Mariah Carey Parts Ways Randy Jackson / Hires Jermaine Dupri As Manager

Published: Sunday 6th Oct 2013 by David

 After watching her latest single ‘Beautiful’ soar to Platinum heights earlier this year, Mariah Carey has made a bold step towards a new direction this month.

For, after partying ways with Randy Jackson and enlisting Red Light Management to direct her career, she has now cut ties with them- calling on Jermaine Dupri to serve as her manager.


Full story below…

As long time fans of Dupri we too can’t wait to see what comes of this new arrangement. However, let’s hope Jermaine and Mariah are ready to take on the challenge they’re faced with.

For, while ‘Beautiful’ is Platinum, there’s no doubt that it did so by way of its support from radio, not Mariah herself.

Indeed, while it’s uncomfortable for many a Lamb to admit, it’ll take more than a whole lot more than a one single Clear Channel deal to shift the kind of units Mimi needs to avoid having a commercial bomb on her hands.

It’s for this reason we hope the new LP won’t drop until the end of the next year, as to give Mariah an entire year to collect sun kissed Adult Contemporary jams akin to ‘Beautiful’ and Gabrielle‘s ‘Sunshine/ Dreams’  and work alongside vocal producers who mission it’d be to make the most of her voice…as it is today.

More importantly, with her live performances growing increasingly uncomfortable to watch (see stiff finger wagging), it’d be great to see Kim Burse called in to work on Mariah’s visuals (in videos and on stage), as to strike healthy balance between the glamour she currently evokes and the Emeli Sande like  honesty her current showings are lacking.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Hh October 6, 2013

    There goes her career and her new album.

    • Ciara (The Female MJ) October 6, 2013

      You can’t say that again.

    • nbmvbmteu548 October 6, 2013

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  2. Mark111 October 6, 2013

    I see R&B making a comeback. JD is a great producer with classic under his belt. He just got too into himself in 2006 and gave out water down music. Usher is also working with JD, so I can see great R&B music in the near future.

  3. slim1814 October 6, 2013

    That is such a great idea.. We all know how Janet’s career soared under his management. (Note My Sarcasm)

    • LOL October 6, 2013

      Actually, he never managed Janet. he only produced her worst album LOL

      • FAF October 6, 2013

        ^ and ppl drag her but all Janet’s albums are certified at least gold besides her first 2 efforts

  4. cde October 6, 2013

    And I thought Sam wouldn’t be salty and #shady I tried it.

  5. Overdose October 6, 2013

    Mariah will still flop

  6. cake like lady gaga October 6, 2013

    Still won’t get her a #1 hit though.

    • Jake October 6, 2013

      You mean like Applause? #1’s really you think she cares , no one has more than her , except for The Beatles THAT says it all!

  7. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    The Legendary Mariah Carey

    I still don’t believe Granny sold more than Mariah, I want receipts

    Mariah is the Queen Of Pop. 18 #1s

    • Stephy Tha Lambily October 6, 2013

      Moderator: Comment Deleted.
      Following comments made by this user in an article published yesterday, That Grape Juice has taken the decision to ban ‘Stephy Tha Lambily’ from commenting for one week.

    • VSOP October 6, 2013

      B**** please! The queen of pop cannot be someone with one of the most dated, boring discographies in history!

  8. VSOP October 6, 2013


  9. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    This stupid lil’ monster always does the most

    Mariah has 6X hits yo flop fading gimmick fav has

    Gaga is done

    • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

      If Gaga is done, Beyonce is too. Which in both cases it´s absurd. Mariah will remain bigger than both.

  10. Stephy Tha Lambily October 6, 2013

    Moderator: Comment Deleted.
    Following comments made by this user in an article published yesterday, That Grape Juice has taken the decision to ban ‘Stephy Tha Lambily’ from commenting for one week.

    • FentySoSnatched October 6, 2013

      Haha bye beech.

