Rihanna Comes Under Fire From Abu Dhabi Mosque: ‘She Violated Moral Codes’

She may have only intended to capture its beauty on camera, but today has seen serial chart topper Rihanna face fire from an Abu Dhabi mosque for holding a photo shoot right in front of it…without permission from the mosque itself.

What went down?

Full story below…

In town to rock the fans with her ‘Diamonds World Tour’, the entertainer arrived at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque with pals, and began to pose for a shoot uploaded to her personal Instagram page.

Unfortunately, while her fans may have loved the finished product, staff at the religious establishment asked the performer to leave as her actions was ‘considered to be at odds with the sanctity of the site’.

Standing tall as the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates, the place of worship released a statement soon after, explaining:

‘In the event of behaviour that violates the moral codes of access to the mosque, or other visit regulations – such as taking inappropriate pictures, posing in ways that are improper in the context of sacred place, talking loudly, or eating – the violators are directed in a polite manner that reflects the civilisational and tolerant attributes of Islam.”

“Here, the Centre refers to a recent incident, involving a singer who came for a private visit to the mosque, at a gate that is not reserved for visitors, without prior coordination with the Centre’s management and without identifying herself.”

Unfortunately, in what made the above criticism ring even louder, reports have now emerged claiming the singer made no attempt to go inside the mosque- seemingly only interested in the photo op. A view point, held by Instagram user Emily November, who shared:

“‘Are these photos serious? I can’t believe she is this wrapped up into her own ‘looks’ that she poses at a place like this. A place which represents the opposite of what she represents.”

The vocalist is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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      • opd2 October 21, 2013

        they are just too much she didn’t do anything,sigh.

  1. xedos October 21, 2013

    How is it a tourist attraction,but you cannot take picture from outside?. make no sense. i can understand not taking pics inside.

    • Nadia Maraj October 21, 2013

      Who told you it was a tourist attraction you uncircumcised dog! It’s a place of worship.

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) October 21, 2013

        b**** how do you knkow he’s uncircumcised?? have u been sucking his black d*** or something??

      • Nadia Maraj October 21, 2013

        The same way I know you did not wash your v***** this morning. #AnymoreQuestions

      • get over it October 21, 2013

        It most certainly is a tourist attraction, hence why on their website it gives visiting hours and information for TOURS. It has a booking system and everything online on their very non worship like website!

      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) October 21, 2013

        @Nadia Maraj h** eat this nasty p****. Rhi didn’t do a damn thang!! these fuckn FANATICS kill me with this b*******!! ALL OF THEM r hypecrites!! they bury litle girls up to their necks int the sand and stone them and call it HOLY!! FUCKN MANIACS!! #TEAMINDUSTRYPUSSY

  2. CARTER FIERCE October 21, 2013

    Im a muslim and I have been there. She clearly violated the rules.

    • CARTER FIERCE October 21, 2013

      Really stealing my username again?

    • Laquisha October 21, 2013

      Well bytch you can move to the left cause we dont give a f*ck

  3. Arie October 21, 2013

    Poor Rihanna, another day another bad headline or review.

  4. JJFan1814 October 21, 2013

    I’m sure she wasn’t aware of these “rules” being in existence.

    They just mad cause those pics she took are SICKENING!

  5. Hayley October 21, 2013

    This website has sadly become a Rihanna bashing site, whatever pays the bills I guess .

    • TeenageDreamer October 21, 2013

      Where did they bash her in this article?

      • mekaela October 21, 2013

        You haters need to leave ri the f*** alone everything she does is a problem she is not out there stealing killing all u people bloggers find fault with this girl get off her p**** already go stalk somebody else

      • VisionOfMimi October 21, 2013

        Hayley darling, you should trying reading the post before you talk about it.

    • cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

      Did you even read the article sis??

    • AzaleanArmy October 21, 2013

      So the mosque DIDN’T write the statement?

    • RoyalNavi October 21, 2013

      @Hayley You should try reading the article before you diss it. They defended her in the very first line.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 21, 2013

      Are you really that illiterate and lazy?

    • BanjeeRiri October 21, 2013

      Sweetheart, you’re supposed to read BEFORE you comment.

      • FAF October 21, 2013

        her fans don’t likeit when ppl tell the truth, they want rihanna to be able to do w/e she wants & get away w/ it w/o judgment

        Rihanna is not muslim, why is she trying to visit these sites ? for photo ops

        EXACTLY thats the epitome of basic behavior. Everything she does is bc its “cute” or “cool”

        she always getting some tattoo thats unrelated to her culture (the sanskrit, the arabic, the new aboriginal ink)

        like b****, be proud of your OWN heritage <<<<< ! I hate ppl like that

  6. Lydia October 21, 2013

    Can she not go to one country without PISSING that culture off for once lol?

