sprinkled in my comment. Even if I did shade him, this is a blog–people will always have their opinions.

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  2. Ciara (TheFemaleMJ) October 9, 2013

    PIU still not charting? Loooool. And why the f*** didn’t you mention OD this time?

    • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

      PIU peaked at #18 months ago. Are you surprised? Why did I’m Out fall out of the top 100 after 3 weeks?

      • Ciara (TheFemaleMJ) October 9, 2013

        You’re an August Alsina stan dear, does he have a Dat Piff certification?

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        I’m not a stan, I just expected them to cover his first #1 single since tgj posts about him now,damn. A Ciara stan has no place to shade anyone seeing as thou she couldn’t even sell 1000 units on freaking groupon!!!!

      • Ciara (TheFemaleMJ) October 9, 2013

        Wait a minute. JUST WAIT A MINUTE. I know an August WannaBeChrisBrownAndTreyAllAtTheSameDamnTime Alsina stan isn’t talking about Ciara’s sales when August needed Chris and Trey to even get onto the charts.

        Queen Cici is one woman army beu beu and doesn’t need people to help her chart because she snatches and slays on her own. The only thing August looks like he can slay is a joint.

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        August is a new artist. Ciara debuted 10 years ago and started flopping three years into her career. That seething essay made you sound p-r-eSSED lol.

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        By the freaking way you have the most delusional username I’ve ever seen. Ciara is the female parachute , the way she skydives down the charts. Find a seat at one of her non-existent tour venues and stay there

      • Ciara (TheFemaleMJ) October 9, 2013

        I heard August is on the down low hun. Is that why you’re pressed at Queen Ciara. PRESSED that she gets to sleep with Future every night and your fav doesn’t?

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        The gays want everyone to be like them haha. That was a weak read lovebug. Maybe you should watch a few episodes of RuPauls drag race or purchase Paris Is Burning if you want to go toe to toe with me, ugly.

  3. GoodGollyMiley October 9, 2013

    I don’t know who Elijah is but good for him but this is what I want to say about Queen Miley.
    Do you see how she slaying all of your faves lives? That goes for ALL of you b******. Now people are saying Rihanna was inspired by Miley lol. THEY BETTER PAY HOMAGE.

    • LOL October 9, 2013


  4. Tremangel October 9, 2013

    Not the only AA stan on here making up stats now. I just checked itunes and ILTS is number four. Care to explain?

    • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

      I come armed with receipts babe.

      http : // m.billboard.com/entry/view/id/70744

      Trey and August are cool so I won’t even shade him lol

  5. SandySande October 9, 2013

    I didn’t think Elijah was s*** until I saw the picture.

  6. Mark111 October 9, 2013

    I see PIU being a top 10. I was shocked that it got 12 million more views than Work B****. Work B is my JAM tho.

    Poor Gaga, maybe she should push her album to 2014. Everyone was talking about Bey being scared to drop an album, but why when she still on tour? Katy doing well, Miley doing great, for some reason, Gaga is left on the shelf.

    • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

      Do you think the video will catapult it back into the top? I’m still not tired of it lol

      • Mark111 October 9, 2013


        I think so, the video brought new life to it.

    • CandyWarhol October 9, 2013

      Gaga sells albums and has numerous number one albums. Rihanna has seven albums and only has one number album. THINK about that.

      • Mark111 October 9, 2013

        This is Gaga 3rd album and only BTW went #1. So Gag gag only has 1 #1 as well. Don’t hate cause Rihanna first singles goes #1 and Applesauce can’t and got beat by Katy and then Miley and now this royal chic.

        Sorry, not sorry.

    • GagitaMaraj October 9, 2013

      And who cares about what you see.

  7. BrunoMartian October 9, 2013

    Whoah, Elijah is doing a good job.

  8. I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

    I almost forgot how much I loved countdown!! It was so underrated and one of the best singles from 4. I hope Bey will concentrate on one single at a time the next era, instead of releasing everything at once.

  9. cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

    slow news day

    • PhuckYoTour October 9, 2013

      Mad that Gaga is flopping?

      • Mark111 October 9, 2013

        Hahahahaha, these monsters are MAD!

      • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

        being in the top 10 for 57 days is flopping??? oh ok, i didnt know

      • Mark111 October 9, 2013

        Bitchs 57 days is 8 weeks. Stop trying to make it out to be bigger than it actually is.

      • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

        Ya mad??????

        😀 😀

    • RiriRoyale October 9, 2013

      Slow sales day.

      • BeyWhoUWanna October 9, 2013

        You’re talking about Gaga but why has UPL only sold 1 million after a year.

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        The same reason why 4 sold 1 million after 2 years? 😕

      • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

        *looks at Unpurchased first week sales and looks at Born This Way first week sales*



        😀 😀

      • Mark111 October 9, 2013

        Wasn’t Born This Way the same price as a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds?

      • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

        didnt Born This Way sell 1.18m in its first week though?

      • Mark111 October 9, 2013

        99 cents, so did jr whoppers that week. And?

      • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

        when will your fave sell 1.18m in one week?

        probably never, and that is why you will stay mad

        😀 😀 😀 😀

      • Mark111 October 9, 2013

        When will people give Gag gag the attention she so desperate seeking? Soory, we have a new white girl with the shock factor. Sorry that Gaga whole 4 year career relied on seeking attention Vs making good music.