      • FAF October 6, 2013


    • Touché October 6, 2013


  11. Carmen October 6, 2013

    Man Jermaine Dupri is always f****** s*** up lol. Looks like we are in for another flop Mariah era.

  12. Stephy Tha Lambily October 6, 2013

    Moderator: Comment Deleted.
    Following comments made by this user in an article published yesterday, That Grape Juice has taken the decision to ban ‘Stephy Tha Lambily’ from commenting for one week.

  13. LOL October 6, 2013

    MISTAKE. Yeah, Jermaine had hits, but that was back in the 90’s. This is the 10’s now LOL

  14. BarbzRUs October 6, 2013

    Yes! I’m so happy TGJ are banning S****** Blonde and Stephy. Your comments yesterday were disgusting because you were saying that you enjoyed being abused and that’s plain sick and nasty. Go and never return!

    • OMG October 6, 2013

      LOL They asses are getting blocked!!! Well there goes the fun from this website. They were funny as s***. But those comments was disgusting YUK!!!

  15. OMG October 6, 2013

    I can’t believe she is going with this guy!!!! Mariah Carey is really trying to flop huh!!! Mariah gurl just retire. You already done everything in the industry. Just be a wife & mother. Because I cant with this Hip Hop s*** you be putting out. I WANT OLD SCHOOL MARIAH CAREY BACK NOT TRIUMPHANT STANK ASS S***!@!!!!

  16. VisionOfMimi October 6, 2013

    Bye Stephy! Lol.

  17. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    Lol @Stephy , what did you do?

    • Keyshia Del Rey October 6, 2013

      He said he was messed with by adults when he was a child and that he liked it. Then S****** literally said that they used to make other kids suck them off and they used to sleep with pedos. Everyone was literally throwing up in the Chris Brown thread so I’m glad TGJ got their asses together.

      • Touché October 6, 2013

        Wtf? I’m glad I missed that.

  18. QueenCeline October 6, 2013

    Uh huh, oh yeah. This website is making me love them more and more everyday. 1. I agree with everything they said about Queen Mariah and 2. I’m happy they banned those two p******** enablers on this site. Who told you making fun of abuse victims and saying you liked being abused would make anyone else laugh. YOU FAILED and now you’ve been BANNED. Good riddance!

  19. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    Mimi has one of the most classic discographies ever!

    I can’t say the same about the other almost 120 year old ‘woman’ whom I don’t know any of her hits. And I mean ANY

  20. OMG October 6, 2013

    Stephy Imma miss you gay ass!!! LOLOOLL Sam, only blocking Stephy for an entire week tho. He will be back soon. Stephy can’t defend SHITriah HAHAHAHHAA

  21. Barb B**** October 6, 2013

    OMG I actually love Stephy IDGAF. The best lamb on here! Not insecure or trying to start s*** like flopriah hairy (tour de flop)

  22. JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

    Mariah can release whatever she wants anytime she wants. She doesn´t need to retire cos music is a real passion for her (not like nowadays models-strippers). Every single legend keeps releasing music while selling way less than Mariah, cos they love it and give it to their fans. All this would be if she were a complete flop… BUT she is not even that, her last single went platinum so you can all eat your words and wait for the time your basic faves start flopping, which will be the end for them, since talentless artists don´t remain once their time in the charts (thanks to controversy, not talent) is over.

    • Draggin4MrsCarter October 6, 2013

      You are delusional.
      Mariah can’t even go on a US arena tour without flopping? Also, which legends are you talking about, because ALL of them put Mariah’s new sales to shame.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

        Really? LOL What about Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Steve Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Bryan Adams, Prince and many more last albums??? All flops by what you people are trying to make the standard for artists that have been in the industry for over 25 years. But they keep releasing.
        Of course Mariah´s tours aren´t big, they never were. She´s more like an Adele. Mariah´s singles and albums keep doing better than most legends. Of course there can be 2 or 3 legends that still sell better than her during these last 5 years. So what? LOL You´re trying to prove a desperate point. Mariah´s career is the biggest ever along with Madonna´s, Celine´s and Whitney´s. Deal with it.
        Of course I thought she needed a change if she wanted to sell big and #Beautiful seemed to go in the right direction. But something happened, she was not happy with the Adult Contemporary he label wanted her to release and she waited to cook some other things. I really think she just wants to make R&B-hip hop and that´s it. I prefer if she makes more things. But it´s her music, her passion and she already proved everything. Plus “Triumphant” wasn´t bad at all. Just so not what people (mainstream) want now. But she wants it. So we´ll see. Like I said, she can do whatever she wants. I´m sure teh album will be good regardless of the genre or the sales.