  7. Aloys234 October 21, 2013

    I empathise with what the ‘centre’ is saying about how the mosque will be portrayed, although if i read correctly – it was for personal use and uploaded to her instagram by her, which therefore isnt a breach of any kind to what she or they represent. I doubt any pictures taken off her by a photo journalist will ever see the light of day after this article.. needless to say they are some stunning pics of Rihanna.

  8. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    Refrain from leaving comments such as these, or face a permanent ban.

    • HALF AMAZIN October 21, 2013

      No YOU are disgusting . You’re categorizing an entire religion of people based off some who are extremist??? There are bad apples in every faith. Why don’t you google those Christian terrorist in Ireland who didn’t have a problem killing for Jesus!!! How dare you generalize. You should feel ashamed and absolutely stupid

  9. Kisses Down Low October 21, 2013

    Shes so vain she is more bothered about pictures and showing off than actually respecting that culture and the history. She did a similar thing with the abused animals in Thailand.

    • Dray October 21, 2013

      Don’t you have a flop you can support instead of spreading envy and hate?

      • Kisses Down Low October 21, 2013

        This is not about my fav now gtfo my comment section unless you’re gonna stay on topic instead of using lame irrelevant shades to distract from the issue at hand

  10. pat October 21, 2013

    it was tastefully done..im sure we all would violate one of the bazillion rules over there without knowing it if we were there

    • cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

      LOL IkR????

    • GNYC October 21, 2013

      she conducted her own damn photo shoot AT A PLACE OF WORSHIP!!! are people stupid enough to not see why that might be a problem??? do you take your ass to church to conduct photo shoots??? no you don’t

  11. SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

    All that and the photos aren’t even cute! All i see is nose and forehead! She has no respect. She could atleast issue an apology. She was quick to respond to Teyana. Smh

    • cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

      THE REACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      #DEATH :”-O

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        “How dare these TERRORISTS , who kill innocent people for fun” <—— No b****, that's the REACH! how dare you imsult a group of people, for the actions of a few ignorants! I won't get into what people say about Africans 😉

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

      @slay-hive you had better preachhh!

    • Dray October 21, 2013

      . . .the intellegience level you display is the same as the rest of your fav’s fanbase. . . .zero to none. How sad to be so pressed and dumb . .poor dat

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

        Lol say’s a member of the Scavy….I will not. not today.

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        Say the b****, who starts her sentences with fifty periods, andfty more between each sentence! I don’t need a dummy to critique my intelligence. Don’t let my opinions hurt your feelings! B****!

      • Dray October 21, 2013

        I’m not paid to show you correct grammar but if you can’t understand the way I write. . chhhh. . . I digress. . . .I’m not writing an English paper. .I’m commenting on a forum in whatever style I like. . . .you dumb insect and that still doesn’t help you r level of comprehesion nor change your intellegence-which is still none–zero. . . .

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        Girl like i said, with your HORRIBLE writing style, i don’t need you to critque my intelligence! Obviously you’re not intelligent enough to put together a complete sentence with correct abbreviations! Let alone, judge my comprehension level because my comment has you PRESSED! The irony in you entire comment is REAL! Clearly you’re not writing an English paper, because you CAN’T! FOH

        SN: WTF is none-zero?? How can you go from nothing to zero?? Isn’t that the same dumb b****! Make sense before you TRY to come for me! *hair flips*

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013


      • Kisses Down Low October 21, 2013

        @Slay_Hive you better get him/her TOGETHER hunty. Not a b**** coming for someone else’s grammar when they cant construct a sentence using basic capital letters and without unwarranted ellipses. The mf irony.

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        OK!!! That stupid s*** has some nerve! Kiiiii It’s a shame how PRESSED i keep these girls

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 21, 2013

        @Slay_Hive *Rises to give standing ovation*

      • Dray October 21, 2013

        Sigh. If constructing a sentence is the most relevant thing occupying your mind, then have at it. Obviously, not only does Rih have you pressed but whether or not I punctuate or have run-ons is effecting you as well. Smiles. . knock yourself out. You do have to have something to occupy your time as you wait for a single. In the meanwhile, sit back, relax, and watch the fashion/pop queen–Rihann– slay our soul. Toodles. .was that enough punctuation for you? Could you follow what I just wrote? Do I need to break it down a little more elementary for you?

      • Marcellas October 21, 2013

        Lol @ Slay Hive, READ! You cant come for someone else’s education when you demonstrate flaws in your own.