        Yes, Gag gag sold a million albums (for 99 cents), but the real question is, can she do it again? It’s over, you gaga stans are about to feel what the Bey stans felt in 2011. You guys were talking that talk, saying Katy was gonna flop cause Gaga is bigger and blah blah blah. But now, after Katy slammed Gaga. you guys are singing a different song. lol, poor dat.

      • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

        dont have time to read your essays

        are you that bothered by Queen gaga that you write essays on blogs?

        SEETHE H**


      • Mark111 October 9, 2013

        Ha! Cause you can’t. and a essay is a minimum of 5 paragraphs. Go back to school w****. 🙂

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 9, 2013

        And Katy won’t last lol. If ppl are saying they are sick of Gaga cuz she’s generic what makes u think Katy won’t go too? Cuz she is definitely generic. In fact she’s one of the most generic popstars in years. Gaga Madonna and Britney all has one thing in common. They bought life and energy on stage and with their image and music. Katy is just too monotone and not dynamic enough. But that’s my opinion.

    • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

      oh how bored you must be

      log on to getcholife.com and follow instructions

  10. DemiQueenVato October 9, 2013

    Only on TGJ will you have a Ciara and August Alsina stan battling it out.

    • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

      and a Demi stan thinking Demi is a queen

      • DemiQueenVato October 9, 2013

        And a Gaga stan looking for a new number one.

      • cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

        I have plenty of those, cant say the same about a Demi stan though


      • Lana Del Slay (Rosie Is My BFF 2bh) October 9, 2013

        Instead of bullying poor DQV why not buy Aflaws on itunes so it can stop flopping.

      • Stop the drama Start the music October 9, 2013

        And summertime suicide stop making impact months ago. So go keep buying Lana’s depressing music.

  11. JT>>>JC>>>>JB October 9, 2013

    TGJ hype Elijah up like they know for a fact he’s going to be a huge star out the gate. The cat is good looking and talented and has a great personality but chill on the exaggeration a little.

    • Anon October 9, 2013

      F*** YOU!
      Nobody says anything when the Pop blogs hype up Justin T or Justin B so why should a R&B blog get flack because they’re supporting a BLACK singer. At the end of the day, I know TGJ does overkill with him but it’s better than them completely ignoring him like most websites do to black singers.

    • 1D>>>YourLife October 9, 2013

      Good point. TGJ is actually the only reason most people know who he is and they ARE ran by black people so its sorta of their duty to help him out like how Perez helped Flopga.

      • GagitaMaraj October 9, 2013

        F*** off. Perez didn’t help Gaga in any way at all, he only jumped on her bandwagon.

  12. NaviKissKiss October 9, 2013

    I still can’t believe Suicide Blonde is gone lol.

    • BuzzinBee October 9, 2013

      Truth tea everywhere. I’m so happy that our Queen is a lady of class and dignity.

  13. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 9, 2013

    Yassssss my man is Slaying, Sexlijah is coming to shake things up yasssa. My body is so f****** ready.

    He’s so hot, talented, articulate and smart, what more can you ask for?

    • AubreyOSlay October 9, 2013

      No lies were detected but I want you to stay away from him. My v***** has been saving itself for him and you have to respect that.

      • I’m prettier than Muhammad Ali October 9, 2013

        I’m sure you haven’t cleaned your v***** in weeks, s***

      • Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 9, 2013

        F****** bye, I already claimed my man ages ago and I’m willing for kill for him, you better back off w**** if you know what is good for you.

      • AubreyOSlay October 9, 2013

        Oh miss b****, I know what’s good for me and that’s the feeling of Elijah in between my legs after he wins his first Grammy. I don’t want to have to hurt you Love Bird so stop this now.

  14. cake like lady gaga October 9, 2013

    ^ some more people that need to be banneed

    @sam you know what to do

    • GagitaMaraj October 9, 2013

      Sister, who do you think the worst commenters on here are.

  15. Mark111 October 9, 2013

    According to these monsters, “Gaga sells albums and has numerous number one albums.” With only two albums being released and only 1 was #1. These minions are making up numbers now, lol.

  16. Elijah’sBijoux October 9, 2013

    Man I’m so proud of Eli right now and congrats to everyone too. Nothing but peace and love on my side guys.

  17. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 9, 2013

    Not a Folga fan but at least she’s releasing a tribute album, same cannot be said about the other one who is going on a world tour to support a calendar with her ass shots.

    • AubreyOSlay October 9, 2013

      You can run but you can’t hide you s***. Elijah is mine so f*** off.

    • TeenageDreamer October 9, 2013

      Why is Beyonce’s lowest first week sale higher than Riwhore’s highest first week sale?

    • NO(Halo My Name) October 9, 2013


    • Mwah October 9, 2013

      Yasss I know you cant get enough of that calendar. It slays.

  18. Tremangel October 9, 2013

    August Alsina has BEEN crushing on Trey and that’s why he’s been copying him.

    • Savannah October 9, 2013

      What? Lies you tell. If anything, Trey is an R.Kelly carbon copy. Don’t come for my hometown boo like that. August has his own swag.

  19. AubreyOSlay October 9, 2013

    It’s one of my ambitions in my life to sleep with Elijah and I WILL make it happen. LoveBird is a tired loose booty queen who needs to understand that King Elijah likes v***** and V***** only, not assholes.

  20. . : : h 2 o : : . October 9, 2013

    Mark111 is my husband.

    • BanjeeRiri October 9, 2013

      i didn’t know dogs could get married.

  21. Savannah October 9, 2013

    Hey now, leave August out of this!!! 😀

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