    • TaylorWins October 6, 2013

      Tell that to Triumphant.

    • JanetXone October 6, 2013

      The delusion is so real. Mariah only charts when she uses payola and everyone knows it. Why else did Beautiful go Platinum but Triumphlop not even make the hot 100.

      • OMG October 6, 2013

        Actually, Beautiful sold very well. Also, it got really good reviews from non fans. Mariah Carey can use payola. But YOU CANNOT PAY SOMEONE TO PAY FOR YOUR SINGLE

      • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

        Cos #Beautiful was the type of song radio likes and Triumphant wasn´t. Plus she obviously used a little help the first day on radio, and she didn´t do it with Triumphant. I´m not delusional like most of you. She was smart enough that time and did what Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, J.Lo. and at leats half of the artists you know have done the last year. Any questions?

      • hollaback girl October 6, 2013

        h** stfu! Tranet – 65-70 million albums

        Mariah 145-150 million albums.

        Even Britney Spears has sold more albums than that h**. Tranet will always be a lessor and her brother’s understudy. I bet young generations don’t even know about her ass.

      • Turuncan October 6, 2013

        This is where you contradict yourself. If she can bribe her way out, why didn’t she do that with ‘Triumphant’, ‘Almost Home’, ‘Oh Santa!’, ‘Up Out My Face’, ‘Angels Cry’, ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ etc.?

  23. RiriRoyale October 6, 2013

    I just gained respect for TGJ 2bh. Banning them was the right thing to do.

  24. JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

    Is @s****** really banned? LOL He´s too much into drugs I think. He has nice taste for music overall, enjoying the real legends the most and many different genres (unlike the kids on here who only know about 2 or 3 basic young pop girls), but lately he has been supporting Rihanna or Katy too much, which is crazy considering who he really loves as musicians, while downplaying really talented people. It´s clearly the drugs he admits to take. I didn´t know about those comments these two people did yesterday but if what you people are saying it´s true then they deserve it.

    • Lana Del Slay October 6, 2013

      I agree with everything you said dear. I really do. I really believe he is on drugs and it was the drugs talking yesterday but do agree with TGJ banning him for the week.

  25. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    Thanks @Keyshia Del Rey hahahaha. I’ll read that post later


    I never thought I’d adress you. I’ve seen u on the “other” blog shading THE QUEEN

    Gaga is done, Katy, Miley, Rih and Adele sent the gimmick h** into early retirement

    Bey has 16 yrs in, and Gaga is done in 5 yrs. Beyonce was very big in her 5th year (group/solo you choose)

    Beyonce is in Demand more than ever unlike the floped t***** you stan for

    A flop egg meat bones mermaid mess!