  12. BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 21, 2013

    I don’t even like riherpes,and I know Muslims have strict rules,but I see nothing disrespectful with these pics.

  13. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    LOL I agree with what @PAT said

    There are 84521125478254565 rules in UAE, next we will be hearing she violated one of the rules by walking on the grass or something!!!

  14. CARTER FIERCE October 21, 2013

    Guys how do u secure your usernames. Mine keep getting stolen. I can’t keep changing. What do I do?

  15. Love Life October 21, 2013

    Cant stand her. She just wants to glamorize everything.

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

      i knowwwww! she’s such an opportunist! let the Arab world give it to her!

  16. h2o October 21, 2013

    I lived in UAE for 3 years as a child + I was there less than 2 years ago for 5 months and I must say….. The rules are too much, specially for foreigns.

    Like … You don’t even punish students raping each other in all-male schools, but you wanna drag someone for taking pictures in front of a MOSQUE ?

    Arabic Gulf … Smdh


    Anyway, these snaps are pretty much everything! Go Rihanna, keep killing your fashion game!

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

      i see you’re part of the navy now? hmm. but yeah you’re right,the rules are a bit much but she still, should have respected what the rules said! Just because you go around the world modelling on stages to backtracks doesn’t mean you’re entitled to everything and/or you’re above the rules. simple as.

      • Dray October 21, 2013

        . . I see you’re seething and pressed but please get that frustration out. Bey will hopefully have another snippet for you soon. . or another picture of her running behind Jay’s tour. Oh yeah, get that caledar and you can see her everyday. Takes some of the focus off my fav. Toodles

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

        oh dear ,I see my fav has you pressed. Where in the article above is her name mentioned once in conjunction with the rule-bender R****? Just where? Yet you find yourself going through her repertoire watching her every move this year? haaa,she is THE queen for a reason. I’m simply commenting because this post has everything to do with Rih. Must i repeat myself again,to yet another navy member…..STAY ON TRACK. I see you’re finding that hard to do so i suggest you cop that Beyonce 2014 *CALENDER. Just might help you sweets. x

      • Dray October 21, 2013

        I wasn’t commenting because your fav was or was not in the article. . .I was commenting on you, personally. . . .hence, I see who you stan for so eveything you say about Rih is either fueled by jealousy, hate, pressedness (IOW seethingness). . .sooooo that just voids everything you say about Rih. Ever since your fav trolled you, the hive’s main focus is trying–key word–TRYING to tear down Rih. I just wish you guys would find another hobby or sit patiently waiting for you “queen” to throw you a crumb and stay out the Global Queen’s world.

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

        but girl(assuming you are one) why would I be jealous of miss Rih? Jealousy entails a sense of competition. and I’m in no way way shape or form competing with R****. Beyonce meanwhile has the better selling tour(I’ll only talk about that because well,that’s all she’s been up to this year) so I dunno why Beyonce fans will be hating on Rih? The same Bey who picked up her 17th grammy earlier this year?Topped a forbes list once again,that Bey? I mean really? come on now. R**** has her number 1 singles to be celebrating too. Oh and the Vevo certifications(tihi).Both ladies are doing fine for themselves.
        I mean I’m not in the same field as those ladies. Why would I be jealous? makes no sense.

      • Dray October 21, 2013

        Considering how the news come out that Matthew was on the BET board and bought those awards, I’m sure other things willcome out and it will be known he probably bought some Grammys as well. So that can be argued if she really earned those. She needs to stay in Vegas like Britney considering she’s a has-been. She does put on a good show. . .like most Vegas shows. Kiiii

  17. etone October 21, 2013

    Soooooo Rihanna is the only tourist in the world who has taken pics infront of the mosque..

    • cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

      Moderator: Comment deleted.
      Refrain from leaving comments such as these, or face a permanent ban.

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

      nope,but she’s the only one at that level of fame DUMB enough to post the pictures on social media without consulting the authorities. everything has a protocol. it should be followed. Rihanna too.

  18. Hadley October 21, 2013

    DEATH! Oh Rihanna what next…

    Oh and before anyone tries to complain about this site bashing her, this is headline news everywhere just check out The Daily Mail.

  19. NT October 21, 2013

    Let her live, she didn’t do anything that bad.

  20. Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

    She looks hot in those pics though.

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

      if hot is having a great-wall of china forehead peaking out of that head scarf, making a mockery of traditional CONSERVATIVE arabic women. then yes,r**** looks hot! it’s not what i see,but go ahead.

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        So just how much freedom do those “conservative” Arabic women have *side eyes Pakistan*.

        I’m certain you would rather have her cover up from head to toe in a Burqa like conservative Arabic women right.

