The Best You Never Heard: TLC, Leona Lewis, Ke$ha, & Kameron Corvet

Published: Friday 18th Oct 2013 by Sam

The Best You Never Heard is back!  Each week will once again see That Grape Juice spotlight an array of little known gems. Featuring picks from the TGJ editorial team, we want to know…who chose the best song! Let us know below…


TLC – ‘If They Knew’

Back in the 90’s, one could always count on TLC to deliver the politically-incorrect goods. From not being “too proud to beg” to giving one the “red light special”, nothing was off-limits for the iconic trio.

After sharing their stories of “creeping” in 1994, they returned 5 years later with ‘If They Knew’, an album highlight about infidelity and being enamored with two different people.

Included in the ’99 blockbuster ‘FanMail’, the track sonically keeps up with the futuristic theme of the project, but this time adding an understated Island-vibe to the mix.

The girls stay faithful to their Crazy, Sexy and Cool personas on the Dallas Austin helmed-record, as T-Boz smoothly and calmly delivers her lines, while the seductive Chilli sprinkles sensuality over the song, and Left-Eye and her unapologetic Rap verse almost makes straying sound cool. Almost.

With ‘FanMail’ selling over 10 millions copies worldwide despite only having three official singles (2 international and 1 European), would you imagine just how much more it would have sold if ‘Knew’ benefited from the single treatment?

Anyway, enough with our shoulda-woulda-coulda’s, here is ‘If They Knew’ {JOE}

LISTEN: [audiotube id=”bzCknvWNYcE”]


Leona Lewis – Burn

As missed opportunities go, vocal powerhouse Leona Lewis hasn’t had the best of luck in recent years.

For, despite ample success, the songbird has developed somewhat of a penchant for passing on material that would not just go on to be hits, but mega hits…for other artists. Case, point, recent revelation that Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ was originally recorded by the X Factor winner, only to be left on the cutting-room floor.

A shocking loss, no doubt; however, it’s the forgoing of the flavoursome ball of fire that is ‘Burn’ that baffles us most.

The Ryan Tedder cut was recorded by Lewis in 2011 during the sessions for her ill-fated ‘Glassheart’ project, yet – once again – was omitted from the final tracklist. Word is that it was the legendary Clive Davis who called for its axing upon taking a more hands-on approach with the A&R’ing of the album – which, at that point, had already been subject to a series damaging delays.

Yet, for all his genius, Davis’ decision would turn out to be the wrong one. For, not only did the LP’s dreary ballads and criminal flirtation with fist-pumping EDM fall flat, ‘Burn’ would go on to become a #1 chart smash for British singer Ellie Goulding…two years later in the Summer of 2013.

A shame, as the track boasts all that Lewis’ career needs musically. Indeed, while baring sprinkles of Pop, Dance, and Reggae, the song never veers too far one way. Resulting in a colourful genre-clash that is befitting on an artist such as Leona; a talented artist who is clearly eager to evolve musically, yet doesn’t seem to know how.

Here’s hoping future projects tap into the brilliance that is the sound, look, and taste of ‘Burn’. {SAM}

LISTEN:  [audiotube id=”d2Nl45PeZYg”]


Ke$ha – Backstabber

Initially planned to serve as the second single from Ke$ha‘s ‘Animal’ debut, ‘Backstabber’ stands one of the Pop star’s lesser known/generally overlooked fan favourites. Penned by the performer herself and Chaka Khan collaborator David H. Gamson, the fiery cut sees a pre-autotune Kesha roar through a track that speaks of friendship and betrayal, dealing with a theme far removed from the “generic jams” she’s gone on to craft since then.

Love ‘Backstabber’ as much as I do? Cast your vote below! {DAVID}

LISTEN: [audiotube id=”YBbrqgiTuuo”]

Kameron Corvet – Kiss And Makeup


Criminally underrated Soul singer Kameron Corvet has certainly built his fair share of buzz in underground R&B over the past few years. Ennobled for his falsetto driven, guitar accompanied numbers, the singer’s retro twist on modern R&B quickly earned him sharp comparison’s to some of the genre’s most prized crooners (see:  Eric Benet, Maxwell, and the like).

The foundation of that buzz was undoubtedly 2008’s ‘Korporate Rockstar’.  Featuring the modest R&B hit ‘Kiss & Make-Up’, get acquainted with the Louisiana native’s smooth plea for romantic reconciliation. Premium R&B lies ahead. {RASHAD}

LISTEN: [audiotube id=”u58ef_xdlF4″]

Whose Pick Was Best This Week?!

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  1. Ogagus October 18, 2013

    Leona Lewis of life! She sounded like an angel… Hers over Ellie’s

  2. Jmoore October 18, 2013

    Yes! JOE… This track has been one of my fav TLC songs… This track mos def shows that TLC was meant to be…the way their vocals flow on the track and then Left hits u with her incredible verse…this should have been a single from fanmail….im glad people who havent heard this will get a chance to hear why TLC is the biggest selling r&b group…they did that!

  3. CEE October 18, 2013

    That TLC cover is “effin” EVERYTHING!!!!!

  4. Everyone’s A Critic October 18, 2013

    I’ve always loved Backstabber, i pictured the video being a horror slasher movie spoof with Ke$ha running from a masked killer!!!

  5. Dev October 19, 2013

    I cant stand Ellies version of that song, but although better i still don’t think it would have been a hit for Lewis

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