    • Twerk 4 Miley October 6, 2013

      I see no lies mama.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

      Beyonce is not in demand more than Gaga. Sorry. And that´s no shade cos it´s just normal. Beyonce has been doing this way longer.
      About that other blog and my comments. I only shade your queen when neccesary. Of course at the rate mainstream music is declining she is starting to look like a Whitney Houston type of singer lol. Well anyway, what I want you to know is this:
      Beyonce>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Rihanna, Katy, Mlilye and the rest.
      On the other hand Gaga is a very talented chick. Very different from Beyonce so it´s absurd to compare them. I prefer Gaga cos hard worker Beyonce has never moved me, while Gaga seems more like a true singer-songwriter, of course she releases some generic singles, but she is real artist and proved it once she started to make big performances showing she could sing, play piano, etc. She also brought excitement for videos back. I mean, I remember when I heard Just Dance and Poker Face on the radio back in the day, my thoughts were: “here she comes, another talentless non singer”. But it all changed from Paparazzi and on and she showed what she got.
      Just that, she´s not one of my faves, but she is talented. You prefer Beyonce, it´s ok. We know they like each other and can coexist. Those other crap models should dissappear.
      Adele… yeah she slayed everybody and she deserved it (although it was a bit too much imo, but overall I was happy, and her voice is amazingly beautiful, as were her singles, which made the world fall in love with her in a way we didn´t see since Whitney, Mariah and Celine).

  26. Lol October 6, 2013

    Slow news day I see on this site this story is fake this site should be reported for fake store stay hating on Mariah get your life very about Beyonce since u post bs on her everyday she already has new management lol lames

  27. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    I am sorry, but no amount of blow jobs, gimmicks, blasphemy against God or circus costumes will revive Mermaid Yuyi’s short-lived 5years career

    Off to the kesha, nelly furtado, cassie and other flops lane she go. THE DUN DUN! …

    • XXX October 6, 2013

      Lol someones in a dragging mood today.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

      Ok, the fact you really believe their status are similar just invalidates your opinions from now on. Sorry. If you want to be taken seriously and you want people to respect Beyonce and her fans you should tell truths.

  28. Twerk 4 Miley October 6, 2013

    Poor stephy…. Not

  29. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    I have a feeling a certain flip-flopper will come for me. But he doesn’t matter ever since YEABEY and QUEEN BEY dragged his ass in 2011 out of the Hive

    And also a certain Rihanna ass kisser hive with the formula of water as their name

    • Twerk 4 Miley October 6, 2013

      Lol I caught that h20 shade.

  30. OMG October 6, 2013

    Honestly, Mariah Carey had an amazing career. She wrote & Produced 98% of her catalogue. Mariah Careys career was great up until “Glitter” then regained up until she married that Nick Cannon then after that FLOP!!!
    This is her REAL album sales…

    Mariah Carey: 1990 (10,000,000+)

    Emotions: 1991 (8,000,000+)

    MTV Unplugged: 1992 (5,000,000+)

    Music Box: 1993 (21,000,000+)

    Merry Christmas: 1994 (10,000,000+)

    Daydream: 1995 (18,000,000+)

    Butterfly: 1997 (8,000,000+)

    The #1’s: 1998 (10,000,000+)

    Rainbow: 1999 (7,000,000+)

    Glitter: 2001 (2,000,000+)

    Charmbracelet: 2002 (2,000,000+)

    Greatest Hits: 2003 (2,000,000+)

    The Emancipation Of Mimi: 2005 (10,000,000+)

    E=MC2: 2008 (2,000,000+)

    Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel: 2009 (1,000,000+)

    Merry Christmas To You: 2010 (1,000,000+)

    Dead at Merry Christmas To You selling more records than C-errors last 3 albums combined!! LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOOL

    Anyways, Mariah you a legend go retire you fat ass b****

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 6, 2013

      But your sales are incorrect…..

      • OMG October 6, 2013

        Those are Mariah Careys REAL ACTAUL STORE PURCHSED SALES FROM EACH ALBUM!!! Wikipedia lies about everyones sales

    • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

      How do you know those are her real sales? I´m sure Music Box sold a little bit more than that for sure. Anyway, the only sources I trust are USA sales, and maybe a few other countries sales. But worldwide sales are impossible to measure and to know. It´s all stimations. Although Mariah, Celine, Madonna and Whitney are obviously the biggest worldwide b****** ever anyway.

  31. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) October 6, 2013

    It’s so stupid to give credit to the clear channel deal for #beautiful’s success. Unlike Triumphant, Mariah actually promoted #beautiful.

    Besides, JLO had a clear channel deal for live it Up and what happened to that single? Is it even gold yet? If this clear channel deal is so powerful then why didn’t her single manage to sell as much as #beautiful which even got much more promotion?