        But then again, a loose booty bottom such as yourself knows nothing about a womans beauty.

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

        They don’t have enough freedom as us women from the west you’re right,but I’m just trynna figure out what freedom has anything to do with my precious comment. Scavy members i tell you….

        I just think it’s a mockery and ironic considering she models on stages every night in underwear(this is when she actually decides to put on something). I thought Rih was original and stays true to herself? why didn’t she pose in front of that mosque in her usual getup? typical Scavy member though,so far up her cooch you’re too blinded by the smell to know better. smh

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        So Muslim women have got little freedom right?

        And Rihanna is fully clothed in the above pic, you seem to have a problem with that.

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

        compared to women from Europe and the US. I’d say yes. But then again,what we might look at as lack of freedom,they might be very well content with that considering that’s what they grew up accustomed to.

        Again, I still fail to see why you keep diverting the story towards the Muslim women’s freedom. Stay on track. Probably all that weed smoking your fav glorifies. STAY ON TRACK. We’re talking about how unattractive she looks in those pics with that loaf of bread size head.
        and yes dumb ass, that’s the whole point. I do have a problem with the level of hypocrisy being displayed by the “Original” one herself.

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        Lol beauty is subjective buddy, this is why Rihanna gets magazine covers, because people think she’s beautiful.

        So your hating opinion is irrelevant.

        Secondly, Rihanna doesn’t have to prove anything to you, she can be dressed or not, doesn’t matter.

        And do you seriously think Nigerian women in Northern Nigeria are happy to be stoned to death of allegations of adultery?

      • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013

        exactly,which is why I say I don’t find her attractive. And no sweets,just because she graces magazine covers doesn’t make her a beauty? your reasoning,smh #onlyAnavyWouldComeUpWithSuchAssumptions. Basic.

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        I said people find her beautiful which is why she’s on magazine covers, read and comprehend.

        And you’re the one trying to force your opinion of her beauty on me.

  21. Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

    Taking pics ib front of a mosque is Haram now? Where the hell is UAE, gulf region or Northern Nigeria? Come on now, why is this news?

    • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013


  22. Vee October 21, 2013

    LMAO she should apologize whether she deems it just or not, just out of respect. Otherwise she wont be able to Tour there again looool. I mean shes treating it like a photo shoot not a house of worship!

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) October 21, 2013


    • Dray October 21, 2013

      She was doing them a favor over there by gracing them with her presence. . . .chhhhh. .I hope she pays the middle east dust next time. that is what they are surrounded by so it won’t be much of a change.

      • Vee October 21, 2013

        You sound delusional stfu.

  23. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    Refrain from leaving comments such as these, or face a permanent ban.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013


      @SAM :

      YOU will let that S*** happen ?

      I can Go In On Him, I CAN, but i won’t, I WANT HIS ASS BANNED to think before typing that Wack S***.

      he Doesn’t even sound educated.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 21, 2013

      LOL!! What was said??!

  24. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    And LOL @WasteWater saying he went to UAE. But being a f** is illegal there sis, how did you avoid jail?

    • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

      Maybe he isn’t a flaming loose a*** sissy, like you! Looool

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        Pot calling kettle black ey?

      • cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

        B**** I am 100% straight… Get off my d***, I don’t do f***!!

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        ^^Lie detected.

      • cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

        ^^ troll detected

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        @Pressed Pigeon
        B**** i may be gay, but this ass is TIGHT! i’m sure your ass hasnt been tight since birth, b****!

        @F** like Caca

        B**** you are NOT straight!! Not using words like ” CLOCKDT, and kii” Then you stan for a “F**” lover! FOH B****

  25. BeyWhoUWanna October 21, 2013

    I hate to be rude, but I hope this mosque was just as quick to respond when those terrorists killed all those people in South Africa. Why are they worried about her when their religion has much bigger problems.

    • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

      Kenya honey,Westgate mall is in Kenya.

      Smh, Beyonce fans.

      • FentySoSnatched October 21, 2013

        It doesn’t matter where it was, she makes a very good point. How come Muslims are always mad about the little things people do that don’t physically harm anyone but NEVER say anything bad when terrorists strike.

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        It does matter because South Africa was not attacked, Kenya was.

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        B**** you’re always trying to downgrade someone’s education. Maybe this person was just simply misinformed. Everybody is not glued to their google search engines, and online dictionaries, like you! Then come here and pretend to have a masters in English. Sit the f*** down, b****!

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        Correcting him on the location of an occurance is not English, it’s current affairs. There is a difference.

        And knowing a little bit of geography never hurt anybody, this is why you have people like Rick Ross saying they’re going to the COUNTRY of Africa.