    People barely even listen to radio these days. You guys are so delusional acting as If people are just gonna run and download a song because they here it on the radio. Don’t be pressed by the queen’s success, just congratulate her and keep it moving.

    • OMG October 6, 2013

      I will agree that Beautiful was a hit… People actually PURCHASED that song!!

    • QUEEN MINAJ October 6, 2013

      UMMMMM beautiful HAD so much more promo than live it up
      it had 2 videos.
      6 versions
      10 performances
      and the cow broke a hip.
      plus the clear channel deal so please sit and its just platinum you acting like it sold 5 mill

    • Touché October 6, 2013


  32. cake like lady gaga October 6, 2013

    LOLOLOL but sam is such a shady b**** 😀 😀

    Do u really have to ban them? 😀 😀 b**** I just got my life…

    You better ban @Slutbird, @slay_HIV+ and @Hoesie next!!!!

    • hollaback girl October 6, 2013


      that h** Career ender as well. The h** has no life.

    • Rosie October 6, 2013

      Dying @ you literally BEGGING for me to be banned just because me and/or Slay Hive clock you in almost every post. Stay pressed f**.

  33. Adeles superior October 6, 2013

    Can Rosie be banned next?

  34. TRUTH October 6, 2013

    omg this is why i stopped checking grape juice out, you put a legend like mariah in the same sentance as emeli sande & gabrielle, give me a break.
    Mariah is probly bored no1 can f*** with her she set the bar so high, when u start talking about what she needs to do, go back and realise SHE ALREADY DID IT! DUHH

    • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

      Yeah those constant long essays Sam writes about Mariah are hilarious. He never does it with his faves even if they perform way worse than Mariah in the charts and even if some of them are supposed to be at the peak of their careers and Mariah isn´t.
      One of Sam´s top 5 songs of 2010: “Mariah Carey duet with her mother Patricia”. Enough said. That´s how good she is, haters can´t resist her talents and end praising even her Xmas songs, a thing none of these other pop artists are unable to achieve: recognition for their f****** Xmas music lol I mean, who else? They consistently fail.

  35. NO October 6, 2013

    Awe, I actually liked S****** Blonde and Stephy. Oh well somethings are better left unsaid.

  36. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    Who takes little MONSTERS seriously anyway?

    John Vidal

    Gaga is not the only artist who can write and sing and play Piano. Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys and 101 325 000 other artists can do that

    She’s no special. She’s basic at her best. I mean ra ra ra gaga ohh lala, po po poker face, ale ale ale jandro is some superior writing skills right?

    I’d expect Selena Gomes to be doing that kinda music

    Gaga is an overhyped halloween lab experiment gone wrong!

    • JOHNVIDAL October 6, 2013

      LOL Of course Alicia Keys is f****** great and Bruno too. Who said otherwise??? We are discussing pop girls. And she´s the best out there among the young ones, under 30 years old. No question about it. The rest can´t do anything at all.

  37. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    Don worry Gaga,once ur music career is done you can become the world’s most famous evil-clown for kindergarten kids

    And you b****** worried about me shall deal

    Dedicates Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die to Gaga’s career

  38. Career Ender October 6, 2013

    Dear TGJ commentors I’m sorry for making the post about the Flopause singer

    That Cake Like Gaga stan does the most, wanted to put him/her in her place

    This is about Queen Mariah the MOST succesful artist of the 21st century. All the best for her new management

  39. B**** October 6, 2013

    Are you really pitching those horrible songs from Gabrielle next to Mariah Carey who has written songs that p*** all over that crap! Sunshine is a horrible song!!! Dreams a classic yes but i would much rather listen to Dream Lover from MC anyday!

    • James October 7, 2013

      I don’t agree. Gabrielle’s music may not be as good as Mariah’s BEST music, but her songs are certainly better than most of the crap Mariah has released since 1999. Let’s be real here.