        South Africa and Kenya are very different.

      • cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013


        READ HA!!!!!!!!!!!

        😀 😀 😀

      • BeyWhoUWanna October 21, 2013

        Excuse me, it was an easy mistake to make. My point is that islam needs to take a stronger stand when people carry out atrocities in its name.

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        I don’t give a f*** if it was English or Math! I was making a point, that you constantly come for people’s education, whether it’s their grammar, typos, geography, WHATEVER!

        You were being shading, instead of trying to correct the person! You are above NO ONE, b****! We can all sit at home all day and google!

      • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

        I never said I’m above anybody. And you clearly said you don’t give a f*** so what does it matter what I tell this person? You’re so obsessive, a Google search every now and then wouldn’t kill you.

        After all, the internet is a hive of information and not just a place to Google Beyonce pics.

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        Hun i dont google Beyonce pics and i definitely don’t need you to tell what to use google for. I have that under control! Instead of googling words and countries, you’ll never go to. You should google a job application, or college application. I’m in school. I don’t need a no life, self proclaimed genuis, on a blog to teach me anything! *hair flips*

  26. CARTER FIERCE October 21, 2013

    I really don’t think she meant any harm

  27. Brandys Starr October 21, 2013

    I just looked at the pictures and then reading some of the comments, some of you saying she looks ‘sickening’ and ‘hot’ is exactly the problem. This is not your average ‘stand and smile’ Tourist picture. She has to go a step further and make it look like a damn album shoot. Its a mosque and all shes doing is glamorizing it, which may not seem that disrespectful to you but it is to them.

    • Dray October 21, 2013

      She can’t help she’s beautiful. . Lawd the things you guys get upset over. Someone slays in pictures so you want to cry. Rih is just slaying. . .clothed, unclothed. . .it doesn’t matter.

      • Brandys Starr October 21, 2013

        Tf are you talking about? This isnt me getting upset its a culture and Im seeing it from their persepective. This isnt about how ‘beautiful’ you think she is its the nature of the photo which portray a message of vanity and glamorizing a culture that is anti all that. Whats wong with her just standing there a smiling like any normal Tourist would?

      • Brandys Starr October 21, 2013


  28. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    YASSSSSSSSS at you guys reading the terrorists!!!

  29. Brandys Starr October 21, 2013

    I dont think she meant any harm but thats not point. If I was to go there I would not feel the urge to lie down and pose like she did in front of it. She should respond with a simple apology if she caused any offense let your pride go Rihanna.

  30. RitasLipstick October 21, 2013

    So she didn’t even bother to go inside? She really has no respect for Queen Rita’s religion.

    • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013


    • BunsMinaj October 21, 2013

      The irony of Rita being muslim with an addiction to sausage.

    • LDNDIVA October 21, 2013

      Rita CANNOT be a practicing Muslim babe. I’m so sorry but if she was her family would have disowned her by now. Girls have been killed for sleeping with one man outside of marriage let alone 21.

  31. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.
    Refrain from leaving comments such as these, or face a permanent ban.

  32. Revolution October 21, 2013

    We all know the b**** didn’t even go inside or want to gain knowledge into history or anything like that. She just wanted another look at me moment. Her vanity and air head keeps coming back to bite her these days.

  33. RICHIE_RICH October 21, 2013

    Yass these pics are SICKENING. I don’t see what the big deal is.

    She is giving me Grace Jones meets Abu Dhabi Mosque. Eat riri eat bish.

  34. Revolution October 21, 2013

    Its like when I saw her posing with the chained up elephants in Thailand! I was like can this b**** get any DUMBER!?

  35. CARIBBEANTOTHEBONE October 21, 2013

    Wow, u guys sure have a lot of time on your hands. From “al I see is forehead and nose, to she is not even cute, to Riherpes, WOW. Yet im sure you guys go out in the world chat with your friends and family like normal and yet they don’t know how hateful and petty you can be.

  36. Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

    Frankly the world would be better off without all forms of religion. I’ve seen nothing good come from it.

  37. Revolution October 21, 2013

    And Muslims have flaws and ideology issues but not all Muslims are Terrorists some ignorant fools on here. And you might not see what the big deal is, which is the reason why you are not Muslim you idiots.

    • RICHIE_RICH October 21, 2013

      I take it you’re a muslim. Anyone with common sense know that all muslim aren’t terrorist, so don’t take it personal babe. Not that serous.

      • Revolution October 21, 2013

        I’m not a Muslim actually. I just have an open mind and know people who are Muslim. And reading the comments on here, that terrorist thing not the case.

    • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

      You do know it’s only one pressed queen saying that right?

      Game stores has ran out of K Y Jelly, or do they call it Walmart now?

  38. Revolution October 21, 2013

    And actually it is serious, because many people have the same mind-set as that troll. In the UK, after the Woolwich attacks, Muslims were getting beat up just for being Muslim, someone I know being one of them.

  39. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

    I’m Fully Offended By The Comments Regarding Muslims In this Post.

    I’m not even That Religious, But Some Commenters went too far and This Website didn’t even moderated or did anything.

    That S*** is Sad.

  40. little miss crunk ‘n’ b October 21, 2013

    rihanna is a dead and gone w****, her career ended with pon de replay, that fake ass b**** w**** need check her mouth and the s*** she be putting out

    • Dray October 21, 2013

      You must be a Cierror fan. . . no one else can type so illiterately. Keep that chicken scratch language down in the A where you can have someone translate that mess. .plus, that’s the only place where your fav is known. . . .and they still don’t buy her albums. .Kiiiiii

  41. FAF October 21, 2013

    I knew this was gonna be a problem when I saw these pics online… noone wants a harlot representing them ;/

    • Dray October 21, 2013

      . . .and who do you stan for?

    • RICHIE_RICH October 21, 2013

      Oppps for the Harlot.

  42. FAF October 21, 2013

    Sam, u need to start banning these intolerant ppl this site is not the place to be talking about the wrongs of religions, personal arguments is one thing, but to me racism (white girl mob) is the same thing as these ppl attacking muslims & calling them terrorists, etc.

  43. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

    I can’t At TGJ Let Some of Those Comments Being Posted, So you Moderated anything against “Gays” or “Blacks”, but nothing against “Muslims” ?!


    Ok, I do get the Message @Sam.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

      I don’t know his Rules to moderated or what you do to get banned, but He should think about it FOR REAL now, The Type of commenters has changed drastically to the worse.

      Anyhow, I know I’m on my Way out of this Website any day now, I’m just decreasing my Visits time by time till i leave completely.

      I have always thought @SAM has some Standards how to run TGJ, but Looks like he Lost Control.

      Next they Will talk badly about other group of people and he will remain silent doing nothing but scrolling.

      Moderator: Hello Pop Royalty!
      We’ve taken your comments on board and endeavour to remove any comments that may be deemed offensive. We value your support of the site far more than you know and never want you to feel that you’re not welcome here. You are- and the site wouldn’t be the same without your daily input.

      Would you mind directing us to the comments you mentioned so that we can assess, and if necessary- delete them permanently?

      We hope all is well.
      That Grape Juice.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

        Cake Like Lady gaga
        October 21, 2013 at 8:24 am
        I don’t like Riherpes, but I dislike muslims more..
        How dare these terrorists, who kill innocent people for fun, criticise someone for a PICTURE??? THE ARROGANCE!!!!
        Knowing muslims and their love of war, they can very well use this incident to start world war 3. Muslims are most war-loving creatures on earth, even wild animals behave better than muslims, see Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia, Iraq, Pakistan, etc..
        Muslims are disgusting!!!!!

        I have an inquiry ? Can you Delete them Please?! he is Hating on entire countries Now, Not Only Groups of People.

        Other Racist comments by the same commentator:

        October 21, 2013 at 9:09 am
        The muslims will probably deploy suicide bombers to Barbados because Riherpes “disrespected” their religion. You know, like they did to America? Kenya? Somalia? Pakistan? Iraq? Afghanistan?

        Yes, a new war is in the making. That’s how stupid muslims are

        Cake Like Lady gaga:

        October 21, 2013 at 8:37 am
        Muslims have to be the dumbest creatures on earth
        Report this comment

        Thank you in advance TGJ team for Considering My Comments.

      • My Forehead Tho October 21, 2013

        *Hands this b**** a tissue*

      • My Forehead Tho October 21, 2013

        ^Responding to pop royality’s comment

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

        First you need to LEARN ow to SPELL “royalty” THEN you can come and respond to me. *Talks in a Cockney British accent*

        Bye. 😀

      • My Forehead Tho October 21, 2013

        *Thinks to self- That awkward moment when you finally graduate your GED courses, become overconfident and try to come for somebody’s spelling only to f*** up your’s in the process*

        Ok, Pop…

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 21, 2013

        Glad Sam is starting to do some cleaning up around here. I totally feel for you because I have Muslim friends who go through the same hatred and discrimination. Some people are just ignorant.

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 21, 2013

        @Pop Royalty

      • rih rox((U mad Bro?)) October 21, 2013

        Don’t worry about that loser @POP. None takes that person serious, just brush its comments off and scroll down.