  40. . : : h 2 o : : . October 6, 2013

    Idk about that but good luch for her with that.

  41. Charlie October 6, 2013

    Oh dear, Mariah’s last great album was The Emancipation and was due to Dupri not producing all of the album. As long as Mariah remains diverse with producers and modern and classic sound she’ll be okay

  42. The Boy Toy October 6, 2013

    Some people take this blog way too f****** seriously. Lmfao get a life!!!

    • BITCHPLEASEEEEE October 6, 2013

      CO-SIGN 🙂

  43. Mwah October 6, 2013

    Shes so boring and predictable. Just hurry up and flop and get it over with already

  44. Nichole October 6, 2013

    Mariah girl…get it together or your career is finished.

    I can’t believe an artist of her caliber cannot find the proper management.

    Should have worked things out with Benny Medina, because he did an amazing job managing her career with TEOM.

  45. Theman October 6, 2013

    Lol at Sam’s delusion. Mariah’s “Beautiful” went platinum on its own. It had a one day radio deal.. JLo had one & so did Justin & a few others.. So stop with the bullshyt.. JLo’s single didn’t perform well with the deal, so stop the excuses. U always try to makes excuses for her amazing success, with these inaccurate a** essays. She isn’t the one that u should be writing essays about anyway.. “Beautiful” went platinum because it is an amazing song. Be clear about that. It’s funny how Sam a can’t write up these irrelevant essays for the flop artists that really need them. Everyone u Stan for is a flop. Why don’t u write essays for Beyonce because she could surely use them..

  46. JER October 6, 2013

    OH GOD

  47. eric October 6, 2013

    I may have just lost all interest. JD uses a very repetitive sound and basic arrangement. It’s like he’s always reworking something he did with another artist. And we see what he did for Janet’s career. That’s when she started going downhill.

  48. mc the place to be! October 6, 2013

    but jermaine produced teom and some of his best work today come from Mariah they been riding with each other for almost 2 decades now! whether Yall like it or not Mariah still relevant has more followers on Twitter than most people s*** she talks to her fans who keep asking about the album and she always replies unlike some people we know of who just don’t give a f*** and take your rent money release endorsement snippets

    • James October 8, 2013

      She’s been working with JD for exactly 2 decades if you factor in the Never Forget You remix he did for her.

  49. DOSSOME October 6, 2013

    23yrs and still gettin them salty…That’s the REAL impact she has…If there wasn’t DEMAND for Mariah’s music,#beautiful would’ve flopped even if she hijacked WORLD HUMANITARIAN DAY, inked a deal with UN and Ban Ki Moon himself to promote her music like other artists do…

  50. DOSSOME October 6, 2013

    The irony in these stupidly written articles purpoting to give a legend like Mariah career advice when every single artist the author of this nonsense stans for is a flop

  51. Acem October 6, 2013

    Is this the same Jermaine Dupri that helped tank Janet’s career, is always getting fired from his A&R positions, can’t get much work as a producer today and has damn near been blacklisted? Heh. Good choice! If you hate Mariah as much as I always have, this is actually great news.

    • king October 6, 2013

      wow that is so bitchy, thank god i don’t know u

  52. Acem October 6, 2013

    Mariah can’t keep a manager. The truth is that her career hasn’t been on rock solid ground since she stopped being Tommy’s wife. He was her ultimate manager, and made sure everything was set right. Ever since him she’s been trying to find someone with as much command and industry power who could take her back to the kind of status she once had, but she hasn’t been able to find it.

    • theman October 6, 2013

      This makes no sense at all because she did that with “TEOM” album, and E=mc2 garnered her highest first weeks sales. So that’s null and void. It has nothing to do with him. Things are simply different. She doesn’t need someone that will control her. She needs someone that will challenge her per say.. This article is irrelevant….

  53. James October 7, 2013

    Hip hop Mariah was cool for the first 5, maybe 7 at a stretch, years. Its old now. She f****** sucks. Sad as I used to be her biggest fan.

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