  44. kyllaw October 21, 2013

    Wow! I’m on the fence! This was obviously a shoot that was planned. Someone suggested this place so someone knew about the location and what the place was. All the loud talking posing n sneaking, yet she has a full shoot. We all know shoots don’t finish in one minute. They have several poses and she has professionals. This took time. Muslims don’t play bout their religion. So I think this is just some attention seeking. A superstar took photos and now they can use that become an attraction. Like seriously. Instead of going in on Rihanna, think first, stop letting your dislikes mess with it thinkin. There is no way she did a full shoot with NOBODY goin crazy then post them then perform, ok believe it if you want.

  45. Kendall October 21, 2013

    She looks stupid like she’s playing fancy dress. Silly little girl. Just stay away from unknown territory. Vanity comes first with her.

  46. KING October 21, 2013

    She is dressed in black from head to toe.
    It’s just ordinary photos!
    Anything bothering Ignorant people!!!!!!!

  47. CzarM October 21, 2013

    “The vocalist is yet to respond.”


    • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 21, 2013


  48. Ms92 October 21, 2013

    Rihanna is showing how truly uneducated and shallow she is. Didn’t she jump on the Rastafarian bandwagon aswell?

  49. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

    and Then you Will Expect people Who tasted “Discrimination” Wit it’s different types themselves Will Know Better, They Just don’t Clearly.

    The Owner of this Blog is Black, You should know Better @SAM, You should know Better, be Professional With your Rules, I’m Sick of Seeing People being Like Crazed Animals posting comments Offending People While “Defending” their fav, Rihanna Gets hate almost from Every one in here, But I never Went that Low, i got Called names myself, But never responded, maybe because i just don’t care, I was Called a “Third World P***” by someone who Lives In “africa” Just Like me, and he Stans for “Lady gaga’ and “Claim” to be Straight While Using the Gay Slang Obviously…. What Type of ppl are those @SAM ?

    and I won’t speak about the OTHER TROLL with Multiple-accounts Disorder…..

    Those ppl are Straight trash and They do nothing by offending other Commenters, @SAM, be professional, I won’t tell you to stop shading rihanna or whatever because i’m kind of desensitized by the rihanna-hate, But Just Look at the comments : HORRIBLE JOB.

    This Blog Used to be so much fun for me, But Now it became a Circus.

    I should Have Got The Message When all of my Old-commeners/TGJ Friends Left with no comeback and I was Left with those Types of people.
    it’s Ok if we are going to make fun of each other’s fav, But everyone should know when it gets too far.

    NOTE: Negative comments in my reply section will Be ignored as it is always the case, don’t waste your time Please.

    • RICHIE_RICH October 21, 2013

      I agree with you. Don’t let it upset you bro. Keep in mind most people on this site aren’t that bright, so pay it dust.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

        I am Not Upset, Just Shaking My Head At how Some people can Sound so Ignorant While Being offensive.

        Just That.

        I always Pay them Dust, It always make them more Mad. 😉

    • Nadia Maraj October 21, 2013

      They deleted the bad comments sis.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

        I see… 🙂

        Don’t call Me “Sis” Ever again Please.

  50. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    LOL at the South African king of TGJ keeping you f*** pressed, DEMANDING THAT I GET BANNED!!

    DEATH at Sam clocking y’all by paying y’all dust and allow the KING to continue commenting. Some of you are so obsessed with me!! Its nice to know that I have stans on TGJ. I need a name for my stans, any suggestions? 😀

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

      Next Time Be Aware of What you Say.

      This Time was a WARNING.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ October 21, 2013

      I can’t wait for you to go away. You are sick and annoying.

  51. ROSEGOLD October 21, 2013

    You people are disgusting.

  52. Micks October 21, 2013

    Rihanna thinks rules and tact are beyond her are we surprised.

  53. RICHIE_RICH October 21, 2013

    Cake like lady gaga, I must say you started all this drama, and you say you’re not gay. If that’s the case I’m walking on the RED SEA twerking.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

      Let’s Not Go there, He can be whatever he want , it is his life, But just don’t go out of your way to Offend other People because you are bored.

      and no one came for gaga, i don’t get the constant anger. 😕

      • RICHIE_RICH October 21, 2013

        True Right is right and wrong is wrong. I never understood why he has such an issue with muslims.

      • SLAY_HIVE October 21, 2013

        I have to agree! I have friends who are muslim and i go to school with young people from muslim countries..I feel for them and the constant hate they receive. People fail to realize that the ignorant “terrorists” don’t represent an entire group of people! Like all black people are not hood/ghetto/ratchet/thugs/murderers, like alot of people on here assume.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

        He have Problem with Everyone, Not Only Muslims, basically He has a problem With My Presence in Here, Let me be honest, but I guess he has to deal, I ignore anything he say about me personally, but I won’t let him go and offend other Commentators+Readers.

        he isn’t the first on to be upset with me, But he is the most offensive to others, and he has some anger issues beside being a Typical racist commentator.

      • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013


        thank you.

        discrimination is not a Joke, Personally I don’t believe in Labels, Like to me, we are all humans, right ?

        Some Will always be bad, regardless of their race/S**/religion/etc.. , So, don’t confuse behavior with characteristics i won’t generalize that all muslims are good, and i won’t also say they are all bad, that’s straight foolishness, but overall, you can’t go and hate on a group of people like that, right ? how he demand respect for gays and offend muslims ? am i missing something here ?
        I know i’m modern enough, but isn’t this kind of having double standards ?
        It’s basic human rights, don’t discriminate.
        I am not even religious, but that is just wrong what he did.

        and in egypt there’s no discrimination against blacks, first because we are africans and second we have our people with darker complexion live among us already wit no problems at all since forever, so I am not familiar with the whole racism thing, but It is just horrible to judge someone based on something he has no control over , what’s wrong with being black ? and who said white is better ? and who put those “standards” ? i have major questions to ask tbh if i’m “going There”.

        Middle east countries “all” are all about religions, they take it way serious more than in US and other countries, Like WAAAAY too Serious,I say “they” because I believe I’m not that religious, I’m muslim but as a human being I am not afraid to admit to myself tat religion to me won’t make me keep asking questions and i’m not here for that, i know myself and i know I’m good tho. 😀

  54. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    Not at some of you though acting like islam is untouchable. Acting like its fine to mock others and call them gay, t*****, flop, etc, BUT STAY AWAY FROM ISLAM BECAUSE ISLAM IS A NO GO!!!!!

    I can’t with your stupidity! GET OVER IT!!
    I said what I said, I am unapologitic about it, and I WILL say it again if I have to.


    • RICHIE_RICH October 21, 2013

      Just stop it. You’re wrong and you know you’re wrong. You wouldn’t like it they said those thing about Africans right. Right is Right and wrong is wrong. May whomever you believe in be with you. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO DEAL.

  55. KatyKadet October 21, 2013

    Lool at TGJ deleting Cake Like Wannabe Madonna’s comments.

    • *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 21, 2013

      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  56. HOTSTUFF October 21, 2013

    Being a woman in a Muslim counrty must be so sad :'(…like can they even move a finger without it being qualified as inappropriate ? – those arab countries same to be beautiful but i would NEVER put one foot over there NEVER. Being a woman is like being an object at the disposition of men.

  57. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    Moderator: Comment deleted.

  58. cake like lady gaga October 21, 2013

    Sam, I’m gonna need you to put my last comment back up!!!!!!


  59. Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013

    Oh my God get over it already. You should know who you’re dealing with to not get surprised by their antics.

    Cake is South African and South Africans hate foreigners, which is why they went around burning foreigners with tires. They’re intolerant.

    Sam is not going to ban anti-islamic comments because he’s from Nigeria. Like it or not, because of radical Islam in Nigeria at the hands of Book Haram, Sam kind of agrees with the comments. Basically Cake is saying what Sam is thinking.

    Get over it, it’s that grape juice, not CNN.

    I’m against discrimination but I’m a huge proponent of freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

    And the whole “we treat Africans as equal” in North Africa is b******* and you know it. Being Christian is non pleasant in Egypt, so cut me with the crap.

    • Lovebird (unconditionally – Prism – 10.22.13) October 21, 2013


  60. My Forehead Tho October 21, 2013

    *Thinks to self- That awkward moment when you finally graduate your GED courses, become overconfident and try to come for somebody’s spelling only to f*** up your’s in the process*

    Ok, Pop.

  61. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) October 21, 2013

    *runs and grabs popcorn*

  62. Tisha October 21, 2013

    Smh, not surprised she didn’t want to go in. Rihanna lives her life via photos now, if it requires any mental exertion or deep thought she runs from it faster than self-respect.

    Also good for Pop Royalty, this blog needed a good clean up. Sometimes the s*** goes too far and goi have people who troll here exactly because they know they can get away with it.

  63. mc the place to be! October 21, 2013

    its not that serious atleast she was covered

  64. Marilyn Gorham October 26, 2013

    Maybe it was not Rihanna’s intention to insult the mosque and Muslim community. Just like everyone, we took pictures on beautiful scenes, spots, buildings and post it on social networking sites. It is a new culture that she is not used to and I am sure that she is not aware of their traditions. I believe that what happened was one big misunderstanding.

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